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Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater with Humidifier, 1500-Watt

  • Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater with Humidifier, 1500-Watt
  • Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater with Humidifier, 1500-Watt

Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater with Humidifier, 1500-Watt

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Newly Engineered and Designed in USA with Advanced Dual Heating System. 1500W with High and Low Temperature Settings range 50 to 85 degree
  • Can heat up a large room with Dual Heating System: Infrared Quartz tube + PTC. Tip-over protection and Overheat protection. Electric Cord 72 Inches long. Amps- 12.5
  • Built-in humidifier produces a cool mist to add much needed humidity to dry, winter air
  • Material:Galvanized Steel
  • Can heat up a large room Dual Heating System: Infrared Quartz tube + PTC for 60% more heat than others. Rated around 5200 BTU.
  • Overheat and tip-over protection built-in with a 12 hour automatic shut-off timer
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Customer Reviews

So far really excellent :)I ordered 2 of these hoping to not use the 1970s baseboard heating in my apt, last winter it cost me way more than it should to heat this place. I was at first very hesitant because of space heaters rep of burning a place down, but I picked up 2 of these safety outlets as well Twin-Star TSR-01 Safer Socket Fire Prevention Plug, WhiteOn first using these, I was checking the wall and outlet often to make sure the old wiring in this place wasn't overheating and it was not (even with the safety plugs, better safe than sorry), I think part of the reason is that this heater has a nice heavy cord, not just a cheap lightweight cord (like the radiator heater I had tried last year, the cord on that was cheap and quickly overheated)I only used these while I was here at first and turned them off every time I left, I am finally comfortable enough to leave them on if I leave for a few hours and overnight.My place is around 900 sq feet and I have one of these in the living room and one at the end of the hallway by the bedrooms and between the 2 heaters if I set the thermostats at 68, it holds the temp dead on at 68. These will cycle on and off and only end up running a few min every hour, IF I leave them on all the time, if I turn them off and let it go cold they run a few hours until they get everything back up to temp. So far the lowest temp outside has been around 28 while using these and my place is fairly poorly insulated.As far as cost, I dont know yet havent had a bill with them as my primary heat source for a month & Ill update this when I do. With them cycling off and on as infrequently as they do and me not using 4 baseboard heaters like I would be I cant imagine it will be as expensive as using the inefficient baseboard heaters, we shall see.Like most folks I am impressed with the amount of heat these put out, I had tried a radiator heater (also 1500w) last winter to supplement and it cant even compare to this little box.Bottom line for me on a review is would someone buy it again..... I would soooo buy this again! 5Fake reviews, piece of crapUPDATE - I got a replacement just to make sure my unit is not a defective one. Fan still loud, about the same volume, very disruptive. Still does not maintain temperature, I left temperature at 68 degrees but after roughly 2 hrs the room was almost 80 degrees. I called their support and they confirmed it is by design the heater kicks on EVERY 5 minutes, it WILL run for about 30 secs while it tries to detect the temperature and if it is higher than the set temperature it will shut off. Guess what that means? You have a device pumping heat into the room EVERY 5 MINUTES, and unless your house is run down and there are gaps everywhere it WILL eventually overheat your room.Fan is as loud as hell, every time it kicks off or on there is a loud click. Fan is louder than my 3 years old honeywell space heater. When set in auto mode it kicks off and on every 5 minutes. It DOES NOT keep the temperature steady, the room was 78 degrees after 2 hrs of having preferred temperature set at 70. 1-14* REAL WORLD TEST UPDATE!!! Solid heater for a fair price!!!****UPDATE 03-03-2019***RAN OUT OF HEATING OIL!!! THE REAL TEST!!!!Yes, yes you read that right. I ran out of heating oil. The gauge got stuck and was reading incorrectly and well I ran out. Didn't realize it until the house started feeling chilly and I tried the thermostat and of course the oil furnace tried but just wouldn't fire.Here's the real craptastic deal it was -14* outside!!! So what to do what to do? I could've went to the gas station and bought 15 gallons of diesel to get by with until the fuel supplier could fill my tank, OR I could put these heaters to the test and save the run for diesel as a backup plan... You guessed it I put these heaters to the test!!!I turned up the heater in the living room to 75* and pulled the heater out of my bedroom and placed it at the far end if my hallway set on 75*. My house is what's referred to as a ranch style for visual of internal layout. Then I waited...The hallway of course was toasty fast, bedrooms warmed up in time to be cozy before the boys had to get up for school. My living room of course was toasty cozy warm and about the time I needed to get the boys up for school the kitchen was warm as well.For two days I heated my 1300 square foot 1974 vintage stick built no updates home with just two of these heaters and we were totally toasty cozy warm!!!! There living room heater didn't cycle a lot but it did cycle and we got by on electricity.My heating oil tank is now full and I've got a painful bill to pay but I'm feeling downright stoked with the knowledge that I can hear my home if that need arises again. Next project is to order up a new fuel gauge and swap that out.So there you are Amazon a real world test of two of these heaters in sub zero temps keeping my little ones and the rest of my family warm and cozy! Other than the mental knowledge of knowing we were without heat from the furnace no one but the wife knew until I told them what was going on.And yes I did actually go to the gas station the next day and bought 15 gallons of diesel just in case and put that in my heating oil tank. I ain't stupid and wasn't going to potentially compromise my families health and safety in the interest of an experiment.For my two heaters 10/5 stars and I hope Amazon keeps selling these and the quality stays at the least as good as my heaters are!!!!I wouldn't expect any more updates until these heaters give me an issue or crap the bed totally.Thanks for reading and I sincerely hope so my updates, initial review, and information I've shared along the way with my experiences with my heaters are helpful to more and more people!***END OF UPDATE********Update 11/11/2018***This heater is still going strong keeping the drafts out of the front room!It cycles as it should and has yet to give us any problems. As a matter of fact it's performed so well that I ordered up another for the colder bedroom just the other day! My thermostat definitely doesn't fire the oil furnace as often with that heater running and I'm really noticing the difference this winter already!I could go on but suffice it to say I really love this heater and it's performance has been at worst equal to my expectations but really after using it all this time it's been beyond my expectations! Putting my money where my mouth is my second one (paid full price etc just like this one) is slated to arrive tomorrow and I'll review that one after some use and update in the spring.***End of update****We ordered this heater for our living room in hopes of countering drafts and cutting our heating oil bill. We live in the cold North Midwest and staying warm for these California kids is pretty important. Add to that at 42 we've got another baby so coming into this passed winter we wanted to make sure everything was good and warm in our home.A little more background, our home was built in the early 70's and really hasn't had any major updates since. No dual paned windows etc and let's face it these older homes weren't exactly insulated to modern standards! The living room was drafty and you could feel the cold from across it especially if the wind was blowing. So enters the heater into our lives.Originally we bought a used infared heater that lasted about a month before it went TU. So the missus found this one on Amazon and read the reviews compared to others etc etc etc and we ordered it. To say we were pleased with it is an understatement! As winter got colder it continued to put the previous heater we had to shame! Gone were the drafts and the living room actually became a living room.We set it at 71* and left it there on auto. It cycled on and off as needed and actually ran less than the previous heater. It was fairly quiet and while I could hear it six feet away it was a mellow quiet noise of the fan not a loud obnoxious sound. I didn't have to turn up the TV any louder than my usual volume level. So noise was really a non issue.The housing itself is attractive, controls are intuitive, and the supplied remote was a nice touch. Heater doesn't take up a lot of room and the case/housing remains cool to the touch to the point of I can put a cold beer on it it really doesn't get warm any faster than setting on the counter. Obviously this is without warm air blowing directly onto it!The heat coming out of the heater wasn't hot so there is no risk of toddlers burning their fingers on the grill. Just a nice warm heat that does the job surprisingly well!My house furnace didn't cycle as much as normal and I believe my heating oil bill went down this passed winter. I didn't document just how much oil we used the previous and compare it to this last bit you get a feel after living in a house for so many years so you know. I didn't notice my electric bill increasing significantly either. Again I didn't compare the previous Winters bill with this last Winters but there was no surprise "oh crap!!!!" amounts. Electric bills seemed to be fairly normal.So after using this heater thru one winter I'm pretty dang happy with it. I'm not a financially wealthy man but I don't mind spending good money for a good product either providing it delivers my money's worth. I feel this heater was a solid buy and well worth what I paid for it. I don't regret the expense at all.If your familiar with my reviews you'll have noticed I try to give the good the bad and the ugly or indifferent and have no problem giving bad reviews even though I DISLIKE to. A bad review means I wasted money and didn't get my monies worth! This heater I feel it's a solid deal and delivers.The only negative I can think of is due to the location of my wall thermostat the bedrooms got a little cooler than normal thanks to the furnace not cycling as often. Never cold but cool.I can't think of anything else at the moment but should I or something happens with this heater that others should know about I'll be sure to update my review as time goes on.Thank you for your time and I hope this review helps someone out. If you find it helpful please vote to let Amazon know so we can try to weed out those worthless reviews that serve no good but take up room. If you don't find my review helpful please let Amazon know that too! If we don't provide feedback then we keep having to sort thru piles of junk reviews to find the few that actually give relevant information. 5Fantastic heater but i got a lemon fan "rattles"this heater works amazing! heats entire poorly insulated 35 foot RV, was freezing to death using oil filled heater, same wattage but omg this thing really throws out the heat,heats entire RV in freezing temps to 70F in minutes.. HOWEVER with that said i got a lemon in that fan "rattles",chatters, card on bike spokes effect that is quite maddening, bad bearing? and the way it cycles every 5 minutes the rattling got to be too much so im returning, heater functioned well despite the "rattling"..a few reviews had same complaint and said noise got better with use and some claimed it got worse,mine got worse in the 2 weeks i've used it the "rattling" got unbearable especially at night... amazon made the swap easy and mailed me a new unit and gave me 30 days to return faulty unit so i dont have to be cold until new arrives... very nice , i truly hope new unit doesnt have same problem because this heater otherwise is outstanding ...UPDATE new unit arrived and works flawlessly , fan is whisper quiet and unit performs excellent , thanks to amazon for such outstanding service in making it good. 4Pumps Out Heat, But Could Use Some Improvements!For the same electricity, 1500W as a Vornado or Delonghi space heater, this things pumps out a lot more heat. It does cost more than the previously mentioned heaters; however, the powerful blower pumps out heat pretty well. And there's a definite difference between this heater and the avg. space heater in terms of heat.With that said, there are some things that can be improved: first, the electronics on the unit seem like they're from the 1970's, definitely need to improve that and get it into the modern age. The temp gauge should be on the back, not front. Since it's on the front it shows a higher temp than it actually is since it's measuring the temp. in front of a working heater. Also, this thing is heavy and awkward to lug around, since they didn't put a handle on it. It weighs in at nearly 26 lbs.But when it comes to pumping out heat, you'd be hard pressed to find another space heater that pumps out as much heat, aside from dangerous kerosene/propane heaters. 5Very pleasedThis heater is great. If I put it on 73F for the night and its the only heat source I have right now {other than one other small heater in a closed room) my 2 story aprx 1200 sq ft house is very warm in the morning. I'm most comfortable with it at 68F. I have not had to put it over 74F yet and we have gotten down into the 30s. The filter is easy to clean and I try to clean it every few days due to having 1 dog, 3 cats and 4 guinea pigs. 5This heater is great and I highly recommend itThe heat from our furnace doesn't flow well into our daughters room. During the fall and winter month, it gets rather cold in there. I've been in search of a space heater that I felt was safe enough to operate in her room during the night while she sleeps. I've read countless reviews, research material, and fire statistics regarding the different types of space heaters. From what I could find, infrared heaters seem to be one of the safest. Now look, there is not a single space heater on the market that can say it's 100% safe--it's impossible. Anything that is using electricity and generating heat has the potential to start a fire, it's as simple as that. You prevent fires by reading the instruction manual and using the unit properly. Most fires created by space heaters are due to user error--combustible material too close to the heat exhaust, constricting the air intake, or using the improper electrical receptacle (power strips, surge protectors, splitter, etc). In fact, if you browse through the negative reviews on Amazon that have pictures, the majority of them are due to people plugging them into improper electrical receptacles. People, read the instruction manual! It clearly states that you must plug the unit directly into a wall outlet! I keep seeing pictures of melted splitter's and power strips that have started on fire. Those devices are typically not rated for that much power and will start on fire--don't take that chance.Enough of my rant. This heater is great and I highly recommend it. I put it in the door way facing into my daughter room and leave it running all night without any issues. I set it to the desired temperature, set it to auto mode, and the heater cycles on and off to maintain that temperature. This heater is extremely quiet, my wife and I can hardly hear it from our room which is right across the hall. The only part of this unit to get hot to the touch is the metal grate where the heat comes out of--this was obviously expected because well...heat comes out of it. I have read reviews where people are complaining about how this part of the unit gets hot--those people need to be slapped. Very hot air exhausts from this part of the heater, of course it's going to be hot! Nonetheless, this little heater heats the room so well and keeps it warm all night. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one of these. 5Dr. Heater 3 year Warranty With RemoteI purchased two of these items after reading all the reviews and found them very reliable. After just receiving the item after they sent it to the wrong state. I finally got the package in the today with UPS unpacked it read the directions and I'm very, very pleased with the items that I purchased on Dr.Heater. It'll be most interesting to look at the cost of my Heating bill versus Dr. Heater next month. I am getting familiar with my new heater especially with the timers set forth . The heater looks just like the one pictured and goes well with our d cor . The heater is on easy moving caster wheels . Be sure to write down the Serial Number as well as your model number before you turn on the heaters .I bought two of these and am sorry I didn't buy more for my children. But being retired and just after Christmas and having 14 grandchildren who can afford it right now ? lol So I am just glad I thought of ourselves first . After comparing many of the models for sale to do similar stuff, I am extremely Happy with the purchase made with Amazon and Dr. Heater . You don't necessarily need to use the remote to operate the heater in case you were wondering .If by chace you have a problem call the number on the top of the heater for help: 1-800-317-1688. or email:Service@drheaterusa.com 5Junk !! I am an Electrician. Chinese junk. 1 out of 4 I purchased worked for more than 5 hours.Junk !! I am an Electrician. Chinese junk. 1 out of 4 I purchased worked for more than 5 hours.The open faced radiant quartz infrared heaters that are not all boxed up heat the best!!If you cannot see the quartz infrared heating element it cannot heat as well.EXAMPLE IS A Comfort Zone Radiant Quartz Tower Heater. buy that !! 1Stopped working after 2 weeksIt worked great for 2 weeks. And then it stopped working. I called the 1-800 number on the heater. The person who answered the phone diagnosed the problem as the front circuit board. She said she'd mail a new circuit board to me with instructions. Her readiness to send a circuit board and instructions worried me; this is probably not an uncommon problem. The circuit board arrived with no instructions. I called again and she emailed me the instructions. The instructions were not very helpful, but I figured it out and did the replacement. The heater comes on now, but that's all the functionality it has. I can't set the thermostat. So, it runs and runs and runs until we turn it off. You can get heaters with that functionality for a lot less money -- and without having to take it completely apart to replace a circuit board. 1
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