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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Programmable timer and thermometer with On/Off switch; AAA battery included
  • 24-hour countdown timer can be used independently or together with thermometer.
  • Memory function saves last used temperature.
  • Flip top display and magnetic wall mount for easy reading
  • Temperature range: 32F to 392F (0C to 200C) ; Reads in Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees.
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Customer Reviews

Disappointing - lasted just a few months. Used less than 20 times.This was my second one. The first one lasted four or five years. This one I purchased in late September. I just use it for roasts (no deep frying or candy making) which I would consider light duty. Last week, I got the dreaded HI sign. I tried the boiling trick which did not work either. There is no way that I blew it out on a flame or anything. I ll probably get an Aldi s one for like $8 and see how it works. 1This would be the *perfect* thermometer if.....This would be the perfect thermometer if it only had a reinforced/protected thermocouple wire. I'd been carefully using this thermometer for cooking on the grill, and it worked great... until the wire slipped, remained in contact with the hot grill plate, and melted. I loved the fact that it displayed both timer and temperatures at the same time, and the tilting display is a great feature, as well. To Polder's credit, they are sending me a new sensor at no charge (three years after purchase, and due to my own mistake). Two thumbs up for customer service!I wish Polder made a sensor suitable for grilling, but they don't, so this thermometer will likely be relegated to indoor duty, while the ThermoPro TP04 Large LCD Kitchen Digital Cooking Meat Thermometer for BBQ Grill Oven Smoker will become my grill monitor. I don't like that it's timer *or* temperature, but it will have to do, as it's one of the few I've found with the needed reinforced sensor lead.P.S. The lead for the ThermoPro doesn't work with the Polder. Temp readings are off, so I assume they use different thermocouple wire. Darn. 5DOAThis went right from the box and into the chicken I bought it for. After a few minutes, it started beeping and the temp sensor read high. A quick search online (since the included materials didn't have any error message info) and come to find out the sensor might be dead. Several sites mentioned heating up the sensor and it should reset itself. Seemed dubious but I had time since I had just put the chicken in the oven. I was irritated I couldn't use the set temp feature but at least I'll know if the chicken is cooked thoroughly. 5 minutes in and a cooling off and a test in some hot water. Still beeping and reading high temp. 5 More minutes and it's still dead. A third time in and a distraction later and I melted the plug end. One rage scream and a thrown device later and I now own a DIY thermometer kit! Wish I had just bought a plain old analog instant read thermometer. 1Well priced thermometer with some nice featuresI had been wanting a meat/oven thermometer for quite some time. I purchased this one because the price was right and it was digital, which was important.Some of the nice features:* On and Off button located at the bottom of the base unit* You can set a Temperature Alert for it to tell you when the meat (or oven) has reached the temperature you set* It has a programmable timer* It can be set to either Fahrenheit or Celsius* There are magnets on the bottom of the base so you can pretty much place it anywhere (my kitchen's small, I use the fridge)One thing to note... it is obvious but it's easy to forget when you are using it. The metal top of the thermometer continues all the way up and around in a L shape where it connects to the wire. It's easy to want to remove the thermometer (especially from meats) holding it there, but that gets very hot too, so be careful.I am very satisfied with this thermometer and very much recommend it. It will come in very handy on Turkey Day! 5Excellent, but please see updateI've had the Polder 362-90 for about 5 years. I purchased it after seeing Alton Brown using one on the Food Channel show "Good Eats". Now, I'd be lost without it. It takes all the guesswork out of roasting chicken or turkey or a roast beef or whatever else you care to cook in your oven.You insert the metal probe into whatever you're cooking, set the target temperature and start roasting. When your roast reaches the desired temperature, the Polder will beep to let you know. Perfectly cooked. No wiggling Mrs. Chicken's legs, no pressing on the roast, no "Gee, is it done? I'm not sure." It couldn't be easier.It has a countdown timer (but not a clock) as well. The back of the main unit has 2 strong magnets which allow it to be attached to any metallic surface, vertical or horizontal. The LCD pivots, so no matter where you put the unit, you can tilt the LCD to make it easy to read. A slide switch on the back allows you to change between Farenheit and Centigrade.When you wash the probe, you *must* be careful. The probe is a metal tube that contains a temperature sensor. At the point where the cable from the main unit enters this tube, it is sealed merely by crimping the tube. It isn't waterproof. So during washing, if you allow water around this area, it will find its way into the tube and kill the sensor. This is the basis, I believe, for many of the complaints regarding the probe's fragility.I wrap my hand tightly around the top of the probe when I wash it to prevent this from happening, and I'm still using the original. I use it at least twice a month, so that means it has been used at least 100 times and washed 100 times and it works fine. As far as complaints that the sensor is inaccurate, I've got 100+ perfectly cooked chickens, turkeys and roast beefs that contradict that assertion.If I have a complaint its that the thing has no on/off switch! Its always running and, therefore, draining the AAA battery. This is not a big deal. The first battery lasted about 3 years and the one in it now has about 2 years of use and is still going strong. When the temperature reads "LO", that is the indicator that the battery needs replacement.The Polder 362-90 allows you to know when your roast is done instead of guessing at it. I find it essential and I recommend it. Just be careful when you wash it.***UPDATE 6/2010: After 10+ years of faithful service, my Polder finally quit working. I immediately ordered another. The new one worked accurately twice and then began to underreport temperature by about 30 to 40 degrees F. I tried a backup probe and a new battery with the same result so it would appear to be a problem with the main unit and not the probe. I see that many of the most recent reviews for this product complain of a similar issue. I think Polder may have a manufacturing problem. I would defer purchasing this product until the reviews turn positive again. 5Fun While it Lasted - Updated for User ErrorI've had this thermometer about 3 months now and it has functioned well as recently as last night. Tonight, I saw it sitting on the counter and read 102 degrees. I can assure you, my house is not that warm.Disappointing when you like a product for functionality only to have it stop functioning in such a short time.Updated 2/1/13 - It is quite possible I damaged the probe with improper cleaning technique. I was researching a replacement to this thermometer and found almost every digital probe thermometer out there had complaints about the probe going out in short order. Finally, on a blog about meat smokers, I found a thread that discussed the issue and it was pointed out that when cleaning the probe, care must be taken to not immerse where the probe meets the cable -- that water getting into the probe from this point was the most common reason for the failure. 3Easy, convinient, sturdy.Most convinient meat thermometer I have ever used. The wire is thin yet very strong.Easy to use in the oven, frying pan, grill.I use it with all my meats. Set it to the necessary temperature, shut the oven door, grill top or lid. The wire is skinny so it does not cause temperature loss, yet very strong so it does not get dammaged. Easy to wipe clean wrap around the device and stick it on the fridge door for easy storage. It has a magnet on the back so it sticks to my fridge door. 5Much better than AllClad thermometerPrevious to my owning this thermometer, I had owned an AllClad digital thermometer with probe. The Polder is much superior, as follows:1. You can get replacement probes. Although the AllClad probe is detachable, they will not sell you a replacement!2. Flexible cable. The AllClad cable is stiff and moving the food moves the display base.3. Loud alarm. You can hear the alarm in another room. This is handy if the food takes a while to cook.4. Magnetic base. It stays put, even when moving the food to and from the oven. 5An investment in pleasure, or a worthwhile tool to help cook.This was a great purchase. This thermometer was purchased to replace a meat thermometer wand that broke, which was a different brand. I use it most often to get water to 94C for brewing coffee in a French Press. The timer is a great additional feature as one doesn't want the coffee to brew too long or for too short a time. No one in their right mind likes coffee that is too bitter (over brewed or too hot) or too weak (under brewed or not hot enough). If you hold your nose up, as I do, being a coffee connoisseur you must have this thermometer with timer. Of course, it is quite useful for more than brewing coffee, as sometimes when I am cooking I find it handy. I would never suggest that coffee is the only thing in the world worthy of using this thermometer, but why bother drinking coffee if it is not done correctly? The alarm is loud, which is good at getting one's attention. The thermometer is pretty accurate, I've noticed it can be a degree off. The temperature alarm is also a great feature, letting one set the desired temperature and then walk away. When it reaches the set temperature it let's you know very clearly. The magnets in the base and the folding display are perfect as I attach it to the microwave face over the stove, keeping it out of the way and yet it can be easily read too.I admire the plug-in probe with the long cable, it is engineering done right. If for any reason the probe fails one can just buy a new probe and plug in the replacement easily. The clip on the probe is also valuable. If the probe touches the bottom of the pot it will read incorrectly. Thanks to the clip, the probe can be attached easily to the rim of the pot and kept from touching the bottom. Also, hands-free readings thanks to that clip, and even our hands deserve liberty! 5Probably pays to test first...I have used this thermometer for the past year in making ice cream. You really need a really good degree of accuracy to pasturize the mix properly, temp vs. time, etc. So I just spent the evening lusting over the many, many other thermometers on Amazon. After reading many sad tales of other makes and models being inaccurate or giving up the ghost after one use, I decided to go check out my little inexpensive Polder, ice bath - dead on 32 F, boiling water - dead on 212 F. Guess I won't be needing to "trade up" after all. 5
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