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Fisher Space Pen, Bullet Space Pen, Blueberry, Gift Boxed (400BB)

  • Fisher Space Pen, Bullet Space Pen, Blueberry, Gift Boxed (400BB)
  • Fisher Space Pen, Bullet Space Pen, Blueberry, Gift Boxed (400BB)

Fisher Space Pen, Bullet Space Pen, Blueberry, Gift Boxed (400BB)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Writes in extreme temperatures, underwater, in zero gravity, and at any angle
  • When open the Bullet measures 13.5cm with a closed length of 9.4cm
  • Contains PR4 black ink, medium point
  • Stainless steel, precision machined socket prevents leaks and oozing, yet delivers instant uniform ink flow
  • Thixotropic ink in a hermetically sealed and pressurised ink cartridge writes for three times longer
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Customer Reviews

Fatal flawThis pen does not screw together like it does in other models. This pen constantly falls apart. 1the most universal pen availableThis is the second space pen I have purchased and I will absolutely be purchasing more. It is essentially the best, most universal writing tool I've ever used.The pen is of an all metal construction, quite durable, and it's sealed system design makes it ideal for writing (and storing) in adverse conditions. The way the pen is designed is that the cap fits snugly on the base, elongating it for easier use. This allows for a compact pen (approx 3.5 ) when carrying, but a longer (approx 5.25 ) and more comfortable pen when in use. This is ideal for small pockets, containers, etc. and makes a great EDC type pen.The price tag is a bit high for a pen (though absolutely worth every penny), and so I would obviously not recommend this for someone seeking a non-essential, disposable type pen, but for all other applications that come to mind it is not only acceptable but ideal.I have only two minor complaints. The first being the lack of any way to clip the pen in place, making storage something of a hassle in certain applications where you might want the pen to stay put. However, there are after market options available and of course the lack of such a clip does lend itself to a more streamlined designed which has it's own appeal in the areas of compactness and portability. The second would be that there seems to be a slight rattle on some of the pens. Sometimes this is is fixed by tightening the pen in it's threads, though not always.TL;DR:Need a disposable pen? Buy Bic.Need a quality everyday pen that will last quite a while? Buy the Space Pen 4Nice pen with interesting storyI read about the Fisher space pen and its connection with NASA and wanted to try it out for myself.The pen is nicely stylish and feels well made. It nice and small so would be a good every day carry.The pen writes well for everyday use but given the price point there a other pens that both write nicer and are cheaper.I bought the optional clip. I'm quite disappointed in the clip mainly because it's not a 100% color match with the pen. I don't get how that happens when its the same manufacture.Overall the pen itself is nice and write well enough. It also makes a good conversation piece/ gift. 4Red color wears off too easilyThis review is specifically for the red colored bullet pen. Amazon sometimes groups together reviews for different sizes and colors.I am a huge fan of all Fisher space pens, especially the bullet sizes ones which are very easy to carry in a jeans pocket, and I have used them for years.After maybe three months of use, the red color is starting to rub off. The pen looks uglier and the surface is rougher. This is my main complaint about this pen and I will have to contact Fisher about it.I haven t had this problem with the plain silver chrome or the brass versions of this pen. I will stick to those in the future and I recommend them over the red or any other colored version of the pen. 3My favorite so farI am a retired firefighter-paramedic and have owned probably a dozen Fisher Space Pens over the last several decades, from the cheap plastic stick pens to the AG-7. All of them have worked as advertised (upside down, through grease and blood, etc.). My favorite are their bullet pens (which carry easily in a pants pocket) and of the bullet styles, this textured and lacquered brass is the best I have owned, offering excellent grip and durability. The matte black has good grip, but is not as durable, while the chrome is slippery in the hand and dents easily. The raw brass is as durable, but is not textured and tarnishes easily. I have never tried the titanium oxide finish (too expensive for me). The one time I tried one with a stylus tip I found it to be clunky, almost never used the stylus, and the stylus disintegrated after a couple of years. If carrying in a pants pocket, no need for a clip and I recommend against the "Jump Ring" unless you need it for wearing on a chain (the edges of the hole are sharp). 5Fantastic and reliable ink pen that feels good in the handWonderfully reliable ink pen cartridges. They don t write well on some types of plastic that don t allow enough traction to turn the ball nearing, but that s to be expected. They work phenomenally well on surfaces with more friction and even better on surfaces that give slightly or depress with reasonable pressure. Don t leave it in a hot car or the ink can bead up on the tip and you ll end up with a mess like I did one day. This only happened once though. Seems to work well in all types of weather. Having enough friction against the writing surface seems to be the key in getting the most appropriate amount of ink to come out of the tip. Doesn t seem to write well on hard surfaces like a glossy shopping receipt on a kitchen table. Great ergonomic feel and unique small size with a satisfying texture all around. Satisfying sound when removing and replacing the cap. I would buy this pen again, I always want a few around because of how they feel in the hand. Some pens require less pressure to give you the appropriate amount of ink, so if you re using this pen on a surface that doesn t seem to result in enough ink, then you might be better off using a different kind of pen on that particular surface, a kind of pen that has a more generous flow of ink on average than the Fisher Space pens. But again, on certain surfaces the Fisher Space pens shine, and in others they don t write well at all. When they do write, they glide well and feel satisfying as writing tools. 5Don't expect it to be a Mont Blanc fountain pen and it will never disappoint you.I've been carrying a Fisher Bullet for 20 years. Great performer. This is NOT necessarily a pen that will make you love writing. The ink flow is mildly inconsistent and doesn't just lay down beautifully on the page. For me, The Fisher Bullet is about the small form factor, the durability and the ability to write whenever you need to write... wherever you need to write. I've used it on lumber, on wet items, on greasy items, on glossy items. It's been through the washer and the dryer. It's been dropped and abused. I can't remember a single failure to perform. All metal with rubber o-rings to seal it and to keep the cap on. If you need a great, reliable pen in a small package, you can't beat it. Don't expect it to be a Mont Blanc fountain pen and it will never disappoint you. 5Smooth, works upside down! Colors avail.I have been a space pen fan since I was little! Plus the fact that now I can get a purple one?! Heck yeah!It's small fits in my palm. Yet large enough to write with when the cap is on the back. Very comfortable.It writes so smooth, no matter the angle. Always plenty of ink but not too much that it splotches everywhere. Dark enough to see it perfectly.I did notice that it makes a slight ticking noise everytime you place pen to paper. So, to combat that, I placed a VERY small piece of paper in the end. No more noise and it didn't effect the performance of the pen! I'll have to order refills soon!I have since ordered the purple ink replacement. Of course Lol. Love these pens. I have now ordered another space pen! The purple writes smooth. And it is actually purple not a weird pink or maroon. I've had it for over 6 months now. Still very Happy and will probably order more! 5Good but not as an EDC.For the price you wont find a more reliable pen. Compared to the kaweco liliput capped ballpen at 70 dollars it holds up pretty well, especially as an everyday carry. The finish seems to be pretty decent too and wont scratch. (My model is the gold)The threads on pen to open it are squeeky but seem pretty smooth. However, on the liliput they are smooth and quiet.Cons: pricey refillsNot good for a lot of writing compared to many international cartridges. You could buy more and just switch them out more often for the same price. You would also have a larger selection of ink and points to choose from with smoother writing.Lets be honest, most of us arent writing in all these crazy conditions.However, if you're throwing it in your pocket for an emergency pen, or in your car, the life expectancy of the fisher refills will last longer than you and will work more reliably in the winter if it sits in the cold. 5Perfectly small and cute and functional!Everything everyone has already said about this pen is true.. it's adorably small, functional and all around a joy to look at. I haven't had a problem writing with it, and it's always there when I need it. It's hard to miss because of the oh-so-fab pink metallic. I prefer having the cap on the top when writing though- without the cap it's ridiculously small and kind of awkward. Worth paying $18 for a pen that never lets you down! 5
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