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Dr. Brown's Bottle Brush, Blue

  • Dr. Brown's Bottle Brush, Blue
  • Dr. Brown's Bottle Brush, Blue
  • Dr. Brown's Bottle Brush, Blue
  • Dr. Brown's Bottle Brush, Blue
  • Dr. Brown's Bottle Brush, Blue
  • Dr. Brown's Bottle Brush, Blue
  • Dr. Brown's Bottle Brush, Blue

Dr. Brown's Bottle Brush, Blue

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • For use with all standard and wide-neck Dr. Brown's Natural Flow baby bottles
  • Features a grooved, no slip handle and a combination sponge and bristle brush head for thorough, easy cleaning of bottles
  • Fixed chevron channels, designed specifically to clean nipples with ease
  • Storage clip is included to house the brush near the sink
  • Use with all standard and wide neck Dr Brown's natural flow baby bottles
  • BPA free
  • For use with all standard and wide-neck Dr. Brown's Natural Flow baby bottles
  • Features a grooved, no-slip handle and a combination sponge and bristle brush head for thorough, easy cleaning of bottles
  • Fixed chevron channels, designed specifically to clean nipples with ease
  • Storage clip is included to house the brush near the sink
  • Use with all standard and wide neck Dr Brown's natural flow baby bottles
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Customer Reviews

Just ok...It's ok, but I bought the OXO Tot Bottle Brush at the same time, and that works much better for me. I use these to clean glass tea tumblers, and Stainless Steel travel mugs. This one has the spongy top, and doesn't clean the bottoms of the bottles right. I always see the black tea residue at the bottom, and try to scrub, but because of the spongy bits, there's only a tiny surface (where the metal bit inside holds it up), so the bottoms don't get clean. Also, the OXO Tot Bottle Brush has harder/better bristles which just get the sides of my bottles clean. This one has too thin bristles and requires a lot of up/down movements to clean anything. Since this one is a bit thinner, it might be better for easily breakable bottles. However for mhy purposes, the OXO is much better (although it looks like a toilet brush lol). I wouldn't buy again.... 3Buy the 3 pack, you'll need more than oneIf you consider these "consumable goods" that are only supposed to last a short amount of time before they break, you'll be less frustrated with them. Buy the 3 pack so when one breaks in the middle of washing bottles, you have another on-hand. My wife and I can usually get at least 3-4 weeks out of one brush, washing 5 bottles twice a day. They always fall apart where the metal bristle head joins the plastic handle and it seems a lot of other customers have the same problem.I do like the functionality of these brushes better than others which is why we keep using them. Other brushes have too firm of bristles so when you pull them out of a bottle with a narrow opening, the bristles splash you with soapy water. These brushes don't have that problem as they are flexible enough to work around curves and inside of small openings. 3updated video review, here's how it looks and works I noticed most of the "helpful" reviews for this are from a few years ago and seems that the design may have changed so hopefully my newer video review, showing how it looks and works, will be a bit more accurate and answer most of your questions. I didn't see any of the issues with quality or durability, but if I do, I'll update this. So far, I find this brush very useful and still lasts after a few months of use. If this video review is helpful, please click on 'yes' below. Happy shopping!5Convenient Bottle BrushThis is my third baby bottle brush, and it looks like it's gonna be my last! I tried 2 other brands; 1 lower end price and another more expensive brush and I had issues with both. I love the sponge and bristle combo, it cleans more thoroughly. Also, as small as it may seem, the fact that the nipple attachment is connected to the bottom of the brush where you don't have to unscrew it, just flip it over to use, makes my life that more convenient. When you wash bottles and sippy cups for both an infant and a toddler, those few seconds of convenience matter. This was my first Dr. Brown's brand purchase and I love it. 5Great brush, cleans and removes milk residue wellWe purchased this bottle brush as we are washing 16-20 bottles plus pump parts and attachments each day. I found this Dr. Browns bottle brush to work well, the sponge on too is quite full and fits the bottles nicely, it brush bristles work well with removing extra milk residue. I like how this brush had an end that is built to clean the hard to reach areas. I use it to clean out the duckbill part of the pump as the big brush doesn't fit in there. One down fall I have found is the suction cup although a great idea doesn't really stick that well. The brush does stand up so that's nice, it just doesn't stick in place.4Dr. Brown's doesn't dissapointWe use Dr. Brown's bottles and the first brush we bought was the cheaper Munchkin one from Target (Munchkin Sponge Bottle Brush, Blue). The choice was made mainly due to its cheaper cost and with the thought "its just a bottle brush, how much better can a more expensive brush be. Dr. Brown's brush is just charging premium for its brand name". Boy was I wrong ! Dr. Brown's brush is way better hands down. The bristles are softer, more dense and the as a whole looks and feels better constructed. The nipple brush is pretty efficient and small things like not needing to unscrew it from the bottom of the brush ( like Munchkin) makes a lot of difference when you are cleaning bottles twice a day everyday ! All in all, I won't hesitate to buy this brush in the future (though I am guessing the one I bought will last us a long time).Though this is Dr. Brown's brand, this brush is generic enough to be used for any bottles. If using their brand bottles, you still need to use the small slender vent cleaning brush separately though. 5The second brush was horrible. After a few usesBaby has been 8 months old and we've been through 3 of these brushes and starting our 4th one thats a Nuby brand. The first brush we had was decent and lasted us about 5 months! I bought a new one since I figured it's time to replace our old and we were going on a trip. The second brush was horrible. After a few uses, the metal stalk broke and the brush was bent and hanging by a thread. We stopped using it and bought another one and after over a month, the spongy part, at the top, started to fall apart and shed pieces of foam into our bottles. Now, we are onto our 4th and no longer want to buy another Dr. Brown's brush. It's known for its brand and if all were as good as our first brush, I would give it all 5 stars but I have been through 3 brushes and now I am convinced the brush quality isn't that great. There's way many more brands and brushes to choose from so I will stop wasting on money on this brush. 3Works well with Dr Brown's bottleOnce we finalized on Dr Brown's feeding bottle after trying few others - we went with all of the product-line of Dr Brown (Bottle brush, smaller cleaning brush, bottle warmer, Sterilizer, Formula mixer etc.). And we haven't had any issues as such with any of the Dr Brown's product.Coming to this brush, we used it only for Dr Brown's bottle so I'm not sure how good or bad it will be for other bottles (I feel it should work well with other brand's bottles too). I also tried OXO TOT brush (I liked that one too) - but I chose to stick with this brush because I felt this fitted much nicer to the 4 Oz bottles we were using as compared to other brush.Comparing the prices, I think this was cheaper than the OXO TOT (a pack of 3 under $10 as compared to single brush for about 6 or 7 dollars).Yes, the build quality is not that great - meaning we had to change the brush every 2 months - the sponge/bristles started eroding and the brush itself starts bending after a period of time.However, it does the cleaning job well - the sponge covers almost all of the surface area within the bottle for thorough clean. The bottom end of the brush is useful to clean the inside tip of the nipple (the sponge itself cleans almost upto 70-80% of the inside are of the nipple). The suction cup is also helpful - it keeps the brush upright - helping in drying and avoiding contact with surface so as to avoid any germs.Note that this brush alone will not help cleaning the signature/trademark vent parts. For that, I used the smaller cleaning brush from Dr Brown (I think a pack of 4 costs about $3). They are easy to use especially for vent's (silicone?) cap and the tail of vent itself. Although these bend too easily - hence they also need replacement every 1 month or so.In case you decide to use Dr Brown's bottle - please bear in mind that they are difficult to clean (due to additional vent part - every wash/feed - almost 10 per day i.e. 300 in month and so on). However, if it helps even 1% in reducing the gas/colic for my baby - I would go with it every time. But I'll make sure I'll get Dr Brown brushes to help with bottle cleaning.I'd easily recommend this to family and friends. 4Worrisome packagingI ordered this product because I like how the sponge is softer than the munchkin brand. The bottle brushes were cheaper than a single purchase made three times. However, I am disappointed that the brushes didn t come packaged in the normal doctor Browns cardboard and plastic covering the brush portion. As these are used to clean my daughters bottles, it makes me weary to use them. I just hope these aren t some knock off brand of dr. Browns. 3You need this brushAll bottle brushes are NOT created equally. This one is better than the others. Go ahead and spend the extra, because it's totally worth it. Here's why...I spent the first couple of months using a less expensive brush. I figured it would be fine. But, I noticed a white haze really starting to build up at the bottom of the bottle. (Breast milk is notorious for being hard to clean!) The bristles on a regular brush can't touch it (especially the corners), no matter how you work it. Sure, the sides of the bottle were getting clean, but not bottom. I sucked it up and got this brush and now because of the sponge on the end, I can get that pesky residue out of the whole bottle. Nice to know it's actually clean before giving it to my baby.As for other reviews about it falling apart, I've had zero problems with it at all. Another plus (and requirement for me) is that it comes with the base so it can stand up. A brush I previously had purchased had a nipple brush with a suction cup that screwed in and served as the base. I didn't like that because it seemed like a great place to cultivate some germs. Ewe.I wish I hadn't wasted my money in the first place on something else. Just buy this one and be done with it. 5don't waste your money, waste cheap productThis is the worst brush I have ever purchased, the bristles are falling apart within just a few days of use.very disappointed with this. Also I would recommend munchkin brand over this,which is much more strong n better than this one.it doesn't clean the bottle properly. No use of buying. I bought it after seeing good reviews, but I would not recommend it. 1Lets me clean the bottle nipplesWhat makes this bottle brush stand out to me is the suction-cup stand and the nipple-washing nib on the bottom.The sponge and brush work as well as the dollar store brush we had on hand, but the ability to stand it upright next to the sink to dry out between uses and the textured end for getting formula residue out of the nipple makes this one my go-to bottle brush.Warning to others- this brush did go bald fairly quickly (a couple months?) and cleaning up the bristles was a pain, but I think this was because of the way it's used in our house. My husband bends the brush to an angle in order to scrub and I bend the brush back to use it, so it got bent back and forth multiple times a day. We're replacing it with two- a Mom brush and a Dad brush to see if that improves it's longevityThe photos show our sad, naked bristle end (note the way the wires at the bottom have loosened entirely from the bending) and the FANTASTIC nipple washer. 5
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