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Dyson Clutch, with Belt Dc07 Dc14 Dc33

  • Dyson Clutch, with Belt Dc07 Dc14 Dc33

Dyson Clutch, with Belt Dc07 Dc14 Dc33

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • This is an O.E.M. authorized part
  • Fits various Dyson models
  • OEM Part Number 900252-04
  • This is a Bissell replacement part
  • Part Number 900252-04
  • This is an O.E.M. part
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Customer Reviews

Semi Easy Fix That Saved $My Dyson DC14 was having issues with the brush not having much power and I was told by a local vacuum shop it was likely the clutch assembly. They quoted me $110 to fix it and I decided to try it myself. The disassembly was easy but I did need to buy a torx screwdriver. I was amazed how stretched the old belt was that connects to the motor (see pic). What s nice is the new clutch assembly also includes the belt that drives the brush so it s a good tune up all around. The new belts are really tight and it took some mojo to get both of them connected. All in all took me about 45 minutes and my dyson is running like new again! 5OEM Replacement Clutch Is Stellar And Is Easy To InstallSo I had an issue with my brush bar not turning when I would put the slightest pressure on it. After doing some research on YouTube and reading some great reviews and tips on Amazon, I decided to spend the $24.99 and order a new OEM Dyson DC 14 clutch that came with both belts. After taking me 20 minutes to install it and put it back together it worked like a charm and I'm very pleased with the money I saved with taking it to the repair shop or in buying a new vacuum cleaner because I love my Dyson. I have included a pic of a bad clutch and you can notice the Black melted belt on the clutch that is supposed to be white. I also opted out of buying the belt stretch install tool to see if I could do it myself and it worked by just using a large screw driver to get a hold of the brush bar belt and with a little of muscle and patience got it around the brush bar grove. I couldn't believe how stretched my old belts were from the old clutch. They had stretched out to almost twice the size of my new belts over the course of the 12 years I have had my Dyson so I have gotten a lot of life from her. I also realized that there is more cleaning maintenance then just cleaning the brush bar when it get full of carpet and dog hair. I would advise you to disassemble the brush bar ends and rod that inserts in the middle because I found a lot more dog hair in there as well which restricts the clutch and motor thus putting more unnecessary wear on your Dyson. I hope this review helps someone else in the future. 5Great replacement part, but why did I need to replace it in the first place?Product completely repaired my Dyson vacuum beater-bar problem. Getting the thing apart and back together is an act of faith because all the plastic parts just snap together (there are three screws holding this and it's cover on). This means that you need to force a bunch of plastic parts to snap together, which is nerve-racking that you are going to break something. YouTube videos are great for this, BTW. My reason for not giving this five stars is because I am afraid it will just break again as it's a poor design to connect the motor to the beater through a clutch. 4New Genuine PartFast delivery on a new in box genuine clutch and belt assembly, you need a T15 screwdriver to install (Not supplied so get your own before you attempt replacement) had the new part installed in about ten minutes. Use this youtube video "How To Change A Dyson DC07 Clutch Assembly - A Quick And Easy Repair" Happy repairing! 5Even I can fix my vacuumwell worth the expense, didn't realize how stretched the two old belts were on my dc14. Watch the you tube video "How to repair a dyson dc 07. dc 14 and dc 33" The gentleman KNOWS what he's talking about and you can fix it with his clear instructions. $50. worth of parts (including the removal tool and a new rotating brush assembly) and I have a like new vacuum. It's plug and end of cord no longer get warm to touch which means the old parts were putting quite a strain on the electric motor, pulling too many amps. I am very happy, glad I didn't take it to a repair shop. 5Tip: Buy the belt toolEasy to replace after watching YouTube videos and making sure you have the correct torx screwdriver. I'd also recommend buying the belt tool to save time and skin off your knuckles.Make sure your brush bar spins FREELY. After replacing the clutch my vacuum made loud clicking noises. Found out it was my brush bar. The end caps come straight out and I found a bunch of hair spooled around the end caps and around the rod itself. Simply cleaning this part up fixed up my brush bar without having to buy a new brush bar. 5Difficult installation, but worth itOur Dyson DC07 Animal had stopped cleaning carpets well, the brush roll wasn't turning anymore, so I got this to replace the clutch and belts.Removing the old one was relatively easy. There are some hard-to-reach screws to undo, but overall it wasn't too bad.Installing the new one was straightforward, until the time came to put the last belt over the brush roll. That took about 15 minutes of wrestling! The brand new belts are much tighter than the 15-year-old ones I removed, so it took a lot of patience to get it to work. I would highly recommend having a very long screwdriver on hand to use for leverage to pull the belt out enough to shove the brush roll under. 5Check the belt size firstLong story short, always make sure you have the right part, oh they sent me the right clutch assembly, but they had the wrong belt inside the darn thing. Thinking they knew what they was doing I busted my buckles getting it all installed and the wrong belt was too damn tight and would not turn, the brush was a new one also, so I look at the numbers on the belts and love and behold the replacement is the next size down in numbers. With all that aggravation I throwed the whole thing in the garbage 1Make your old Dyson like new again!Put this in my DC14. This is the 1st servicing my DC14 has had - and its about 12 years old. It was screaming when running, and I had noticed for a while that the plug was warm when I unplugged it after vacuuming. I replaced this, and it worked fine! The plug is no longer warm, so its draining less electricity - which is great! Its cleaning better (I did also replace the brush - well worth doing!) and it doesnt scream at me any more.Its a fairly easy job to fix this. You will need a "star" screwdriver, but that will only set you back 4 or 5 bucks. If you are not sure, search on you tube - I got a great video that showed me exactly how to do it in under five minutes! Honestly, it took me about half an hour, but the person in the video did it in under five minutes! 5No More GrindingOur DC07 was making a loud grinding noise so I decided to do some research on what it was and how to go about repairing the problem. After several articles consensus all agreed that the clutch was the issue. It wasn't difficult to remove and install after watching several tutorials on YouTube. Just make sure you have the right tools to complete the job. You will need a long T15 screwdriver to remove the clutch cover plate & the belt removal kit which can be purchased from the same seller. Overall we're happy with our purchase. We also purchased a new roller brush assembly to replace it all at once. No more grinding noise & unit feels good as new. 5
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