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Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition High Carbon Blade Slicing/Fillet Knife (7 1/2 Inch), Slicer, 7 1/2

  • Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition High Carbon Blade Slicing/Fillet Knife (7 1/2 Inch), Slicer, 7 1/2

Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition High Carbon Blade Slicing/Fillet Knife (7 1/2 Inch), Slicer, 7 1/2

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Chicago Cutlery's 7-1/2-Inch Slicing/Fillet Knife has a slender blade, designed to reach tight-fitting spaces when filleting fish and meats.
  • High-carbon stainless steel blades resist rust, stains, and pitting, while Chicago Cutlery's exclusive 25-degree Taper Grind edge provides optimum sharpness.
  • Featuring triple brass rivets and a full metal tang, this knife gives you stability and control for sure, safe handling during meal prep.
  • Attractive, contoured walnut handle with brass rivets is comfortable in the hand and adds a classic look to your kitchen decor.
  • Chicago Cutlery's Walnut Tradition 7.5-Inch Slicing/Fillet Knife comes with a full lifetime warranty. Hand washing is recommended.
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Customer Reviews

Quality is decliningOrdered 2 of these. The wood handle was loose on one of them. We have the original full set of Chicago Cutlery knives from 12 years ago. Our paring knife broke and it is one of my favorites, so I purchased 2 more to replace it. I like the original style with a curved handle and a somewhat different blade shape better, but this was all that is available now. This one is obviously a lesser quality than the original.3Chicago Cutlery 5" Boning Knife and SH211 Natural Leather Fixed Blade Knife Sheath for 5" KnifeNot bad. I like the sturdy handle and blade design. But it came with a fairly dull blade. (cost a star) It felt like it had only been ground on one side to sharpen and it very hard to get an edge. I plan to use it specifically on turtles. I have a new sharpener on order. I will be pulling up turtles Tuesday. This knife will be the blade to use for separating top shell from the bottom. I may use it to skin. Few knives of even much higher quality need to be resharpened multiple times when dressing turtles because of the mud embedded in the skin. I have no complaints with this knife.4The current knives don't cut itChicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition 3-Inch Slant Tip Paring KnifeI've been using these Chicago Cutlery paring knives for more than 20 years. I like them because they're well-balanced, sharpen well and hold an edge just as well as the higher-priced ones I've tried. Twenty years of dishwashering has bleached the handles a bit, but other than that, they're doing great. Best paring knives I've found.Update Apr 2017: I initially gave these knives a 5-star rating because I had such good results with the 20-year-old knives. But then I bought a bunch of new knives. Sadly, the current generation isn't nearly as good as the old ones. They seem to be low-carbon steel and don't hold an edge very well. I can no longer recommend them.1It s my new go-toI don t know why it took me over 37 years to wonder if I could find another favorite use-for-everything knife, but after a panicky search through cutlery & utensil drawers, trying to find my old favorite that had been put away in the wrong place, I thought it might be a good idea. This knife is exactly like my old favorite go-to, which I took with me from home when I married in 1980 and my mom had taken with her from home when she married in 1960. It s my new go-to and I look forward to many years of fruit and vegetable peeling and cutting. If I had known a new one was easy to find, I might not have jealously hid my old favorite as each of my 3 kids married and left home. Which gives me a good idea for birthday gifts...5Uncomfortable HandleI purchased this Chicago Cutlery boning knife to replace the same item that I purchased years ago and recently lost.We ve been well-pleased with the service we ve gotten over our years of experience with a whole set of Chicago Cutlery knives, and this knife looks to give us similar service. However, I was unpleasantly surprised at the walnut handle on this knife. As it arrived, the handle s square edges made it uncomfortable to hold and use. Our earlier knives all had handles with rounded edges and were comfortable to use. A few minutes in the shop with some sandpaper fixed the problem, but I shouldn t have to do that.3Seven years and still sharp as heckAmazon reminded me that I purchased this knife in 2012, so I guess it is time to write a review.I bake bread - a lot of bread. Mostly sourdough is what emerges from my oven and I bake at high temps, so the crust is, well, really crusty. I had purchased a shorter Chicago Cutlery knife before this one and really liked the quality and the sharpness of the steel. This one is better - it handles my larger round loaves easily.Sharp? Ask my thumb which got between the blade and the board three weeks ago. I have never sharpened this knife and cut hundreds of loaves, thousands of slices of bread and it is as sharp today as it was in 2012. I don't use this knife for anything else and my wife knows better than to play with my toys. I can't imagine a better knife for cutting bread.5A horrible knife, not worthy of the Chicago Cutlery nameI purchased this knife to supplement the same model purchased in the mid-2000's. The old knife handle was well shaped, the blade easily sharpened and it held an edge well. The fit of blade and wood was great, and it remained great through years of use including frequent immersion in water. Functionally it was near-perfect for its intended purposes of boning, filleting, and general small-scale cutting, and it served well over the years. But the "new" knife was altogether different. Out of the package it was horrible, and it required some extensive woodworking and metal working to make it into just a bad knife. The handle was not usable, too fat and with hard edges. For its entire length the steel tang was slightly "proud" of the wood, enough to make it even less comfortable. An hour with wood and mill files improved the handle but only a little.* Further, unlike my earlier Chicago Cutlery knives this one arrived dull. It was easy enough to sharpen and even easier to make dull again (just slice a tomato).I try not to be prejudiced about products whose formerly dependable domestic manufacture has been moved to the Far East, because some are as good or even better than the originals. Not this knife though--if Chicago Cutlery continues to distribute these very substandard knives under its own name, it will quickly join the has-been companies that sacrificed pride in their products in order to minimize their costs to produce them. This knife is awful!*CC would/will probably be quick to point out that wood shrinks and swells with changes in humidity, which is true but the shrink/swell behavior is only substantial if the wood was not properly seasoned to begin with. A great example of properly seasoned wood was the wood that used to grace Chicago Cutlery knives. For all I know it's still well seasoned, but if so they make up for that by leaving the handle unusable and very poorly fitted to the metal.1This knife is not the Chicago Cultery quality I have enjoyed in the past,The handle of this knife is two square cut pieces of wood attached to the shank of the knife. The edges of the handle have not been sanded and rounded as the other 60+ C. C. knives I own. The edges of the wood handle are almost as sharp as the blade. Wife refuses to use it. The blade must have been sharpened on a milling machine with the feed set on high. The tool marks in the steel will take much work to polish out. This what happens when you sell China made and expect quality. Sad.1Good kitchen toolChicago-brand cutlery has always been good. The high-quality German knives are better, but come at astronomical prices. I now have several Chicago knives, a couple of them have been in use for many years. They hold an edge fairly well. The handles don't split. The only problem I have is that the blades can't be honed to as sharp and edge as more expensive knives. You get what you pay for, it is said.4Not the same old quality - bad wood on handlesI will need to sand the rough wood on the handles on both the knives I bought. It is rough enough to be very uncomfortable to hold on both of them, one side being much worse than the other. What good is a knife you don't want to hold? The wood was also very dry but easy to remedy with cutting board oil. Not the same quality of those I have had for over 20 years which I still use.3
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