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Gibraltar Mailboxes Designer Locking Medium Capacity Galvanized Steel Black, Wall-Mount Mailbox, DVKGB000

  • Gibraltar Mailboxes Designer Locking Medium Capacity Galvanized Steel Black, Wall-Mount Mailbox, DVKGB000
  • Gibraltar Mailboxes Designer Locking Medium Capacity Galvanized Steel Black, Wall-Mount Mailbox, DVKGB000
  • Gibraltar Mailboxes Designer Locking Medium Capacity Galvanized Steel Black, Wall-Mount Mailbox, DVKGB000
  • Gibraltar Mailboxes Designer Locking Medium Capacity Galvanized Steel Black, Wall-Mount Mailbox, DVKGB000

Gibraltar Mailboxes Designer Locking Medium Capacity Galvanized Steel Black, Wall-Mount Mailbox, DVKGB000

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Secure Payments

  • 14 Days Return

  • Medium capacity is able to hold days worth of mail at a time
  • Crafted with quality galvanized steel for strength and durability
  • Black powder-coated finish keeps like new and stands against the elements
  • Proudly made in the USA
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Customer Reviews

It's okay. Bought this mailbox to be used inside our office lobby. It functions well enough as a mailbox.However, the quality is lacking. It's pretty flimsy, just made out of sheet metal. Don't know how long it would last as a mailbox if it were placed outdoors in the elements, as paint is already chipping(rust?). Mailbox was received with quite a lot of dents, scratches and damage. The outer box/packaging was not damaged, so that tells me that it's probably a QC issue from the factory. The mailbox just hangs from 2 screws in the back, so super susceptible to theft if it were placed outside. Just lift-and-go. Never mind that it has a lock.Not worth my time returning as it still functions as a "mailbox". Again, it's being used indoors so it'll do. I thought Made in the USA was supposed to be "higher quality"? Not looking good. 2Acceptable for my purposes As other reviewers have indicated, this lockable drop box is constructed from a thin metal, has a hinged lid which, when lifted, exposes a lockable cover which has a slot for mail or other items. I like it because it is unobtrusive, presumably will shelter the contents from rain, is easy to open, and is easy to check. But there were some challenges I had with it.I found the mounting of the dropbox to be less than pleasing. Due to the way it was constructed, the dropbox back does not sit flush against a wall; there are ridges around the back that touch first. The box is held to the backing by two screws partially driven into the backing. The dropbox has elongated screw holes that are pushed over the heads of the two screws and then the drop box is lowered 1/4 inch. These screws can be snugged up, but not tightened as that would distort the box. A third screw is driven through the center of the back and this serves to prevent a thief from simply lifting the box off the two support screws and running away. Bottom line: the mounting is not well designed but it is functional.Of course the locking mechanism and the quality of construction are average at best. This is a low dost drop box at a very affordable price. I've only had it in-use now for a couple of weeks but it seems to be doing its job just fine! 4Get what you pay for, does the job but low security. This mailbox looked just as pictured when it arrived. I am happy with the size, it fits a magazine with no trouble and is large enough that it will fit a few days of collected mail but is not too big or bulky taking up space on our entry way. It came with the lock and mail plaque not attached but they were very simple and fast to add. It is very simple to hang on the wall as well.You get what you pay for with this mailbox. This is sturdy and works as expected, but the mechanisms are not high quality. It opens and closes fine but not as smooth as a high quality one, I could see it breaking or bending if you are too rough with it.Security. This box attached to the wall with 3 screws, it would be extremely easy to rip it off a wall if someone really wanted what was inside. If you are buying this to protect against mail theft in a worrisome neighborhood I would suggest a higher quality box with better mounting security. If you simply want to deter from potential theft and want that extra level of security this is perfect. We live on in safe residential neighborhood but it is next to a park with the occasional squatter. This simply serves as that piece of mind to know if anything were to have been stolen... keeps honest people honest kind of thing. 3Looks good. Some design flaws. Overall I'm happy with this. I like the look and the size. For the price, it's the best I could do, I guess. Cons: The rear of the lid rubs against the wall when opened. Over time this will rub away the finish and lead to rusting. Dumb flaw. Also, read the fine print. It isn't meant to be exposed to rain, which is really dumb for a mailbox! I will certainly have to replace it after a year or two. Finally, it would have been nice if they included screws for mounting. 3Nice mailbox It's a good mailbox. It is shiny and smooth which I like. The double locking top is good too, even though I don't use the locking part. The letters didn't get wet in the rain. The top opens so smooth and nice. You can get A LOT of mail stuffed in here. I mean like 5 pounds. Very pleased and no complaints other than you have to supply your own hardware to attach it which they don't tell you when you buy it. 5Pretty But Could Use Some Improvements The mail box is sturdy and well constructed, and it is pretty aesthetically. Please be aware that the nickle finished "mail" piece is an adhesive piece and that you will need to place it on the mailbox, which can be both good or bad depending on how much of a perfectionist you are. I wish it came pre-stamped directly onto the mailbox to avoid attacks of OCD if the item is straight or not. The only downside is that there was no hardware to attach the item to the wall and had to find screws to attach our brand new mailbox. 3Second one purchased Bought one for a residence 3 moves ago, paid like 52 bucks at home depot for and that one was nice and heavy duty. Never thought I'd need one again so I left it at that house. Then moved recently and after wandering around the property finally found "my" new mailbox- a 6 x 1 x 10 inch box, hanging crookedly from a nail on the landlord's front porch, exposed to the elements, lid doesn't close and no house number on it. It would never fit the mail I get much less the veterinary journals I receive monthly. So I bought the cheapest version here on amazon. It arrived and doesn't feel anything like the first one I bought. But it's a large box with a lid so I installed it. It had to be installed on a small square of plywood attached to the house because of the stupid lip around the back of it preventing it from hanging flush. There's a single central hole and two slide on holes on either side (the existing plywood width only allowed for one sliding hole and the central hole to be used. For some reason it is not tight on no matter how I tighten the screws so it slides/wobbles crookedly against the house. As I did with the previous mailbox I taped the locking slot to the lid so it just lifts as one. The lock is pointless and cheap and the opening wouldn't allow the large size mail to fit into the box if it were left down. The stick on mail emblem is cheap and won't last, I tossed it and designed my own house number which I then attached.It will do it's job for a brief time, but it's a piece of crap and should actually be cheaper for this quality. 2I would't recommend it. 1. Poor quality of lock.2. Quality of paint is horrible.3. No screws, no instructions included.4. 9x12 thin envelopes won't fit.See attached pictures 2A great value for a well built mail box The box is well built and well designed. If you use the lock feature then of course, the mailman will not be able to deposit large magazines into the box. The lock feature by design, restricts unfettered access into the box and it's contents. If you do not use the lock feature, the box is roomy enough for multiple magazines or even packages of the type containing books or dvd movies, etc. Those who have described the box as flimsy, or not well built must have this confused with an all steel lock box of the type used by banks. Certainly a determined thief could gain access to the locked box in a minute or two, or even rip it from the wall all together with a crow bar in less time, but common sense dictates that the lock is not intended to prevent a determined thief, but to deter the curious or casual trespasser. Seriously folks, if you are looking for a solidly built and well designed mail box at a great price, this one is for you. I compared many boxes before deciding on this one and I am not disappointed in any way. A great value. 5Junk Though this mailbox looks decent enough from a distance, it is in fact very cheaply made. The metal is thin and bends and scratches easily. The "Mail" insignia is a plastic stick-on. One flimsy rivet holds both the top and the locking slot, and moves stiffly - I probably could rip it off with my hand. The inside was was only partially painted - half was black, half bare silver metal. The locking top is a joke since anyone could tear the whole box off the wall. Taking down my ancient box, I realized how heavy and well-made it was. So i plan to sand it down and repaint it, then put it up and throw the new one away. 2
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