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Elaine Karen Deluxe Collection Clear Heavy Duty Tablecloth Protector, Oblong 60" X 90"

  • Elaine Karen Deluxe Collection Clear Heavy Duty Tablecloth Protector, Oblong 60" X 90"
  • Elaine Karen Deluxe Collection Clear Heavy Duty Tablecloth Protector, Oblong 60" X 90"

Elaine Karen Deluxe Collection Clear Heavy Duty Tablecloth Protector, Oblong 60" X 90"

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Heavy Duty Vinyl Tablecloth Protector
  • Oblong 60" X 90"
  • Protects your table from stains and damages
  • White Hemmed Border
  • Easy care, Wipe clean with damp cloth
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Customer Reviews

low grade tablecloth protection.Originally 3 years ago I gave this product a 4 star review. Now 3 years later I honestly can't believe how bad the quality has gotten (same with everything I buy nowadays though). I have a young son and yes he tears through these things but the first time I bought this it was pretty heavy gauge plastic. 2 purchases and 3 years later it's a flimsy piece of plastic. Compared to the ones you bought 10 years ago, there is no comparison.Plus as other reviewers have pointed out it comes with a white powder all over, possibly to keep it from sticking and is no longer a very clear plastic, more of a matte. Nothing better here than the same junk the retailers sell. I'm done with this brand 2First love this table clothFirst love this table cloth, however, my 4 rating is due to have wrinkled this product is when you unpack it. if you have the patience and have a heat gun, then the wrinkles will come out, be very careful, it is plastic after all, however, this tablecloth does the trick, it is thick enough to protect your table, because it is clear, you can still your pretty colors underneath if you place it over an existing tablecloth, we love this, mainly because it does not move around, it stays in place, it protects which we why we bought it, and we would not take it away for any reason, the only reason i cannot give a 5 is because of the wrinkles , other than that i recommend it. 4READ MY REVIEWThis is a very nice protector. I wish I would ordered a size bigger though. The dimensions of the protector are right on, just wish I would have gone one size up. For those who are complaining of creases in the plastic, I have a simple solution. Being one who frequently thinks "outside the box", I came up with this. AFTER you have placed the protector on your table OVER your tablecloth, take your HAIRDRYER on the hot setting and run it over your protector, smoothing it as you go. Just don't get it too close. No more creases! 5The perfect protectorI have purchased tablecloth protectors, before, but none were as substantial as this one. It hugs my tablecloth, as if they were a single unit. It wipes clean and doesn't get cloudy . It also doesn't stain. 5Good cloth for basic use and for under formal linensI got this so that my friends don't ruin my vintage table (with the sensitive, vintage finish) with food and drink when I host game-night. It's not a super-fancy tablecloth but it is sturdy enough that it hasn't torn easily. The finished edge is a nice touch, too. If you are looking for something fancy to keep out on your table all the time, this is a bit plain for that, and while it's not flimsy, it's not a heavy vinyl, either. However, if you just need a good water-repellent tablecloth that will hold up to being put down and taken off again for games and things, this one seems to be doing well. I don't feel as though I'm going to tear it either using it or moving it. I put a more decorative cloth underneath for insulation for hot drinks and plates. Any cloth that's not flannel-lined or padded will need that sort of extra layer if your table is antique/vintage/persnickety.Since this clear tablecloth isn't too thick or heavy, it would also do well underneath a decorative tablecloth you might prefer to use for a more formal dinner. It won't get in the way of the drape of your formal linens, but it will keep the table protected from any spills that might happen.Oh! One more thing. Keep the shape in mind when you order. A "round" cloth is a big circle. An "oblong" cloth is a rectangle. The "oval" cloth is *very* rounded on the corners and is meant for oval tables or round tables with leaves added in the middle (making them oval tables). If you have a round table (no leaves) the oblong cloth will be short on two sides, long on the other two sides, and will have long points at the corners. The oval cloth on a round table will be rather short on two sides. If you have a rectangular table, the oval cloth will be very short at the corners of your table and might not cover it completely. If you have an oval table, the oblong cloth will have very long points where the corners of the cloth drape down. Make sure you're getting the right cloth for the coverage you need and the shape of your table. 5If you must...The wrinkles make this an eyesore. I feel it is overpriced a little bit. Think disposable raincoat. Sticky things are hard to get off of it due to flimsiness. 5 months later, the wrinkles are less but stillllll there....Glass and thick plastic is costly but I ve had shower curtains that would work better than this.This is on a table that s rarely used. When I decide to use it more I will be replacing this for sure.Best use is for outdoor or one time events where you need something large but might not be able to find it anywhere else. It has its place, just not in the house for daily use. 3Great product.I have been buying this product for years now. I have an older table, that seats 10 and I wanted extra protection from my kids. I have 10 kids and 2 dogs. With that said , the kitchen table is where someone is always at. I love this table cloth. It is so durable and can stand up to so much! The only reason I ever had to replace is someone always gets glue, or accidently cuts with scissors or the dog pulled the corner and decided to chew up :(.. I realize my household is so much rougher than expected! lol.. When needed I will always buy this product, it does what it says by protection and it is truly a very heavy duty protector! I haven't found anything like it yet. I would definitely recommend this product . 5Not the same thickness & quality as same from previous orderI "reordered" these this month using the link within my past orders (buy again), only to receive a cheap version in a different brand that is NOT the same quality as advertised or that I previously purchased. The bag the tablecloth protectors come in is about the same or stronger quality. I'm going to send these back and get the Benson Hills brand for almost the same $$.I've attached photos showing the front and back of the items I received(#1&2), the item compared to the bag it's packaged in (#3-very similar consistency), and a comparison to what I received previously (#4) which shows the new item (thread edging on the top in the photo with my fingers under it) compared to the previous item (thicker stitching on thicker vinyl near my thumb).It's very difficult to show in the photo, the comparison of the vinyl thickness, but I would say what I recently received is 25% to 50% as thick as a previous order with amazon.I'm going to order Benson Mills brand instead. 2Clear sturdy tableclothI have been searching for a light clear tablecloth to protect my cloth from spills and stains. This one came rather quick and is decently priced. It is light and sturdy. I have had it now for about two months and i just clean it using a paper towel and Windex. One key issue make sure not to place anything too hot or spill nail polish remover because it will change the consistency of the cloth. So far its lasting well , wiped down everyday. I have not placed it in the washing machine so im not sure how durable it is but there are no weird plastiky smell and thats what matters most to me. Other then that its a great buy and i am deff getting my usage out of it everyday 4RecommendedI have four kids, so you can only imagine how difficult it can be fore me to keep a table in any sort of reasonable condition. This really helps managing the insanity.When it arrived, I had to unfold it from a square package. As a result, there were thick folding lines in the cover for several days. Eventually, these did settle, but it took a longer time than I had anticipated. This said, if you are going to use the cover for an event, purchase it a few days in advance.Finally, I wish it was just a little larger. It measures evenly with my table cloth. However, that means the slightest bit of shifting can uncover a corner. Four kids means LOTS of shifting, so I wish the cover had extra length on each side. However, that I a personal preference.Overall, I recommend this product. It works to protect your tablecloth and wipes clean, with ease. 4
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