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Bumbo B10074 Step Stool, Blue

  • Bumbo B10074 Step Stool, Blue
  • Bumbo B10074 Step Stool, Blue
  • Bumbo B10074 Step Stool, Blue

Bumbo B10074 Step Stool, Blue

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Helps toddlers reach the sink
  • Measures(w x h x d): 15.125 x 6.5 x 11.125 inches
  • Sturdy, lightweight and portable
  • Slip resistant surface on base and step
  • Great for use with the Bumbo Toilet Trainer
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Customer Reviews

Great quality, cute and has holes on side!So happy with this stool! Potty training has begun for our 2 year old. We have a babybjorn stool that we have had since our first born who is almost 8, the stool is still in good condition but we have bathrooms upstairs and down so we needed more than one stool. I love the quality of babybjorn but needing more than one I didn't want to spend another $20 per stool. This one was a great price at $10 and the quality matches that of the babybjorn. It's cute and nice height, non skid and the top has great and comfortable grip to it. The sides do have two holes to pick the stool up by. I almost didn't get it because I didn't see how you lift it up in the photo. I read someone's review stating there are two holes and that made me purchase it. I have included some photos with my review for you to have a look! Again, great if you are looking for something similar to babybjorn. 5Perfect for potty training.Fantasic! I'm so happy we decided to purchase the Bumbo Step Stool. We keep a stool in each of our bathrooms for my potty training son. I regret purchasing this one last! I'm considering replacing the other stools with more Bumbo stools. I was a little concerned that the height wouldn't work for potty training a boy, but it's a wonderful height for my 35' son. There is no slipping with this stool and the top makes it very easy for kids to stand on and feel safe. The structure is very stable and the rubber on the sides helps protect the bathroom. I love that it also has holes on the sides to allow my son to easily move it from toilet to sink. Love love love! 5Does the job well, could be a little taller and widerThis is a pretty decent stool for the price. It's sturdy, has grip on wet tile floor, and is pretty easy to clean. It matches the color of the blue whale bathtub faucet cover and the blue whale floor after bath cushion mat. The contours of the stool are great for getting it snugged up against the bottom of the toilet.Cons: it is a bit short for a 2.5-3 year old who is in the 90th percentile for height. She manages ok to get onto the potty, but Im always affraid she will trip herself when turning around to get onto the potty after she pulls her underwear down...still can't get her to turn first.It's not tall enough for her to reach the sink valve handles, which isn't too much of a concern because at this stage I like to monitor her water usage...everything is interesting and 10 minute hand washing wouldn't be a surprise.The whole structure could be slightly larger for a bigger platform that she could grow into. Right now the top platform is about right but the height is off some, by the time she gets tall enough the top platform will be too small for her feet to no hang off the edge.Overall, I'd buy it again for the convenience of Amazon prime shipping but given its limited use because of its size I think next time I'll go with a regular wal mart special small step stool and save an extra 5 bucks. Keep in mind I am being overly objective of this perfectly fine step stool just so everyone gets a better idea of it. Structurally, it's perfect and strong enough for a 215lb person to stand on and keep all its form. I hope others find this review helpful. 4very slip resistantThis is really great for little ones. It's sturdy and well built. I've used it as a step, myself, and it shows no signs of weakness (I weigh considerably more than the 110 lb recommended weight limit). It boosts about 7 inches. My daughter still has to stand on her tippy toes to reach the water and can not reach the faucet tap.I love that it has a non-slip pad at the top and grippy pads on the bottom. It holds fast to little feet, but feels cushiony. It doesn't hurt bare feet to stand on it. It even works when my toddler is flailing around trying to avoid tooth brushing - which is often. I guess if there was a problem with this product, it would be that it's too non-slip. It has no handle, so my daughter has a heck of a time dragging it out from under the sink herself. But I like that it stays where I put it, even when my (laminate) bathroom floor is wet. 5Excellent!Excellent stool. It is lightweight and easy to carry. My 18 month old can even move it around. Plus is does not tip over, even if you stand all the way on one edge. I tried many times just to make sure it was safe. Love, love, love it! 5Perfect toddler step stool at the right priceI bought this step stool recently so my 2 year old could reach the sink for washing hands and brushing teeth. There were so many options to choose from, but this one seemed to have pretty consistent reviews and the price seemed reasonable, so I went for it. I've been so happy with it, I ended up buying a second one so we'd have one on each floor.Things I like - - It was slightly taller than some competitors. Obviously not feet, because it's made for tiny people with limited step, but an extra inch or two makes a big difference when you're only 36" tall. - The base is wider than the top, which means it's very stable - Nice wide non-slip foot space, so my kid isn't falling off, even when he won't stand stillMy toddler loves being able to stand at the sink with us now. Paired with a faucet extender, he's able to wash up and brush with just a little assistance from me! He can also reach the lights (fun when you're not ready for them to be turned off), and check himself out in the mirror to comb his hair like daddy. All around a great little tool for fostering some independence. 5Great rival for BabybjornAlthough i'm a great fan of Babybjorn products and i think they are worth their price, this particular chair is also wonderful. I have 3 Babybjorn step-stools scattered around my apartment, they are very stable. I had to get this one on a sudden trip to United States and i figured i'm not going to start buying more expensive Babybjorn since i have to leave it behind in few months, so i ordered the Bumbo Step stool. They are as similar as they can get. Not only is Bumbo very stable and won't flip over easily, it also has good rubber grip at the bottom and what's very important - on the top also. I would never recommend buying step stools WITHOUT rubber covering on top, because life shows that kids get bored when washing teeth or doing something like that while standing on the stool and they start goofying around. In moments like these the rubber surface is extremely useful for not falling off the stool or slipping. The picture doesn't show, but on the sides it has two big holes, so you can very easily pick the stool up with finger, very comfortable. I do want to add a personal observation though - i'm using step stools for example at kitchen sink and bathroom sink and i keep the stools right in front of these cupboards all day long. It is very important for me that the step stool would be exactly low enough that kitchen cabinet doors would open over it without you having to have to move the step stool out of they way each time. Babybjorn is 6 inches high which is exactly low enough to open the doors over it. Bumbo's stool is 6,5 inches and the doors of my bathroom and kitchen cupboards don't open over it, so i have to move it out of the way each time and it can get a bit annoying. Just a small note to pay attention to if this is important for you. 5Great productI looked at a few different stools on Amazon, Target, Walmart and BuyBuyBaby. I had my criteria for what I was looking for and this one met all of them. Our intended use it to reach the sink to wash hands. Although I guess it could be used to access the adult toilet as well (haven't tried).1) Sturdy - good solid plastic. I could stand on this no problem (I'm 200lbs).2) Stable - has a wide platform/base, which has contact with the floor for the entire circumference of the stool. Thus, if my son steps on the side or edge it's far less likely to kick out from under him.3) Good height (personal opinion) - 7 inches4) Won't slip - hard plastic on a tile floor (bathroom) often slides easily. This has a rubber lip that goes around then entire bottom. So it really shouldn't slip on the floor if my son stands on it and then leans too far forward towards the sink...or reaches to the side for a hand towel. This rubber is also used on the top surface, where the child's' feet touch the stool.... another area where a slip could occur.5) No sharp or pointed corners - heaven forbid he does take a bumble, there's no corners to do damage. This is the least of my worries if he falls, but nice to know it has rounded edges.6) Cleans easily - we found it cleans up easy from dirty shoes or sneaker marks. I expect most would, but figured I would mention it.I usually write pros/cons in my reviews, but so far I honestly can't find any con's for this. 5Top of the line stepstool!!!I am SO glad I purchased this stepstool! I was clueless as to which one to buy and looked at many different options including wooden ones. I finally decided that the name Bumbo was trustworthy and at the price at least I wouldn't be out much money if it failed to work. Imagine my surprise many months later that it has been a wonderful stepstool! I am so glad I went with this and didn't spend a lot of money on a wooden counterpart. This stool does NOT budge. The protectors on the bottom help it "grip" and it does a great job. Perfect example is that my niece busted her chin on the bathroom sink while standing on the stool several weeks ago and the panic and ensuing hysterics STILL did not cause the stool to tilt or fall!!! We have also used it at the toilet for potty training and I put it at the bathtub for her to get in and out with assistance, for me to put bath things on, etc., and using it frequently still has caused no wear - it still looks like brand new! One of my best purchases!!! 5Lightweight and non scratchingThis stool is perfect for my 2.5 year old to pick up herself and move wherever she wants in the kitchen to reach things on the counter. The plastic is lightweight and has the grip material on the bottom edges so that it won't slide and won't scratch my hardwood floors, even when she drops it. I highly recommend this stool for kids. It has a weight limit of around 100 lbs, so it's not meant for adults, or it will break.If you found this review helpful, please click on the helpful button below. 5
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