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CDN DTQ450X Thin Tip Thermometer

  • CDN DTQ450X Thin Tip Thermometer
  • CDN DTQ450X Thin Tip Thermometer
  • CDN DTQ450X Thin Tip Thermometer
  • CDN DTQ450X Thin Tip Thermometer
  • CDN DTQ450X Thin Tip Thermometer
  • CDN DTQ450X Thin Tip Thermometer
  • CDN DTQ450X Thin Tip Thermometer
  • CDN DTQ450X Thin Tip Thermometer
  • CDN DTQ450X Thin Tip Thermometer

CDN DTQ450X Thin Tip Thermometer

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 14 Days Return

  • Measurement Range: -40 to +450F/-40 to +230C
  • NSFCertified; BioCote antimicrobial technology; member of the ProAccurate professional line
  • 1.5 mm thin tip with 5"/12.7 cm stainless steel stem
  • 6 second response
  • One-button field calibration; 5-year limited warranty
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Customer Reviews

Good ThermometerI bought this thermometer for a friend who was admiring my Thermopen. While this is not as versatile or quick as the Thermopen it works very well. This gives a quick digital temp readout that is great for cooking meat. I have purchased it twice for 2 friends who are starting to get into cooking and both have said it is the best tool they have in their kitchen. If you don't have a thermometer then buy this. If you want a backup then buy this. If you know someone that cooks that doesn't have a thermometer then buy this.One tip I will also include is to make sure you use the thermometer in the side of the meat. What I mean is if you are cooking a pork chop or steak then you should put it in the middle on the side of the meat. This way you will not be worried that you are poking too far into the steak and not measuring the middle of the meat. Grab the meat with thongs, tilt it off the cooking surface, then stick the thermometer into the side of the meat until it reaches the middle. This way you know you are getting an accurate reading.Good luck and say goodbye to overcooked meat. 4It responds within a few seconds and the resultant temperature is very easy to readI think that this is an outstanding thermometer.! It responds within a few seconds and the resultant temperature is very easy to read. I also think that their customer service is excellent. I had an issue and Rikki Byers at CDN worked patiently with me to identify the correct model number for the one that I purchased. I explained the problem, mailed the thermometer back to her, and had a brand new thermometer within about a week of sending the original one back to her. I would definitely buy it again. 5Nice little thermometerWorks perfect for all my cooking needs and heating up water to temperature for loose tea where I need a specific temperature. Calibrating it seems a tad difficult as I got mixed results from a few times comparing it to other thermometers in 32 degree water. It is fairly top heavy though which is something to keep in mind for shallow uses. 5Stll happy after a year and a half.I purchased this in June of 2015 and it has been absolutely wonderful. My wife uses this thermometer when making yogurt, which requires precise temperatures when dealing with the live cultures, so last night, while working on a project where I had access to lab-grade temperature calibration equipment, I decided to test the accuracy of my thermometer which had not been calibrated since it was purchased new.At 32 F/0 C this thermometer was spot-on, and at 165 F/~73.9 C it was within a tenth of a degree (F). For under $20, I'm impressed. 5Works well, easy to read and use.This works quite well. I would say that it converges on the temperature in about 7-10 seconds at maximum. So your food won't cool down too much if you need to stab it into a roast in the oven. The buttons are a bit tiny, but the screen is quite readable. Super easy to clean if you don't get the electronic head part dirty. If you are a "kitchen slob" and always have your hands nasty, just pop a zip lock or plastic lunch bag around the head part. Rinse the probe element under hot water for a few seconds and wipe off with a paper towel with a drop of dish soap and rinse again. Done. 5Just okay, has some problems.This thing works pretty good, but it doesn't stay inside its sheath at all. It doesn't seem to have a bump on it at the top of the stem to secure it a little bit like most thermometers I've had do. I keep it in my shirt pocket while I cook and it falls out at a moments notice if I bend over slightly. It's a really big annoyance. It doesn't read as fast as other thermometers I've had, and I've already had an issue with it freezing up on me where I had to remove the battery and place it back in. The numbers are big, the buttons are responsive and it goes up to very high temperatures which is nice, but I can't recommend it if you move a lot while you cook. 3I am thoroughly perplexed with this thermometer!I am a very experienced cook, so I have years of experience using various thermometers. I bought this specifically to use for steaks and chops. Since it is designed for thin meats (not whole chickens or roasts), I felt it would be perfect for my needs. I cannot seem to get a consistent reading on this thing. It doesn't seem to come close to accurate. It sometimes gives me an extremely high reading and the steak is less than rare. The next time it will give me a low reading, and the steak is closer to well-done. I use a consistent cooking method for my steaks (searing on top of the stove, then finishing in the oven). I know it has a tapered tip, so I am careful not to push the thermometer in past the narrow part of the tip. I am truly perplexed, and unfortunately close to throwing it out. 3Highly recommended instant-read thermometerI purchased this because I NEEDED an true instant read thermometer. I had a chance to use it today and I can tell you that it read the temp in 3 seconds. I inserted the probe in different parts of my chicken and it registered it instantly. I definitely recommend this product and would most certainly choose to buy it again over any other product. 5Limited DurabilityFrom a functionality standpoint, it works well. Perhaps slow for an "instant" read but don't have another thermometer to compare it against.However durability is an issue. :-( Battery died after two years which is to be expected. Unfortunately one of the two tabs that keep the battery in place broke when installing a new battery. Perhaps a piece of duct tape will keep the cover in place but am annoyed that the tab broke.When it comes time to replace the thermometer, I will be considering other manufacturers' thermometers. 2Calibration was kind of challenging, but cooking made easy if you ask me!So this item was purchased so I can learn to cook steak and not over cook hamburgers because I am terrible. My steaks are either too raw, or over cooked. It's disheartening to say the least. I love steak and burgers, but it's one skill I have yet to master. I'm 30 years old and my fiancee hates my steaks and don't even get me started on burgers! Hank Hill would hate me lol.Anyway a buddy of mine suggested I start using a meat thermometer to get the right cook down until it becomes natural to me. Being a proud fellow, I of course denied needing it in public, but the moment I got home I placed this order. It arrived and at first I was a bit put off. Bought some steaks at King Soopers (Krogers) and went to town that night. Needless to say, the thermometer performed admirably and I was able to present an edible stake to my better half. She approved.Now I know my story is a bit unscientific, but that's all I can really say about this. It made my steaks and burgers edible! No more bricks or mush, just yummy grub. I intend to take on the arduous task of making a turkey this thanksgiving. I'm feeling confident and can't wait to try more things haha.I'm feeling pretty good about this purchase and the results have been great so far. 5
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