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Delta Faucet U1075-PK Diverter Tub Spout, Chrome

  • Delta Faucet U1075-PK Diverter Tub Spout, Chrome

Delta Faucet U1075-PK Diverter Tub Spout, Chrome

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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Customer Reviews

Seems Sturdy; But Not User Friendly Nothing is ever easy in the world of DIY, is it?The parts of this system seem to be made of sturdy, high quality materials. I eventually got the system to function properly, but it took a lot more work than anticipated. There are universal kits that are much easier to install than this one.My water line consists of 5 or 6 inches of copper pipe coming out of the wall, with no thread at the end. To install this Delta on that type of pipe, the instructions tell you to take a hacksaw and cut the end off of a "3/4" Adapter" that bridges between the pipe and the business end of the Delta spout. I cut in a nice straight line between the threads, but the 3/4" Adapter nevertheless would not screw into the spout. I had to file the cut end of the 3/4" adapter to a very fine level before it would screw in, and even then I really had to force it.Having installed other types of universal faucet spouts from other makers, I can tell you that this hacksaw procedure is not standard. Any DIY product that requires you to modify it with a hacksaw before installation fails the "common sense design test," as far as I'm concerned.I probably wouldn't buy this product again. There are more user-friendly options. 2I dont know if it was user error or product error This product was okay, even though it did not work for me and was a waste of almost $20. I have the pipe that does not have a thread on it. So when I put the coupling on the pipe, and installed everything, it leaked. I did everything right, but it still leaked. Then you have to cut the inside plastic pipe to fit - not a tough job, but a pain none-the-less. I ended up not using this due to the fact that it leaked and bought a cheaper one that had a solid pipe inside, not one that connects to multiple pieces. Some advice - when tightening the allen screw to tighten the coupling - do not over tighten, not even the slightest bit. This will cause: 1.) an indent in the pipe, 2.) the coupling to no longer be snug due to pressure putting it at an angle, 3.) a pain in your neck when you try to loosen and tighten it multiple times because it leaks. this project took about 4 beers, so it really wasn't that bad, I just wish this one didn't leak - causing me to buy a new one... 3Plastic internals The spout is metal however the internals are all plastic. I'm fine with that, however in the process of connecting the plastic tube to my cast iron 1/2" pipe coming out of the wall, the plastic adapter thread fitting stripped!I called Delta support to see if I'd be able to order another adapter and was told that they don't ship individual parts and that I needed to order the entire kit again; horrible support! In contrast, I had a similar issue with a part included in a Danco universal handle kit and they shipped me another piece without issue. In the end I was able to go down the street to my local hardware store and purchase a cast iron pipe coupler and 2.5" long threaded pipe and it fit like a charm.When I called Delta I was told that they can only have a certain %age of metal in their faucets due to lead regulations. Whatever, I think they could've at least made the threaded pieces out of brass but took the cheap route to create their product. 3Bad design for smooth pipe connection - will leak If yo intend to use this for connecting to smooth 1/2 inch pipe, dont buy it. The design is such, if shower head is activated it leaks water into your wall. If gone unnoticed for a while it can cause serious water damage. I was "lucky" to notice leak in the basement just few days after installing and it cost me piece of finished ceiling plus paint job. After that I soldered half inch thread at the end of the pipe and screwed this in throwing away all plastic and metal adapters. For that I could have bought few bucks cheaper model.Even if you are lucky and it does not leak right away it will eventually leak because o-ring which holds a pressure over a smooth pipe is not compressed in any way. It will dry and leak sooner rather than later. 2I like the idea of a "universal" replacement spout This product has a serious design flaw. I like the idea of a "universal" replacement spout, but here's the problem. The inner pipe of the spout assembly fits over the rough-out pipe from the shower wall. The spout pipe has a set screw that holds it in place near the end and an o-ring a little further in that creates the all important water seal. If your situation was like mine, the set screw of the previous spout being replaced gouged the copper rough-in pipe. Even after carefully smoothing the pipe, the o-ring seal leaked since it sits right next to the set screw position. This wouldn't have been a problem if the O-ring had been positioned further away in the design of this replacement. I had to buy a dedicated spout replacement (American Standard) which had the O-ring further back. It worked without a problem. I recommend that anyone in need of a replacement spout look closely at what kind of spout is being replaced. Buy this one only if the rough-out pipe is in good condition and not scratched. 2Low end Delta product This is a low end Delta product. Many years ago, I would not expect brands like Delta to have a low end product line but nowadays, it seems every quality brand is doing so.The product is visually ok. The spout itself is metal (albeit thinner) but the internal parts are mostly plastic. It still looks as pretty as other Delta products.One big problem is that the shutter mechanism is not able to completely close the water gate. After the rod is pulled to divert water to high shower, water still drips from the spout. To be fair, it is not a big leak, only about 5% of the water as I roughly estimate.I checked the connections and they seemed to be all ok. The culprit must have been related to the plastic shutter mechanism. I usually do not expect moving parts that are plastic to be reliable.In comparison, the old spout this one replaced was all metal from inside out. That explained why it lasted 20 years without dripping/leaking issue.I won't expect this one to last long per its initial performance. For now it is still usable as I do not really mind about 5% less water from the shower. I will pay more for a better one when the leaking becomes intolerable. 3Good quality universal kit This kit includes most everything you'll need (except perhaps a tubing cutter and some emery cloth). It works with half-inch smooth or threaded wall pipe, 3/4-inch threaded pipe, or plastic pipe with a threaded fitting on the end. The instructions are clear, with the different installation options and parts used shown in a diagram and described in clear English.I like that the two most important parts are made of metal, and seem robust and made with attention to detail. For a smooth pipe installation such as mine, it's important that the sealing collar slide over the smooth pipe easily, but make a robust watertight seal and stay securely in place. The collar in this kit is solid brass, with rubber O-rings on both the inside and outside, and a set-screw (tiny Allen wrench included!) near the wall end. A heavy-duty plastic tube extension screws onto that (sealed with supplied Teflon tape on the threads at both ends), and the nicely cast metal spout screws onto that.The finish looks great and I notice that the small plastic diverter gate inside the spout's end seems to be easily replaceable if it wears out. 4Great Replacement Diverter Shower/Tub Spout This is a great replacement tub/shower diverter spout. It has a nice chrome finish and is all metal. Okay, there is a plastic "universal" pipe insert which I would never use. I use a copper pipe extender to the actual metal threads of this diverter spout. If necessary, you're best to buy a (copper) pipe extender to the length needed depending on your plumbing/wall depth. For "slip-fit" pipe connections, this spout may be a bit difficult for the average consumer. In this case, I would still recommend getting a copper pipe fitting extending to the metal threads of this diverter spout.Also, I got mine (like new; really new) from Amazon Warehouse Deals. This saved me a few bucks and is good as new. I have found many good warehouse deals which may be new, opened items. This is especially true with plumbing items and other household hardware items where people have ordered the wrong item and returned it. 5THE INTERIOR PLASTIC BREAKS IMMEDIATELY! TOTAL CRAP. We bought ten for our motel and the plastic interior has already broken on four of them in less than a week. DON'T DO IT! 1Poor Poor Quality and Design, Cheap Chinese Product in Delta Packaging Junk...disappointing product from Delta. Poorly designed as it tries to be universal to a fault and doesn't work well for any one application. The instructions are comically cryptic, excluding parts, bad drawings, etc. The quality is typical average Chinese...just good enough to be accepted by the duped American consumer. Save yourself the frustration of thinking you're buying a quality product from an honest American company. This is nothing but Chinese junk in Delta packaging. You might as well buy the cheap stuff from Menards, its actually better than this product, less expensive and is honest about where its made. I have Delta throughout my house, this is the last Delta product I will buy... 1
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