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Chemex Glass Handle, Pour-over Coffeemaker, 8-Cup - Exclusive Packaging

  • Chemex Glass Handle, Pour-over Coffeemaker, 8-Cup - Exclusive Packaging
  • Chemex Glass Handle, Pour-over Coffeemaker, 8-Cup - Exclusive Packaging

Chemex Glass Handle, Pour-over Coffeemaker, 8-Cup - Exclusive Packaging

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Chemex delivers the purest flavor experience
  • Made of non-porous Borosilicate glass which will not absorb odors or chemical residues
  • Chemex pour-over allows coffee to be covered and refrigerated for reheating without losing flavor
  • Simple, easy to use with timeless, elegant design
  • Use Chemex Bonded Filters FP-1, FC-100, FS-100, FSU-100
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Customer Reviews

Better coffee than Kurig but more time consumingI purchased the 8-cup glass handle Chemex after becoming increasingly disappointed with the taste from my Kurig. I did some research and decided on the Chemex over the French Press as I prefer having a paper filter vs a metal one. I have only been using this about a week now, but like it so far. I do prefer the all glass version since I can put it in the dishwasher once a week to clean it. Removing the bamboo would be unnecessary steps. For daily cleaning, I use a bottle brush with soapy water, rinse and let air dry. No discoloring or buildup so far. As far as the taste of the coffee, I'm still fine tuning my process, but it's significantly better than the Kurig I'm replacing. Finding the proper water vs coffee ratio is trial and error but I think I've got it now. Also it's important to find the proper grind. Too coarse and the water seeps out too fast and you get weak coffee, but too fine and the water seeps too slowly. The whole process of boiling water and waiting for it to "brew" is more time consuming though. For my husband rushing out the door in the morning before work, he is still using the Kurig for convenience. But I've got more time in the morning and do not mind the routine. 4Worth every drop.I assumed the Chemex was probably going to be gimmicky and too much work compared to my Keurig Vue but I was very pleasantly surprised. While it does take a fair amount more effort to produce than my other pod base coffee maker, the difference in quality is stunning. After some trial and error, I wouldn't recommend using standard filters with the Chemex but instead stay with the thicker proprietary Chemex brand filters. 5Superb coffee in a beautiful containerI have two Chemex coffeemakers, the other being a 1-3 cup handblown model with the classic wood collar and tie. That one is a beautiful object, but I find myself using this larger one more frequently, even though I'm the only coffee drinker in the house. For one thing, the wood collar gets just hot enough to make the pouring process uncomfortable without using a paper or dish towel. The glass handle, which stays cool, takes care of this problem. I strongly recommend using a good stainless steel filter instead of the Chemex paper filters (I have the "coffee filter for Chemex" - currently unavailable on Amazon). Handled properly, the re-usable steel filter gives a cleaner tasting brew than the paper ones (though Melitta's bamboo filters are very good and don't have that papery taste). If you want a more densely flavored coffee, put a Melitta #4 bamboo filter inside the metal filter). Keep in mind that the 8-cup Chemex (40 oz) will fill only about 4 good-sized mugs of coffee. It's is super-easy to clean (as is the steel filter). You can keep the brewed coffee warm on very low stovetop heat and having the Able Brewing White Heat Lid helps retain heat and flavor (it's better than the glass lid sold by Chemex). 5Warranty not applicable unless purchased directly from ChemexI purchased a Chemex for my husband for Christmas. He loved it because coffee tasted smoother. Seven months into using it, it developed a hairline crack. I emailed Chemex about its warranty and was told they would only honor it if it was purchased directly from Chemex. Why in the world would anyone purchase it from a retailer then? So, disappointed about that so I will not be purchasing another especially if it doesn't even last a year. 2This is The One...TL;DR - buy this if you love great coffeeThe background:I want my brew result to be smooth, and full of all the deep flavor subtleties that great coffee is all about. The kind of brew for which I WANT to spend a months salary on an espresso machine, but alas, my priorities have kept that on hold. I've gone as far as I can with a great burr grinder, great beans, and a good deal of effort with various brewing implements. I'm well versed in making on-the-fly / cup by cup adjustments in the grind/ratio/heat/time equations for AeroPress, a few sizes of MokaPots including a couple Brikka, a few French press, the Vietnamese drip, Automatic drips (basket and cone types), blah blah blah with acceptable if not high levels of success.With each, I've achieved that "This is as good, but I want a little better" plateau. None of these come close to a true $$$$$$ espresso machine of course. For the cost, the closest would be the Brikka for the creama that's possible.I say all of that, to say this:The maiden voyage with my brand new Chemex 10-Cup Classic, the round white folded filter, a grind that I normally use for my Brikka, and a pour over of 208 distilled water, has resulted in a brew that is nothing less than everything I ever wanted my cup of coffee to be. Hands down, the best brew ever.THIS brews the kind of coffee that'll have you BOTH forgetting the job for 10 minutes of pure bliss and leave smile on your face going back to it.I've read other reviews. If this breaks for some reason, I'll buy another. Goodness sakes it's not titanium folks, it's borosilicate glass. The whole reason I even considered buying one was the reservoir of my $50 automatic drip fractured when moving. These things aren't BIFL. They're for someone who's ready to craft a cup of coffee with an elegantly simple tool.Towards that end, this is The One.Now, I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it. 5Beautiful and easy with one minor flawThe Chemex makes it easy (and almost fool proof) to brew a great cup of coffee. If you re just starting out manually brewing coffee at home, I d say this is the way to go. On the days you just don t want to experiment With other methods, don t have enough time, or just want a quick no frills coffee, or need to make a lot of coffee at once, the Chemex is a winner.However, if you take the plunge I suggest purchasing a Chemex with over a 6 cup capacity and possibly without the glass handle. On the 6 cup Chemex with a handle, there is a lip on the pour spout that doesn t allow me to slowly transfer brewed coffee from the Chemex to a mug without it dribbling around and down the lip, which spills coffee on the mug and counter. A workaround to this is to pour fast and steady. I use another carafe when I brew coffee with a V-60 or Kalita wave and that never happens, slow pour or not (those are also my go-to brew methods with Kalita Wave for the win, which I highly suggest learning and brewing coffee with if you re brewing any type of premium coffee at home). Since I don t use the Chemex much, I often forget to pour fast so I m cleaning up coffee off my mug and counter almost every time. It s a small gripe and price to pay for a beautiful and easy brew method, but it s a nuisance enough to warrant inclusion in this review.Go big and purchase the original design if you can. I purchased the one with the handle because I test drove the original Chemex 10-cup capacity (which is stunning as well and does not dribble coffee on the counter) but it is bottom heavy and doesn t include a handle which made me feel like I would break it. 4very good - almost greatThe 10-cup Chemex is very good - almost great. The resulting coffee is excellent. (I use Costco's San Francisco Bay Organic Rainforest Blend beans. Approx $6 per pound. I grind them coarse in a burr grinder.) For fans of instant gratification and folks with little patience this may not be for you. For me the few minutes of waiting while water drips is tolerable given the result. However it isn't a zen experience as some have commented.One negative: the 10-cup carafe is clumsy to handle when full of hot coffee. I'm a guy and I have big hands and I have to hold the wood portion of the carafe with two hands to pour when it's full and hot. With one hand I make contact with the hot glass.In spite of this drawback I'll likely stick with the Chemex because of the great coffee. 4Terrible CoffeeI am sorry I ordered this coffee maker. I have tried it for a few days and I cannot drink the coffee. All I taste is the paper filter. I tried the boiling water first, as recommended, to wash the filter, but it makes no difference. I was attracted to this maker because I used to make German Kaffee with the Melita filters , or some other paper or bamboo filters, and I thought that produced best coffee I had ever had. Then, for convenience, I started using automatic coffeemaker with fairly good results until it stopped working. So I thought I would go back to the pour over method with more up-to-date makers.As I said, I will have to find another way of making coffee because I consider coffee something to be enjoyed, not something you have to work at to get it down. Another issue is the very large filters. I like to recycle coffee grounds and with the old filters, it was easy to do, but with the wastefully huge and expensive Chemex filters, it is difficult to get the grounds out and the filters are too big to recycle, unless you have a sophisticated recycling system. The old organic filters I can just let rot under some shrubs without seeing them, or save the grounds for other purposes and not use the paper filter. Not so with Chemex.I was fearful the Chemex would be too complicated to use, but actually, it is not much more complicated than any other system, but the paper waste and cost, and the taste! 1Soooo fragile!!!This was my second Chemex. I loved both of them...I made great coffee....BUT They are so darn FRAGILE the least little tap breaks them. I'm really sad and angry at the same time. I'm talking a SMALL tap like putting them in the dish rack and touching another glass....an accidental TAP against my coffee mug...What the heck!! For the money these things should have a little more heft to them!~. Love the design, love the idea...love the coffee,,,but seriously? I will not be buying a third. 1AMAZING! Didn't know what we were missing!Ok, I wanted to give this coffee maker a little time before I posted my review; in order to get used to this new (old) way of making coffiee. After having it for almost 2 months now, I can say that we LOVE it! Our 2 year old, 100 buck, "high end" POS maker crapped out. So we were looking for an alternative to the norm, tired of vinegar cleaning, and spending $$$, and boy did we find it! Thoughts below:Quality of item - It is very high quality and has held up very well. BE SURE that you buy a genuine Chemex brand and NOT a cheap knock off! They exist out there. A friend of ours mistakenly bought a knock off, and its quality is no where near the quality of Chemex. The knock off is too thin and easily cracks and breaks. Beware! As for this brand, no complaints at all. It has held up beautifully, and we make at least 1 pot a day.Time it takes to brew - Ok, the MAIN thing is that you have to boil water in a kettle, and manually feed it water of course. So, whatever time that takes on your stove to boil a kettle, that's the time you can add to what it would normally take you to make coffee in an electric maker. For us, we timed both. What we found is that it takes us approximately 5 minutes longer to make a pot of coffee in the Chemex, due to the time it takes to boil the water, mostly. Manually pouring it is a sunk cost, obviously. As for the maker itself, it takes about the same time as an electric maker, or perhaps even less. BUT, the difference in the quality of coffee is AMAZING! We use Folgers Columbian and when brewing via the Chemex, it tastes, smells, and "feels" like Starbucks! No joke. Never got that quality out of an electric maker, ever. So, is it worth the extra 5 mins and a bit of labor? YEP!Filters and such - When we bought this maker, we also bought the traditional Chemex paper filters to go with it. We also took the advice of others and bought the metal mesh filter for it too, which is a bit costly. Using the traditional papers filters was rather time consuming. They are thick and, while they do produce an amazing coffee, they are very slow. So, we decided to use the metal filter. Problem with using the metal filter alone is that the holes in it are large enough to let fine sediment through, and it's also too quick; meaning that the coffee grounds do not get a chance to really saturate and release the coffee robustness, and flavor... So... what to do? Well, what we found is that if we buy standard #4 cone type coffee filters, combine it with the metal filter (placing it on the inside of the metal filter of course), we get the best of both worlds. The #4 filters are thick enough to hold the water in longer, but not too thick so the flow is better. The metal filter "stiffins" the #4 filter and also catches any loose particles that might escape the #4 filter. The result - We capture the full flavor of the coffee, and save $ in the long run because #4 filters can be bought anywhere, and cheaply. We use the unbleached #4's.Keeping coffee hot - When we brew a pot in the Chemex, we immediately transfer it from the Chemex to a thermos type coffee carafe. Since the temperature is near boiling when the pot is brewed, the coffee stays hot in the carafe all day long. We bought the glass lid for the Chemex, but mostly use it to keep dust out of the Chemex when it's not in use. Plus, it looks nice on top of it ;)Clean up - We simply rinse it out after letting it cool down a bit... done.Looks on the counter - Ok, here's a NICE side benefit! The Chemex is like a beautiful art glass sculpture. It looks WAY better than that ugly, clunky, looking device that we used to have. Plus, it takes up about 1/2 the room on the counter! So, we have more space now ;) And, we didn't have to sacrifice quantity of coffee. This 10 cup Chemex is precisely the amount our old clunker made.Bottom line - Never knew what we were missing. AWESOME coffee, even using cheap brands, every time! The aroma that fills the air in the home when we brew is amazing. Love the smell! AWESOME looks in the kitchen! NO MORE "vinegar clean out, stinking up the house - finally self-destructs" coffee makers! This baby, taken care of and not dropped or thrown across the room, should last a lifetime! This means NO MORE spending 80-100 bucks every couple of years on ugly mechanical, mad scientist, POS devices. Talk about saving $$$!!! Is it worth the upfront costs, and spending 5 more mins to make coffee, and feeding the maker as opposed to automatically doing it for you? Um..... YES! Totally worth this minor, manual, labor and costs in my opinion. I can't tell you what a great feeling it was to toss that 100 buck, mechanical, coffee maker wannabe POS into the recycling bin! My joy was palpable :)A side note - This is making coffee like most people living today have little experience with. You've likely never experienced coffee made like this ever in your life, nor know anyone who has. I know we hadn't, and didn't! Therefore, the process IS different and it DOES take some getting used to. This is why I waited nearly 2 months to write this review. Give it time... get used to the process... follow the directions they provide, and you'll likely never go back to an electric maker again. It is well worth the benefits we believe and whats more is, at least for us, the manual process seems to lend itself to a more "personal" and "creative" experience with the coffee making process. I know that sounds strange, but for us it's more like we're "creating" a wonderful coffee to enjoy. Like a painter with their brush. The Chemex is a tool, and a beautiful one, but the "artwork" you create with it is up to you ;) Enjoy.Hope this review helps! Also, thanks to all the others who have left reviews! You helped us to make our decision! Glad we did! 5
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