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Royal Hotel California King Gold Silky Soft Bed Sheets 100% Bamboo Viscose Sheet Set

  • Royal Hotel California King Gold Silky Soft Bed Sheets 100% Bamboo Viscose Sheet Set
  • Royal Hotel California King Gold Silky Soft Bed Sheets 100% Bamboo Viscose Sheet Set
  • Royal Hotel California King Gold Silky Soft Bed Sheets 100% Bamboo Viscose Sheet Set
  • Royal Hotel California King Gold Silky Soft Bed Sheets 100% Bamboo Viscose Sheet Set

Royal Hotel California King Gold Silky Soft Bed Sheets 100% Bamboo Viscose Sheet Set

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 100 % Bamboo Viscose Sheets. The softest fabric in the world, noticeably softer than cotton
  • Extremely comfortable in all temperatures. Perfect for people with allergies & chemical sensitivity
  • You won't be able to express your satisfaction with these sheets. Soft, luxurious, satiny. Just really to enjoy the feel of the fabric.
  • Special easy Care: Machine wash in cold water only! Delicate cycle with mild detergent. Remove immediately After drying w low heat cycle.
  • California King set includes flat sheet 110X102", fitted sheet 72X84" and fits up to 18" mattress, and 2 King pillowcases 20X40"
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Customer Reviews

Quality sheets, poor craftsmanship!OK, I have other bamboo sheets. These feel similar, they are very soft and smooth. They sleep cooler than most sheets. Overall, a good solid sheet set. However, when I opened these sheets I specifically checked the seams. Every single seam is NOT cut or sewn straight and even. The pillowcases are the worst. They are several inches off. I have never ever seen such poor craftsmanship on linens! Especially when you pay $80! Sheets from every other retailer I've gotten have been straight. Why can't these live up to such a simple standard? Very disappointed! 1These sheets have really helped with my menopause-induced night sweats, BUT a corner seam on fitted sheet opened-up!This now-menopausal gal noticed almost immediately that she was sleeping better, once she got these sheets! Up this point, I'd been using a good quality 100% cotton sheet in a high thread count (typically, the higher the cotton thread count, and the heavier the sheet, the better it actually does at keeping you cool in the summer, and the sheets not sticking to you). However, for women like me who have night sweats due to menopause, it seems nothing really makes a difference.However, I noticed that with these sheets, I am having a more sound night's sleep, with virtually no more instances of repeatedly waking up, feeling hot, throwing the sheets off me, then feeling chilly, pulling the sheets back on, then I'm hot again, etc. Nope. These sheets seem to somehow help in maintaining a more constant comfortable temperature when I am underneath my sheets.HOWEVER.....These sheets tend to hold wrinkles much more than other types of sheets/fabric. No matter how much you try to fold these nicely after being laundered, they are very 'slipppery' and as such, don't stay how you may have folded them. As a result, while these sheets may be 'clean' after washing, they don't particularly look nice or 'elegant', especially for use with guest bedrooms. However, they DO feel nice on the skin, and they DO help keep hot-blooded sleepers cooler at night.Also, I've now had these sheets 1.5 years, and in between I've naturally used other sheets on my bed. So it's not like these are my one and only sheets, and that they are CONSTANTLY getting washed. So imagine my dismay upon pulling them out of a recent laundry, and seeing one seam at the corner of the fitted sheet, complete ripped open. Mind you, I've had other sheets for many, many years, and they've never torn at the seams. But, after digging back through other (negative) reviews for this product, it seems I'm not the only one who noticed a problem with (poor quality?) stitching.... ;-( By the way, the sheets are made in CHINA. 3It's actually a lovely red color I think it's really pretty now. AnyhowI went into this having no clue what to expect because I'd never felt bamboo sheets before but all the hype had me itching to try them. I chose "sage" and was mortified when my box arrived blood "red"! I'm an idiot and somehow clicked on red when I meant sage and didn't realize it till they got delivered so that bit is totally my fault. It's actually a lovely red color I think it's really pretty now. Anyhow, the lines on my set didn't match up, everything was sewn crookedly. I contacted the company and told them what happened and they sent me out a new set that same day in sage! How cool is that?! They stand behind their product and didn't hassle me over leaving a review, it was is if they genuinely cared that I'd gotten a not so quality product from them and went above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction regardless of where they stood on any review i might leave. I think that's awesome and so important and leaves me wanting to buy more products from them and recomend them to everyone in the world looking for bamboo sheets. There's no stretch to these sheets like I'd imagined, but they're soft and silky without being slippery. I haven't actually noticed a difference in coolness, I still wake up sweating and so does my fatboy 2 year old who sleeps in the middle of my husband and I. But I like the way the sheets drape over me. I plan to buy the duvet cover after a while. I've noticed these sheets don't stain very easily. I may or may not have drooled a little bit this morning, my husband says I did and I of course insist I didn't, and there's no mark on the pillowcase to prove it so I'm sticking to my story. When they're wet they feel AWFUL HIDEOUS EWW. And when they're dry it's like a mind trick was played, you're left sitting there wondering if you just made up the whole thing because of how luxurious they now feel. I think they're a tad too pricey for me to go overboard and stock up on multiple sets but one good set is all you need. Take care of them. 5will reverse another brand againOkay, bottom line first: These are absolutely the softest & coolest bedsheets you'll ever use. If you live in Florida like I do, sleeping naked is pretty much standard (trust me, I've done the 'research'). These sheets feel (and stay) unbelievably soft to the touch, especially on your 'boys' (or 'girls'!), and stay nice & cool, which keeps you from sweating and gettin' all hot & bothered (the bad kind). Seriously, I don't use any of my other sheets anymore. I wash these (per the instructions- don't use heat!) and put them right back on my bed. Luckily they've just released the grey set, so now I can actually switch it up a bit (I've been using different comforters to switch up colorways, and now I realize how uncomfortable all of my comforters are. THESE SHEETS HAVE RUINED ME).My wallet's gonna be real pissed if I ever upgrade the size of my bed, but I'll just have to take the cost of replacement sheets into consideration. They really are THAT good.Everything Bamboo Tranquility claims is true and their price is, while on the higher end, completely worth it. Especially when you realize all of your other sheets are now inferior. 5Buy a different brandFor the price, buy something else. Bought as a gift for my boyfriend, and I'm very embarrassed at the lack of quality. You would never guess that I paid $80!! Sheets arrived with "run" about the size of quarter in the fitted sheet. For the price, there shouldn't be any flaws! Stitching frayed and the seam came out of one of the pillowcases during the second wash. Clearly lacking in quality. They are soft, but not what I expected. I purchased some Liz Claiborne sheets for $35 that blow these out of the water in every aspect. Don't waste your time or money on these. 1From Disappointment to Confidence in Future Purchases!I was originally disappointed after only a couple of months a pillowcase seam started opening up. Since it was past 30 days i'd assumed there was no relief possible. I originally wrote a negative review. However, this was not because i was totally disappointed in the sheets or quality, i love the feel/quality of bamboo sheets, which i'd never had. The company noticed the review, contacted me and sent a full set of pillow cases (2 each). This was a really nice way for them to rectify the problem. I wouldn't hesitate now to buy from this company in the future. Has they not done this, i would have remained concerned about quality. 5Soft and silky but not very good qualityThe good thing about these sheets is that they are really soft, and do have a silky sateen feel. Unfortunately the quality is not very good. The fitted sheet was significantly frayed, with a 4 inch gaping hole as shown in the photo. Also, the fitted sheets do not stay in place because the corners do not have much elastic to hold the corners in place. In the morning, often the fitted sheet would be pulled off one or two corners of the Tempurpedic 12 inch thick mattress. I have not had that problem with other fitted sheets. One other thing to note is that the material is very thin (thread count is not stated in product listing). 1as compared to the other $200 bamboo sheetsIn comparison to the $200 major splurge on amazon I spent on bamboo sheets a couple months ago, (side note, just learned the company sells their sheets same $200 weather you walk in to their store or buy on amazon) these sheets are actually better , as they were almost half as much yet the quality of fabric feels no different, same softness and cooling etc..however the construction seems higher quality with these sheets, they feel more durable like they will last much longer ..what sux about the $200 sheets is how much the flat sheet has shrunk and feels like its going to fall apart like its dissolving, even though Ive only washed them in cold water no fabric softener etc, plus ive only hung to dry they were crazy expensive didnt want to mess around....HOWEVER I screwed up yesterday accidently put these sheets in the dryer on high for no less than 45 minutes, after i made the bed they relaxed and bounced back no shrinkage no dissolving, totally impressed 4Great for the price but don t hold upThese sheets are very soft to the touch and look very nice. However the fitted sheet was a bit big for a Queen and they aren t as breathable as expected from the material. . I haven t cleaned them yet so I don t know how they ll hold up but I m pretty sure they ll be just fine. I got them on sale so it was a good buy for the price. These are great for people who want a bamboo/natural fiber alternative-like experience on a budget. I d buy again, probably would buy them for my guest room.UPDATE 9/10/18:Had to bring it down from 4 stars to 2 because sadly after the first wash, following all of the instructions and the set being the only thing loaded, they came out with weird unsightly spots all over. They weren t wet spots or previous stains, they literally came out of the dryer (completely dried) with those things. Disappointed. 2High-maintenance but worth it!I love these sheets. I would buy them again. Amazingly cool in hot weather, deliciously cozy in cold. The only reason I did not give them 5.5 stars is that the ENCLOSED washing instructions differ from the online ones, slightly, but they made it sound scary to even put them in the dryer AT ALL. I seem to recall they even suggest washing BY HAND? If I lived near a river, maybe... I wish I'd saved the insert but all I can say is, after reading it & washing them in cold, then drying them as little as possible on LOW, (somewhat counter to instructions,) I was literally compelled to go out to the hardware store (not the same day. I'm not THAT crazy,) & bought a clothesline solely for the purpose of drying these sheets! A bit extreme, yes, but the amount of TEAL-COLORED lint I cleaned outta the lint trap kinda freaked me out, like, did I just suck this much fiber out of my $80 sheets?Here are the online instructions:"Machine wash in cold water. Delicate cycle with mild detergent. No Bleach. Tumble Dry on low heat. Remove immediately at end of cycle. Press with warm iron if needed. Do not Use Hot water."I hope & welcome the seller to post a photo of the enclosed washing instructions just to help people make their best decision.Again, they're MORE THAN lovely to sleep on, so ultimately worth any wash-day gymnastics. 4
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