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Command 051141958354 Corner Caddy with Water-Resistant Strips (BATH12-ES), 1, Clear Frosted

  • Command 051141958354 Corner Caddy with Water-Resistant Strips (BATH12-ES), 1, Clear Frosted
  • Command 051141958354 Corner Caddy with Water-Resistant Strips (BATH12-ES), 1, Clear Frosted
  • Command 051141958354 Corner Caddy with Water-Resistant Strips (BATH12-ES), 1, Clear Frosted
  • Command 051141958354 Corner Caddy with Water-Resistant Strips (BATH12-ES), 1, Clear Frosted
  • Command 051141958354 Corner Caddy with Water-Resistant Strips (BATH12-ES), 1, Clear Frosted
  • Command 051141958354 Corner Caddy with Water-Resistant Strips (BATH12-ES), 1, Clear Frosted
  • Command 051141958354 Corner Caddy with Water-Resistant Strips (BATH12-ES), 1, Clear Frosted
  • Command 051141958354 Corner Caddy with Water-Resistant Strips (BATH12-ES), 1, Clear Frosted
  • Command 051141958354 Corner Caddy with Water-Resistant Strips (BATH12-ES), 1, Clear Frosted
  • Command 051141958354 Corner Caddy with Water-Resistant Strips (BATH12-ES), 1, Clear Frosted

Command 051141958354 Corner Caddy with Water-Resistant Strips (BATH12-ES), 1, Clear Frosted

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Note: The product is intended for a bathroom fixture that has square corners
  • Holds strongly in wet conditions
  • Damage-Free hanging
  • Weight Capacity: 7.5 Pounds
  • Size: Large
  • Color: Frosted
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Customer Reviews

It is amazing what you miss when house shopping It is amazing what you miss when house shopping, isn t it? We didn t notice that the master bedroom shower has no built in cubbies or shelves or anyplace to put bottles of shampoo and body wash. I hate the racks that fit over the shower head and hang down they re always shifting and moving around and they look cluttered. Yes, we could leave the bottles on the floor but they get super slimy on the bottom and mold and who wants to deal with that every day?We use Command strips pretty much everywhere else in the house so putting them in the shower was a no-brainer. The Command Corner Caddy set comes with a plastic bin that fits into the corner of the shower, waterproof Command strips and alcohol pads to prep the tile.After you clean and wipe down the tile you ll be sticking the strips to, you have to attached the hooks to the caddy and affix them to the wall. The directions are great on paper but things get a little tricky in reality. I found that it is easier to unpeel both sides at once and push the caddy into the corner evenly rather than one side at a time as directed. Leave the caddy in place for a bit before trying to remove the bin and apply extra pressure to the strips otherwise, you ll pull the hooks right off the tile.A little finesse is all that is needed to get them in the right place. We ve been using them for quite a while and have been very happy! 4No More Rusty Corner Caddys for me! I got so tired of replacing those corner caddies that rust- they weren't cheap to buy and rusted way too fast. I have used command products before and loved how easy they were to use. I followed directions and 3 months later it is still up. I have to admit it isn't the prettiest thing to stick in the corner, but it works and NO MORE RUST. It makes it easier to clean the tub and walls, and I have sprayed it directly countless times with the handheld shower attachment to clean any spilled shampoo/conditioner. So far it is holding 2 - 32oz round bottles- which is about all the space it has for "big" things. I can still get a few tubes of products next to them. It is deep enough that I have no worries that they will fall out. It could probably hold a few more products if the bottling was oval or squared shaped. 4Useful but a bit frustrating! This caddy has turned out to be the best solution to our previous shower situation, which consisted of one of those tension rods that have baskets attached, that over time had rusted and was making a huge mess. I purchased two and two of the matching soap dishes and was able to consolidate our bottles into them easily.The only negative about them was the instructions for attaching them to the wall. It is absolutely idiotic to think that you can attach one side of the caddy to the wall, remove it from the bracket, then, with the other sticky tabs attached to the other side, realign the basket and slide it back on the wall to stick the other side. My command strips stuck to themselves, or to the wall prematurely, and I couldn't easily reattach the caddy to the first side while keeping the other side unstuck. By some divine intervention, before these were delivered, I was shopping locally and happened to pick up a package of extra waterproof Command strips. The only way I was able to attach these to the wall was by ripping off the strips that accompanied the caddies and using fresh ones that I had bought elsewhere. When I did this, I placed all the strips on at once, pressed the caddy in place, then removed it and pressed the strips/brackets on the wall as per the instructions. They were then left to cure, empty, for 24 hours. They have not moved an inch.My recommendation: If you're planning to follow the directions that come with this, don't do this at 9:00 at night. The ensuing frustration and shampoo bottle-throwing aren't worth it! Also, buy some extra strips, just in case! 4Won't stay up I followed the instructions to the letter and have had success with the Command line of bath products in the past, but this one just won't stay up for some reason. Yes, I waited 24 hours. Yes, I used the wipes and let the area dry fully before applying. Perhaps it is because it is a corner unit and if I am a millimeter off somehow they won't all fully adhere? I dunno. Just not happy. I'm only putting smaller items in it (face wash, small baby shampoo, scrub). But instead of buying another one or another set of the "water resistant" strips, I am going to try the frame hanging tabs, the ones kind of like super Velcro. Those should do the trick as they are designed for weight and are a bit more forgiving. Let's hope this works, I am sick of buying corner organizers for my bath/shower that rust, fall down, etc. 2I m not usually disappointed. This is no different We re-did our bathtub caddie and decided to go the 3M route; I m not usually disappointed. This is no different...so far- time will tell. We purchased two of the corner caddies and installed them as instructed, waited the recommended time to put them back on, and they wouldn t fit quite right. I pushed and pulled and twisted a little bit but to no avail; they still didn t fit quite right- just a little off and not clicking in some locations or pulling away from the tab.I was ready to give up, when I decided to try putting them up one more time but switched each other s locations. VOILA!! Apparently, the subtle difference in how each caddie is attached is unique enough to prevent the full locked in position if not paired exactly with the tabs stuck on with each caddie originally.We had one on top and one below in the same corner. When I put them up I didn t think it would matter which caddie was on top and which on bottom- but it does. Pay attention and save a little frustration and possible return. 4Corner Caddy Difficult to Put Up The beauty of the Command products is there ease in putting them up. In fact I have many of their products all over my home - but the Corner Caddy was a nightmare to get up in my shower. As a guy I even read the instructions - twice - and I sensed it would be difficult to install. I followed the instructions exactly - and the first set of strips (side A) went on fine. The trick was getting the side B strips up correctly. My first effort missed which meant I had to remove 2 adhesive strips that I did not have waterproof replacement strips for - so I used some regular large strips I had in stock. However, the real problem is that it is extremely difficult to get side B to get a tight fit to the wall. So even if your are lucky enough to get a close fit - getting the Corner Caddy back onto the plastic tabs is a nightmare. I took me quite a while to get in back on and was certain I was going to snap at least one of the four tabs getting it back on while I was cursing up a storm. Needless to say I like the product - but would not buy again due to installation problems. 2Super strong and convenient shower caddy I hate leaving my stuff sitting on the edge of the tub, so I'm always looking for the best option. Living in an apartment means I can't get anything that I'd have to screw into the wall, so I have Command products everywhere. I already owned the standard Command Bath Caddy, so I knew that the corner caddy would be strong enough to hold everything I need it to. It's held up by 4 large strips, so it's capable of holding full shampoo, conditioner, and soap bottles without falling. There's other reviews saying that it's difficult to install, but I didn't find it difficult at all. Just read the instructions (which are pretty darn clear) and you'll have no issues. 5Great build, great caddy. I love this caddy.I've gone through many-a-corner caddies. Mostly the suction cup variety and they never stuck. They would last here and there and then suddenly and especially when you least expect it, it all crashes down and you are scared half to death! Not only that, but suction cup suck ass when your tiles are matched up where the grout portion is where the suction cup would be and it simply doesn't stick.The Command solution with the water-resistant sticky is exactly what I needed forever. Instructions are simple enough and installation is mostly hassle-free. After reviewing the reviews, I was thinking how could you possibly have any issues with installation. It's the instructions that asks you to take the caddy off the clips that's issue. Cause once you take it off, it's not very easy to get it back on without some serious effort.Pro-tip, just leave it on the hooks and don't try to remove it! lol 4Super Product... still in place after months of use. I did a lot of research before purchasing this... lots of the reviewers said it broke and they had issues installing. I did not have any problems and now I have two installed in my shower where they have been holding heavy shampoo and conditioner bottles (32oz bottles) for a few months now. See pictures attached. One bottle is upside down, but it is actually half full still. I am very happy with the product. Installation works so long as the directions are followed precisely. I used the included strips and made sure to wipe down the wall with isopropyl wipe included first. I also peeled the backing off the strips for the second side and then replaced them lightly til I got the second side where I wanted it. Once in place, I pulled the backing off with some tweezers and then pushed in place on the wall. It is a clear frosted that blends with all decors. I am very happy with my purchase. 4Skip this and use the Shower caddy Okay so at the moment they don't offer these by Amazon, but I bought the corner units since I am such a huge Command Hook fan, but these are didn't even make it to the "try stage" I could not properly get them installed. I tried these on two different bathrooms at a one house (in 2016) and ended up just braking the hooks, but I had purchased 4 sets (my mistake) and really should have just sent them back. Years later (2019) I just tried again at another house and broke more brackets, well I give up.....now the question is what do I do with the units now?I recommend skipping this corner unit and going for the shower caddy instead, It may be a still be a little tricky but nothing compared to these....Good Luck 1
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