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Eclipse Kendall Solid Blackout Window Curtains For Bedroom (Single Panel), 42" X 63", Ivory

  • Eclipse Kendall Solid Blackout Window Curtains For Bedroom (Single Panel), 42" X 63", Ivory
  • Eclipse Kendall Solid Blackout Window Curtains For Bedroom (Single Panel), 42" X 63", Ivory
  • Eclipse Kendall Solid Blackout Window Curtains For Bedroom (Single Panel), 42" X 63", Ivory
  • Eclipse Kendall Solid Blackout Window Curtains For Bedroom (Single Panel), 42" X 63", Ivory
  • Eclipse Kendall Solid Blackout Window Curtains For Bedroom (Single Panel), 42" X 63", Ivory
  • Eclipse Kendall Solid Blackout Window Curtains For Bedroom (Single Panel), 42" X 63", Ivory

Eclipse Kendall Solid Blackout Window Curtains For Bedroom (Single Panel), 42" X 63", Ivory

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 14 Days Return

  • Sold as single panel
  • Blocks over 99% of light compared to ordinary curtains
  • Reduces unwanted noise
  • Easy care, machine washable
  • Curtain rod sold separately
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Customer Reviews

NOT thermal or energy saving!!I have used Eclipse brand, for nine years. So when I needed drafty windows covered, from the extreme cold we're having I did not hesitate to purchase again. But these are AWFUL! Hung them last night, when they arrived and you can see the sun coming through so easily(1st window is my good eclipse thermals, 2nd is these I'm reviewing), how are they energy saving or thermal? I may have to return! 1Ok quality but worked great for my DIY projectWe were redecorating our daughter's room and she wanted (super expensive and chronically out of stock) curtain panels with tassel edging. I decided to make my own, all I needed was a pair of white blackout panels and my own tassel edging, which I purchased online. Amazon had the best pricing on the panels that I could find anywhere so I ordered.Received the panels and washed them. The label says hang dry so I did so, and when they were dry they felt crazy stiff and still had all of the folding seams from the package in them. I hate ironing so I put them in the wrinkle cycle in my dryer for 20 minutes per panel. What I noticed is that doing this seemed to help soften them up (especially the blackout backing). I hung them back up and waited for the tassels to arrive (took about 2 weeks, from overseas).I finally sewed them on yesterday and they turned out super cute! Daughter was super happy with them. I ended up making them for around $15/panel (vs $40 per panel in stores).For people complaining that they weren't full blackout, they really are but you have to remember that since they are white, the light will reflect and you will still see brightness. (The same way as you see brightness through blinds. The light doesn't come through the actual blind slats, but you can still see brightness by reflection). 4Just bought more! Their great!Bought these for my daughter 3 years ago, and they have been awesome. Got her the pool color which is a gorgeous Tiffany blue. Originally it was hard to iron wrinkles out because it says to only use a warm iron which only faded the most drastic folds, but within a few weeks they hung perfectly and no wrinkles at all, so give it time if your concerned. They are definitely room darkening which is what I wanted. It doesn t make the room like midnight or anything, but I didn t want that. The fabric is a nice stiff formal looking quality, and it s coated on the underside in a white layer. So the front and back are not the same colors. I love that because from the outside of my house it s just a nice white color and not bright blue. This coating also keeps the summer heat from penetrating her room, and she has 2 windows that get direct sunlight. Loved these so much I just bought several more panels to do my babies room in white. Once again, ironing only helped the most drastic folds, but I expect it will be perfect in no time. The white are true white, thankfully! They don t seem to darken the room quite as much as the colored ones, but it s still a HUGE difference from having nothing. They all came in the exact same length, I ve had problems with curtains in the past being unevenly hanging at the bottom from poor cuts and measurements on the manufacturers end. Not so with these! They seem to be very well made and hold up very well over time, even with a toddler always hanging on them or pulling them. 5Not at all blackout... I wouldn't even say "room darkening" I really wanted these to work. People's reviews said they weren't blackout, but I thought, well maybe their expectations were way higher than mine. But the reviews aren't lying... These are barely room darkening... 2Do NOT wash in your washer!!I bought these curtains so that I could hang them outside on my screened in balcony. The color is exactly as shown and they do well with blocking a good portion of the light. These curtains worked great for my balcony, but after 6 months they became filthy and needed to be washed. That's where everything went to crap!!The tag says to wash on cold in a gentle cycle which is exactly what I did. When I went to pull the curtains out of the washer, the backing was stuck all on the walls of my very expensive new washer as well as stuck to each other. I am LIVID about my machine more than these crap curtains.I have included pictures of the curtains. 2Perfect!!The color is perfect, as is advertised!! We put them in the dryer on low setting to get the (shipping) wrinkles out and they drape so nicely. Remember they come with one panel. They don't black out the room but I didn't expect it to. There's just enough light that the room is darker for sure but you can see. I do know that the lighter the color the less black out there is.. something to keep in mind. Would recommend to anyone especially at this price. LOVE THEM!!!! 5Does not darken the room.I have Eclipse curtains in every bedroom in my house, but these do not work like the others I have purchased, even though they are the same color and (supposedly) model. When they arrived, they were in plastic bags in an Amazon box and had no indication that they were the Eclipse brand. The color is perfect, and they feel the same as the others, but I found out after I hung them that they do not darken the room or block the light at all. I would have returned them, but I didn t hang them up until a few months after I purchased them because we are using them in the nursery and were in the process of painting and redecorating it. So it was too late to return them by the time I found out they were not the correct product. Eclipse brand is great, but I doubt these are actually Eclipse based on how different they are from the others I already own. The picture is taken at 7:30 am in early spring with no lights on in the room, so the room gets brighter later in the day. 2I think they meant to say blocks out 1%, let's in 99%.Blackout huh? "Block out 99% of light" huh? Look at the picture. Nuff said. Looks like more than 1% to me..... 1Realistic expectations make for happy customers!I love these drapes for the price. I have eclipse drapes all through my house and they are great. They do work very well at keeping out cold (my primary use) and light, and depending on the style and fabric type, they can be very beautiful. There is a huge selection of fabrics and textures tho, so unless you're familiar with the brand, internet shopping may leave you disappointed.PRO TIPS:1. You will not get a full blackout effect if you have a 42 inch window with a single 42 inch wide panel. It just won't happen folks, so stop complaining about it. Get one panel more than you think you need, just to be safe.2. If you can, use darker colors. I have the black panels (in a different texture) in my bedroom and while there are what seem like tiny pinpricks of light showing through the textured fabric, it is LITERALLY night and day difference between these and normal curtains.White curtains will never be full blackout curtains at this price point, just accept that.3. Mount these using wrap around curtain rods. This means no cracks of light at the window edges. You would think that would be a no-brainer, but obviously there are people who need to be told this.Overall, just don't be unnecessarily finnicky about single panel curtains in the $6-$10 range, and you'll be happy with the results. If you need perfect darkness, you're going to either spend more money, lower your expectations, or move to Tromso, Norway. 4Ordered the Coral color and the Raspberry color and hung ...Ordered the Coral color and the Raspberry color and hung them side by side the coral is more of a peach color to it, the darker colors seem to block out more of the light than the lighter colors. The photo below is of Raspberry& Coral with the lights off on the left and with the lights on the right to show colors. Also I have blinds behind the curtains, the curtains don't block the light but minimize the light exposure to the room which also helped with lowering maybe 2 degrees on temp when I tested it with thermometer in bedroom. The manufactured photo looks a light pink but the coral color is more peach to it. 3
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