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Broan-Nutone 665RP Heater, Fan, and Light Combo for Bathroom and Home, 4.0 Sones, 1300-Watt Heater, 100-Watt Light, 70 CFM

  • Broan-Nutone  665RP  Heater, Fan, and Light Combo for Bathroom and Home, 4.0 Sones, 1300-Watt Heater, 100-Watt Light, 70 CFM
  • Broan-Nutone  665RP  Heater, Fan, and Light Combo for Bathroom and Home, 4.0 Sones, 1300-Watt Heater, 100-Watt Light, 70 CFM
  • Broan-Nutone  665RP  Heater, Fan, and Light Combo for Bathroom and Home, 4.0 Sones, 1300-Watt Heater, 100-Watt Light, 70 CFM
  • Broan-Nutone  665RP  Heater, Fan, and Light Combo for Bathroom and Home, 4.0 Sones, 1300-Watt Heater, 100-Watt Light, 70 CFM
  • Broan-Nutone  665RP  Heater, Fan, and Light Combo for Bathroom and Home, 4.0 Sones, 1300-Watt Heater, 100-Watt Light, 70 CFM

Broan-Nutone 665RP Heater, Fan, and Light Combo for Bathroom and Home, 4.0 Sones, 1300-Watt Heater, 100-Watt Light, 70 CFM

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • FAN COMBO: Combo include fan, 100-watt incandescent light, and 1300-watt heater that function independently or together to provide comfort to your bathroom
  • DECORATIVE: White polymeric grilles blend into ceiling and complement virtually any decor
  • DISCREET: Type IC (Insulation Contact) unit is installed into your ceiling so all but the light and white grille shows in your room for a clean appearance
  • COMPACT: Fits 2" x 6" ceiling construction and works in bathrooms up to 65 sq. ft. at 70 CFM and 4.0 Sones for a quiet and effective operation
  • EASY TO USE: Multi-function wall switches sold separately to allow you to make the choice that fits your lifestyle. A 20-amp circuit is required for use.Lighting Type:A19
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Customer Reviews

Both fans heat and vents are a bit on the noisy side and the light works great if you put a fluorescent light into it I bought this for and 10 years ago when I remodeled my house. The heating part of the fan recently quit working. In looking for a replacement I noticed on Amazon that the exact same fan model number and everything was still for sale. I ordered one and was able to simply remove the heater from the new one put it in the old one and I'm back in business. Both fans heat and vents are a bit on the noisy side and the light works great if you put a fluorescent light into it. Note that this product like most products these days is made in China. 5A Perfect Fit for Old NuTone 665RP The heater in our old NuTone 665RP quit after 10+ years. Individual replacement parts were too expensive, so, I bought this for the replacement parts and replaced the heater, fan, reflector, and covers. Everything fit perfectly into the old housing, and the job took an hour including setup and cleanup. No special tools were needed, and there is no need to shut off the power or go in the attic. *Note* that the new heater and fan are different from the old ones, but they still fit perfectly into the old housing. I had to re-use the old power cord/light socket since the new power cord/light socket wouldn't fit in the old housing. This replacement was easy, and Amazon Prime shipping was fast. 5NoisyI bought this model to replace my old Nutone. (which worked perfect for years) . This heater is so noisy, you absolutely can not use it. I called Nutone to discuss this, I put my phone to the blower and they said its normal. I dont think so, it is piercing to the ears. I will be looking for a new exhaust, heater, light combo and will have to pay someone to put it in. A big waste of time and my new bathroom is not complete. Ive been a Nutone customer for so many years, when I told them the situation they should have offered to send me a new one. Oh well not great customer service.1Perfect Fit Bought to use the parts for replacement of a 15 year old version of this fan (did not want to install a new one). Surprisingly, the internal design changed slightly, but all parts fit perfectly in the old housing. 5Thermal Fuse on heater element blown after 2 daysI have installed several of these units in various houses over the years and have had a common issue that occurs usually after a few months to a year. The issue is the thermal fuse on the heater unit blows and requires replacing. On this unit it lasted 2 days with very light usage! On older units it was not easily replaceable. This unit, the heater assembly was significantly changed and is more robust and you can change the fuse relatively easily but requires disassembly. Too bad the fuse tends to blow out of the factory. i have included a picture of the fuse in question. My experience has been once you change the fuse part from the factory put in the product lasts for years without blowing. The fuses are available on amazon SEFUSE thermal C18X23For those with older modelsI have an older version (about 20 years) of this. Mine says it is a 665RSP which the manufacturer says is the same as a 665RP except it came with a switch. I asked if this version s parts are compatible with my older version and they said, Oh, yah, totes, (paraphrasing). Ok, a couple things about that. I can t replace the whole unit because I don t have access from an attic. The new unit s fan and heater look nothing like the ones in mine. I was about to return it (actually, I was about to try and hammer the parts into my unit, and after failing that, return it) when I noticed the fan motor looked similar to mine. Turns out the fan motor and blower are the same and can be installed in the old fan housing. The new heater, which is way different from the old, can still be installed as a direct replacement. I had to cut the connector off the new fan and replace it with the old one because the new connectors are bigger than the old ones.I have to agree with another reviewer s comment that the wiring area is way too small for the number of wires and connections, but I have to say this is the case with almost every junction box I have ever encountered.So, short summary, the fan and heater can be used to replace parts in a 20 year-old unit, but don t throw away the old fan housing like I almost did. You ll also need a crowbar and a jar of Vaseline to get it in there.3Nutone combo bath fan, light and heater a great value for so many tasks! Easy to use, plenty of air or heat or both and enough light to see fine by alone. I had one ruined by filthy tenants and by buying this unit here it was less than buying just the defective heater- I just popped out the modular components and replaced all without any ceiling or plaster work as the housing was identical- a nice quality addition. Quiet, good mist clearing, and toasty- what more could you ask? Add free shipping from Amazon and sold American! 5I've had one of these for 25 years and it's still going strong.....I bought this one to check it out for a house that we're rehabbingThis one is a bit smaller but still pumps out the heat and hasa decent exhaust fan (4 Sones). There is no night light in it- somethingI will remedy by hooking the light up to a dimmer. Overall this unitshould last as well as my old one It's a tried and true designand built well- but in China.It calls for a dedicated 20A 120V circuit though at 1250 wattsit should run OK on a 15A circuit if not shared with any other big loads- esp a hair dryer.At the current price it is a bargain for installation from above.However, I agree with Hari Nair- As a retrofit it has a serious design flaw. Itis difficult to install from below- something that could have and should have beenaccommodated at the design stage. It can made to work by cutting off theexternal mounting ears and drilling some holes to screw it directly to the joistfrom inside the housing. Then, with a strong and patient person holding it close to the ceiling you can pushthe wires through the wiring cover and wire nut them to the various connections. then attach the cover withits' one screw (too bad the cover doesnt have a keyhole for the screw) and then you and your helper can push the unit through the opening and screw it to the joist.I know this works because we did it last week- but it certainly isnt easy.I have always thought that designers who are too lazy to think about the end user and installer shouldbe sentenced to installing and repairing their designs for a month. Design Supervisors who tolerate suchlaziness should get 2 months.I'm subtracting a star for Nutones's failure to accommodate retrofit applications.4Great exhaust fan / heaterI had an old NuTone in my bathroom when I moved into the house and all of the sudden it seemed to stop working. Why did it stop working? more than likely because I ran the heater for a good 12 hours straight trying to thaw out some pipes under my bathroom floor. I had no clue how old it was, but it looked rather ancient so I decided to replace it! I didnt want to have to take the mounting box out of the ceiling as that would have required some drywall patching and painting. I found the model number on my old broken heater and it said 665RP. I ordered this one, hoping that it would fit but knowing that if it didnt, oah well, I will just do the drywall work. I removed the old broken heater/fan from my bathroom a few days before this one arrived. You should think of these as three piece units. Mounting Box / Heater / Fan. I just needed to replace the heater yet I knew my fan was just as old and may brake soon so I removed the Fan and the heater units. My new one arrived quickly and I took out all the parts and instructions. I wish i could tell you how old my broken unit was but this one fit right into my already installed mounting hardware! I simply screwed in the fan part then the heater part put the new cover on and was done! A Perfect replacement that was minimal work. I already had the wiring / mounting hardware in place so this took literally 10-15 minutes.5Medium Difficulty to Install, Fan is Quiet, Heater is NoisyThe main problem with the install was getting all of the wires crammed back up in there. My old unit also had a night light, which this one does not. That means I had an extra wire. My install was for a basement bathroom/shower. It has the dropped ceilings (the panels are drywall).The previous unit, the heater and light worked, but not the fan did not, the unit had yellowed over time. I considered just fixing the fan part, but due to the low price and the old one was yellowed, I bought this new one which seems to be 99% the same. (brand, design, etc)This new one is slightly narrower than the old unit. On the back side by my wall, it doesn't quite cover the old hole in the ceiling tile.The door for the light is plastic on this one, the old one had glass. (it was heavy)Once installed, the fan seems to work well, it's not too loud, not quiet either though. The heater though, man, that thing makes some noise. The heat was just an added feature, I'll only use it in the winter, so I can deal with it for the price, plus it was a lot of work to install. I believe it took 3 hours to complete. I took my time, labeled all of the old wires first, took pictures. I had problems with the exhaust hose coming off once or twice, then I'd take it off start over. Again, from memory (installed Labor Day Weekend, 2 months ago) getting all of the wiring back up there was the major pain, plus the way my dropped ceiling is, little room to move it around, etc.4It worked fine the first dayAfter having to wait to get the unit installed the heater portion is making a loud noise when turned on. It worked fine the first day, now the unit makes a harsh electronic noise when heater is turned on! I have paid for the heater/light/.fan unit, paid to have it installed and now can't use the heater. It' is past the 30 days so I am stuck and have to call someone to check it-at my expense as well. Guess I should be grateful it isn't winter but I am very frustrated. The previous unit (same brand) lasted for well over a decade. Very disappointing.1No Room For (6) #12 Wires!!It is absolutely insane the micro-sized wiring cavity provided on this unit. Using #12 solid wire with a ground, makes it nearly impossible to stuff 6 wires into the provided area. If you are replacing an existing heater/vent unit (I am replacing an old Broan unit) and do not want to destroy your ceiling do not buy this Nutone. I am a handy laid-back man and this thing has driven me crazy! Let the buyer beware.1Buyer BEWARE!! Fan arrived with missing parts!The electrician said himself this was the first time he has ever seen this happen! Product was missing the inside fan ring. He had to take the time to remove the fan ring from the former fan to get the brand new one to work! I ended up paying $100 in Electrician fees due to this inconvenience!I had ordered TWO of these SAME fans and the other one was perfectly intact. Very disappointed that the seller would sell something like this.1Works great I had another one of these I installed in our basement bath, but unfortunately the heater part broke down after 6 years. The cost of the heater part was almost as much as a whole new unit so I bought this instead and used the new heater and installed it in the old unit. I also replaced the plastic cover since the old one had a melted section. Doing it this way saved me a ton of time and effort vs buying a totally different unit (requiring a lot of drywall work). Plus now I have extra parts in case other parts break down, such as the fan assembly. Anyway, this is a great unit; the fan is powerful but quiet and the heater warms up the bath very quickly. 5Nutone 665RP Heat A Vent LiteHad bought this heat a vent lite to replace a older model worked perfect and more slim line than the older unit is replaced it was east to install and works excellent for heating the bathroom and exhaust fan works great the light we installed an LED bulb in was bright enough to do the job would recommend this unit to anyone for their bathroom project.5
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