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Fino Pour Over Coffee Kettle, 18/8 Stainless Steel, 6-Cup, 1.2L Capacity

  • Fino Pour Over Coffee Kettle, 18/8 Stainless Steel, 6-Cup, 1.2L Capacity
  • Fino Pour Over Coffee Kettle, 18/8 Stainless Steel, 6-Cup, 1.2L Capacity
  • Fino Pour Over Coffee Kettle, 18/8 Stainless Steel, 6-Cup, 1.2L Capacity
  • Fino Pour Over Coffee Kettle, 18/8 Stainless Steel, 6-Cup, 1.2L Capacity
  • Fino Pour Over Coffee Kettle, 18/8 Stainless Steel, 6-Cup, 1.2L Capacity
  • Fino Pour Over Coffee Kettle, 18/8 Stainless Steel, 6-Cup, 1.2L Capacity
  • Fino Pour Over Coffee Kettle, 18/8 Stainless Steel, 6-Cup, 1.2L Capacity
  • Fino Pour Over Coffee Kettle, 18/8 Stainless Steel, 6-Cup, 1.2L Capacity

Fino Pour Over Coffee Kettle, 18/8 Stainless Steel, 6-Cup, 1.2L Capacity

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Fino's narrow spout and gooseneck curve allows precise control when pouring; 6-cup, 1,2-Liter capacity
  • Made in Japan of 18/8 stainless steel; angled handle keeps hands safely away from the heated pot
  • Allows for total control of a slow and precise water flow to extract the most flavor when brewing coffee or tea using the pour over method
  • Achieve a better brew without expensive, bulky machines; save precious counter space and money
  • Safe for use on gas, electric and induction stovetops; dishwasher safe
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Customer Reviews

I love it!Great little gooseneck kettle that I use daily for pour over coffee. I did have to drill out the center steam vent hole in order for my long stem water temp gage to fit, but other than that it is a sturdy little kettle. I make about four cups of pour over coffee in it daily, but if wanted it could easily make six or more cups depending on your pour over recipe. After using it I drain all the water out and turn it upside down on a hot pad. I do this in an attempt to keep it from staining and so far it hasn't. The handle remains cool; no leaks. I highly recommend it for any job where a gooseneck kettle is needed to make a controlled pour.EDIT 17FEB2019 - Great decision on this purchase. Have used almost daily for pour over coffee for approximately 18 months. NO RUSTING inside or outside. But, water stains on outside, very minor and easily removed with a metal polish (non aggressive (I use Star glow), just polished today and that reminded me to edit this review. I store with water drained out, not wiped dry, nothing else and the inside is as bright as the day I received it. Stainless steel comes in many different grades and can be confusing. Just remember the the higher the number the better resistance to rust, i.e. 304 SS will rust if not cared for, 316 SS will not rust and is the grade used in high tech applications, especially in the industrial piping field. If this kettle were made out of 315 SS it would be very expensive and much heavier in weight than 304 SS. So whether you purchase this kettle (highly recommended) or another SS kettle you do have to give it some tender care from time to time. And that advice flows into anything you use to make coffee. Thank you! 5Report after 4 months of useI've had this for several months and so have some longer term opinions. I paid full price at Amazon.Good: it's quite light in weight. The handle is angled away from the steel, so fear of burning is a very minor issue. Balance in the hand when pouring slowly is also excellent. No issues with build quality.Bad: none noted thus far. It may eventually develop issues, but there are no signs at this point, after a hundred or more uses.After pulling this off the stove, it takes me 4 or 5 minutes to make my pour over coffee and clean up. During that time, the burner is cooling down. When I'm about to walk out of the kitchen, I place this now empty pot back on the slightly warm burner, thinking that might help to steam away whatever slight amount of water is left in the pot and avoid eventual rusting. I have no idea if that helps, but no signs of rust yet.General comments:I don't use the lid. Loss to steaming away is very low and insignificant. By repeated test, I know that 7 seconds of a full blast stream from my kitchen sink will fill this to my desired level of 16 to 17 ounces of water. Occasionally, I will more deliberately measure the amount of water I am using to confirm that 7 seconds is very close.Every 2 months or so, I boil a solution of water, vinegar, and baking soda for 30 minutes or so to remove scaling and clean the pot, Seems to work, but that's only a cosmetic issue and wouldn't have to be done as far as I can see. Once in a while, I run it through the dishwasher.Time to temperature with 16 ounces of water, without the lid, on a standard small stove top burner:175 F reached at 4'00189 F reached at 4'30.204 F reached at 5'00.Max full rolling boil reached at 5'20.These figures are noticeably slower than what you might get from a 1500 watt electric kettle, if time is a factor for you.Recommended, at least this far into ownership. 5The AeroPress's much needed partnerThis is a well constructed kettle at a great price. I recently switched to an AeroPress as my primary coffee maker and make the mistake of using a "wide mouth" kettle or coffee cup as a means to pour water over the grounds. This method was either messy for the counter or painful on my hands. This gooseneck pours a steady, narrow stream ideal for the AeroPress.There's a point the purchaser should be aware of: don't leave water in the kettle after use. This may lead to a tiny bit of rusting at points of the weld. I've attached a picture for reference. The rust wiped away easily and has not been an issue since I emptied/wiped down the pot after use. 5Great kettle for my morning pour overGreat kettle. Perfect for my pour over needs. I decided to get the larger capacity (1.2L) one because I m usually heavy handed when I rinse out the paper filter and heat up my carafe and cup. Because of the increased water volume, I don t have to worry about running out of water mid pour. The kettle itself is great quality, ergonomics is top notch and the angle of the pour is perfect. I read reviews of rusting and pitting. Only the time will tell how the kettle holds up to daily use. I will provide an update to this review if I start noticing rust.My previous kettle lasted a good 7 years before the handle broke. But it didn t rust. If you have rust issues in the past with your other kettles, may I offer a suggestion? After your pour, make sure you empty out the kettle by flipping it upside down in the sink. You ll probably notice there s still a tiny bit of water left in the kettle. I do NOT put the lid back on immediately. Instead, I place the empty kettle on my stove (which is off .and still warm). This will quickly evaporate the tiny bit of water left inside the kettle. 5Old Faithful, (not necessarily in a good way)I purchased the Fino kettle to replace an earlier one which did not work with my induction cooktop. This kettle works as it should, and is comfortable to hold while pouring. The two exposed screws on the handle mentioned by an earlier reviewer are not present on mine. The lid fits very losely. There is a friction ridge formed in the lid but it doesn't help. The lid is just slightly too small for the pot and just sits in the mouth of the kettle with nothing to hold it in place. It will fall out when pouring the last drops from the kettle.I have the larger model listed at 6 cups/1.2L. This is confusing as the two volumes are not the same. It does not hold 6 cups. It is box labled and stamped 1.2L. 1.2 liters is 5.07 cups. Six cups is 1.42L. While this may only matter if you need to boil enough water for an 8 cup Chemex, if that is what you are looking for, this kettle is not what you need. Also, 1.2L is the full, not working capacity as it will fill the pot to the rim and attempting to boil that amount of water will cause it to overflow.Speaking of which, this kettle does work with induction, as advertised. Induction boils water very quickly, and in this kettle, 4 cups of water will come to a boil in just under 3 minutes. But boiling that amount of water that quickly in a kettle shaped like a cone will save you a trip to Yellowstone to see the geysers. If you are not watching and/or don't turn the element off immediately, you will have a geyser in your kitchen, and may have to spend some time searching for the loose lid that blew off in the eruption. But the quick boiling means I can boil 6 cups 3 cups at a time without losing too much time in between. Not optimal, but workable. 4Awesome little pot!!Did an extensive review of glass and stainless pour over kettles to use with the Chemex my son got me for my birthday (James Bond has great taste!) Decided to give this a try as although the glass kettles look beautiful, knowing me before I have my coffee in the morning, I was pretty sure the glass pot would end up in pieces in my sink. I definitely wanted to give this Japanese made kettle by Premium Japan (one of my criteria being not to have another China-made product in my home) a thumbs up. I have used a French press and Aeropress (and will continue to use the Aeropress if in a hurry but the French press may be in my garage sale at the end of the month). The Chemex by far offers the best cup. I had been using the "measuring cup in the microwave" technique for pour overs...it worked, but not like the precision of the Fino. Apparently the controlled pour really does affect the brewing process...and I'm not a coffee snob by any means. This kettle with its narrow spout allows for a great controlled pour, is attractive, very well made, and although on the small side, definitely large enough for a couple of good sized cups of coffee. While it is true it does not whistle, I am right near it anyway preparing the filter and coffee for the pour over, so I did not find that to be a problem personally. The kettle arrived in two days (as always with Prime). Although the pot does get very hot to touch, of course, by the time you are done with your cup of coffee, it has cooled enough to run a towel through it to wipe up any leftover moisture should you be concerned about rust occurring. So, bottom line, I would definitely recommend this kettle by Premium Japan due to its quality, performance, attractiveness, and definitely price in comparison to similar products. Enjoy!!08/03/14: Just measured the amount of water the kettle I received from this product description which lists capacity at 6 cups. When measuring about 1 1/2 inches down from the brim (filling fuller may cause water to spurt out possibly when heating it would seem), I measured 20 oz -- so about two 10 oz cups. Keep this in mind if you are needing a kettle to serve more than 2 people at a time, unless you use very small cups. For one or two people, it should be fine. Heats quickly. I use it on medium high heat on a gas stove. Quite happy with it! 5Perfect for Pour-Over.Quick to heat near boiling (200 - 205 degrees F is the ideal brewing temperature) and very smooth pour with a comfortable handle shape that keeps your hand away from the cup/ cone so you can see what you're doing. Some reviewers commented on the small size, expecting a normal-size water kettle, I suppose, but this kettle is designed specifically for 1 to 4 cup pour-overs, not boiling large amounts of water. I took a photo next to my All-Clad kettle for comparison. Surprisingly high quality for the price, 18-8 stainless, made in Japan, and the bottom is large enough to cover my small 6" electric burner (second photo,) while the handle stays cool (as long as it's not over the coils!) I was concerned about how loose-fitting the lid was, but when I poured, the lid stayed in place (third photo) and didn't fall out. This is a convenient feature to keep from having to struggle to get the lid on and off, like my last kettle that was so tight-fitting. All in all, I'm really pleasantly surprised, and the high-reflective mirror finish looks great! By the way, the first pour-over coffee using the ceramic dripper Tanors Ceramic Coffee Dripper and Hario cone filters was superb! 5Build quality seems fine, and it works exactly as it shouldBuild quality seems fine, and it works exactly as it should, but aesthetically it is significantly inferior to the product for which it is offered as an alternative. Where the more expensive product has matte finishes, this one has polished surfaces that look and feel cheaper. You get what you pay for. The gourmet coffee experience is largely about feel, so it may be worth investing the extra money in the superior product. However, if saving money is a primary objective this is a clear winner. 3Disappointed By The QualityItem received does not match the quality expected. I wanted a smaller kettle it because I normally drink two cups of coffee in the morning, grind my own beans and use a French press. This fit the bill and the positive reviews convinced me to purchase. I knew it would be lighter due to the smaller capacity, but frankly it's too light - even flimsy, and the lid rattles when lifted or moved. It rattles because it does not fit tightly at all; it's totally loose and doesn't seal. If you turned it over, the lid would fall off onto the floor. The lid itself has several vent holes, but why I don't know. How is water supposed to come to a decently rapid boil with air vent holes drilled into the lid?Frankly, it looks and feels more like a child's toy than a functioning kettle. 2Excellent construction quality and "cute."Comparing the build-quality around the seams and weld-points, I have to say that I'm impressed, although not surprised--Japanese craftsmanship is still unbeatable. The stainless steel is sturdy and not at all flimsy, and of higher quality than I have seen on many kettles even twice this price. The tubing for the goose-neck is stiff and appears as though it could take a beating for years to come.This kettle has replaced my half-gallon, copper-bottomed, whistling Revere. Making a pour-over cup was often messy and imprecise, as the water would just dump out all over the place or drip down the sides of the kettle or cone, or both, or worse! Now, I have full control, from a slight drip to a full steady stream. Thus far I have made about a dozen aeropress and pour-over coffees with this kettle and have been pleased every time.I can only use this Fino on the small electric burners, which is fine because it is proportional to the water capacity and boils just as efficiently (~5.5 minutes on full blast). The polish of the steel is nice, not too shiny, not too matte, so let's split the difference and call it Satin.It does not whistle. And while I could potentially file that as a 'negative' and knock it down a star, I won't, because I'm not an unreasonable brat. Yes, I like for hot things to tell me when they're getting too hot...but is it that thing's responsibility to make me mindful? Or am I old enough and sober enough to know how to not burn down my house? But seriously, if anyone comes up with a way to attach a whistle to the three little vent-holes, I'd be incredibly grateful and probably spend waaaaay too much for it. I tried making one, but I'm not a steampunk, so...The negatives: It only holds ~1Liter. And that's okay, it's just less than my giant 'Murican Revere kettle, and cannot accommodate a houseful of ravenous boiled-water drinkers. Since it's just the two of us, there's no problem. It can serve me a cup of coffee and her a cup of tea in the same session.Another negative is that this purchase almost cost me my relationship. She was really opposed to it for some reason ("It's soo UGLY!"), but when I brought it inside, out from the cold and fed it some water, my wife came around and now thinks that it's kind of cute. It's smaller than the previous kettle, and as far as I can tell, girls like small, cute things.Other thoughts: People have been complaining about the instructions and the box being entirely in Japanese...seriously, it's a %$*#ing kettle--it boils water! There are not a whole lot of mysteries behind this process, but since some of you are worried about not being able to read the instructions, let me translate them:Step 1 - remove the cap and fill it with water, but do not put more water in it than it can hold, because that would violate some law of the universe, I think.Step 2 - put the lid back on and set the kettle (with ~1 liter of water inside, and with the cap) on the stove-top burner--which could be electric coil, natural gas, induction, and so on.Step 3 - turn on the appropriate burner that corresponds to where the kettle is sitting on the range. (If you don't know how to do this, stop immediately what you are doing, and seek an adult!)Step 4 - wait approximately 5-7 minutes for the water to reach a boiling temperature. Turn off the burner.Step 5 - Now you have hot water that is inside this kettle, and you can use this water to pour over things, like coffee or tea. Use a thermometer if you're concerned about it being too hot or cold.tl;dr - The bottom line is that this is a good, solid kettle, and compared to the hario or bonavita, I would say that I'm more pleased with the fino. Fin! 5
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