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Capresso 560.04 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder, Brushed Silver

  • Capresso 560.04 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder, Brushed Silver
  • Capresso 560.04 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder, Brushed Silver
  • Capresso 560.04 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder, Brushed Silver
  • Capresso 560.04 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder, Brushed Silver
  • Capresso 560.04 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder, Brushed Silver
  • Capresso 560.04 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder, Brushed Silver
  • Capresso 560.04 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder, Brushed Silver

Capresso 560.04 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder, Brushed Silver

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • PRECISION GRINDING: Commercial-grade, solid steel conical burrs with advanced cutting design
  • WIDE GRINDING RANGE: From ultrafine Turkish to French Press coarse and everything in between
  • PRESERVES AROMA: Gear reduction motor grinds slow with reduced noise and little static build-up
  • LARGE CAPACITY: 8.8 ounce bean container and 4 ounce ground coffee container
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Removable upper burr allows access for easy cleaning
  • ABS stainless finish plastic
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Customer Reviews

Fine dust in the grinds clogging filterI bought this exact grinder from amazon probably five years ago and recently the plastic piece that locks into the top when you turn the basket to the grind setting you d like snapped off. The plastic has been very durable throughout its lifetime (I dropped it hard more than once) but that particular piece must ve been stressed. That s a design flaw IMO but anyway I was still willing to rebuy the grinder even though everything else works fine. I got the new grinder and it is perfect looking but when I grind on the coursest setting (the only setting I ve ever used since I only do pour over) I noticed the grinds seemed finer than my previous grinder. No matter they are still like course salt size, but the third time I ve used it now I see there is a thick coating of dust also, so much that it clogged my filter. I m very unimpressed. Something went wrong in the last five years or I got a defective one because that was never an issue before. That was why I bought this grinder was to not have that cheap grinder problem of ultra fine dust as well as regular grinds. Not quality. So I m returning and I m not sure if I ll buy it again. Maybe it s just this grinder not the brand.Update: I replaced the grinder with another and have the exact same problem. I m really, really disappointed. They must count on people using this for only espresso or in a French press where you won t notice fine powder in the course grinds. There is a TON. Like half of the grinds are fluffy fine powder. How is that correct? I would not be complaining if it was just a little like with my older version of this grinder. They obviously have gone downhill. Undecided on what to do return and research for another or just deal with it. 2there is a bit of wasted coffee after each grind - may be about 1-2% ...I've had it a week. Yes, there is a bit of wasted coffee after each grind - may be about 1-2% of total. This is to be expected so I am not sure what people are complaining about. I have not noticed any static electricity or related problems. I grind the coffee on a kitchen towel so clean up is shaking the towel over the sink. One does have to spend about a minute cleaning the device after each grind to salvage some the coffee still in it as well as clean it a bit with the brush that was provided. This grinder is about as good a value as I think I could have found. It is very easy to use and the fine grind choices are excellent.Update: I have two now, as I have two places. I may be the only idiot (especially in the morning before I've had my coffee) but does anyone else try to put their beans in the top compartment but forget to remove the top cover because it is clear and not easily seen (again especially in the morning)? After doing this at least twice (I don't care to admit it may be more) and spilling coffee beans all over the counter and floor I had a simple fix - see the attached pic, which involved using a Sharpe to put a big black dot on the cover. I was motivated by what a pain it is to actually find and pick up all the beans I spilled (once more, especially in the morning).Another flaw: if one inadvertently puts the removable grinder component in upside down (ugh, the mornings suck) then it actually gets quite stuck and nearly impossible to remove. Don't do it. 5Adequate grinder with a number of quirks --- but falls down when it comes to customer service and cheap plastic parts.This is our second Capresso Infinity 560, and probably our last, owing to the disappointing customer experience with Jura. The grinder functioned well with some quirks: the static issue is definitely a problem, as is cleaning of the outlet hole within the grinding chamber, which tends to get clogged. Also of note is that the black dots on the upper plastic chamber tend to fade away so you can't tell how you've set the coarseness of the grind.But what really was the final straw for me today was when I got up this morning and the on/off/timer knob disintegrated after turning it on. The plastic cylinder that holds the knob onto the actual switch mechanism broke (see pictures). Considering that the grinder is only 16 months old, that typically means a bad batch of plastic knobs since it's supposed to be ABS plastic. I emailed Jura through the Capresso website and got a terse "You can call customer service". I called them and was told that it'd be $13.50 to send me a replacement knob. $13.50! for a ten-cent piece of plastic, and not even an "I'm sorry to hear that the product didn't perform well". This stands in stark contrast to a recent positive customer service experience I had with OXO where they offered to replace a 5 year old product at no cost.Overall, the minuses outweigh the plusses with this grinder, and certainly with Jura. I'd recommend looking for a better product and better company to deal with. 2Too much leftover ground coffee in burrs. Becomes stale, is messy, could clog.Same as many others have found, the grinder design leaves an unreasonable quantity of ground coffee remaining in the burr area and chute. As much as 1 tablespoons, just sitting there, getting stale.The easiest way to clean it out is to dump the bean hopper, then remove it and the upper burr, and tip the grinder over above a bowl.This fault in the design also makes for a difficult-to-avoid mess of ground coffee collecting under the drawer. It's also a bit difficult to judge when the drawer is beginning to over-fill, because pile remains at the back of the drawer, in the dark, which then is spilled into the drawer area. 3Updated - Third Unit Broken out of the box; Second unit only lasted two yearsUpdated -- I order a replacement for the grinder I bought two years ago for which the below review was for. It was broken right out of the box and would not even grind beans. The weird thing is that the interior grinder looked different though when you look on the Capresso site - they have not changed the manufacturing. I am afraid that Amazon might have a bunk shipment of product here which is not from Capresso. I would not recommend purchasing this item here at this time.I have purchased two Capresso grinders of the same model in the last 10 years. The first lasted about 6 years before giving out - however this last one has just given up after only two. Not sure if they have changed the product, but for the price, I would have expected the unit to last a lot longer. It is a great grinder - but the longevity is an issue for me considering the price point. The only thing that I did differently with this latest unit is that I actually cleaned the grinder per their instructions - the first one I never even opened up and I had assumed the accumulation of oil and dust was what did it in...so, perhaps cleaning this one was a bad idea? (just using a paper towel - no chemicals) 1Way too messy, 3 grams of Powder left inside...Looks nice and is heavy diecast...... That's all it has...upper end of medium setting grind, produces nearly espresso grind. Coarse grind is not coarse enough for french press....My biggest problem with this grinder, is that it traps almost 3 grams of powdered coffee, with about 100 grams of medium light coffee beans.To clean it out, you need to turn it over (6 pounds) and brush and spank the powder out, every time you use it.....Ridiculous!I used it Once, that was enough for me....My old 2 year old Cuisinart flat burr grinder, leaves about 1/8 teaspoon, but does not produce a very uniform grind, so I thought, we would step up to a commercial grade conical burr type.....This is not the one.... 1NO STATIC CHARGE!!*I ve been grinding my beans for decades, living with everpresent static charge the burrs create. Best way to deal with the charge is with all metal table fork! Immerse the tines in the dry fresh ground coffee, stir a few seconds. But no more!PRO: This Capresso grinder creates no static. Cleanest burr grinder I ve ever used!CON: Hopper cover is clear, too easy for morning eyes to miss! Remedy is a Marks A-Lot pen or small polka dot stickers! Not much available grip to remove the bin.*UPDATEOpened a new bag of Starbucks coffee, the static bugaboo has returned,so all I can say is with SOME beans, there is no static charge. It was nice while it lasted! I m back to using my fork to discharge every grind again. 5This is a piece of garbage and the company a nightmare to deal withI bought this grinder after reading positive reviews and having an older model Capresso coffee pot.It was a terrible decision-probably the most negative experience I've had as a consumer both having the product and dealing with the company-Capresso, not Amazon. Amazon is always a pleasure to deal with and ultimately solved my problem.I can only think that the reviews were written upon using the product for a few days or weeks.In short, the grinder stopped working after two months just days after the time to return it to Amazon expired. I called Capresso customer service. It was replaced after I sent the broken one in. I was without a grinder for a week and when I received the replacement, it never worked correctly either and smelled like melting plastic and burning tires. My coffee tasted like melted rubber.I called the company once again and spoke to two of the most condescending, unhelpful people I have ever dealt with in trying to resolve a problem - Brad, the "customer service" person and his supervisor Earnest Rodriguez at Capresso should both be fired but if their products cease to work after 2 months and the replacement they send likewise does not work after only days, the company likely will have to start laying people off. They should go first.Amazon by comparison was a pleasure to deal with and took the piece of junk back minus a restocking fee. Amazon is an amazing company with a wonderful custom,er service department. Capresso, however, is back in the dark ages when companies treated their customers as if they, the company, was doing the consumer a big favor by selling them their product - in this case an overpriced piece of junk. 1Wastes a lot of ground coffee and is very difficult to clean.Capresso 565.05 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder, Stainless Steel I must admit that I am a complete newbie to coffee making, but I quickly found two major issues with this grinder that I wish someone would have warned me about. Perhaps the following issues are true of all grinders...Issue 1: If you grind many cups per day, this may not be an issue, but I only drink two cups worth and this grinder wastes about as much coffee as much as I brew. This is because a large amount gets trapped inside the grinder.Issue 2: It is made clear in the User Manual that the grinder must be cleaned every day or the large amount of coffee left in the grinder will become rancid. The issue is that it takes about 3 or 4 times as long to clean the grinder as it takes to grind the coffee. The tiny "cleaning brush" included in the package is virtually worthless. To get it clean enough to return, I had to take it to the garage and use my 150 PSI air hose to blow the grounds out of the many, many places it gets trapped. It is also clear from my use that the small chute that allows the ground coffee to move into the catch bin is highly prone to becoming clogged and must be cleared often. 1Too Fine of GrindOverall I do like this grinder but it has a limited range of grinds. Mine came calibrated to a fine grind setting. Meaning that if I put it all the way to extra fine, it came out espresso fine type of grind. If I set it all the way to coarse it would be a medium fine grind. This was too fine to brew in my Bonavita drip style coffee maker and barely too fine for my Melitta pour over pot.Some YouTube searches brought up a simple video on how to adjust this grinder by taking off the cover and calibrating the upper burr. I got it dialed in so Medium setting is now a perfect coarse medium, and Coarse is a good coarse. Looks like this grinder is great for a smaller range of grind. Pretty much you can calibrate it to do either, pour over to French press, or too fine pour over to espresso. Does a good uniform grind just not a complete range. If you don't mind the hassle of calibrating it, it's a good quality grinder. If you need a full range of grinds like espresso to drip, this won't do it without recalibrating to each type. 4
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