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Emerson CF713BS Pro Series Energy Star 50-inch Dual Mount Ceiling Fan with Reversible Blades, 5-Blade Ceiling Fan with LED Lighting

  • Emerson CF713BS Pro Series Energy Star 50-inch Dual Mount Ceiling Fan with Reversible Blades, 5-Blade Ceiling Fan with LED Lighting

Emerson CF713BS Pro Series Energy Star 50-inch Dual Mount Ceiling Fan with Reversible Blades, 5-Blade Ceiling Fan with LED Lighting

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Dependable 188 mm x 20 mm motor and 12-degree blade pitch for good airflow make it a favorite among contractors and electricians for ceiling fans with lights
  • Energy Star rated ceiling fan offers superior energy efficiency and cost savings
  • Versatile fan features a dual-mount design for a choice of close-to-ceiling or downrod installation; removable light fixture can be replaced with switch cover for fan-only option
  • Reversible blades let you choose between dark cherry and mahogany finishes; both finishes effortlessly complement the fan's brushed steel housing and alabaster swirl glass
  • Easy-to-assemble fan features an easy-install mounting bracket and precision-lock blade arms with pre-attached screws for quick and easy assembly of blades
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Customer Reviews

Cant go wrong. We ordered this fan to replace a less expensive to learn that spending a little more is well worth it. The fan was easy to install , the instructions were simple and easy to follow and it is whisper quite. I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 due to the plastic clips for the pull chain. They easy break if your'e not careful, We tried to install a universal remote as others have done from reading their reviews. Well, on this one, it didn't work out too good. I contacted the manufacturer to find out if there was a recommended remote for this unit and we were informed that a remote control should Not be installed. That it could void the warranty. Overall, we are happy with the fan. 4Attractive Fan With A Few Drawbacks I had one of these fans installed in my master bedroom and after 10 years the bearings were going bad. I thought that seemed a little soon since the fan is only used about half the time (I know they don't make things like they used to anymore) but I like the color and style and was happy to find that it is still in production and relatively cheap so I ordered one after trying to oil mine to no avail. The first one I got had some dirt in the paint in places and I could not balance it for anything (I didn't try the balancing kit) so I ordered another and will return the first one with Amazon's superb return policy. The second fan had a much better paint job, but I have the same problem balancing it. This one just has a very slight wobble on high. For some strange reason, I cannot get 2 of the 4 screws to tighten fully into the hanging bracket which I had the same issue on the first fan and also on the original one after I took it down and oiled it. The 2 screws that the ceiling cover hangs on will tighten flush to the cover, but the other 2 will only tighten partially and then they just won't turn any farther thus keeping the fan from being fully locked in place. I am 99% sure this is the reason the fan wobbles but I don't know how to fix it. When I take the fan down I can get all 4 screws to fully thread into the bracket, when the fan is hanging on the bracket, only 2 of them will fully thread in. Very frustrating.UPDATE: My father was able to get the other two screws to thread into the bracket fully with some effort (I guess he is stronger than I am). The fan still has a slight wobble but it is only very slight on the highest speed. There is some slight chain movement on Medium but no perceptible wobble of the fan. I did try the balancing kit and it helped but I could see the weights on the top of the blades from the floor so I took them off. It seems to have gotten a little better over time (maybe I'm just getting used to it) but I can definitely live with it. 4no step by step installation instruction. How to install it? I bought three and installed them by myself. Over all it is good. Due to the poor instruction, the first one cost 2 days including reviewing other video for other model and read the instruction from Home Depot <>. The second/third one installation cost only 1.5 hr. it is quit and smooth. I am using 3 13W led normal base bulbs. So, it make the room very bright.Good:1. Four regular (media base) bulbs; they can be each 23 W (led) Equivalent 100W. So total 400W bright!!! no other fan has 4 bulbs with the media base. This is a major advantage. It cost me a 6 months to find this fan.2 Very quite! I bought other brand (more expensive) and it looks more nice but produced a noise from motor or electronical part so it ends with a return.Problems:1) The installation instruction has no step by step. On the web no video for this brand's installation.2) The instruction has not mentioned 2 switches situation.So, The installation instruction should be modified.3) The ceiling cover is not able to cover the ceiling totally (leave a small gap between the cover and ceiling);4) Four screws appeared on the ceiling cover. These two problems 3)4) made the fan looks cheaper. 5Light years above in quality compared to what you can get at your local Home Improvement or other Big Box for more money. Install was easy, no problems. Light years above in quality compared to what you can get at your local Home Improvement or other Big Box for more money. No noise, no wobbles - it just works which is what I want. Speeds and air flow seem adequate for my needs and where it is installed which is on a sloped ceiling in the living room. No - you do not need to buy any extra pieces to install on a standard slope. The only thing I would consider is going with the 18" down rod in the future. Pre-balanced package of blades as well. Fan is a great value and bargain for the money. Outer box from Amazon was messed up a bit - the box the fan arrived in was perfect so absolutely no complaints. Will buy this brand again - if need be. 5not for high or angled ceilings, must use a remote control, otherwise exceptional This fan uses a very rare 1/2" downpipe, not the usual 3/4". Ceiling fans should be mounted so that the blades are about 7' off the floor, so tall ceilings require the use of an additional downpipe. I could not find a 1/2" one anywhere. Emerson supposedly has them for about $50 (for 3/4" ones it's less than ten bucks), but I could not obtain one, plus that's 3/4 of the price of the entire fan. I was finally able to jury-rig an adapter, but it was a lot of work and it doesn't look good.I ordered a 50" white fan (I verified this again from my list of orders); I got about 42" in bronze. The image and title on the factory sealed box said 50" bronze, an Amazon sticker claimed it was 50" white. Other than the wrong color, the smaller blades move less air. By the time I discovered the true configuration, I was desperate to install it so I kept it. This fan is designed and priced to be attractive to contractors and builders. Many do not care if the fan is too high; the customer is just looking for a pretty fan that turns. It is supposed to be easy to install quickly. But even if you use the included rod that is too short for taller ceilings or flush mount it, there are two other problems. My vaulted ceiling is at a steep angle, which means the included mount won't work, once again, you need Emerson's extra kit. If it were a standard size rod, then an $8 3/4" base solves that problem. Finally, the way the fan pull chain exits the light simply does not work--it jams in place so the chain cannot be pulled. Also, every time you change light bulb you have to thread it through a very tiny hole, while simultaneously threading the fan chain through the nut, positioning the bowl, and tightening the nut. You also cannot let the chain touch any of the three bulbs. This is almost impossible to do. I had to route it outside the light glass, where it is dangerous to pull it it if the blades are moving. However, I also installed a generic remote control, so I don't need to change the speed switch and thread the chain.Other than these issues, it is relatively light and quick to install.DESIGN AND EASE OF INSTALLATION SUMMARY= ONE *.Performance--with the smaller blade, it barely moves enough air (although the amount is typical for cheaper fans). Most users have not experienced a high performance air flow, so this might not matter so much, especially for smaller rooms. However, it it absolutely silent, even on high, and does not vibrate or wobble at all. This is exceptional as all but the best fans usually have a problem here.PERFORMANCE RATING- 4 ****.VALUE- 5 *****. "Lifetime warranty" on motor (does not turn at high speeds, so motor is not stressed). It looks nice, too.In my case, I had to spend extra for the needed parts, plus spend a lot of time coming up with how to successfully install it. It would have saved money and time to have bought the next better Emerson model that does not have any of these drawbacks (that costs about $100-150 more, without remote). I would not consider buying any other brand, just a different model (I have purchased a dozen different brands over the years). But if you buy a remote, install it on a flat ceiling that is average height or flush mount it, you'll get a bargain. Just order the standard 52" bronze, or you may be surprised. 3... we had replaced our fan last year with this fantastic model. It's super quiet I only wish we had replaced our fan last year with this fantastic model. It's super quiet, distributes a great deal of air even on medium, the lights can be set on/off in multiple variations for the four bulb layout, and was incredibly easy to install. We added a universal remote system to it and made the unit even more user friendly for just $30.I would eagerly buy this unit again for any additional rooms that might need one! 5Installed like a breeze This was my first Emerson fan install. 95% of the fans I install are Hunter or Hampton Bay so I was a bit unsure about this one but the customer wanted it. Installed like a breeze. A bit more cumbersome than the other brands but nothing out of the ordinary. Very similar process. Great looking fan and quiet. Like it. Nice purchase. Would definitely get it again for someone who wants an all white fan that can be mounted all three ways. 5I'm a fan of this fan! I got tired of getting the POS fans they sell at the local Home Depot and decided to splurge for one of these. I'm glad I did! The fan is extremely quiet, no wobble, and moves a lot of air. Also, the four lights are selectable to use only two at a time, very nice when you don't need to be blinded by the light. Highly recommended. 5Missing parts that Emerson won't provide, poor customer service The fan installed relatively easily, and works well. The problem is, the pull chains that come attached to the unit are very short, and if you have a 9 foot ceiling as I do, many people cannot reach them. Emerson provides pendants to hang on the chains, and couplers to link two pieces of chain together, but even though the instructions tell you to link the pieces together to hand the pendants, the additional chain pieces are not included. I called Carroll Parts, which provides parts and technical support, and they had a very quick answer - go buy extra chain somewhere, Emerson doesn't provide it. When I explained that I'm not looking for "extra" chain, but what is merely in the instructions, he didn't care, same answer. Poor service, missing pieces, not a great experience here. 1Great Fan, Needed No Balancing. Quiet, Perfect on Initial Install. Fan is GREAT! Now, I'm not sure about those saying it took "5 minutes" to install - I'd love to see that.. It takes about 10 minutes to remove the old fan, alone.. Assembling the blades will also take about 5-10 minutes. Anyway, the installation was very easy, considering this was a replacement fan and not a first-time install. I'm not going to rate the fan on installation though because it's pretty much like any other ceiling fan. I gave it 4 stars because it fired up perfectly after install - no wobble, no noise, nothing. It comes with a shim kit in case it isn't balanced but mine was perfect from the get-go. I took off one star because one of the screws was stripped and I couldn't actually screw it in. It was one of the screws that attaches the aluminum dome to the ceiling (the part that actually touches the ceiling. It came screwed in but after removing it (necessary) and screwing it back in, it was stripped. Granted - I must have had it misaligned and forced it but still, I wasn't applying too much pressure and it really shouldn't have stripped so easily. Otherwise, I love it. 4
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