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Sterling Pro French Press Coffee Maker (1 L) Double Walled Large Coffee Press With 2 Free Filters Enjo

  • Sterling Pro French Press Coffee Maker (1 L) Double Walled Large Coffee Press With 2 Free Filters Enjo
  • Sterling Pro French Press Coffee Maker (1 L) Double Walled Large Coffee Press With 2 Free Filters Enjo
  • Sterling Pro French Press Coffee Maker (1 L) Double Walled Large Coffee Press With 2 Free Filters Enjo
  • Sterling Pro French Press Coffee Maker (1 L) Double Walled Large Coffee Press With 2 Free Filters Enjo
  • Sterling Pro French Press Coffee Maker (1 L) Double Walled Large Coffee Press With 2 Free Filters Enjo
  • Sterling Pro French Press Coffee Maker (1 L) Double Walled Large Coffee Press With 2 Free Filters Enjo

Sterling Pro French Press Coffee Maker (1 L) Double Walled Large Coffee Press With 2 Free Filters Enjo

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • *This French Press has been reviewed as:"Best Overall" by Amazon Verified Expert. Please check"Expert Recommendations". INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Getting coffee grounds in your mouth while drinking coffee is something no one wants. The unique two screens system is the first of its kind on the coffee press market. The first screen brushes the wall evenly and tightly; the second screen catches any tiny grounds that may have passed through the first screen. This leaves your coffee 100% free of grounds!
  • * DOUBLE-WALL 18/10 STAINLESS STEEL: The interior wall keeps coffee and tea warm for longer, while the exterior wall stays cool to the touch. This French press is made entirely with only the finest 18/10 stainless steel throughout, with no plastic parts at all. Its classy and timeless mirror finish makes it a sleek accent piece in any kitchen.
  • * RUST RESISTANT & DISHWASHER SAFE: Designed to last for years, stainless steel is sturdier, easier to clean, and less likely to break than glass french presses. Handle is made ergonomically so you won't burn your hands. It's the ideal choice of coffee maker especially if you have pets and/or children around the house.
  • * MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS: Besides using the french press as a coffee maker, it is also the best appliance to make tea, hot chocolate, cold brew, frothed milk, almond milk, cashew milk, lemonade, fruit infusions, plant tinctures and herbal drinks as it fully keeps their flavours and aromas within.
  • * MAKES A GREAT GIFT: Perfect for house warmings, weddings, birthdays, holidays and all coffee/tea lovers, DIY enthusiasts & healthy foodies! Two bonus pieces of stainless steel screens (over $25 in value) are included with every purchase while quantities last. So hurry and bring home the best morning-starter of your day!
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Customer Reviews

Great cup of coffee that stays hot.This is, so far, my favorite french press. Exactly what I've been looking for (double wall s/s) but also has the extras (double screen, easy to clean). Precursor: My roommate works at K an Coffee, one of the top artisan roasters in the country, so we love (and know) our coffee. I'm going to write this review for the aficionados, and the everyday joe. I don't have a handle bar mustache or cool haircut, but we do have a v60, aeropress, etc. and of course fresh roasted top quality beans from K an. In terms of affiliations, I have none. I'm not paid or given anything (like a free one) to write this. I'd gladly take another one free ;) but this is just my experience.Out of my amazon prime box, the packaging does not say "super high end". It's cleared designed in China, the packaging that is, and the manual is enough to explain the simplicity of a french press, nothing more. With that said, the day it was being delivered I got a nice email from SterlingPro with some great recommendations for the every day user: - Always clean and dry this after use (including taking apart the screens, it's easy and prevents water trapping)- Don't leave coffee / grounds in this for long periods of time (the acidity of coffee is harsher than you think)- Polish it up and leave it out for your friends to see (just kidding, but it is a beautifully made piece)As for the actual build quality, the packaging is all I can really harp on. This is stainless steel, feels super solid, looks beautiful, and all the pieces fit together perfectly. Extra two screens I wasn't expecting but is a great added bonus, along with a coffee scoop. The only, only thing I noticed, to be critical for you, is slight pitting in the welds where the handle connects to the base unit. And by that I mean, I work in the print industry and examine photographic prints for detail for a living, so I'm inspecting closely and being harsh and see 2 small pits in a 1-2mm weld - all the other welds are perfect, this won't affect anything, but if you want to find something that is it.TESTING - Now for you coffee nuts, we brewed two batches to get an idea of how the output is, with slight variation from experience vs instructions. I know how you like your measurements, so here you go: The first batch, we brewed using a fresh African blend which was roasted ~5 days ago. It's got a lot of Ethiopian in it, at a light-medium roast, so you can expect this to be a little fruity and quite acidic. Using a Capresso Infinity at the coarsest grind, we measured out 5 scoops ( 1 per 6oz., that's 29.6cc per scoop ) as we really feel we get about 30oz. out of this press without overflowing. Water at 205 (R.O. water btw) we poured over in a circular motion and paused until we got a nice bloom, stirred, then filled the rest of the way and put the top on. 4 minute extraction, and we poured two cups. The first cup had a nice ring of crema, while the second lost the crema but had some nice microbubbles around the edges - to us, that's a great extraction, and it came out very hot. We let it cool a bit, and it tasted exactly as it should, no bitter or metallic tastes from the steel, and easy to tell notes from this coffee the same as we've had it the past few days via v60 pour overs.Second test. This time, with a Sumatra that was roasted about 10 days ago, medium roast with nice oils on the beans, less acidity and more chocolate notes. Same 5 scoops, same coarse grind in the Infinity. I noticed the instructions mention slightly higher water temp and slightly lower steep time, so I went 207 water temp, same circular pour, pause for bloom, stir, fill, cap. 3 minute steep, pour first cup. Again, nice ring of crema, this is the photo posted to the review for you to see. For those curious, the temp pouring out was 175.2 - nice and hot serving temp - but I let it cool as most any (George Howell) will recommend, tasting is better between 135-155. Again, excellent extraction, came out nice and robust with easy to identify notes as expected from this bean - for you everyday joes, it tasted bold as coffee should taste, much better than if I made it in my drip machine. Now, as I spent the last 45 minutes writing this review, I left the second cup in the press - part of the reason to get this was camping, so when it's 15 that morning and a glass press loses it's heat by the time I'm pouring, this baby keeps it hot. As a lot of you know, it'll keep steeping slightly as it sits, which can sometimes result in a bitter second cup. I measured the second cup at 135 after 45 minutes, excellent heat retention, and it did keep brewing, but not to the point of bitterness. My second cup is thicker, stronger notes, more to 'chew on', but personally I like it. Like a nice Stout, I like malty hearty mouth feel. One thing I noticed, was condensation builds up on the roof of the cap inside the press, but that's just from the hot steam so it's not adding any more water than was already in the press.Lastly, the big quest to greatness of course comes with grains and silt. How much is left in my cup? Well... I poured my second cup til the last drop out of the press, and I drank it out of the cup til the last drop (usually I wouldn't, but I wanted to see if I got grit in the last sip). I drank slowly to look for grains.. There are no grains in the bottom of my cup, and none down my throat. Was the last swig silty? Yeah, as you can expect, and partially I know the Capresso Infinity is known to have a little bit of silt no matter how coarse you grind, so until we upgrade to a professional level grinder, I'd say the double screen worked exactly as advertised - no grains in the bottom of my cup. A small amount of silt, which could be from the grinder - as with any french press, I would drink til the last ounce or so.Overall? This baby rocks. Very happy purchase, I just ordered a second as a wedding present for a friend, I'd buy again, my roommate is jealous. Solid win and nice job SterlingPro.5Buy This One.This review applies to the 2 liter version of the SterlingPro French Press.It's difficult to imagine how I could be more pleased with this press. Solidly built, attractive, and superbly functional, I love the fact that I can have a large mug of excellent coffee in the morning and still have enough to fill my 1.1qt thermos and my travel mug. I also like that the screens come apart very easily for cleaning and that I can throw the whole shebang in the dishwasher. Very handy.Liking my coffee robust, I stir in the press for a bit with a bar spoon before steeping. After having broken two glass french presses doing that, the stainless press is a vast improvement. No more glass and coffee all over the kitchen counters and floors!UPDATE 2/1/2018: Still going strong and looking good using the original filter screens. Top notch product.5I absolutely love this thing!I absolutely love this French press! I can't say enough good about it. I bought this after my old glass and plastic one broke AGAIN! It cost about the same as the old glass one and came with three extra mesh circles, so it was very affordable. It seems easier to use too. I have yet to spill any coffee while trying to plunge it and the coffee inside stays hot for much longer time than the glass one did. (No more reheating!) All the parts are made of stainless steel, which I love because I can wash it in the dishwasher without worrying that it will break. I've used this almost every day since it arrived a couple months ago and it looks just as pretty as the day I bought it. This will probably be the last French press that I'll have to buy for a very long time. What a value!5-Extremely sturdy (feels great in the hand-Extremely sturdy (feels great in the hand. May use it in a street fight)-Looks great in the kitchen (especially next to the grinder)-Things that are too mainstream (such as drip coffee) have been abolished from the household. I'm much more hipster now.-Extremely effective plunger-I haven't had any coffee grounds in my coffee while I've been using it-I've frequently left coffee in it for several days at a time and it is showing no signs of rust or wear - powerful finish on the product-Spare set of filters, which I've had no reason to use yet-Drinking coffee from it has caused me to achieve enlightenment. I've taken up philosophy and solved many of the great conundrums of my day.5Exceptional quality, brews fantastic coffeeI have a coffeemaker, but decided to try making coffee using a French Press - this French Press has brewed some of the best coffee I have ever tasted. I am very strict when it comes to brewing coffee (I measure the amount of water and coffee grounds down to the gram, and measure the temperature of the water), and have never experienced the results that this French Press has produced. It's very durable, of exceptional quality, and will keep hot liquids moderately warm for a while (though not quite like a thermos). I am looking forward to years of great coffee with this French Press - highly recommended!P.S. When brewing coffee using this French Press, be sure to pour out all the coffee from the French Press after 3 minutes, or it will start to acquire a bitter taste due to overbrewing. Follow the enclosed instructions for best results.5Quality Product!After reading a zillion reviews for a french press coffee maker, I decided on the Sterling Pro Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press. I was very concerned about the review warning about metal shavings being deposited in the carafe. It almost kept me from purchasing but I decided to give it a try and I'm glad I did. The first thing I tested when it arrived was the plunger. I pushed it up and down a hundred times and then wiped the inside with a soft white cloth. There was absolutely no metal residue nor were there any markings on the sides from the plunger touching the sides of the carafe. The metal mesh screen is flexible so even though it lightly rubs agains the sides, I think it's highly unlikely it will scrape off any metal. I did a quick Google search about chromium and nickel leaching into our food from stainless steel and nothing I read concerned me and I'm one of those tree hugging, eat no processed food, stay away from all chemicals kind of person. Both of these are found naturally in fruits, vegetables, beans, the air and water! Do you know how much coffee or tea you would have to consume in order to experience a negative health effect from the slight chance a few micrograms of metal were rubbed off into your coffee? I don't know either, but I'd be more concerned about the possibility of chemicals leaching into your food when heating things in a plastic container in the microwave!The quality of the French press is excellent. The handle feels sturdy and stout. There is nothing cheap feeling about this product.The double mesh filters leaves your coffee or tea without a trace of grinds or leaves in your drink and the double wall construction keeps your beverage piping hot for about a half hour.I highly recommend this product!5I like what comes out of a french pressSo, I've had this thing for two and a half years. The simple version of the review is: Buy this thing!Here's the longer version.You wouldn't be here if you didn't already know you wanted a french press. I like what comes out of a french press.. Then after breaking two glass versions it occurred to me there might be a better way. And even later it occurred to me that having a vacuum lined container might keep the coffee warm longer.That leads us to form versus function.Form: It's tall and round. On those rare occasions when I take the time to polish it, it gets shiny and purty.Function: I can make the coffee and it's still warm and hour and a half later. I couldn't do that with the glass version. And, I've banged it on cups and counter tops and it hasn't broken into a thousand pieces. I definitely couldn't do that with the glass version.My only complaint has to do with 'presses' in general. And this one is no exception.You can turn the top to make it easier to pour. So, why do I have to point the spout at my face to figure out how to turn the top.? I shouldn't. And, thanks to the miracle of stainless steel, with this one I don't.My Beverly Hillbillies answer is...take a small screwdriver, point it at the lip above where the coffee pours, and hit it with a hammer. Now there's a tiny dent. I can feel it with my finger, turn the lid, and pour the coffee without taking my eyes off the book/screen I need desperately to pay attention to.So...put good coffee in and good coffee will come out. Drink slowly and the coffee will still be warm. Bang it against things and it won't shatter. Wait...maybe that should have been part of the short review...5BONUS: it keeps my coffee extra freaking cold!Woo Doggy this is a nice unit! The steel is heavy (reasonably so, not cumbersome), the screens fit tightly... me likey!! I bought this one as I had bought for the first time in years a glass caraffed press about 3 months ago, and I broke it in a moment I can only define as heart wrenching stupidity. So, I made a decision to thwart my future stupidity, and opted for an unbreakable press. It comes with two screens attached, and two spares, for those curious, and again, they fit tightly, and filter very effectively. With reasonable care, I can't see the spare filters being necessary any time soon. I love it!For anyone curious, I primarily use this for cold brewing. Cold brew is stupid easy, start with a clean press, add your coffee, add your water, just as you usually would for hot coffee, but with cold or room temperature water. Put this sucker in the fridge, say after dinner when you're cleaning up the kitchen. Tomorrow morning, drag your droggy butt to the fridge, press the coffee, pour over ice, add cream or sweetener if that's your thing (don't if it's not) and voila! cold instantly available, and strong enough to donkey punch you into high gear. WARNING: drinking cold coffee, especially in summer time, especially first thing in the morning, will lead to accomplishments aplenty, a raging disgust at the lethargy of others, and a primal drive for another glass of coffee. It even lead to home roasting and grinding.5Three StarsIt makes a good cup of coffee. I wish it wasn't a little bigger, but the quality is great3Happy husband!I am not a coffee drinker, but my husband is very picky about his coffee. Filter coffee from south India is his favorite, but making it the traditional way needs some knack and patience:)These were our criteria:1. Taste2. Easy to use (important during those AM rush hours)3. Small size (up to 4 cups) that does not occupy huge real estate but looks pretty on my kitchen counter4. All stainless steel (environment friendly - no pods, no filters), with easy cleanupThe package arrived on time, well packed and ready to use after a quick rinse with soap.Used the regular Kirkland ground coffee, and the husband loved the taste (compared to drip coffee made with the same coffee grounds) and the effort, not much. He now has a routine - set the water kettle to 200F, meanwhile get the coffee grounds in the press, then add hot water, stir, let it rest for 3 mins, meanwhile get the milk ready, then slowly press and pour coffee into milk and voila! his perfect filter coffee from India:) The double filters seem to do their job well, no coffee grounds in the poured coffee.I for one, love how shiny and environment friendly this thing looks on my counter (small enough to be easily tucked away inside the cabinet as well).Hand wash routine started with 5 mins, now down to 3 mins (since we've had this for a week now). The filters separate out easily with few twists, clean them with soap using a toothbrush (clean new one, of course:)This little contraption truly satisfied all of our criteria! Starting to see decline in the $$ coffee shop trips, which makes me happier!5
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