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Britax 2 Pack Kick Mats, Black

  • Britax 2 Pack Kick Mats, Black
  • Britax 2 Pack Kick Mats, Black
  • Britax 2 Pack Kick Mats, Black

Britax 2 Pack Kick Mats, Black

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 2 full size kick mats keep your vehicle seat backs clean and can be used for additional storage
  • Deep mesh pockets with elastic top securely stores necessities
  • Designed with two attachment points to offer a secure fit to most vehicle seats
  • Washable, water resistant fabric kick mats fold for compact storage
  • Dimensions 17.5W x 22.5H x .125D inches
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Customer Reviews

On second thought, not so great.I've had these mats for about a month now and one of them has already broken. The elastic around the bottom of the mat that slips over the seat itself broke. It appeared to have come apart at the seam that connects to the body of the mat. Also the velcro that closes the toy compartment doesn't look like its going to hold up much longer. Especially since my kids tend to actually kick these kick mats.If you have very thin and narrow front seats, and don't care about the storage part then these are a good cost effective solution. If you have larger seats (like in a truck or SUV) and actually plan on putting things into the storage then I would spend a bit more money and get something that will hold up better.--------- Original review ---------I love these kick mats. They cover the entire back of the seat securely and have a few small storage compartments to put my child's toys in.One negative... the top strap adjuster is not in a great place. When I tighten it up to fit my seat better it leaves a 2-3" tail that is annoying to the person sitting in the front seat. It isn't long enough to really tuck away in a convenient place, especially if people adjust the headrest. Rather than deal with the tail, we just left it loose around the top so it sits a bit lower on the chair. 1Work Awesome! Turn them inside out too!These kick mats work awesome! The main reason I got them was to protect the back of the front seats from the kids kicking them and causing damage. I previously had a 2007 Honda Civic, their kicking caused the back fabric to come undone. With the recently purchased 2011 Honda Odyssey, I promptly ordered these and installed them to protect the seats. I did read the reviews first, two main complains are that the bottom elastic strap is not big enough to go around the seats, and the netting pockets are not strong enough to hold much and will fall apart after getting fatigue from kid use. I kept both of these faults in mind when I installed the kick mats.The lower elastic strap is tight, but if you go very slowly, it will slide over an Odyssey seat and fit quite snugly at that.I looked at the net pockets, for what they are, they are quite useful. Because I have young kids (2-5 years old) in the car, I decided to turn my kick mats inside out and install them with the net pockets (and logo) to the inside of the back of the seats. The result is a perfect black kick mat without any netting for the kids to grab and pull on. My wife wanted to keep the net pockets out to use them for storage, so I installed one the right way for a couple weeks so she could observe that we would be better served turning them both inside out. The kids will grab at the netting, pull, use it to try to pull themselves up, etc... If the kids were older (6+), I would install them the right way and use the pockets to hold paper and other very light items. Remember this is a thin vinyl mat that has only one connection point at the headrests, you cannot put anything of weight into these pockets and expect them to hold. A few sheets of paper and a couple crayons for the kids to draw with on long trips is perfect for these pockets. I would not put a bottle of water or a package of wet ones in the pockets as the 2nd photo shows unless the bottle and the wet ones container were empty. Installing them inside out also solves the issue with the pockets coming apart due to wear.For the primary goal of the kick mats, it gets 5 stars. Just remember, the net pockets are bonus, if you don't want them, turn the mat inside out before you install. Take your time installing the elastic strap, if it is tight, go slowly! 5so annoying but they've held up for the six or so ...Installed on my Toyota Prius and it does the job for our two small children. Keep in mind these are kick mats. They're not intended to be pulled, yanked or ripped at. A lot of the reviews show the mats ripping at the seams which is evidence they're receiving more contact than children shoes.My youngest kicks these often, so annoying but they've held up for the six or so months we've had them installed. We even use the vehicle for extra money driving for Lyft/Uber and it's been helpful being able to use the small pockets for leaving gum and business cards for my passengers. All in all, they work as advertised and we're purchasing another pair for our new vehicle. 5Does not work well for us.This is the first Britax product that I am unhappy with it. We use it with our rear facing Boulevard convertible carseat because our little guy isn't quite as little and is also wearing shoes now so I don't want the back of our seat to get dirty.We bought two of these so we can protect both cars and not have to move this each time we move the seat. The problem is that there is no way to attach this to a back seat so that is fits snugly in either our vehicles. This means that when he kicks it, it makes a fun crinkly noise and encourages him to kick it more and then is all bunches up and does not protect the seat.I think this would work in a vehicle like a minivan with a second row of captain's chairs, but not where it is more bench-like. I also think it will work on the back of either of the front seats when we switch his seat to forward facing. 2FunctionalWe have a 2013 Subaru CrossTrek and a 2010 Ford Flex SEL, both with cloth seats and our daughter at two was tall enough to get the back of the Flex seats (which are tan in color) to a dark brown from dirt and grime while she sat in her car seat. We bought our Subaru in January and didn't want the same thing to happen to that seat as what happened to the Flex. After much research, I settled on the Britax Kick Mats, for the same price of most the other kick mats I got two instead of just one.Cons:- We put it in the Subaru first, good fit but the bottom strap is visible on the passenger seat. Its doesn't make sitting in that seat any different and the kick mat is secure on the seat and doesn't move around. If asthetics are not important to you, they were not important to us, then this won't matter. The Flex did not have the same problem, straps fit without being seen.-The pockets do seem to be in the wrong place (as another reviewer had mentioned). Our daughters feet hit right at the top of the pocket in both vehicles. She has not ripped the pockets yet, but its only been a month since we installed the product. She is in the Flex more often than the Subaru and the Flex allows me to move the seat in a way that she can't kick the pockets constantly. When passengers are in the car, the seat must be rearranged and she can then kick the pocket again. Its probably just a matter of time before she rips the pocket but only time will tell there. If the pockets were on the bottom of this mat it would make more sense...Pros:-discrete-these are not big, bulky mats and I hardly notice they are there most of the time (which I prefer)-Functional-they are keeping our seats clean as advertised.Overall, we are happy with the products for the price we paid through amazon.com. We are looking to have another child, and thus another car seat will be added to the cars and when that happens we will purchase the same two pack again (hopefully its still available). 4Best product to protect your front seats from dirt and grimeWe absolutely LOVE our Britax Kick Mats, so much we have now bought 3 sets. One for each of our cars. We live in the Pacific Northwest and kids that get in our car have muddy dirty shoes most of the year. These mats have keep the back of our seats clean and free of grime. Also, the pockets are wonderful. They hold sunglasses, snacks, small games, and other little toys. They are water-resistant fabric is machine washable!!!! They attach by a bottom elastic strap and a buckle around the head-rest We would highly recommend these to anyone wanting to keep your seats clean.We have them installed in a 2011 Hyundai Elantra, 2008 Lexis IS 300, 1988 VW Vanagon 5A little small, but works for meIt's a great, simple, and well-priced set of mats. The pockets at the top are very handy since using this mat renders the small pocket on the back of the seat virtually inaccessible. I have some friends that have thicker, sturdier mats, but for our relatively calm daughter, these will be fine. The reason I took one star off was because of the size and the bottom strap.The kick mats are relatively small, and while it covers the back of my front seats well, I have a small car, so I can't imagine it working well on, say, an SUV. The strap to hold the mat down is actually just an elastic piece that you slide over the front seat. It barely fit over my front sport seat, and then, to get the elastic to reach the bottom of the front seat (so the elastic isn't in the middle of the passenger's back), I had to extend the top adjustable straps almost fully so it would reach. If you have a larger car or larger front seats, I wonder if the elastic would end up too high for comfort even if you fully extended the top straps. (I hope this makes sense.)Just because it is very helpful for me to look at reviews with detailed information, I have a 2013 MINI Cooper Clubman with sport seats. One minor thing, on the off-chance you are reading this with the same car in mind, is that the mechanism to push the front seat forward to let people into the back is up on the "shoulder" of the front passenger seat, and since the top straps for this kick mat are relatively short, part of the latch is covered up by the mat. I can still access and use it fine, it's just a minor thing specific to this car. Overall, a great product, especially for the price. 4Didn't last very long...While these mats do prevent a fair amount of dirt and damage from getting on seats, they do not last very long and do not provide as much protection as we needed. Perhaps our seats are a bit wider than average, or maybe these aren't meant for SUV seats, but I found the coverage of the seat back wasn't complete, and my 3 year old daughter eventually tore holes in the mats by sticking her feet in the pockets on the mats. Yes, these holes were due to rough use, which the mats were not intended for, but after using the mats for only a few months I replaced them with much sturdier and wider mats that haven't had a single issue, despite the heavy amount of snow and dirt they've seen. If I hadn't found better mats I might have been inclined to give higher stars, knowing my daughter kicks the seat a lot, but there are definitely superior mats out there. 2Perfect for my 7 and 8 year olds needsI bought these to cover the seat backs in a new car with black interior, and also to provide a bit of storage space to get my kids junk out of the center of the backseat. These arrived and were installed immediately. The material is sturdy and the pockets appear to be able to handle holding some iPods, pencils, some GI Joes, a small trade paperback book, and a few other kids things. These also are flush against the back seat with no folding or gaping at the top where they hook around the head rests. The elastic bands remain a bit visible in the front seat, but that's really no big deal for me--you can't feel them or anything. They also went down over the seats very nicely. I'm really happy with this purchase and found it to be the best deal for 2 covers. I can imagine that if you are trying to fit bulky baby toys in these they would not work, but it would be fine for those folks still in the baby phase needing to store a couple of diapers, a small pack of wipes, and maybe a snack or two. 5Fell apart within two weeksReading through the reviews, I have a feeling most people posted right or shortly after installing the kick mats in their cars. Not enough time to really give them a test run. I have two pretty calm four year olds girls and within two weeks these mats were hanging in shreds. I can't figure out why because the girls were belted in during our car rides. Possibly from the kicking against them? The thin nylon shredded right away from the binding and left the binding still secured around the driver and passenger seats, with the backing laying on the car floor. (The posted photo is when they were only halfway destroyed) I'm so disappointed, this is one of the lowest-quality excuses of a product I've ever purchased. Definitely won't buy anything in this brand again. 1
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