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COAST HP1 190 Lumen Pure Beam Focusing LED Flashlight

  • COAST HP1 190 Lumen Pure Beam Focusing LED Flashlight
  • COAST HP1 190 Lumen Pure Beam Focusing LED Flashlight
  • COAST HP1 190 Lumen Pure Beam Focusing LED Flashlight
  • COAST HP1 190 Lumen Pure Beam Focusing LED Flashlight
  • COAST HP1 190 Lumen Pure Beam Focusing LED Flashlight

COAST HP1 190 Lumen Pure Beam Focusing LED Flashlight

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • PURE BEAM FOCUSING: Zoom between a super wide flood beam or spot mode with transition halo at varying distances and brightness.
  • BRIGHT: 190 Lumens in a small size perfect for any pocket and perfect for hand or tactical mount
  • FLEXIBLE POWER: Can use 1 AA alkaline, NiMH rechargeable, or 14500 lithium batteries(not included).
  • HERITAGE: For 100 years, and three generations of the Brands Family, COAST has made products that make people's jobs and recreation easier, safer and more enjoyable.
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: Adjustable pocket clip.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: Backed by the COAST Lifetime Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
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Customer Reviews

Very good EDC flashlight, functions reliable, good battery life and built qualityI did not test this Coast HP1 for Long yet but it works with the battery I took out from another no brand EDC flashlight whose LED was flickering already (meaning battery is dying). No Name chinese flashlight (typically sold in bulk packages) are no match to this one. I ordered 3 and tried only one. The Switch is working reliably everytime - which was not the case of no brand flashlights. The floodlight is a wide round beam evenly spread and good for about 5 Yards and max up to 15 Yards were things can be still differentiated. Focus ligth reaches about 25 Yards. The built Quality is very good. Clip is way to stiff and it is for sure steel. It works but will chew your fabric up. Stippeling is aggressive and comfortable - just fine. I have a Feeling a battery will last Long but did not test it extensively. This is a light for EDC and not an rescue search light. It is way brighter than my no Name similar sized lights (dont buy any no Name or generic lights but buy instead this one even if you pay a bit more - it's worthed). It illuminates an area of about 20 Yards but specific small objects like snakes or other small dangerous critters can be detected only 5 Yards away with the flood light. However it illuminates well all surroundings so it's ideal for Walking on trails on night were you want a General area be illuminated. IMO the Focus mode could have been left out since the most usefull will be the flood light. The glass is conical and deeply recessed in the head of the flashlight (so one could use this as an hitting object in case of an attack. Dont why they did not make it with tactical serrations).Just buy this one instead of others and it will serve you as an General EDC light. Best Thing is you can use it with rechargeable AA batteries. I recommend this - dont buy any other expensive one since it is a waste of Money. Lumens they Claim seem to be true but IMO the half dead battery I put in gives about 100 lumens, still more light than other inxpensive no Name brands. General purpose EDC light good for 5 to 15 Yards.UPDATE 25.06.2019: Surprisingly Amazon allowed this Review. Lately Amazon has a tendency to deny any Review which is negative about the products. So expect to read only positive Reviews. That makes all Reviews untrustworthy. Any Review has to be considered a priori as censored, biased or fake by Amazon itself. Unfortunatelly Reviews are no Guidelines anymore whatsoever. All of my negative Reviews got erased for other products, so make your own conclusions...Otherwise the Coast HP1 has perforemed aceptable to date. It has a tendency to yellow light specially when focused and it's flood light is not as far reaching as the generic one I ordered before did (which by now failed it's Switch). I wished it would have a Little less floodlight and a bit more concentrated light. However it is very good for Close up inspections of 1 Yard or so, but much past 15 Yards one will not be able to Detail (like venom snakes).UPDATE 30.06.2019: Sometimes the Switch starts to be unresponsive when put on momentary on. When put solid on it worked however. It's a brandnew alkaline battery and when cold the Switch made flicker the flashlight when putting momentary on. Thats strange. The Focus throws the beam well 50 Yards of distance and it's Kind of an incandescent light like the old 4 D cell Maglites (incandescent) and is very nice. Up to 10 to 15 Yards one can see very distinguishable on flood light but not more. Unfortunatelly the Switch may be not as reliable as I thought since on the momentary on it gave already 3 times the hint to not light up reliably - it's sad since this could be very well the best EDC flashlight if they fix that Problem.UPDATE 13.07.2019: If the light does not turn on it's the battery. At a certain Point the battery is to empty (to less power) and the flashlight will not turn on. Just dead. Put an new battery in or newly recharged, and it will turn on. If the light does flicker slightly when pressing in the Switch, thats a sign the battery is dying. It withstood a drop from 1 Yard to concrete. So best EDC light I have and Coast does take care very nice of their customers. The light colour is yellowish, gets brighter on the edges but is a perfect rund circle. It is a Quality light (do yourself a favour and dont buy cheap chinese bulk no brand flashlights) which is reliable enough for EDC defensive use if you take in account the light is dead when the battery reaches a certain Level of Drainage. You may carry a spare battery. The battery lasts up to 1 week occasional use or about 30 minutes. The light dimms gradually with battery drain. The light bulb is a genuine Cree product according to YouTube Videos. I recommend fully this brand and model. 4My Pocket EDC Flashlight For 5.11 TacLite PantsI have a lot of flashlights - like, easily around 100 varying flashlights. I've tested out flashlights from $1 to $200, and everywhere in between. Lately, I've been enjoying lights that are closed to the lower-third of the price spectrum. The build quality of these $10 ~ $60 lights has improved so much in recent years, that they're outperforming my best lights from just 5 ~ 10 years ago. While my high-end mission-critical lights are still improving, they don't seem to be improving as quickly as the mid-range lights. I always have one high-end light in my 72 hour kits, but I carry around lights like this Coast HP1 far more frequently. I lose flashlights way more often than I have flashlights die in the line of duty, so that's a big consideration in choosing my lights. There are flashlights that offer better performance to cost, by a slim margin, the Coast HP1 won the spot for my pocket EDC light because it fit the best in the tool pocket of my 5.11 TacLite pants. The build quality is excellent, it doesn't have dozens of useless modes, it lasts a long time on a single AA battery, it manages heat well, and it's very water resistant (I've submerged it on a few occasions). Most importantly, though, is that it doesn't have all the knurls and fins on it, that many other "tacticool" flashlights have. As such, it's really easy to remove and replace in my pocket without wearing out the fabric. The lack of fins doesn't seem to affect the emitter, it doesn't seem to overheat at all. It doesn't focus as well as some of the other adjustable lights, but that's a very minor caveat compared to how well this fits my pocket. In any other application, there are a few other flashlights I'd rather choose, but this is precisely the right flashlight for my pocket. 5This flashlight is the best thing that I have purchased on amazonThis flashlight is the best thing that I have purchased on amazon. The value for the price that you paid is incredible. This is my second one and I plan on buying more to hand out as Christmas gifts. The flashlights offers a wide white light that illuminates whatever path you're pointing it at and it also has the option to pull the head back for a more focused bean that goes even further. If you like flashlights even if you already had one purchase this one Im telling you you wont regret it. Also another thing thats great about this flashlight is that it runs on 1 AA battery so if you are going camping, using it for an emergency, put it in a bug out bag or whatever the case may be you can add a pack of AA batteries and have plenty of hours of use with this flashlight. I plan on getting the Coast HP550 next and I'll do a review on it after I have some time to test it. If you have read my review and found it helpful please click that you found it helpful. Thanks for taking the time in reading my review. Note that I have not received any compensation to write this review I actually purchased this flashlight myself. 5This is basically like a magnifying glass that sits above the LED and ...I recently purchased a Coast HP1 because I was intrigued by the unique zoom mechanism.A little background:Most cheap zoom flashlights use an aspheric lens. This is basically a magnifying glass that sits above the LED and is mounted on a sliding bezel. In flood position, the lens is retracted close to the top of the LED. This typically gives a wide even circle of light. There may be rings or other beam artifacts caused by reflections inside the light. In spot mode the bezel is extended away from the LED, placing the LED on the focal point of the lens. Properly focused this will project a sharp image of the emitter and dramatically increases throw (measured in lux). The downside of this mechanism is that much of the light coming out of the LED doesn't hit the lens is absorbed into the sides of the bezel. This results in a large decrease in total light emitted (measured in lumens). Sometimes 50% or more of the lumens are lost.Zoomable Coast flashlights use LED Lenser's "reflector lens" style of of optic. This is composed of a plastic TIR (total internal reflection) reflector with a small aspheric moulded into the center. The TIR has a large pocket in the underside for the LED to extend into. Rather than being mounted on the standard 14mm or 16mm flat circuit board (called a "star") the LED in the Coast is mounted on a tiny 6mm x 8mm star that sits on a small post. This allows the LED to be inside the pocket of the TIR in both flood and spot modes.... the result is zero loss of lumens regardless of mode.The Coast HP1 caught my eye for a couple reasons: (1) it's very small for an LED Lenser type light, and (2) it's cheap! At just $10, it's much cheaper than other similar Coast or LED Lensers. And it's size and price range of the Sipik 68 or other budget lights.My impressions of the beam:The flood mode is nearly 90 degrees wide.... much wider than the flood mode from any of the cheap aspherics... over twice as wide as the beam from a Sipik 68. This is a very good thing as a wide beam illuminates more. The beam shape is also perfect. It's a uniform circle with no defects or rings.The spot mode is interesting. It focuses to a much brighter small blurry circle. However, unlike other zoom lights the HP1 still maintains a respectable amount of spill even in spot mode. The result is quite pleasant: It's much like the beam you'd get from a conventional fixed focus reflector light with a small emitter. Lux isn't as high as in a Sipik 68, but in many ways this throw beam is more pleasant and useful for medium range use. As expected there is no loss of lumens in spot mode.Output: The light's maximum output is rated less than 100 lumens on AA and 220 lumens on 14500. It was ok... comparable in brightness to a typical budget light. Not noticeably brighter though.Internal construction:I took it apart to take a look inside. I was very impressed with what I found. Internal construction is far better than on a Sipik 68 or other cheap zoomable light. Everything was very well made and fitted and looked like what would be found on a much more expensive light. Construction quality was loads better than on a typical budget zoom flashlight.Some interesting notes:1. The LED is a cool-white CREE XPE. This is the same LED used in most similar-sized budget zoom lights, like the current generation Sipik 68.2. The star is made of copper. This is considered to be much better than the aluminum stars most other budget lights have because copper conducts heat away from the LED better than aluminum.3. The star had what looked like Arctic Silver 5 thermal grease underneath. Again much better than most budget lights which have no thermal grease.4. Very smooth zooming mechanism courtesty of 2 well-placed and well lubricated o-rings.5. The switch is a forward clicky with momentary. The light has only 1 mode.6. The anodizing is flawless. It looks like what you'd find on a premium brand like Fenix. However, I expect that it's actually Type II and not the better Type III hard anodized. This means it should look good to start, but will probably wear faster than the finish on premium lights.7. The battery compartment has a spring at each end. This provides more shock protection for the battery and is feature usually found only on premium lights.Overall, I'm very impressed with this light. Highly recommended. 5I really like this little lightI really like this little light. As a nigh shift LEO, I use a lot of flashlights (a Surefire Fury on my belt, a Streamlight SL-20L mounted on the charger in my patrol car, and a streamlight TLR-1s on my weapon - all of which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND).I picked this little guy up to carry off-duty (with all this crazy sh** going on in our country these days) to the theater, restaurant, or other dimly lighted areas. I did not try the light with a AAA - as I ordered a pair of 14500 rechargeable batteries - so I cannot attest to such use. BUT with the 14500s, this thing is sweet. I did not expect such a small light to give off so much light. I also really like the fact that the light only has ON or OFF. There are no intermediate or low settings to fumble through. Imagine being in a foot chase, or clearing a building and every time you turn on your light, you have to click through the settings to find the bright one - its annoying as all hell, and pretty dangerous. Rant over.I went with this light mainly because of the size and the included belt clip - as none of my other lights have this feature. The clip is strong and riveted to the aluminum (assuming) body of the light. I wish the clip was a touch longer, but I dont think its of any consequence. The power button is on the rear of the device and you really have to get on it to turn it on - so no accidental clicks when sitting or whatever.This light has a feature where you can alter the "throw" of the light. Basically, the light bell telescopes to either spread the light broadly or focus it to throw light further. I prefer the narrow setting (bell pushed as far forward as possible) since it gives the best blinding effect. I dont think the broad setting lights a room up anymore than the narrow - so I would have preferred the light didnt have the feature. But im sure some folks will like it. I will probably use some weapon tape to secure the bell forward so that it doesnt move around on me.All in all I would recommend this light to anyone looking for a concealable flashlight. The price is right and it works surprisingly well.* I will update the review if I find the light not meeting expectations - if there is no update posted, the light is still working well for me. 5After testing, I definitely recommend the HP1As a police officer and Commercial helicopter pilot, I play with high end toys.This is an especially surprising light. If it was handed to me not knowing the brand or price, after using it I would say it's a $39-$49 tool.I don not have longevity testing to report. Only 1 night of test and evaluation. I bought mine and have not been offer a damn thing to write this review.The housing in stout with a better than many finish over well cut knurling (diamond texture).The length & diameter is a perfect balance of small enough for pocket fit, and sizable enough to confidently hold and manipulate.The Clip is strong and removable with (2) small phillips.Tail cap switch is excellent in that it has lots of "ON" position travel before clicking. This allows well controlled momentary on/off and signaling.I feel the light is accurately rated at 220 Lumens and the projection is clean.The adjustable thrown from Spot to Flood is smooth and easy to use with the right amount of friction.What stands out in particular with this light is the wide angle flood WITH NO DARK SPOTS.At a 40' distance on flood it produced a 75'-80' beam that was clean and crisp with no spots.I will order a handful of these and leave my $100+ lights in my go bag. 5It was great. Nice and compact and really solidI have bought 5 of these in the past 3 years.When I first bought them. It was great. Nice and compact and really solid.The last 2 I bought seems like it was defected. I would put in a fresh battery and the light would turn on, but then when I turn it on for the second time it would not turn on at all. I was very disappointed. Seems like the quality is going down. 1(was) Best $10 flashlight SEE EDITI purchased the LE Adjustable Focus CREE LED Flashlight along with the Coast HP1 to see which was better.This one, by a long shot.I need a small light at work and this fits the bill. I can carry it in my pocket and whip it out to inspect equipment at a moment s notice. The color temp is perfect, very bright, and the battery always lasts longer than I think it should. The focus is very tight. I was worried about it coming loose but it s been great. It is very well built.The HP1 has far exceeded my expectations. If you need a flashlight for $10 and are thinking about this or another, trust me, buy this one.Pro tip: many water bottle caps fit the end nicely and work great as a diffuser. Then just hang it from the clip in your tent or stand it next to you next time you re under a piece of equipment and voila! Instant soft illumination.Check out the pics to see what I mean.EDIT: I purchased 3 or 4 of these total to keep around the house and in the car and all have stopped working. I've replaced the batteries and checked for corrosion but found none. The only thing I can figure is a loose connection or the emitters have been fried but the flashlights' internals are very hard to get into to inspect. I'd love to repair them but it's too much work for a $10 light. 3AA mini flashlights micro reviewPictured left to right in the attached photo are:* Coast HP1 Focusing 190 Lumen LED Flashlight* Gerber Recon Multicolor Flashlight, Black [22-80016]* LRI PPRO Proton Pro White/Red, 2-Colors-in-1 LED Flashlight, 1-Pack* Fenix Flashlights E12 130-Lumen Flashlight, Black* Zebralight SC52Fw L2 AA Floody Flashlight Neutral WhiteHere are my micro thoughts on each:* Coast HP1 Focusing 190 Lumen LED Flashlight3 1/2 starsVery bright. Larger and heavier than the others.The only one here that is focusable for distance, thus is good for illuminating long distances.* Gerber Recon Multicolor Flashlight, Black [22-80016]3 starsA nice little flashlight.Uses simple rotating color filter wheel.Not very bright.Good if you require white, red, blue and green illumination.* LRI PPRO Proton Pro White/Red, 2-Colors-in-1 LED Flashlight, 1-Pack4 1/2 starsThis has been my goto flashlight for years.As an amateur astronomer I require both red and white light.This product has variable brightness for both red and white LEDs, from very dim to very bright.I ding it a half star because the firmware can be a little flaky sometimes, I think when the battery is getting low.Overall an excellent product though.* Fenix Flashlights E12 130-Lumen Flashlight, Black4 1/2 starsThis is an excellent little flashlight.Very light and small.Very bright.I have only owned it a short time though.I ding it a half star because it only supports 3 brightness levels, not full variable brightness.It is very easy to toggle between the 3 brightness levels though.Also note that the ergonomics could be improved as it difficult to discern front from back by feel-I find I am pushing in the lens to try to get it to turn on!* Zebralight SC52Fw L2 AA Floody Flashlight Neutral White4 starsThis is also a nice little flashlight.It is quite dim in its lowest setting so this is what I use nightly around the house.The Fenix Flashlights E12 even in its lowest setting is too bright for me around the house at night.I love the ergonomic ribbing on the Zebralight.It may not be bright enough in its bright setting to go camping with for example.This flashlight has the best ergonomics of all reviewed, with a nice large easy-to-find button to turn it on.It fits in the hand great. 3Coast HP1 Focusing 190 Lumen LED Flashlight***Update 6/8/2017*** Well it appears the time has come. This light has finally died after being dropped too many times most likely. I could get it to turn on sometimes by finessing the cap but now nothing, even with new battery. I just ordered another one though, these little things are worth the money I just beat the crap out of my previous one. It would be interesting to see if it was just the tail cap switch that has gone bad or the flashlight itself, I am leaning towards the switch.***Update 8/15/16*** Flashlight is still bright as hell for its size. Best $9 ever spent on a flashlight. I have dropped it a considerable amount of times while working on my car and it still runs strong. This is my EDC flashlight and I love it, small size, zoomable, 1 AA battery, and bright.I absolutely love this flashlight! Coast is an excellent brand for flashlights and I was looking around for a small light so I decided to try this little flashlight. I currently own a few $3 Mini CREE LED flashlights (cheap Chinese made) and now the Coast HP1 and I have to say hands down this is 10 times better and worth the extra $6 ($9 for the HP1) if you can afford it. All around it just feel better in comparison to the cheap Chinese made ones . The lens looks higher quality, COAST is actually written inside the lens in red, and you can see it when the flashlight is not zoomed (light not on of course). There is also a pocket clip which can be removed. The flashlight takes one AA battery and I believe it will take a 14500 rechargeable battery but I have not tried yet. Another major difference that I would like to note is that when fully zoomed the beam is circular and there is also a small amount of flood around it unlike the the square beam you get with the cheapo flashlights. The flood beam is also a bit wider than the cheapo flashlights I own but I think that would be due to the HP1 having a slightly wider head. I have attached photos of the flashlight and the beam shots. The pictures of the beam were taken at a distance of about 3 feet from a wall because I am only one person and if I stood back any farther I could not get a good picture with my camera. Lastly the beam distance, the beam distance when fully zoomed it quite incredible, especially considering the size, better than the cheapos. You won't be disappointed with this flashlight for the size and the price. Hope this helps. 5
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