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Danze D481116BN S-Shape Showerarm with Flange, 13-Inch, Brushed Nickel

  • Danze D481116BN S-Shape Showerarm with Flange, 13-Inch, Brushed Nickel
  • Danze D481116BN S-Shape Showerarm with Flange, 13-Inch, Brushed Nickel

Danze D481116BN S-Shape Showerarm with Flange, 13-Inch, Brushed Nickel

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Metal construction to ensure quality and durability.
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Customer Reviews

I can stand again! It is crazy that such a simple product can improve life so much.I am 6' tall and live in a house built in the 1950s. Apparently in the past, people did not like standing under the shower head but preferred to crouch every time they wanted to wash their hair. While the house has been remodeled recently, the tile in the bathroom was in good shape and did not need to be changed out, so the old shower stayed in its original condition.When the new shower arm arrived it was packaged well and included teflon tape, a nice addition. The old shower arm came out, this went in without issue. Now I can stand under the shower head. For those wondering, it raises the shower head about 8" above the opening for the shower arm.After 2 months of use I have not seen any wear of the chrome and it appears to be doing its job without problem.Cautionary note: For those who like hanging things on the shower head, I would advise against it with this shower arm, as it turns into a huge lever.*** 1-Year Update ***The shower arm is still in place with no problems. Routine cleaning has produced no scarring on the chrome, it feels tight at both joints, and it is still doing its job. It is still one of the best things I have done to the house as it allows me to take a normal shower, standing the entire time. I would not hesitate to buy this thing again.*** 5 Year Update ***I just got a comment on my original review, so I thought I would update it again. Here I am, 5 years after installation and can report zero problems with the fixture. The finish is still bright--routine cleaning has done nothing to change its appearance. It also remains leak free. I was worried when I bought it, having visions of the arm being turned into a lever by somebody and leaving a chunk of itself buried inside the wall. Luckily, that has not happened and no easy-outs have been required. I am confident that this arm will continue to function for some time. 5now my 6'4" husband doesn't need to crouch in the shower We purchased this 13 shower arm from Danze after purchasing a rain shower head. We needed the arm so that my 6 4 husband could fit under it, and so it was far enough away from the wall that we could angle the shower head downwards.The shower arm has a nice chrome finish, and was easy to install. There is a roll of teflon tape included which I thought was a nice touch. The arm provided 13 of extension and 12 of height, which was perfect for our needs. It s high quality and feels solid. You can adjust the direction of the spray which makes the arm very versatile. Great buy. 4Great Quality, Adds Height (Chrome) I purchased this to use with the Danze D461193 Antique Bell 10-Inch Showerhead, Chrome. Danze fixtures seem to be really well made in general. Nice hefty materials, sturdy design. This one is simple in design without looking too modern or traditional so you can use with any style you currently have.The shower arm will add roughly 10in of height to your existing shower head. My wall connections were somewhat deep so I had to buy an extension that would bring it out more flush with the wall, bu I don't remember exactly how much. My shower head ends up extending about 3 inches from the wall before it starts curving out. The center of the shower head connection ends up being about 13in away from the wall.I wanted extra height because, along with a rain can, I wanted to add a shower filter Sprite Showers SLB-CM Slim Line Brass Shower Filter Water. This filter is simple in design, seems to match well with the color of my fixtures and does not extend as much as the others. With the filter installed, the shower head drops down maybe 8.5-9 inches, coming in line and making it even with the part of the shower arm extending from the wall. So my shower head ends up being the height of the wall plumbing. The filter adds 3.5-4 inches. These two items are not exactly light, they are hefty, but the shower arm seems to be holding them up just fine.One thing I will note if you plan on using that filter is that the upper connection, the one that connects to the shower arm, is inset and because of the slant of the arm and the shortness of the threading, I could not directly install the filter to the arm. I could not find an adapter or extension on amazon or the local hardware stores. I did find brass couplings and nipple but, since the coupling would be visible, I wanted it in chrome and found one at an online hardware store. Google, Solid Brass Decorative Pipe Coupling - 1/2" IPS. It will cost about $15. Based on all the reviews I read, sprite has some of the best shower filters and probably some of the better looking ones. Having spent so much on my current fixtures, and wanting to use that filter, I didn't want to ruin the look with a cheap brass connection so I dished out the money and got that along with a brass nipple fitting. 5Five Stars Love it. I've ordered two so far. The picture shows it used with a 8" round shower head(KES J201) 5Instantly added needed height We have two walk-in showers that are nicely remodeled, except the shower arm placement was way too low. I'm only 5'6 and I felt like I was ducking under the shower head. Home Depot was going to charge us over $100 to order this arm in our color. We bought one of these from a plumbing site for $70+ shipping. It instantly solved the problem giving us much needed height and also matched the other oil rubbed bronze finishes.I was so happy with it, I wanted a second one for our guest bathroom, but I didn't want to pay so much. I bought a "used" one through Amazon with free shipping and it is perfect. I didn't even see package damage.This is great for adding height and we love how it works with our rain shower head. I like how far it is from the wall. Since it directs down, you need the distance or else you'll be touching cold tile and hitting your elbows on the wall.I was worried our water pressure would go down, but we didn't notice a difference. If your water pressure is weak to start with, this probably won't help; but otherwise I wouldn't worry about it. 5I want to like this item but I want to like this item but, I didn't even get a chance to use it as it broke at the thread while it was being tightened. Keep in mind I have not even fully tightened the arm. As it turns out, this arm is not one piece. The part that threads to the wall is a separate piece that is cheaply welded or glued to the main arm. Now I'm stuck having to fish out that broken part out of my shower pipe.This item has the makings of a great product. It's everything you would want from an extension shower arm but, from my personal experience, it falls short due to this defect. 1Awesome An easy way to get into the rain shower world without having to break your walls and ceiling. To me felt very sturdy, well made. Yes it is soldered, but I had to install it twice due to a defective shower arm diverter, and trust me when I tell you I tight it hard. Nothing broke on me, all great, very nice looking shower arm. I'll tell you more, there is no shower arm like this on the market. With this one you can get the most room to install the largest rain showerheads, specially if you install the shower filter before the showerhead. To give you an Idea of how much room you'll have, my showerhead is almost 8 inches in diameter, so you can fit anything with this shower arm. 5Great, inexpensive way to stop crouching in the shower Our bathroom must have been built for hobbits, because the shower head is about 6' 6" off the ground, which means the spray hit me in the middle of my back. I had to crouch to wash my hair. I shopped around for quite a while to find a shower arm that would raise the level of the shower head but which was not too expensive. Almost all of the arms that you see are "designer" or some fancy brand name and cost anywhere from $100-300, which seems completely ridiculous for me for what is basically a short piece of threaded pipe. It isn't like my shower is an art gallery.Other inexpensive arms are an "S" shape, which means that if you have a small shower stall (which we do), the spray would project at an angle and probably hit the back wall of your shower. I finally found this one, which seems to fit these modest needs well -- it raises the height of the shower head by about a foot, and allows you to project the spray downwards.It was very easy to install, not much more complicated than changing a lightbulb. Most shower arms unscrew from a sturdy fixture behind the wall (ours did). It took some careful and strenuous turning with a sturdy pair of pliers, but I got the old one off without a problem. You then need to clean out the socket with steel wool or something to get any debris out. You need to wrap the end of the arm in plumber's tape, this is thin plastic tape that is usually about $1 per roll and often comes with plumbing parts. I did not get a roll of it with this shower arm, however I did get one with the shower head that I bought. I wrapped the threads with 6 layers of tape going in the same direction as the threads, and then screwed it in "hand tight", and then one more turn until it was vertical. That's it!This arm does not come with a shower head, you have to buy that separately. I also did some research on shower heads, these days most shower heads do not have much flow due to EPA regulations. However, if you shop around (for example [...]) you can find places that sell full-flow heads. You will use more water and anger the EPA gods, but cleanliness is next to godliness so they say. My shower head cost about $15 so the whole shebang cost me less than $50 and this was one of the best home improvements I've ever made. 5IT TURNED OUT TO BE OK, AND I LIKE IT... The one I got does not have straight pipe, so it looks crooked no matter what you do. After trying to adjust it about 70 times, I am asking for a replacement. Also, when I put the vice grips on it gently to remove it, it dented. It is very flimsy pipe. Never adjust it or remove it with any object.I hope the replacement one will be straight. If it works out ok, I will update this review.UPDATE:I HAVE CONCLUDED THEY ARE ALL SLIGHTLY CROOKED, BUT IT'S NOT ENOUGH TO KEEP ME FROM USING IT. I'VE HAD THE REPLACEMENT ONE QUITE A WHILE NOW AND IT ADDS PERFECT HEIGHT AND I HAVEN'T HAD ANY PROBLEMS. AS LONG AS YOU DON'T USE WRENCHES ON IT AND SUCH, IT SHOULD WORK FINE. 5different bronze than in description image i love it. although keep in mind the image here on description is not what it appears. this image on description is a darker bronze but the one we received is more purple/bronze mix. it sits up real high close to the ceiling. it works for us because we attached a rain-can to it and it looks beautiful. the color for the rain-can is a dark bronze but this flange gives it a nice contrast. 5
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