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CDN TM15 Kitchen Timer, Extra Large Big Digits, Loud Alarm, Magnetic Backing, Stand- White - 02626

  • CDN TM15 Kitchen Timer, Extra Large Big Digits, Loud Alarm, Magnetic Backing, Stand- White - 02626

CDN TM15 Kitchen Timer, Extra Large Big Digits, Loud Alarm, Magnetic Backing, Stand- White - 02626

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Extra-large digits can be read from across the room
  • Loud alarm can be heard in another part of the house
  • Counts up or down; automatically counts up after 0
  • Pocket clip, magnet, and stand allow multiple uses
  • Set for up to 100 minutes; 1 AAA battery included
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Customer Reviews

Great timerI purchased two of these timers in March 2010. Two and a half years later and I still use both all of the time. I've bought a couple of other timers since then for some flashy feature or bigger numbers or whatever and I always go back to the CDN timers.Pros:- Large numbers that are easy to see from across the room.- Alarm that is loud enough to hear over the stove exhaust fan from the next room but is not overly obnoxious.- Count up and count down capabilities. I probably use the count up feature as much as the count down. For example, if I'm cooking something on the stovetop, I might want an idea of how long I've had it on there but not have some predetermined amount of time that I want to track. It also makes the timer useful for a variety of other usages (exercise, for example) where you want to time something.- Has a magnet for attaching to metal surfaces plus a little kickstand for sitting it up on a flat surface plus an eyelet for hanging it up. It's surprising how convenient this flexibility is.- Great battery life. Two and a half years later of nearly daily use and I still have the original batteries in both of them. Don't worry about no on-off switch.- Durable. I'm a clumsy guy so I've dropped these a lot and the haven't been damaged at all. I also used one at the gym for a few months and kept it in my gym bag and it survived that.My only complaint is that it only goes up to 100 minutes (technically 99 minutes, 59 seconds). There are roasts and things like that that take hours. That's a fairly minor complaint since I rarely need to time anything longer than 100 minutes and my stove has a timer that does hours if I do. 5Great size, buttons easy to press, beeps a lotI go through about one timer per year, losing them from drops on the floor, drops into a boiling pot, and other similar accidents. This timer is replacing an older magnetic timer that had mushy rubber buttons and was hard to read unless my face was perpendicular to the front of the timer.This timer's digits are very large (the largest I've seen on a standard kitchen timer), and are easy to read at slight angles (maybe 30 ), and the three simple plastic buttons on the front don't feel mushy or difficult to press. It's easy to set, easy to reset, and easy to hear.The only complaint (and this is minor, but still relevant, since I try to not wake a sleeping baby when using the timer!) is that every button press makes a loud 'beep', and there's no way to quiet that. I can understand a loud alarm when the timer is finished, but when I need to set the timer, I have to make a bunch of beeps before it is set. My previous timer wouldn't beep while setting the time.Other than that, though, this timer is great! 4Turned off the alarm sound.I bought this timer for use on TV production shoots. Needed something large and capable of a "count down" when the script calls for a 6:00 segment (or some such) and we needed a fast reference of time remaining. Yes, you can "stop" it and the countdown (or up) will pause at whatever time remains until you press "start" again. The display is large and easy to read. Countdown and count up are simple procedures.While others here complained about the low volume in the alarm (and it is), I was looking for a timer that had *no* alarm at all (again, video shoots -- don't want extraneous sounds). Defeating the alarm (if you so desire) in this unit is easy. Remove the two small Phillips screws on the back and gently snap it open. There are a red & black set of wires that go to the alarm "sounder" (a small metal disc). Cut one of the wires, tape it to insulate the copper, and close it back up.Also, it's true, there isn't a power on/off switch. The unit is *always* on. So I took a small piece of electrical tape and covered the bottom side of the AAA battery while storing it in the battery compartment. Want to use the alarm? Remove the tape. 45 year review: Don't drop itI write reviews 5 years after buying things (so you know if something was a 6 month piece of junk or not). I bought two of these 5 years ago, and they work great except for two things - if you drop them they tend to break, and if you use the magnets to clip them to your stove back and have them immediately above a hot burner they melt. That said, the two I bought 5 years ago both lasted almost 5 years, and when I broke them I bought another couple to replace them. Clear display, easy to use, battery life is great (and it's just an easily replaced AAA), alarm level is good, and I really like that the timer counts up after it reaches zero, so if you're in another room and you miss it you at least know how bad things are.. Would be great if they were a bit more robust but other than that this is an excellent timer. 4Great simple timer - count up, count down & nothing else!This is my favorite kitchen timer ... super easy to use, big buttons and bigger display. I now own three of them.IT'S SIMPLE >>> But let me say this .. it's a very simple device ... you can set a timer and count down OR you can start at zero and count up. It has no other features. If you want more bells & whistles, DO NOT buy this!!!BEEP LOUD ENOUGH >>> Also, I do not understand the criticism that the beep is not loud. I own two restaurants and these timers are plenty loud to be heard in a commercial kitchen. To me anything louder would be very annoying.RESETS TIMER >>> Lastly, another reviewer pointed out that when the timer hits zero and you hit "stop", it resets the timer back to the time you originally started at. I like this feature.MADE IN CHINA >>> Of course its made in China ... practically all non-value added consumer good are, its just reality in the 21st century. 5Newer Version Not RecomendedI own an older version of the CDN timer. I like it and I just bought a new one as a backup. Unfortunately the new version has a different display so that you must look directly at it to see it clearly. With both units on my countertop I take a step back and can easily read the old timer while the new timer looks like it s all 8's (see photo both timers are set at 25 minutes). Annoying and time consuming not recommended. 2Super terrific little timers!This is my favorite timer. I have three of them and use them regularly. I use mine for tea, my husband uses his for French press coffee and I have the other one on my exhaust fan for baking or to keep me on schedule. I like having more than one since we were always borrowing the others and mine didn t always get put back. With my own, I always know where it is, right next to my teapot! They are very easy to set, reset and especially easy to read. I love that they are so easy to read. You can also hear them if you are in another room and they silence after a minute. The counting up in seconds after the time has been reached is actually helpful as well since sometimes for cooking I just want another 15-30 secs and can just watch it. All in all, I love these little timers. I wish the magnet would be stronger since one broke from repeatedly falling off the fridge door. Such is life. Even still, that s where my hubs keeps his and so far no falls. These are a definite recommend. Please note, they only go up to 99mins and 59 secs so if you need it for longer periods you should consider an alternative. 5Display angle very small, beeps even when holding button downAnother reviewer commented about how he had the old version of these and the new ones have a very small display angle. It's true. I bought one of these timers about 5 years ago and it worked great until it finally broke after being dropped about 100 times (my fault all 100) If you look at the display from any angle other than straight on it's hard to read.But a bigger problem I have with this new version is when you hold down the button to quickly add time it beeps EVERY TIME CHANGE. So say you want to set the timer for 60 minutes, you will hear SIXTY BEEPS. The old version only beeped once on the initial press and then was silent while it quickly counted up. This is really annoying especially how loud they are. 2A great addition to any kitchenI got this to replace my last digital timer which just stopped working one day. This thing has been with me for the past couple of years and has worked perfectly the entire time. The large format makes it great for seeing how much time is left from a distance and the thing could not be simpler to use. The alarm volume is loud enough that i could hear this thing going off downstairs from my upstairs room while watching TV. Occasionally I'll try and reset it by pressing both the minute and second buttons and find that I've hit one just slightly faster than the other, but I'd honestly have that rather than having another button take up space on the front plate. Once, this thing fell from the refrigerater onto the kitchen tile (due to my own clumsiness) and the magnet on the back fell off, but that was easily remedied with some super glue and it was as good as new. If the numbers start to look like they're blinking, that means you need to put in a new battery. I've had this thing for a few years and have only had to replace the battery once. I'd definitely recommend this as a great addition to any kitchen. 4Second I own. Love it.I love this timer. This is the second one I own (first one broke after several years on a drop). This time I decided to buy two timers CDN and Wrenwane: first one because I owned one and loved, and second because it seemed to have better reviews, so I decided to compare. Now that I have both, here is my comparison.What I love more about CDN:* Much stronger magnet (the one on Wrenwane doesn't even hold it on my fridge)* Comes with battery* Smaller form factor while same size digits* After reaching 0 alarm sounds and countdown continues into positive (00 01, 00 02 etc.), so you can tell how long ago timer expiredWrenwane has louder alarm, but both my wife and I consider it too loud, though some seem to prefer it being loud. I guess it depends on how noisy/big your household is. 5
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