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Cork Pops Marina Blue 6.5 Inch Original Wine Bottle Opener

  • Cork Pops Marina Blue 6.5 Inch Original Wine Bottle Opener
  • Cork Pops Marina Blue 6.5 Inch Original Wine Bottle Opener
  • Cork Pops Marina Blue 6.5 Inch Original Wine Bottle Opener
  • Cork Pops Marina Blue 6.5 Inch Original Wine Bottle Opener
  • Cork Pops Marina Blue 6.5 Inch Original Wine Bottle Opener

Cork Pops Marina Blue 6.5 Inch Original Wine Bottle Opener

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 14 Days Return

  • Comes with a cartridge that will open approximately 60 bottles of wine
  • Does not affect the flavor of the wine
  • Refill cartridges available
  • Easy to use and clean
  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island
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Customer Reviews

C02 cartridge was dead I gave this as a Christmas gift and when the recipient opened it and right away tried to use it it wouldn t work. The C02 cartridge was empty! What a waste and an embarrassment!UPDATE: we did Christmas with extended family last night, gave another cork pop wine opener to someone and when they opened that one wouldn t work either, it had an empty CO2 cartridge too! So frustrating! 1It would make a good house warming or engagement gift I specifically buy wine with corks just so I can use this thing. It works very well. I just bought a second one of these to give as a gift for a bridal shower. The only problem I have with it, it can be difficult to remove the cork from the spike without bending it. 5Love it I was skeptical at first but I've come to love this little thing. We open a fair amount of wine and typically used the lever corkscrew style opener. It's easy enough but a bit clunky and always made an ear-piercing squeak when removing the cork. I was looking to mix things up because I was tired of the squeak and came across this. I read some reviews about wine splattering or running out of CO2 quickly but I can attest that neither of those have been issues. I could see how there may be splatter or short lifespan if you over pressurize though. They key is to NOT provide so much pressure that it shoots out on its own....you want to apply just a smidgen so that when you pull back on the cork, it slides out easily while staying on the needle of the device. Some corks/bottles do require a little extra ooomph that results in a bit more pop but it isn't a problem or very common. I'm probably coming up on ~100 uses so I purchased some replacements but it is TOTALLY worth $5-$10 dollars a year to keep using this! 5Russian roulette This works really well, very easy. The problem is that you can use this for years and not have any issues, then POW you get a bottle that may have had a flaw or something and you've got wine and glass all over the place. I used one for years without a problem. A friend told me about his explosion including a hand cut, but I kept on. Then a bottle blew up at my girlfriend's home. That was it for her, but I kept using one at my place.....until POW, so I'm back to a screw pull, the original expensive one. The cheap ones don't hold up in my experience. 3Bond, James Bond. Bond, James Bond. I don't know what type of wine opener the famous British Secret Service agent carries. But I think this one might qualify. Not only does it do an excellent job of opening the wine. But it does have a certain coolness factor like Mr. Bond himself. I can only imagine that when being attacked by an agent from SPECTRE, James would pull this opener from the breast pocket of his perfectly tailored suit jacket. Then as the agent tightens a steel wire around Mr. Bond's neck, James manages to regain the upper hand when he stabs and injects the agent with a specially modified version of the Cork Pops (made by "Q") containing a poisonous gas. He then......Oh wait. I'm afraid I'm getting carried away. This is supposed to be a review about a wine opener. Sorry.PROS: The Cork Pops opens a bottle quickly. And it almost never leaves any cork in the wine.CONS: When opening a bottle, it "pops" about half as loud as a bottle of champagne. You may or may not consider this a negative factor. If you don't get the needle straight up and down (or you push it into the cork at an angle), you might bend the needle. I did that once, but I was able to straighten it back out. Make sure you have some extra cartridges on-hand. Once the cartridge is empty, you're not going to open anything. Unlike a regular cork screw, you'll always have the expense of purchasing extra cartridges.SUMMARY: Some might consider this product a novelty. But I've used Cork Pops for over twenty years. It's my favorite way to open a bottle of wine. And I've given away several as gifts. Besides, if it's good enough for James Bond. It's good enough for me. 5Do not order this product from Amazon! I am sure it s a great tool as I used it before at a friend house but mine arrived with an empty cartridge So that is why I gave it one start,not because of the product but because Amazon should make sure you get what you ordered and does better quality control...Called the product manufacturer directly and they told me they get a lot of calls from people complaining about receiving the product with empty cartridges. Do not order from Amazon.... 1Very disappointed I ordered this because I saw someone use it at a party and it looked so cool. I can not get it to work at all. I ordered one , which came with an empty CO2 canister , it also looked like it was used..... the second one came , the canister was not empty but it still did not work, and the needle bent ..... I am not pleased at all, I have a product I can not use.... 1You NEED this, trust me! OMG this wine opener is the BOMB! Everyone should have one! The cartridges aren t that expensive and they last a long time! We ve been using ours for years! We ve gifted this countless times and it s always a hit! No more fuss with turning & pulling...especially if you have arthritis or upper extremity issues! 5... was the novelty item but it's by far the best bottle opener of ever had At first I thought this was the novelty item but it's by far the best bottle opener of ever had! My first one lasted six years and finally broke the other day so Ive replaced it with a new one. I couldn't wait to get it because I missed it so much for the three days that I don't have one! 5Mostly effortless wine bottle opening. Poppy. Extremely fun for a getaway of some kind where you don't want to bring tools. This pretty much makes a bottle of wine sound like a champagne bottle, so if it's that kind of week, it's really fun.My only complaint was the needle hole getting clogged. It was a very old bottle of wine with a dry cork though. After we got it out with tweezers, we commenced. It should only be used for newish corks, even though the guy I bought it for wanted to open an old bottle with it. 4
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