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Footrest Adjustable Fold-A-Way Tapestry

  • Footrest Adjustable Fold-A-Way Tapestry
  • Footrest Adjustable Fold-A-Way Tapestry
  • Footrest Adjustable Fold-A-Way Tapestry
  • Footrest Adjustable Fold-A-Way Tapestry

Footrest Adjustable Fold-A-Way Tapestry

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Add this beautiful footrest to any room in your home for a stylish and comfortable accent
  • The tapestry-style footstool features a lovely vintage floral design and folds down easily to store when not in use
  • With a walnut finish, it has an accordion-style frame that adjusts up to 14" high and has smooth gliding casters that can lock in place
  • Wood and polyester| 12"Sq| x 14"H fully extended
  • Shop with confidence! For over 50 years, Collections Etc has been bringing unique, whimsical, inspirational, and home solution products to customers. All Collections Etc products come with a 60 day, easy return policy and 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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Customer Reviews

Just what I was looking for, but ... This footrest is a very good idea and very attractive in appearance. But if they had invested maybe $2 - $3 of additional hardware and also cut in a couple of additional slots, it would not have been such a disappointment. As sold, it would not stay in the lifted position; it kept collapsing. I can rate it "okay" only because I saw how it could be kept up and had someone add a couple of latches so that maybe I can keep it up until I want to let it down. But I did not find anything else that was close enough to what I was looking for at a reasonable price, so I'm glad I found it. 3and you would have to be sitting in a beanbag chair for for your legs to be horizontal like the pic Picture makes it appear larger and taller than it is, Its very small, and you would have to be sitting in a beanbag chair for for your legs to be horizontal like the pic. When you raise it up, it becomes off balance and flips over easily. The padding is not very firm and almost unnoticeable. The wheel casters are attached with tiny screws, and one of my casters was slightly bent. I cant imagine these would hold up in house with children. 1hinges are weak The height of the stool is great is elevate my feet at work and the cushion is very comfortable. However, there are 2 adjustable wooden pieces used to raise the height on the stool which are not stable. During normal use you will need to adjust the wooden pieces periodically to keep the stool upright which can be quite annoying. Also if you move your feet and the wooden pieces are misaligned (which they become quite frequently) the stool can break. I bought 2 stools in the last 2 years as I like the cushioning but I will skip to another item to ensure I am not back here again next year. 2Works for me! I ordered this foot stool because it fit under the chair when not in use,even though I didn't feel it was worth the $29 it cost. It is flimsy but I am a small person and it works for me to keep my short little legs from dangling down. I recovered the top and painted the framework black (to match my chair legs) so that it matches my chair. I also added 1" foam padding as it only had about a half inch. So with the upgrades it looks pretty nice. Not that it didn't originally, but this fabric coordinates much better with my room. I am not sure how long it will last, but if it should start falling apart at the seams I will buy some good wood glue and glue it. 5Do Not Use Around Children or Pets Good footrest/stool for the price. It is very unstable as others have noted, will fall over or collapse with very little provocation. I use mine underneath my desk and it's sort of wedged in between a leg of the desk and a large speaker and it has still fallen over twice during the 7 days that's I've had it. It will also collapse very easily and if your fingers happen to be in the way, it hurts! Learned that while trying to shift it over to vacuum around it this evening.I'm giving it a 4 because it works pretty well for my needs and gives my legs a break as I work long hours sitting at my desk. I like the openness of the design since I have a fan underneath my desk and it doesn't impede the airflow from the fan, but the design could definitely use some improvement. There needs to be a way to lock the braces tightly into place so it doesn't collapse when breathed upon (because that's about all it takes to make it collapse) trapping fingers in the process.I definitely would NOT use this footrest around children or pets, for fear it could collapse and cause injury. 4Piece of garbage This is a joke. First, IT IS ORANGE ! They said walnut, walnut is not orange nor soft wood like this. In 10 minutes it came out of the little slots twice and collapsed. Then when I was trying to fold it up it nearly broke a finger when it came apart. There were no wheels. There was a bag of tiny screws, enough to use 4 on each corner but no wheels. The tapestry is not what anyone with a human foot would call padded. Also It turns over. Amazon has an excellent reputation. This kind of thing could ruin that.Do not buy this unless you need to give a gag gift at an office party. Remember, it is ORANGE wood! Has anyone ever seen orange walnut ? 1beware of construction I didn't believe the negative reviews because there were so many, but they were absolutely correct. It's much more of an orange color than shown, the tapestry (textured fabric) is of very low quality and pills really easily, and it's much duller in color than shown. Also it isn't rounded on top it is flat. The worst part is the construction; the bottom frame has slots for the upright pieces to fit into, but the top frame does not and they can slide off and it collapses. If you are handy you could make the slots and it would be much sturdier. Somebody mentioned sitting on it; no, it isn't sturdy enough for that. I gave it 2 stars because I was going to recover it anyway, and I wasn't planning to use it in its upright position, so it is great just as a foot rest. I also use it to roll around items from one section of the house to another as I can't carry things from point to point. I did add a few longer and sturdier screws for the wheels, and I would suggest putting the locking wheels catty-corner to each other and that might keep it from rolling. I didn't do that and it still moves in locked position. I paid about $25.00 at another store and I would never pay more than that for this item. 2sorry, just junk. before every screw in the stool in the hinges fell out (and not all the screws for the feet were included) I was able to use it. After 2 days of use, the screws fell out and they are very tiny, and I have not been able to replace them. 1Save your cash! I would NOT recommend this product to anyone. I like to wait awhile to see how things like this hold up in the long term and I am glad I did when it came to this.First, when I received it and went to put it together, NONE of the predrilled screw holes matched up for the wheels. I tried turning and shifting, and moving them around in every way possible to make them fit, but they didn't match up.Second, the legs that extend up to make it taller are a joke (and a bad one). They were constantly falling out of their slots and making the whole stool slam to the ground with my foot on it. I finally had to put HUGE rubber bands on it to hold them in place so it would stop falling. I bought this specifically to help with edema while at work. I alternated one foot at a time on this stool, and it lasted just over 14 months.It finally broke for good when a rubber band snapped, the whole thing fell AGAIN, and the dowels that attach the bottom sqaure frame together broke. I could fix it, but honestly, why bother? If I happened upon some premade legs somewhere else, I might consider adding them on, and keeping the top, but again, if I have to rebuild it, it's not really worth it. 2Comfortable and attractive (sounds like my old GF) This works great. I use it outside and collapse it to slide under my chair to hide it from my thieving neighbors. I did spray the cushion with Scotch Guard just because it might catch a few sprinkles but I don't know if that was necessary. The only assembly was attaching the rollers.CAUTION: I has hopping up and down angry because the bag of wheels didn't contain any screws. WELL, lucky for me I hadn't thrown the box away because 'there' was a bag of screws that probably fell out as I removed the thing. The wood is pre-drilled the correct size for the screws and took very little effort attaching them with a small Phillips screwdriver. Note that two of the 4 wheels have locking tabs so decide which side you want them on. Just press the wheel tab and the wheels are locked. Easy on and off.Since I'm abusing this by using it outside in quasi-nasty weather I may just spray the wood also, even though I don't know if that's needed either but I figure it won't hurt.While there is a pattern and color in the cushion and the Amazon ad shows a 'leggy chick' using it I still have no discomfort putting my 'manly' feet or legs on it. Looks good inside (or outside) and folds down nicely for concealment or as lower footrest.There are two setting. Fully extended for normal use and collapsed for Hobbits, Leprechauns and a Gnome or something.NOTE: this is NOT a stool to stand on, not even children. It's a footrest for well er, the foots.I hope my comments were of some use in your decision. (I'll have to answer to the HLG group) 5
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