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Caribou Coffee Caribou Blend Keurig Single Serve K Cup Pods, Medium Roast Coffee, 72 Count

  • Caribou Coffee Caribou Blend Keurig Single Serve K Cup Pods,  Medium Roast Coffee, 72 Count
  • Caribou Coffee Caribou Blend Keurig Single Serve K Cup Pods,  Medium Roast Coffee, 72 Count
  • Caribou Coffee Caribou Blend Keurig Single Serve K Cup Pods,  Medium Roast Coffee, 72 Count
  • Caribou Coffee Caribou Blend Keurig Single Serve K Cup Pods,  Medium Roast Coffee, 72 Count
  • Caribou Coffee Caribou Blend Keurig Single Serve K Cup Pods,  Medium Roast Coffee, 72 Count
  • Caribou Coffee Caribou Blend Keurig Single Serve K Cup Pods,  Medium Roast Coffee, 72 Count
  • Caribou Coffee Caribou Blend Keurig Single Serve K Cup Pods,  Medium Roast Coffee, 72 Count
  • Caribou Coffee Caribou Blend Keurig Single Serve K Cup Pods,  Medium Roast Coffee, 72 Count

Caribou Coffee Caribou Blend Keurig Single Serve K Cup Pods, Medium Roast Coffee, 72 Count

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Tasting Notes: Smooth and classic
  • Product Details: This is a Medium Roast Coffee that is 100 percentage Rainforest Alliance Certified and Kosher(U)
  • Count Size: Contains six cartons, each with 12 K Cup packs, totaling 72 K Cup packs
  • Keurig Quality: If it doesn't have the Keurig logo, it's not Keurig quality. In order for your Keurig brewer to give you the best beverage possible, be sure to use only Keurig K Cup packs
  • The Keurig Difference: Whether your morning joe gives you grounds for celebration or mocha makes you over the moon, your Keurig brewer is able to brew over 250 varieties of coffee, tea and hot cocoa, plus seasonal and caf style beverages
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Customer Reviews

Delicious!I really enjoy these Caribou Medium Roast K cups for my morning coffee. The flavor is excellent--it is rich and inviting. These cups are strong enough to brew a large cup of coffee without it going weak. I love them and they are my new favorite. Plus, they are a great value, especially when compared to other major brands at the local grocery store. Buy these--you'll love them, too! 5Excellent Taste at a very Favorable Price via Amazon PrimeCaribou DECAF Blend K-Cups provide what I judged as an extra smooth, not too sweet, not too harsh, enjoyable flavor and taste with few or no perceptible decaf aftertastes. Caribou K-Cups seem to be loaded with a bit more coffee grounds than several other brands of Decaf I have tried at the same short period of time. Amazon's price for multiple 24-count carton packs makes the Cost per K-Cup and Cost per Ounce of Caribou a lot easier to take than many other widely known popular coffee brands, and nearly as good as several lesser known buy-in-bulk-only secondary brands. So, in addition to preferable taste, I see what I calculate as a very nice discount and favorable price. (NOTE: In addition to testing at ''normal'' serving size, I tested each K-Cup coffee at Double-Brew (about 14 ounces) through same K-Cup, and Caribou held decent flavor level better than most other brand Decaf samples. You can double brew effectively by removing K-Cup, tapping firmly all around upper half of cup to collapse any hollow area created in 1st brew, and replacing cup in machine carefully to use same bottom hole in cup as 1st brew before you start 2nd brew cycle.) 4Love Caribou!I love Caribou Coffee and I love even more that they sell it in K-Cups and it is delivered directly to my door! The Caribou blend is one of my favorite blends. It is just what I need in the morning to get me up and going. I live an hour away from the nearest place to buy groceries so I rely heavily on important items to be shipped in which my Caribou K-Cups are one of them. The Caribou Blend K-Cups are extremely perfect for the person who loves Caribou but cannot ever get to the actually coffee shop. Which is me! I am not only thankful I found the Caribou Blend but I also found them on auto-ship. I never have to worry about running out of my favorite coffee again. 5Best coffee there is.Caribou coffee is my absolute favorite, and out of all of Caribou's coffee flavors Mahogany is the one I can't get enough of. I drink between 4 and 6 cups of coffee a day and well over half of that is Mahogany. This coffee is rich and delicious, and being a dark roast I get the jolt I need to get me going in the morning. I went on a K-cup hunt recently to see if I was missing out on something else I might like better. I tried dozens of different flavors in different roasts and brands and I have come to the conclusion that there is no better coffee for me, and at $0.53 per cup on Amazon for the 72-cup pack I feel I am getting the best deal possible on this most excellent coffee. I considered getting it on subscription but I would have had to wait an extra week for my shipment and this month that was not an option. I almost ran out! :O 5Hand picked by nudist mucksThe coffee beans are individually hand picked by nudist mucks in the Swiss Alps, then loaded on Caribou; then hauled down the mountains for everyone's enjoyment........Just kidding, only joking, none of the above is true, but this coffee is very good. Please read my review below:My mom loves this coffee, she always has a cup in the morning and it has no negative effect on her stomach like some of the other brands, I've tried it myself just to see what it tasted like, I have to admit that it taste pretty good, it taste smooth not bitter at all, and I wasn't a coffee drinker before now, but this Caribou Coffee has easily changed my mind about coffee, so that's why I'm giving 5 stars.Update: 02-14-2017: We just received a new shipment of Caribou and quickly noticed that the package has changed, but after trying a cup, realized that this is the same coffee with a new look, you can see I posted pictures with the new packaging on the left and the old packaging on the right. Hope this helps you and..thank you for reading my review.Update: 12-14-2018: We're continuing to enjoy our Caribou Coffee, on this shipment we shared it with my brother, after he had a cup he said it taste just as good if not better than Kona Coffee that he had when he and his wife visited Maui, Hawaii, now Kona Coffee is pretty expensive, so if that does not make you a believer nothing will, now I'm going to enjoy me a nice hot cup of Caribou Coffee. 5Something Seems DifferentUpdate: I bought this two other places prior to this purchase. I fell in love with the rich but mild taste. However, I brewed my first two cups from this purchase and the coffee seems unremarkable and bland. I would attribute it to my brewer but my other brews taste fine. I m new to Keurig so hadNever heard of Caribou.Original Review: I recvd a Carabou Kcup with my new Coffee pot and had low expectations since I normally prefer a dark roast brew (Dark Magic and a good French roast). Who knew I d fall in love with this medium roast brew coffee? My husband likes the Donut Shop kcups, which I find tastes like a cup of Folgers from a can. I assumed this would be the same.I find this blend bold yet smooth, flavorful with no bitterness. This is my new favorite kcup and I m confident that anyone would enjoy this cup of coffee 3One of my favoritesCaribou is one of my favorite coffees. It has a good coffee taste and is very smooth. It is not light tasting nor very bold and best of all not acidic. The k cups work very well and never had any grounds in my coffee like many of the cheap brands 5It's the flavorWhen Pods came out, my friends and I had a coffee tasting morning. We made a lot of cups of coffee. We settled on two and one, Tully's Kona ended up being discontinued and the other one Caribou "Blend" - not the other Caribou names is the one that has stayed my coffee. It's a medium blend, soft and no bitterness. Sometimes you can find it in food stores but mostly I have to order. I do a search each time to find the best pricing. I drink mine with both powdered coffee creamer and a little heavy cream. No additional sugar is needed when I do it this way and we all know to keep spoons of sugar away from us if we can. This blend allows me to drink the coffee that way. It tastes like "coffee". 5This last order tastes really bad. Lousy batch of coffee?Normally, I love this coffee. I have drank it for years. This last batch tasted muddy/moldy/green/cardboardy. It almost tastes like it wasn't roasted all the way. It leaves a bad oily taste in my mouth. All boxes so far taste this way. Amazon says the return window closed on the 31st. I'm not sure what to do next. Maybe this was a bad batch that got through Quality Control? 1Not The Same Caribou!I found these kcups to be very weak. I've been a caribou brand kcup drinker for about 9 years. I'm used to the rich bold flavor. These kcups did not taste like that at all. I checked the expiration date on the kcups and they were not expired. Why change what was so good? I'll be switching to something else. Very disappointed! 1
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