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Chemex Pour Over Glass Coffeemaker Classic Series 6 Cup Exclusive Packaging

  • Chemex Pour Over Glass Coffeemaker   Classic Series   6 Cup   Exclusive Packaging
  • Chemex Pour Over Glass Coffeemaker   Classic Series   6 Cup   Exclusive Packaging
  • Chemex Pour Over Glass Coffeemaker   Classic Series   6 Cup   Exclusive Packaging
  • Chemex Pour Over Glass Coffeemaker   Classic Series   6 Cup   Exclusive Packaging
  • Chemex Pour Over Glass Coffeemaker   Classic Series   6 Cup   Exclusive Packaging
  • Chemex Pour Over Glass Coffeemaker   Classic Series   6 Cup   Exclusive Packaging
  • Chemex Pour Over Glass Coffeemaker   Classic Series   6 Cup   Exclusive Packaging

Chemex Pour Over Glass Coffeemaker Classic Series 6 Cup Exclusive Packaging

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Purchase from Authorized Resellers: e-Home Shopping, Barista Lab, Visions Espresso Service, TheShoppingTimes, Big Kitchen
  • Made of non-porous Borosilicate glass which will not absorb odors or chemical residues
  • CHEMEX pour-over allows coffee to be covered and refrigerated for reheating without losing flavor
  • Simple, easy to use with timeless, elegant design
  • Use CHEMEX Bonded Filters FP-1, FC-100, FS-100, FSU-100
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Customer Reviews

BrokeProduct worked fine for about a dozen uses. Coffee tasted alright but I wouldn't recommend using this for really expensive, fresh-roasted coffee because it does reduce the flavor profile significantly compared to a French press.Plus, the glass just broke after half a dozen uses, when I was pouring 200F water onto the grounds from my electric kettle. That's 5F lower than the recommended temperature for brewing coffee, by the way, so not even max temp.Overall, not interested in a replacement. If it didn't break and I wanted something without plastic to replace my typical coffee maker, I might try again. My stainless steel French press will work just fine, though, so I'll stick with that.1It does its job perfectly with first time as practiceTried this pour over coffee system today with the gold kone filter. The system is great but takes a couple of tries to get the coffee strength just the way you want it. I tried two different kinds of beans and two different grind levels. The first was with regular coffee beans and a medium coarse grind, which I had to pour out...too weak. The second time I used dark roast coffee beans from Starbucks (Komodo) and ground the beans finely- not espresso grind but very fine. It made a rich coffee the way I like it. So, if you like coffee that's medium strength, I would make sure to use very fresh beans ground medium-fine, not at all coarse. I used an electric water cooker and poured the boiling water into my new swan-neck pour over water pitcher and took my time pouring it over the grounds in the gold kone. It turned out perfectly the second time with the fine grounds. I would have bought the 8 cup if I had known better, however this does the job for 1-2 people. This system replaced my Kuerig and is better than wasting water with a large machine. I am thinking about getting the glass top to go with it. So, I have this now and an espresso maker and I'm super pleased!5Great, stylish coffee maker but becomes permanently cloggedI loved using this coffee maker. I don't trust modern coffee makers and their use of plastics, combined with hot water. I'm concerned about the chemicals from that combo despite manufacturers' insistence that it's safe. So, I purchased this pour-over coffee maker along with a stainless coffee filter. At first it was very easy to use and the coffee tasted great.HOWEVER after a month or so it started to take longer and longer for the water to pass through the filter. I've tried soaking in vinegar and other methods to no avail. It's pretty useless at this point. Coffee take FOREVER to brew because of the slow filtering issue and i need to microwave what I get because of the time issue. Paper filters are the only way to go for me at this point.2Warranty not applicable unless purchased directly from ChemexI purchased a Chemex for my husband for Christmas. He loved it because coffee tasted smoother. Seven months into using it, it developed a hairline crack. I emailed Chemex about its warranty and was told they would only honor it if it was purchased directly from Chemex. Why in the world would anyone purchase it from a retailer then? So, disappointed about that so I will not be purchasing another especially if it doesn't even last a year.2Best coffee everThis has totally transformed my coffee drinking. I absolutely love the flavor of this without the mess of the french press. Takes a few minutes to make, but totally worth it. Have served coffee from it to guests and they all remark about the flavor! Just remember to pick it up by the wook handle, especially if you are keeping it warm on a burner. Bit of an end user error there. It is even enjoyable to just pour the coffee from the pot with the spot channel built in. I you love good coffee this is the way to make it!5Great coffee for the coffee lovers with a learning curveI'm a coffee addict and always enjoy trying new things, this time being the Chemex Coffee maker/filter. I'm coming from a long time French Press and Percolator user and decided I want to try this as well. It looks great and it does a fantastic job of making delicious coffee without the bitterness.One thing to note is that there is a learning curve to making good coffee using the Chemex and it does require you to spend more time brewing the coffee than a typical french press, drip or percolator so if time is not something you have, I'd probably just stick to one of the other coffee makers I mentioned.There is a lot of information online on how to brew Chemex coffee so just play around until you get the coffee how you like it.4Coffee tastes amazing. Wood will wear badly though.Coffee tastes amazing...We got rid of our coffee pot it is so good. My only complaint is a visual issue and it drives me nuts. The wood on the outside of this looks so badly worn after a few months and occasional use from washing. We only washed it by hand and never immersed it in water. It looks cheap now. It bugs me every time I use it and I think this design flaw should have been looked into. I would get another one if it isn t wrapped with wood. Tastes great but did not hold up appearance wise after a few months.3Makes Weak, Bad CoffeeThis gimmick is difficult to master. I've been researching/experimenting with different grind sizes and techniques and still, every cup I brew comes out watery and bitter. Will be using as a flower vase and buying something else for my joe from here on out.1Difinitevely better coffeeI no longer use my Keurig. I use this along with a stainless cone filter instead of using the paper filters designed for it. I can't explain why it improves the taste of coffee, but it does. Even friends at work who are used to drinking a low-quality coffee made from a Bunn maker and who drink coffee solely for the caffeine rather than taste could taste the difference when I made them their coffee in my Chemex. Now that I've introduced them to some good quality beans, I'm afraid gas station coffee will no longer do for them.5Love itI will try to update this review in a few months too. So far after 3 weeks I have no issues at all. It makes great coffee. Easy to clean, I just rinse the inside after every use and dry it. Mine doesn t clog, the wood looks as good as the day I got it. The coffee is great for a pour over. I love it...I do love my French press and aero press, moka pot also, each makes different cup of coffee..The glass is thin, I knew that before I got it, I got a chemex cozy so as not to have issues putting in down on my Granite Counter. I can see it lasting a long time as long as I don t bang it down or was the wood with hot soapy water a lot...so far it s beautiful and makes a nice cup of coffee.. so far it s my favorite for a simple easy good cup of coffee... it gets used 2 to 3 times a day.Will update in a few months.5
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