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Cacala 100% Cotton Pestemal Turkish Bath Towel, 37 X 70, Grey Blue, 37 X 70

  • Cacala 100% Cotton Pestemal Turkish Bath Towel, 37 X 70, Grey Blue, 37 X 70
  • Cacala 100% Cotton Pestemal Turkish Bath Towel, 37 X 70, Grey Blue, 37 X 70
  • Cacala 100% Cotton Pestemal Turkish Bath Towel, 37 X 70, Grey Blue, 37 X 70
  • Cacala 100% Cotton Pestemal Turkish Bath Towel, 37 X 70, Grey Blue, 37 X 70

Cacala 100% Cotton Pestemal Turkish Bath Towel, 37 X 70, Grey Blue, 37 X 70

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Authentic Cacala product only sold by Cacala and Amazon.com. Other sellers ship fake product
  • Cacala pestemal, supersoft, takes up much less room in the linen closet, great for travel
  • High Absorption of water and quick drying-unisex-multipurpose; Take less energy, water
  • Size: 95 x 175 cm ( 37 x 70 inches)-material: 100% pure cotton
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Customer Reviews

Great towel for galactic space travel!What a great purchase! I read about these on Reddit in the BuyItForLife forum and I ordered one just to try. I think I will be replacing all my towels for these. Very absorbant and dries really quickly. My bathroom doesn't have an exhaust fan and with my fluffy towels, sometimes they take a while to dry and end up smelling after a few days. But this dries so quickly I don't have that problem. It's also thin so it doesn't take up much space in my linen closet. The directions say it gets softer with each washing but it was soft from the start. Plus, the towel can be used as a blanket or sarong. I was also pleased with the design and color. If I were hitchhiking through the Galaxy- this is the towel I would take for my journey. 5I love the color and style of theseI love the color and style of these. The one issue I'm having with them is that, unlike my other Pestemal towels, these tend to repel water more than wick it. I've gone through about 20 washes now with these and I've still got the same problem. These are not highly absorbent, though they are super soft. I tend to use these for my wet hair where the water is heavier and use my other brand Pestemal towels for droplets on my body. These towels tend to smear droplets rather than drink them up. I do not use fabric softener with Pestemal towels as it can hinder water absorption...these seem to come pre-treated with some sort of fabric softener. I still use them because the color and pattern are lovely. They're also nice as a beach wrap. 3Not what I am used to, but I like itI never realized that there was more than one kind of towel out there, but there is. I'm used to the standard ring spun towels that are fluffy and thick. This is the complete opposite. It is not fluffy or thick, it is actually about as thick as a heavy weight T-shirt and has no fluff to it. The good news is, that lets it fold up VERY compactly and take up little space. Even better, it dries out very, very quickly. I've had to buy a towel for each day of the week because they take so long to dry out that they smell musty. With this towel, I can use it three, four days without a problem because it dries so quickly.The first time I used it, I hadn't washed it and it felt rough. It got very soft after the first wash, and gets softer each time I wash it. It has a bit of a texture to it, which leaves my skin feeling invigorated. It is super absorbant, but because it is thin, you need to shift it around in your hands to use different parts of it pretty often. It dries me just as quickly as my thick, fluffy towels.My one complaint is that I am not a huge fan of the style. If they made a version that didn't have the tassles/fringe on it, I'd be even happier. But that is pure personal preference.J.Ja 4Tassels unraveled and tangled after six weeks: replacement towel betterFor the first six weeks, I would have rated this towel 5 stars. The color was as pictured, and I was surprised how effectively it dried me, even my hair, it really soaked up the water. And I also liked the fact that after hanging it up on the towel rack it was dry again in no time. The more I washed it, the softer it got. Why 2 stars? After six weeks (7 times in the washing machine) the tassels are unraveling, more than half of them. (I counted.) The vendor offered to send another at half price, but I don't want to risk it. If it gets too bad I may cut off the tassels and hem it myself, but for >$20 I shouldn't have to do that.Update June 19: Vendor offered to send a replacement at no charge, so that was a step in the right direction. The new towel is very different. Heavier weight, wider and shorter than my original (orange), and the tassels are completely different. I will test it after 7 washings to compare to the first.Update: the replacement towel fringes have not come un-knotted. There are some loose blue threads that somehow get tangled into the knots, and if you accidentally pull them, it will cause a run. They need to be cut instead. As I said, the replacement towel was quite different from the first towel, and so far has held up better. I'll add a star. 3Wonderful choice for humid climatesThese are perfect bath towels and even beach towels for humid climates. Unlike thick, loopy terry towels, these flat-weave towels are not sand magnets. They are larger than regular bath towels, dry quickly, and don't start smelling sour from prolonged dampness.As promised, they become softer with each washing and are very absorbent. I use the hand towel for my hair after shampooing. Their jumbo-size beach towel can be used as a throw, beach blanket and even a wrap.I appreciate they easily dry on a clothesline or in a short dryer cycle. They don't take up much storage room, and the fun colors let you mix and match. I've purchased salmon (the color of orange sherbert), turquoise, aqua and ocean, and the colors have been true to the website images as displayed on my iMac. 5It felt pretty soft, even out of the packagingThis is the first time I've tried a turkish towel, and I was going by recommendations I've read about. It felt pretty soft, even out of the packaging. I washed it and let it air dry. When I used it, it was absorbent, and it is nice and large, so I can dry myself quickly. It doesn't get stinky as fast a a thick towel, and because it is so thin, it dries quickly.I just wash on cold, and let air dry overnight.I really like how thin it is when folded. I will never buy a thick towel for myself again. 5Pretty and soft, but will shrink!I've never used, heard of or purchased Turkish towels before this one. I read about it on a review of things to take when traveling and after researching a little bit, looking at the options on Amazon and deciding what colors I liked, viola! I got this one and the silver gray towel. Because they were apparently in different warehouses they were sent in two different shipments. So in preparation for our trip, I washed the first one I got and waited for the second to arrive. Which it did. Today. But when I compared the sizes it's obvious there was SIGNIFICANT shrinkage after washing. I have an HE front loader, and I washed the gray blanket on delicate, cool, with an extra rinse, and chose light soil level. I used half the detergent recommended so it was barely even sudsy as it washed. I dried it in my dryer on the lowest level available with no dryer sheet. That may have been the issue, because a lot of reviews say to let them air dry. Who knows?But, here's the bottom line. It's still huge. And now, after washing, it's much softer (it's not like bunny fur soft, but it's markedly softer than when it came out of the package). For my purposes, the shrinkage isn't going to matter. It will still do the job and I'm glad I bought it. I like the weight and the color, and only the test of taking it on our vacation will tell whether it will stand up to use and abuse.So, that's why I gave it 4 stars. I think the blanket is what I was looking for, but for someone else the shrinkage might be a deal breaker. The photos were taken as they were spread out on our guest bed (please excuse the mess), which is a queen size, to give you perspective.If I remember, I'll come back after our trip to post an update on how they stood up as an all-purpose towel! 4Soft and absorbentI bought one for me and one for my husband, to take on our trip to Maui. He was skeptical because they were much thinner than he anticipated. However, we both ended up really loving them. They are soft and are really absorbent but best of all, they dry quickly. Due to other reviews, we haven't dried these in the drier because we don't want them to shrink. Instead we just hang them over the shower rod to dry overnight. I think the quality is very good, and since we've been home I notice that we are both using them more than our regular terry towels for drying off after showers. For one thing, the terry towels sometimes don't dry out enough between uses and start to smell musty if you don't wash them constantly. Anyway, I think this is what we'll get for bathroom towels from now on. Very happy with this purchase after getting used to the much thinner fabric. 5Versatile bath/beach towel/blanketAfter buying a different Turkish towel at the beach this summer, I decided to buy more for bath towels. These are lightweight, fast drying, easy to clean AND take up little space. Our traditional towels, no matter how new, always ended up with the musty, mildew scent after steady use. What I love about these the most is that the nasty smell doesn t become an issue probably due to the thin fabric. Some people have an issue with how thin the towel is, but you get used to the difference and in my opinion.. these are still comparable in absorbency to a traditional towel. I ordered the army green looking for an emerald shade and am happy with the color in person. I also ordered the natural & olive stripe as a mix & match in the same bathroom... very happy with the purchases!As a side note, these would be great as sarongs, beach/picnic blankets, and even as scarves! 5I had a nice plush robe that was super comfortable and warm etcI've only had this for a few days so this is just my first impression. If my opinion changes I will update this as I always do.So I gave it 5 stars, and given MY NEEDS it deserves five stars.Here's the problem I was trying to solve... we're a very active family... lots of outdoors activity, classes at the gym, soccer etc. It is not uncommon for me to end up taking 3 showers a day. I had a nice plush robe that was super comfortable and warm etc. etc. The darn thing NEVER dried out. Never. My wife would wash it in all sorts of ways but it would eventually start smelling like something out of a CSI episode.So I was looking for something that would:1. dry my body acceptably quickly easily2. be reasonably dry within say 3 hours if I needed to shower again3. be completely dry within 5-6 hours in order to not sit there accumulating nasty moisture.So far the bath towel has accomplished it's goals admirably.Now if I were married for my robe as something to keep on and be all "robe-guy" this would suck. I was not.If I wanted a towel to keep me warm after getting out of the shower, this would suck. I don't need it for that.The fabric is CRAZY thin. It's hard to comprehend how much lighter than a regular towel this is.This will not keep you warm, this will not snuggle you in... but it will dry you off and it will dry off quickly.I accidentally bougth two. My wife ditched her robe and loves her as well.There are more attractive ones but I liked the simple look of this. Color is as represented in the pictures. 5
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