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GARP 5300622034 Compatible Replacement for Dryer Heater Coil Fits Frigidaire, Gibson, Kelvinator, Kenmore, Tappan, Westinghouse

  • GARP 5300622034 Compatible Replacement for Dryer Heater Coil Fits Frigidaire, Gibson, Kelvinator, Kenmore, Tappan, Westinghouse

GARP 5300622034 Compatible Replacement for Dryer Heater Coil Fits Frigidaire, Gibson, Kelvinator, Kenmore, Tappan, Westinghouse

£84.00 £51.00 Save: £33.00
£51.00 £84.00 You save: £33.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Researched and Developed in New Jersey
  • Lifetime Warranty on all GARP Products
  • Used by technicians and Dyers, Includes Warranty Card
  • Fits OEM Standards! Guaranteed to Exceed OEM Requirements!
  • Tested by OEM Technicians!
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Customer Reviews

Perfect fit! My dryer is like new! My husband is a doer and a fixer. We tend to like to fix things ourselves and save the money on labor if at all possible. We got this when our dryer stopped heating. Upon opening the dryer up we saw the old heat coil had broken. We replaced the old coil with this new coil. It fit perfect and has been working better than ever. I forgot how nice it is to have a dryer that works properly. My laundry day goes so much quicker! The quality was awesome.Researched and Developed in New JerseyLifetime Warranty on all GARP ProductsUsed by technicians and Dyers, Includes Warranty CardFits OEM Standards! Guaranteed to Exceed OEM Requirements!Tested by OEM Technicians!Product DescriptionGARP products are researched and Developed in New Jersey USA. We provide a Lifetime Warranty on all GARP Products. Our products are trusted and used by technicians and Dyers, Includes Warranty Card. GARP parts fit OEM Standards and are guaranteed to Exceed OEM Requirements! All GARP products are Tested by OEM Technicians! Replacement for 5300622034 Dryer Heater Coil for Frigidaire, Gibson, Kelvinator, Kenmore, Tappan, Westinghouse. 5Works just as good as the original Super easy to install and has been going strong since we replaced it in October (we use our dryer almost daily). The only thing that kind of sucked was paying for overnight shipping and not receiving it until several days later.. not a huge concern since it was only a few bucks, but the laundromat near home is... uh.. a special place. Not to mention the inconvenience of carrying loads of laundry back and forth. Either way, all in all, would recommend ;) 5Frigidaire GLET1041AS1 Frigidaire GLET1041AS1 Gallery Series***NOTE: Disconnect power prior to performing this installation!!!There are MANY videos all over the web of this installation, so hit your favorite search engine and feast your eyes prior to attempting this if you have low to no experience with this type of work.***The product was a perfect fit, direct replacement.A small set of Channel Lock pliers (#426) made short work of folding over the metal tabs on the terminals after inserting into the ceramic insulator.Once each terminal is secured, fasten the coils to each respective retainer. This is done with one coil in the middle and two adjacent coils securing spring tension to the plastic retainers.Once both ends are secure, begin retaining the heating element roughly at the 50% mark and begin working your way, altering sides to distribute "spring" tension of the heating element as you secure it back to the terminal points.***If you do not do this, you risk having under tension sections of the element close to the ceramic insulator and the heating element will be "stretched" thin towards the middle or one end (if you went, say clock wise or counter clockwise only)...The risk can occur where you end up with a "bulged" section of the heating element from under tensioned coils and the heating element _could_ contact the heat shield that is fastened to the drum. This would result in sparks as the AC voltage powering the heating element, potential fire if your dryer is not clean and free of debris once the installation is complete and the unit is plugged in and powered on.***At roughly 25% of the cost of the complete assembly, this was a no-brainer since the rest of my assembly was in great shape.Even if you need a couple of the retaining clips, they are still available, throw in the ceramic insulator and you would still be under 50% of the cost of the complete assembly. So unless your heat shields are destroyed from a dryer fire or you actually need all clips, insulator, element AND the heat sensor, then by all means does it warrant replacing the entire assembly.***Do I recommend this product? Absolutely, going this deep, I busted the shop vac out for a severe internal cleaning job & I replaced the drive belt, nylons & felt while I was at it.. With 3x 15min break in cycles under its belt, I now have a new dryer. 4Perfect fit, works exactly as the original I was very happy to find this instead of replacing the whole heating unit. As long as you kep the coils evenly distributed when you install this, it is very somple and works perfectly. be SURE to check your dryer for the narrow or wide terminals, this heater element has the WIDE ones- get a different one if you wiring harness has the narrower connectors. 5Fixed my old clothes dryer with this heating element I was amazed how easy this is to install in my old clothes dryer, the old one burnt in two. Now it is up and running like new. This worked perfectly for my old yes very old clothes dryer which is a kelvinator about 9-10 years old, but uses Frigidaire parts just fine. Really happy with this purchase and the ease of installing this.shipped fast and a great price. 5Good Quality... Stupid Cheap.. My 6 year old Kenmore dryer crapped out on me a week ago, I could see sparks inside the back of the dryer. I looked at replacing the washer/dryer set but the prices are climbing by the day. After identifying the faulty heater coil on Google I watched a Youtube video showing the procedure for replacement. This coil was cheaper than the sales tax would have been on a coil bought locally, made my buying decision easy. Paid the expedited shipping and got the coil to me door in 3 days. Installation was pretty straight forward, it takes a bit of luck to get the stretched coil spaced properly the first go around but nothing too difficult about it. Dryer is working like a champ after $13 and a couple hours of labor, it was actually a little fun doing the repair. The repair probably would have cost about $200 locally. 5Works great! Installed easily and has been working fine for the last month and a half with no problems! Purchased this as a low cost alternative to buying the original manufacturers part.The quality of this heating coil appears to bee as good if not better than the original part it replaced.It has now been in operation almost every day for the past month and a half and we've had no problems at all.I'd definitely recommend this part to anyone replacing their heating coil - as long as it's the right one for your dryer model of course! :-)It's a quality part. 5Perfect fit. Big money saver! This heating element works on Sears Kenmore "Laundry Center" (stacked washer/dryer unit). Disassembly of the dryer unit is NOT required. I removed 10 screws on the dryer rear, all screws on the dryer top and removed the top cover. Then, carefully lift the dryer drum out of the rear bearing cradle, and gently push the dryer rear panel out away from the rear of the dryer. You then have access to remove the old heating element. Took me about 30 minutes to remove and install. Perfect fit. Big money saver! 5Lasted 10 mos, not bad for the money Lasted approximately 10 mos, didnt come tangled up but i had to gently stretch it to fit. Not bad for the money but wishing one would last 7 years like the first one did...also shattered into about 20 pieces when it blew, and welded itself to the heat pan/shield. 4Dryer stopped drying - but still ran. Rather than ... Dryer stopped drying - but still ran. Rather than pay a repair place $300 I took a shot and bought this heater element. Fit perfectly and got my dryer working for under $13. (And when I put the dryer back together I had only 4 screws left over!) 5
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