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eTopxizu Computer RGB LED Light Strip with Remote Control,RGB LED Light Flexible Lamp Strip DC 12V for PC Computer Case

  • eTopxizu Computer RGB LED Light Strip with Remote Control,RGB LED Light Flexible Lamp Strip DC 12V for PC Computer Case
  • eTopxizu Computer RGB LED Light Strip with Remote Control,RGB LED Light Flexible Lamp Strip DC 12V for PC Computer Case
  • eTopxizu Computer RGB LED Light Strip with Remote Control,RGB LED Light Flexible Lamp Strip DC 12V for PC Computer Case
  • eTopxizu Computer RGB LED Light Strip with Remote Control,RGB LED Light Flexible Lamp Strip DC 12V for PC Computer Case
  • eTopxizu Computer RGB LED Light Strip with Remote Control,RGB LED Light Flexible Lamp Strip DC 12V for PC Computer Case
  • eTopxizu Computer RGB LED Light Strip with Remote Control,RGB LED Light Flexible Lamp Strip DC 12V for PC Computer Case
  • eTopxizu Computer RGB LED Light Strip with Remote Control,RGB LED Light Flexible Lamp Strip DC 12V for PC Computer Case
  • eTopxizu Computer RGB LED Light Strip with Remote Control,RGB LED Light Flexible Lamp Strip DC 12V for PC Computer Case
  • eTopxizu Computer RGB LED Light Strip with Remote Control,RGB LED Light Flexible Lamp Strip DC 12V for PC Computer Case

eTopxizu Computer RGB LED Light Strip with Remote Control,RGB LED Light Flexible Lamp Strip DC 12V for PC Computer Case

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • [Computer Case LED Strip]5050 RGB LED strip light with total 40leds,specially designed for Computer case lighting .The comfortable lighting effect can relieve your eye fatigue, wonderful visual experience and enjoy your mood.
  • [Easy Installation]All In One Kit, Plug & Play, self-adhesive tape can be fit on any dry and flat surface., Led rope lights can be cut between every 3 leds., You can cut along the cutting line according to the length you need,Save your time and cost
  • [Multi-Color & DIY]The color of the light changes fascinatingly with wireless Led Controller, You can change the color, the brightness intensity and the speed you want.DIY selection and multiple dynamic modes to create your great led mood lighting.
  • [Package Content]2 x 1 Ft 5050 RGB LED Strip ,1 x SATA Connector Cable ,1 x 24 key Remote Controller ,1 x IR control box ,1 x 4-pin extension cable ,1 x User Manual
  • [Reliable Guarantee]18 months no worry warranty for our products, just contact us if you have any issue with it
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Customer Reviews

Great for older and prebuilt PCs I have a dell 3020 I got for free. I upgraded it and turned it into a nice little gaming pc. The only thing I was missing was any color. Luckily the case is vented on every side. I went looking for a dual LED strip set and bought this. It works perfectly and just as intended. The remote has a few typos ( smooth and strobe seem to be switched for instance) but it s hardly a deal breaker. For $11 this does the job perfectly. My Dell pc is now radiant with bright colors and it is really fun. For older PCs which don t support a RGB motherboard header, this is a great choice. Being able to shut it on or off or solid to a certain color with the remote is great. Just be sure you put the receiver cable in a clear spot. I taped it up next to the vent on the side of the case and you do have to point it at the receiver. It s not like the remote signal will go through the case but that s my only complaint. 5The control housing isn't very good, but the lights are stellar! Update - This product went from 4 stars to 1. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT! The lights worked great for about a week, then they haven't worked since. And since the allotted time for a refund has passed, I'm without that money. Don't waste your money!Pros:-Extremely bright lights-Control module remembers the last setting the lights were on, so when you turn off the PSU and turn it back on, it picks up where it left off-Molex connections were tightCons (and how I fixed them):-The 4-pin connectors aren't tight (once you connect them, wrap them in electrical tape so they don't come apart)-The control housing kept falling apart (get some Gorilla double sided tape and put it on the inside of the housing to hold the board in place, then take some glue and put it around the edges so it won't come apart again)Overall:These lights work amazing with UV paint. It doesn't matter which color you're on as I've noticed all colors make the painted objects stand out. I would recommend time and time again! 1I feel like a kid again (Arguably I still am...) Okay. Maybe this is because I had it for just one day. But this is the best led system I ever played with. These LEDs are INSANELY BRIGHT. I have like a 80% tinted window and this can light up the whole thing. When I was testing it, the leds were super blinding.Pros:Comes with TWO led strips with 3M tape attached. These stick very well to metal (Aluminum in my case). One of the LED strips require extension cable (thoughtful). The remote comes with battery installed (Praise DEEPCOOL).The control box comes with an IR receiver which is attached to a cable. So you can tuck away the controller and put the receiver in a strategic place.This is probably the most thought out led strip in the market for computers. The remote has 16 different RGB color options with most obvious being RGBW. There are FOUR effects built into to the remote (the controller more precisely). Flash simply flashes each color for 4-5 seconds at set brightness. Strobe creates a low to high to low brightness effect and rotates the colors. Fade does the same but takes longer. Finally Smooth displays one color but I guess the lighting is more even. Of course there is ON/OFF buttons and -/+ brightness buttons. See video for the fade effect.Future of LED Strips: I think in the future manufacturers should use Bluetooth receiver in the controller instead of IR. And users can hook it up with pc/phone app and BOOM! You can add scripting, wireless control, and remove the cost of the remote. I think this can be done without changing the price today! So get on it DEEPCOOL. For 25$ this is an excellent deal.Cons:None. 5Fantastic light strip Very impressed with this light strip, especially for the price! It produces a very even glow provided you can hide the strip itself out of the line of sight into your case. There are 16 color choices and ten brightness options that take it from a very nice glow to a strong shine that will illuminate anything in even the largest case.The only negative aspect I can find is that the four color-changing options all cycle through the colors extremely quickly. I wish there was an option that made the colors cycle very slowly, maybe a full pass of the 16 colors in an hour; that way you get a dynamic case without it being distracting. That said, I probably wouldn't use that option for long anyway, so it's not a big deal at all. 5AS DESCRIBED: PERFECT I am very happy with my purchase, in fact I have bought led light strips of the same brand which I love so I was hoping they would be of same quality, which they are. The wireless remotes makes it easy to change colors. I would say the pink isn't very pink though, more of a purple but I don't mind since my setup is purple. All the other colors seem to match the remote. I was kinda unsure to buy this product cause it was $20 but in the end I'm glad I did. I can change the pace of the light and colors. I also love the fact it comes with two led light strips to put on the top and bottom to give a full effect. Would buy again!The pictures I took do not do justice to the true colors. The red looks pink but does not in person. I tried to show most of the colors.(don't mind the purple light in each one it's a reflection of my other led) 5Almost perfect This product is great the only issues I've had with it are that one, the main box has two leads running for the two LED strips and unfortunately one of the two leads will not mate directly to the LED strip, it has to have an extension run between it and the LED strip, which gives you extra cord you might not need. The second issue I have with it is that they only have one connection on them so they cannot be daisychained one to another, they have to be connected directly to the box or they do not work at all. Other than that I'm pretty satisfied with the unit it has a power cord that runs directly from your PSU's power cords directly into a power cord that runs directly to the LED control box. It also has a separate infrared strip that is attached separately from the other three cords running from this box. This unit is very responsive and very bright you can also control the color and the color brightness at any time along with a few preset patterns that are programmed in that can be controlled via the remote control. You can use one strip if you like but the other strip cannot be used with the second set from this model. You could keep this extra LED strip incase one of the other one should my own quits but otherwise I don't really see a purpose of using just one since the other cannot be daisychained to another. When I made this purchase I had intended to use the two packages of them I had bought and one single computer case but unfortunately since I will not daisychain I'll have to use only the one inside one case and only one within the other case which leaves me with one case exceptionally bright while the other one is rather dim even though they both have the same number of Leds with them them. Both cases are ATX boards but one case stands at nearly 2 1/2 foot tall by 3 foot deep while the other case is closer to 1 1/2 foot tall by 2 foot deep. Obviously the smaller case is a light show while the larger case is a little bland. The pictures included are of the smaller case and anyone who has a medium to small size tower will get amazing results from this LED kit for under $50 which is a great deal. I'm giving this product a full five stars because of the price and for the functionality you can't really beat this product even if there are a couple flaws. Also forgive this review for any misspellings or words pronunciations because Siri did all the typing LOL. iPhone forever! 5Great product and amazing price! Definitely recommend! Order came at the earliest possible delivery day and worked amazingly! Couldn't believe how bright these things got. When you first turn it on it seems like they are only on half power but you can turn the brightness up and they really shine. Look great on the PC that I was commissioned to build. It was difficult to find led fans/led kits that came in purple and weren't 25$+ but this has different "shades" or purple or violet and look amazing.The lights themselves are coated in a plastic/rubber coating that adds stability and protection. Although coating seems like it might attract dust if that is a concern but no big deal. Remote is easy to use and the cables for the lights and IR sensor are long enough to allow positioning options. The components feels light but then again it's just a light controller and since it will be in a computer and not moved around a lot it doesn't seem like anything to be concerned about. All in all I would recommend to anyone that wants to add a bit of "WOW" factor to their build. I will be ordering this for my personal gaming pc.PROS:* Cheap Price* Good tackiness on light glue backing* Lots of color options* Lights are very bright at highest setting* CoolCONS:* Build components are very light and have that "cheap" feel* Lights are a one time attachment with the peel and stick method* Not sound reactive but then again price is awesome! 5Incredible value for such fantastic performance! I purchased this product to illuminate the case for my new computer build. The reviews and price were what influenced my decision to try this company's light strips rather than the other choices available. The kit arrived in nice retail packaging with no missing parts; it contains two LED strips, a remote, a small base unit with two leads and an attached infrared sensor. Power is supplied via a 4-pin Molex connector. If your PSU does not possess the correct connector, you will need to buy one. The PSU I purchased, the Seasonic Snow Silent 1050w, Seasonic SNOW SILENT-1050 1050W 80 PLUS Platinum ATX12V/EPS12V Power Supply w/ Active PFC did come with a Molex to PCI-E adapter, however I cannot assume that all power supplies will be generous enough to provide one as well.Once the kit was installed and I turned the computer on, I was amazed at how well the LEDs were illuminating the case! In the attached picture, I only used a single LED strip -- and the kit comes with two. The attached photo demonstrates just how bright and clean a single LED strip looks. Later on, I found where I wanted to install the second strip; it worked just as well as the first. I was very impressed.The remote not only allows the LEDs to change colors, you can also set options to strobe, flash and fade an assortment of colors. If you're really looking to show off, these LEDs are a lot of fun. Just be sure to mount the IR sensor somewhere where line-of-sight will be available to the remote.Some purchasers are critical of the peel-and-stick adhesive backing. I had no problem with the material. It might be because I cleaned the surface area first and I made sure I wouldn't have to remove and re-apply the LED strip elsewhere. The adhesive is 3M brand; I found it sufficiently strong to secure one LED strip vertically and the other upside-down inside the case.I have no problem recommending these to anyone looking for a really great way to light up their computer case; this LED light strip kit is an incredible value! 5Great experiance So overall this was a great experience with the seller and the product. My only gripe is that the box was opened but I don't think that was intentionall. But it was delivered quickly and on a sunday. My pc now looks alot better and may buy more in the future 4Great price, great product A great alternative to something more expensive like the Hue Plus (especially considering it's sold out everywhere right now lol). So the packaging was pretty generic, kind of expected at the price point. Comes with very strong 3M adhesive on the back, 2 strips of LEDs, and then the power converter which also has a wire with the receiver for the remote on it. It connects to your PC via a molex connector from the PSU (molex adapter also included) and also contains a connector that connects the two LED strips to each other. The wiring, in my opinion, is a bit too long and can be difficult to hide very well.The remote has a button for every available color, and pressing it will turn the LEDs to the selected color and they will be solid. There are also buttons for lighting affects. My biggest gripe with the lighting affects are as follows: 1. When you choose an effect, it activates the effect, but it also cycles through all the colors. It isn't possible to select a lighting effect and have it apply that effect to only your current color. 2. There are 4 effects, flash strobe fade and smooth. Strobe and fade are basically the same exact thing. Flash and smooth are basically the same thing. So essentially you're getting two effects, not 4, and it can only cycle through all of the colors. Not a deal breaker for me because I was looking for solid light anyhow.Now for the positives: 1. The adhesive is very sticky. Once installed they aren't going anywhere. Would've preferred magnets, but the adhesive works just fine. 2. These LEDs are BRIGHT. Like very very BRIGHT. My case looks amazing with these LEDs installed. I hid them completely out of site, and they illuminate the entire inside of my corsair 450D case. 3. The remote is a really nice touch. The only downside, is that if the remote ever breaks, you're kind of screwed. Hopefully you will have the lights how you want them, because you'll never be able to change it again lol.In closing, I would absolutely recommend these to anyone that's trying to add some light and spunk to their build. Very good price, very good quality. Couldn't be happier with this purchase, especially at less than half the price of it's main competition. 5
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