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Catchmaster Moth And Pantry Pest Trap (3 packs of 2 traps)

  • Catchmaster Moth And Pantry Pest Trap (3 packs of 2 traps)
  • Catchmaster Moth And Pantry Pest Trap (3 packs of 2 traps)

Catchmaster Moth And Pantry Pest Trap (3 packs of 2 traps)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 3 packs of 2 traps
  • Non-toxic glue traps
  • Safe for humans-hazardous to moths
  • Easy to use
  • Disposable
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Customer Reviews

I know... don't kill me for this... To set the record straight: Will NOT catch clothing mothsThis is probably a 5 star item at catching pantry moths... I was dumb and believed an answered question that stated it would also catch clothing moths. After several days, not one clothing moth has been captured. Not the item's fault. I will go back and answer that question hoping that I can help others avoid wasting their money.I bought a CatchMaster clothing moth version of this trap and they were literally flying up to the kit as soon as I cut into the pheromone pouch. they couldn't wait to get in! I caught 10 in the first 5 minutes.UPDATE: I bought these at a local DIY place and they were not cheap, See attached photos. I have no idea where to find them online. I cut the pheromone tab in half and put half in these pantry traps that did not work for me which seems to have worked well. 3Safe for my birds and very effectiveI really didn't want to buy these traps. Unfortunately, after spending weeks attempting to catch and release all the moths in my apartment (and throwing out tons of bad food), I had to either get traps or settle for living with moths in my home. I have pet birds, and I suspect the moths came in with dove seed or spray millet.The hard thing about having birds and moths is that you can't use just any pest control method. Birds have extremely delicate respiratory systems and you can kill them or cause severe lung damage if you're not careful. Sprays are completely out of the question unless you relocate the birds for a week or more to let the place air out (and then wipe everything down for residue). These traps were labeled as bird safe and several other bird people mentioned that they worked well in their homes, so I bought them.I do want to note that I didn't put the traps NEAR the birds, though. They were all at least a room away, and I made sure the birds were closely monitored any time they were out of the cage. I have no idea whether the trap would be dangerous if they chewed on it (as parrots so often do with many things).I still feel bad about killing all those moths, but I have to admit the traps worked extremely well. I kept them out for about a month to get all the living moths plus any eggs that might hatch, and it wiped out the problem completely. Since then, I've developed a habit of freezing bird seed when I get it, then keeping it in an airtight container. The problem hasn't returned. 5Works better than other trapsI buy and store outside bird food in my garage, and one of the bags was contaminated with pantry moths. In only a couple of days my garage was filled with moths flying around and larvae crawling up the walls. I removed the contaminated bag and removed as many of the moths and larva as possible, but the reproductive cycle continued. Finally, I placed a few moth traps (another brand) and saw that the male moths were attracted to it, however, the sticky paper was old and some of the larger moths would land and simply fly back off. Next, I tried the Catchmaster trap. It works far better than the other brand. I like that it has a peel off sticky back, so it's fresh and really sticky. I put the Catchmaster trap next to the other brand, and the Catchmaster trap had over a dozen moths in only two hours, while the other trap had only 5-6 moths after 3 days. This morning there were only 3-4 moths in the garage that I vacuumed up with a Dyson floor model (with tapered tip on the end instead of the floor vacuum part, so I could easily reach the moths on the ceiling). The Catchmaster trap is full of dead moths, so I placed a fresh trap. I'm hoping in a few days my moth infestation will be over.Update: it has been a year since my moth infestation, and there is still an occasional moth or 2 on warm days. I keep a Catchmaster trap suspended by a piece of string that I taped to the base of my garage door opener, and it does the job of catching the moths. I change the trap about every month or so. 5I placed one trap in front of the TV and watched the male moths fly crazy patterns near the trap somewhat like a 13-year old boyMy Sister-in-Law gave my wife some of her "Extra Pantry Food" unfortunately, the stuff was full of Pantry Moths. The Moths expanded and expanded until we noticed that we had swarms of Moths flying in front of our Big Screen.After I figured out what they were, I ordered the Catchmaster Moth & Pantry Pest Traps from Amazon. I put 3 of the traps out and from the first day, the traps started to catch the moths. The traps have a pheromone scent pad which attracts the male moths who apparently are thinking that they're going to have a Hot Date with a Lady Moth.I placed one trap in front of the TV and watched the male moths fly crazy patterns near the trap somewhat like a 13-year old boy trying to zeroing in on an opportunity for a date.You have to be a bit patient as it took 2 months to totally clear the moths from my house. This is because different moth egg groups are hatching at different times and until the last hatching is complete, the Moth War isn't over. I haven't seen a single moth for 4 months so, I think I won the Moth War.The traps were great and if I ever have another infestation, I'll use the Catchmaster Traps again. 5A great product that really does work.I keep birdseed in my kitchen pantry, and moths used to be a problem - despite storing the seed in an airtight glass container. I was skeptical about these traps, but they really do work. I put a trap by the birdseed container and the other two on an upper shelf, and within hours, all the moths were stuck in the traps.I also taped a few bay leaves on my pantry shelves to discourage future infestation. Not sure if that actually works, but I haven't seen moths in weeks. 5This has 5% the efficiency of the same trap previously sold in 1-pack -- fake?.. ** not even as pictured (just white) **I've been buying the same brand and model of the pantry pest traps for 3 years now - "Catchmaster Pantry Pest Traps", with the b&w wood grain design. Every trap I ordered until this one (the 3-pack listing) worked miracles - there would be several moths stuck in there within 2 days of purchase, and in 2-3 months there would always be dozens. But with this one - it's been 6 weeks, there's just 2 moths in there. I would love to think that it just means we finally exterminated/caught all moths in the house, but I don't think that's the case. ALSO, every single trap I purchased before (used to purchase form the listing for 1-pack) looked exactly like the one on the picture here -- with the black and white wood grain print (and I loved it!). But this 3-pack one, even though it shows a wood grain design here on the picture, arrived all plain white -- ugly, but also - suspicious?.. Altogether, kind of feels like.. a fake?.. Anyways, "item is not as pictured", "doesn't work" and "possible fake". p.s. The wood grain one doesn't seem to be available on amazon anymore : \ If there is a reason why such an effective and popular trap has been pulled down from Amazon (discontinued?) and replaced by some bad formula - I, as a customer who has been using it for three years around my food, would like to know. 1SELLER FIXED! Great product - but lures were missing from 2 of my six traps!!UPDATE: Seller refunded the entire purchase price even though i only sent back the two missing the lures. I bought two more two-packs. Checked on the original traps today and 3 out of 4 were just FULL of moths - like no room left for a single moth to land. Threw them out and set up the new ones. I'm a believer and it sure is nice to hang out in my house without having to swat at moths!!! Thank you for saving me from these moths!!!Seller refunded full cost of traps even though i only returned the two missing the lures. Updated to 5 starts - checked old traps today - they all but one were totally full of moths - not any more space for a new moth to land! Tossed those and set up four more traps i had ordered from same vendor. Thank you for saving me from moths!**original reviewAfter a few days they work great! One problem - of the three, two-packs I recceived, one did not have the little packets with the 'lure' to put into the trap. That means 2 out of the 6 packets had no lure--- so they are only two thirds effective beause of this oversight. I could not find a way to ask the manufacturer to send more lures - the only option on amazon was to ask for a refund and mail back. So I'm hoping they see this and send the two extra lures.As for the four that were deployed -- over the last 48 hours -- one has about 30! one has 20 ... and the other two just a few --- i am guessing there were fewer moths where they were placed. Looking forward to upgrading my review when I receive two more lures. 5When the few eggs I missed hatched it caught them right a way - before they could have lusty relations and lay their obnoxious lIf you've ever had a pantry moth infestation you know how big a pain in the tushie it is! I've had to trash so much food, clean out the cabinets, they come back, repeat and wipe down with bleach, they come back, repeat and completely repaint the entire pantry and shelves and still had those little buggers come back! Miss one lousy freaking little egg and they come back. The last time was actually the last time (knock wood) because following all that I ordered these traps. When the few eggs I missed hatched it caught them right a way - before they could have lusty relations and lay their obnoxious little eggs that turn into disgusting, creepy wormy larva. That was several years ago and we haven't seen another one (knocking wood like crazy). Now the lovely faux wood grain finish that they brag about is really, really cheesy, solid color would be less noticeable. After all, who has a wood grain product on their kitchen shelves? And several visitors asked what it was. Yeah, well, we had an infestation of bugs in our kitchen - that's a fun one to explain as they are eating food you prepared. But, regardless the product works!! 5A powerful weapon the fight for your pantryEvery time I go to pour a bowl of cereal, I look upon the tented graveyard of moths in my pantry and I smile. Where most people would be disgusted and suffer a loss of appetite, I am instead filled with triumph when I look upon the bodies of my fallen enemies, which only gives me a greater hunger for my spoils of war.For it was a hard battle, fought over FOUR. LONG. YEARS. A battle against an enemy whose cunning and resilience was matched only by its ravenousness. For every ten I killed, twenty more would return in their place. I had nearly abandoned all hope.Until, from deep within the Amazon, I discovered a mighty power to crush my foes: The Catchmaster. And now, my pantry knows peace again for the first time near a half decade. Lo' these past six months hath my pantry flourished, finally free from the blight of the meal moth. 5One of the best traps I've used!I was hesitant to buy these as I've never heard of the brand, but having birds I needed something because I keep getting Seed moths from my cockatiel food. I'd previously used another brand, but They were not very affordable for more than 2, and I needed more than 2 as my problem got worse after I'd solved it, but I had to leave for a few weeks due to family matters, and My kids only kept the food and water done, didn't clean up so I got home to a ton of moths all over again... When the mail man delivered this I went to the birds room and put out 4, 3 in the main bird room and 1 in the bathroom that is attached to the birds' room (the birds room is a "Master bedroom" . I did that at about 9 am, I went back in around 2 pm to check food and water and saw one trap had moths in it, so I checked them all , all 3 in the main birds room already had moths in it, Now today 3 days later they're full , and when I walk in the room I don't get hit in the face by them! I am glad I bought a large pack I will be needing the rest once these 4 are too full to keep using.I recommend this product to anyone with a moth issue! Especially for fellow bird ownersI will be buying more, and I think I will get even a bigger amount of the traps next time, to have them on hand in case another out break occurs. but I'm hoping this time around will get them all and I won't have to deal with them any more.The picture attached is from the 1st day of use. 5
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