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Coleman Cable 3532 14/3 General-Use Appliance Extension Cord, 6-Foot

  • Coleman Cable 3532 14/3 General-Use Appliance Extension Cord, 6-Foot
  • Coleman Cable 3532 14/3 General-Use Appliance Extension Cord, 6-Foot

Coleman Cable 3532 14/3 General-Use Appliance Extension Cord, 6-Foot

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Three conductor made of heavy duty flat vinyl
  • Sturdy cord for use with air conditioners, power tools and major appliances
  • Meets OSHA requirements for outdoor use
  • Grounded, right-angle, male plug guards against accidental disconnection
  • Made in the USA, UL listed
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Customer Reviews

Product description wrong. It is Made in China I have been trying to avoid things like this made in China. Often, when you read the label on a hose, or on a light fixture, it says to "wash hands after use", or that this garden hose is not safe to drink from. I bought this specifically because the product description says "Made in USA". Received it, opened it, and there on the label: Made in China. Unfortunately, it is not eligible for return, so it's going in the trash. So if you are trying to avoid the toxins in plastics made in China, do not buy this cord. 1This is a VERY good cord - so why is it so cheap? This thing is cheap and durable. It is heavy duty and doesn't kink. It is exactly what I needed. I was surprised by the quality given how cheap it is. I like the angled plug, as it takes up less horizontal space (protrusion from the wall) than other extension cords I have (and I have a lot). I am not sure of the (amperage) rating, but this has the feel of a light industrial cord - easily more than enough for household and power tool use. 5I purchased for outdoor use based on the product description ... I purchased for outdoor use based on the product description that it meets the requirements for outdoor use. However, once I received the cord the cord label states not to use outdoors unless the cord specifically states it is for outdoor use. No where on the packaging or on the cord does it say it is rated for outdoor use? The cord is definitely thick and heavy duty. I am not sure what to do now. A customer should not have to be this confused!!!!! 3Good quality & safe for new microwave I bought my mom a 1250 watt microwave, but the cord was too short to reach the distance to the wall socket. She didn't want to use an extension cord, and I knew it wasn't safe either, plus she'd lose wattage, and/or microwave not function properly. I saw this and couldn't find any other 3 ft length cords; plus it was the exact length she had asked me to order. I ordered it & she received it in 2 days. Microwave worked fine with this cord and everyone is safe & happy. 5Very nice touch for beige houses! Beige house, beige extension cord. It makes so much sense. After 25 years of looking at black, green, white or (worst) orange extension cords against the house it finally occurred to me that they must come in beige. Yep, they do and this one is working perfectly to power a new fountain I placed in a area of our property that I'm in the process of re-landscaping. The next step would probably be to drill a hole through the base of the brick wall to pass the cord through so that it doesn't show at all but I'm pretty happy with the appearance of the cord as it is. And it's not orange! 5WORKS FINE FOR MY PURPOSE (extension cord for DURAFLAME Electric Fireplace Log Heater) I purchased this 3 foot appliance EXTENSION CORD for use with a DURAFLAME ELECTRIC LOG HEATER unit. The cord on the fireplace unit was only 6 feet in length - just shy of our closest electrical outlet. This cord has worked well thus far (2.5 months) and remains cool to the touch when the unit is in operation. The "working ends" of this "semi-flat" plug fit snugly into the wall outlet and the fireplace plug.I would buy this product again. 5Description Wrong - Not Outdoor Rated The Cord seems well made and appears to be durable. The only problem I have is that I bought it specifically because it stated in the description that it's certified by OSHA for OUTDOOR use. I was buying it to attach a couple of Christmas light strands that were approximately six feet apart outside my home. When I received them I was surprised to note that there was nothing to indicate that this was rated for outdoor use. Now I see in your Q&A that you don't recommend it for outdoor use.Still I am using it outdoors, although in a sheltered area and have not had any problems with rain or snow shorting out or tripping the GFI outlet the lights lead back to. So if this is actually not meant to be used outdoors I'd sure like to find a beige six foot cord that is. Perhaps you could advise? 4Tight at connection but loose in wall socket My previous cord had a similar problem at the connection between cords but you needed to be Hercules to pull it out of the socket. This one is equally if not more difficult to separate the cords (if you don't want them coming apart this is the cord for you!) but I have to be able to plug/unplug the cords a little more easily as I use this behind a microwave that blocks the only kitchen counter outlet. So if I want to make coffee, toast, etc. I need something like this.But, I have had occasion where I plug something into the cord and nothing happens. I figure the GFCI is tripped but after pulling out the heavy microwave find that this had come undone from the socket. Been a bit of nuisance though not as bad as the trouble I have unplugging toaster or coffemaker, etc. from it. I have recently purchase a triplex heavy duty in the hopes that it will be easier to plug/unplug or maybe just keep the appliances plugged into it. I have severe arthritis and there has been times I was afraid I would have to ask a neighbor to unplug something from this for me. 4Plugs fit TOO tightly Good strong 14/3 cord, with good strain relief at both ends.But the plug is too tight at both ends. It is desirable that the three-prong male plug not separate TOO easily from the female mains plug in the wall, and that appliances plugged into the extension cord not pull away TOO easily from the extension cord s female end. But the tightness of this extension plug s connections goes well beyond desirable. One risks pulling out the screws that hold the mains outlet into the junction box when disconnecting the plug from the wall, and (after disconnecting the cord from the mains outlet for safety) we needed to use the blade of a screwdriver to pry an appliance cord out of the extension cord s female end. 3Perfect 3 prong heavy duty extension Why is it that things like Vacuum cleaners and Steam Mops never seem to have a long enough cord so that you don't have to keep turning the unit off, unplugging and plugging into another outlet? Seems like they're always about 10 foot short.I needed a 3 pronged semi heavy duty cord about 10 ft long and this just fits the bill. Most short extension cords are two pronged and geared for light duty such as lamps and kitchen counter appliances. Having searched Home Depot, Sears, K-mart and Walmart, I was ready to give up. Most their 3 pronged heavy duty cords are those bright orange and long 20ft and longer ugly cords.I didn't think I'd find it here at Amazon and like the man says "Surprise, Surprise"! And it works well with my Euroflex Monster Steam Cleaner as well as my Miele Vacuum Cleaner. And short enough for easy storage.The only reason for 4 stars is because the plug is at an angle and I would have preferred a standard straight plug. 4
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