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Chemex Classic Coffee Filters, Squares, 100 ct - Exclusive Packaging

  • Chemex Classic Coffee Filters, Squares, 100 ct - Exclusive Packaging

Chemex Classic Coffee Filters, Squares, 100 ct - Exclusive Packaging

£72.00 £44.00 Save: £28.00
£44.00 £72.00 You save: £28.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Purchase from Authorized Resellers: e-Home Shopping, Barista Lab, Visions Espresso Service, TheShoppingTimes, Big Kitchen.
  • Thicker (20-30% more than the competition) specialty fiber filter design keep bitter elements, oils, and grounds in their place (and out of your cup)
  • Prefolded for convenience
  • Will fit most other cone-shaped filter coffeemakers
  • California Proposition 65 does not apply to this product. This product does not pose a health risk to consumers.
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Customer Reviews

Better than the "natural" filters.Stick with these white filters, don't get the "natural" ones. I have used both. I just ran out of these filters, so I had to dig out some of the natural ones I had left. I can definitely say the natural filters add a sort of paper taste to the coffee. I always rinse out my filters before I use them, but it did not make a difference in the taste. These white filters are also thinner than the natural ones, and using the same amounts of water and beans, the natural filters produced a weaker coffee.I originally got these white filters when I first bought my Chemex coffee maker since the natural ones were not available at the time. After using up all the white ones I immediately ordered a box of the natural filters thinking they are the better way to go. Right away I noticed they are thicker, but I did not think much of it. After drinking my first cup of coffee I noticed something did not taste right. I just figured it was something with the beans. It took me a while to figure it out, but it wasn't until I later read some of the reviews for the natural filters and someone mentioned a paper taste. That was when I realized what the difference was in the taste I noticed. I did not even use the whole box of filters before I ordered up a box of these white filters. Now again after using the natural filters for the last couple days, I can say there is a definite difference between the 2. 5Don t substituteI spent considerable time researching the use of less expensive brands. I ultimately agreed with another reviewer, that it was silly to go through the expense and trouble of pour over coffee only to substitute the filter that was made especially for the Chemex. I like that the white is not bleached and that there is a process for removing paper debris and form fitting the filter to your carafe. This brand is designed to provide the ideal flow rate and is strong and durable. I went with the prefolded square design and it did make removal easy. 5Excellent strong filters; there is a taste difference between natural and whiteSkeptical of claims that the natural (brown) filters imparted taste, I did a simple test pouring plain just-boiled water through each. I did detect a mild but distinct "woody" or "paper" odor and taste in the water poured through the natural (brown) filter; after cooling the odor decreased but taste was still there. There's even a very slight tint to the water through the natural filter. I don't claim to be able to taste the difference in brewed coffee (especially the strong brew from dark roast that I always make) and of course there may be all sorts of things added by either filter that I can't detect by smell or taste. But it's enough to persuade me to use the cleansed (white) filters, which Chemex assures us does not entail "bleaching." More elaborate tests and recommendations (in which I had no part) at[...] 5Use White Filters in Your Chemex for Better Flavor CoffeeYou remember the rough brown paper towels in the bathroom paper towel dispenser in high school? That's what brown coffee filters make your coffee taste like. Everyone thinks, "Oh, it's unbleached, that must make it taste better." No. Brown filters in my experience make coffee taste like wet paper towels. Once I made the switch to white filters, I vowed to never go back to brown.TLDR: Use these filters! They will fit great, they're a great value, and they allow your coffee to taste the best it can. 5Local store that sold filters went out of business.Really enjoy a good cup of coffee. Have had a Chemex carafe for over 5 years and I have gotten used to the quality of the coffee l made with it. When the local store that sold the filters at a reasonable price went out of business, I had to find another source. Most of the web sites that peddle the filters gouge the hell out of their customers for the Chemex filters so it took me a while to find a vendor that was willing to charge a reasonable amount. This vendor was the best I could come up with. 5Garbage Filters Somethings DifferentThese are different and truly terrible. Ive swore by chemex for years. Ive bought filters from both retailers and Amazon. Up until this batch of filters every cup has been great. I truly have not brewed one good cup of coffee despite changing ratios and technique. I've wasted so much money, beans, and time with this. Going to contact chemex about it. It has left such a bad taste in my mouth (literally) that I'm considering scrapping this product/company. 1Best filter ever!!I learned what a Chemex Coffee Brewer is through my favorite local coffee shop in Orlando, Vespr. After seeing my love for pour-over coffee, they insisted I tried the Chemex. I fell in love and decided to purchase it. They suggested Amazon for "cheaper" prices. I've had this product for about two weeks now and it's incredible. The smoothest coffee I've brewed is with a Chemex brewer and it's awesome paper filter. Not only is it smooth, you get no coffee grinds in it and the coffee's genuine taste. You can distictively taste the Region where it is from (Of course if you know about coffee beans and their regions; Be sure to buy fresh coffee beans!). It comes off a bit less bitter than the regular pour-over, but believe me it keeps it's coffee taste! If you are a coffee aficionado, you will love the Chemex. Now, the Chemex has joined my home collection of brewers and it's probably my favorite way of brewing coffee.Footnote: I usually have my coffee without cream, sugar or milk... Unless it's espresso coffee. 5I've had so many co-workers comment about how cool looking it isI'm brand new to pour over coffee. I bought this for my office. I've had so many co-workers comment about how cool looking it is. Aside from the looks it is quite functional. I use it with the Handi Home Pour Over Coffee Maker Filter Cone Kettle Dripper With Stand which I also love. The paper filters are good but they do change the taste of the coffee and I prefer the stainless filter. Holds pretty much exactly 1 Liter when full. The wood gripper gets warm but not too hot to handle. The pour spout channels coffee into the cup without spills--I'd had my doubts from the look of it but it works great. Cleans up easily with dish liquid and water. I just drop a paper towel or cloth in the bottom and stir with a long handle or simply shake it. Great purchase. 5Quality coffeeOverall, these are very good. Flavor is fantastic. Usually I m a very frugal buyer and would find a cheaper alternative, but to be completely honest the other options just aren t as good. I will say that I have a hard time paying the price because at the end of the day these are just paper filters. I can only imagine the profit margin. BUT the quality is extremely good and they filter out the perfect amount of the bitter flavor, leaving a fantastic cup of coffee. I ve had some issues with taking water FOREVER to filter if the grind isn t right, but that s more a user error issue. Using them is so simple, and following a simple process makes a repetitive quality (make sure to pre-wet the filter before adding grounds). I ve not had a single meh cup with these filters. Definitely a solid 4 star. Just wish I could find them at a lower price 4Great filters, but the price has DOUBLEDI love making coffee the "chemex" way. These filters are very good, and I love the convenience of being able to save the grinds for my compost pile. However, the first two boxes I bought were half this price. I recently purchased a permanent Gold filter from Barista Warrior on Amazon and its way better then I thought it could be. Easy to clean out, rinse and re-use and the coffee is amazing. I am not buying any paper filters from these vendors until they realize the price should be $10 with shipping of course. This is the price at Williams Sonoma, Chemex, Sur La, etc. 5
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