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Gladiator GAGPUB2PPY GearTrack Pack

  • Gladiator GAGPUB2PPY GearTrack Pack
  • Gladiator GAGPUB2PPY GearTrack Pack
  • Gladiator GAGPUB2PPY GearTrack Pack
  • Gladiator GAGPUB2PPY GearTrack Pack

Gladiator GAGPUB2PPY GearTrack Pack

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Kit includes two 4-ft pieces of GearTrack channel, 8 assorted hooks, and 2 end-caps
  • Geartrack channels have patented Double-channel design to keep hooks locked in place
  • Compatible with all Gladiator accessories
  • Easy to install with all hardware included
  • Hooks are easy to hang and easy to reposition as storage needs change
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Customer Reviews

Fantastic Organization for the Price! After reading a few of the more negative reviews, I was a bit hesitant in purchasing, however I couldn't be more happy with this set. It was very easy to get on the wall, the hardest part was getting it level without someone else to hold it. If you put it up with someone else holding, it's a breeze. I don't have a need to put anything super heavy on there, so I can't comment on how well it holds up to that, but for a basic garage organization tool it has worked splendidly for us. I would purchase again in a heartbeat!Some people have complained about the variety of hooks that were included, personally they worked great for us. Our electric blower wasn't fitting great with the one hook that was left, so we just looped a zip tie on the handle and it works great! 5Very strong, clean look, easy install - highly recommend overall So far I am really enjoying this setup. I'm finally able to get all my yard tools off the floor and out of the way. All items were individuall wrapped and arrived in perfect condition. Installation was a snap. I placed the gear track on the wall in the approximate location where I wanted to mount it. I then used a stud finder and made a small mark on the wall, above the gear track, at each stud. Once my studs were marked, I put a level on the gear track to make sure it was straight and I pre-drilled holes through the track (top and bottom seams) and the stud at each stud mark. I used the screws that came with the pack, which were plenty long. I repeated the same steps for the second piece of track. The tracks can a hold a lot of weight. I'm using the longer hooks to holding multiple yard tools and the smaller ones to hang power tools. I also purchased to additional long hooks and mounted a heavy multi-ladder on them. If I did it over again, which I may add another track about 10" below the current one and stagger additional equipment, the only thing I would do differently would be to ensure that the to pieces of track meet at a stud. I didn't get the cleanest seam where the two meet, but I can live with it. I previously owned the comparable system made by Rubbermaid and I have way more faith in the hold strength of this product. I wish there were more bulk packs of hooks available, but this kit is a great start. 5The plastic rails are very sturdy and installation was very easy I just installed this a few days ago. The plastic rails are very sturdy and installation was very easy. The hook position can also can also be adjusted easily. I saw another reviewer mentioned the lack of pilot holes in the rails but I think this is an advantage since it gives you a lot of flexibility for mounting. In my case I set the screws at 8", 24" and 40". Depending on wall layout, you might no be able to center the rack.My only complaint is the shipping box shows that (4) end caps are included (see attached picture). I only had 2 so I spent time scouring my garage to see where I placed the "missing" 2 end caps. Before writing this review I re-read the product description and it states that only 2 end-caps are included. So at some point the manufacturer decided to cut cost by including only 2 caps but is still using the old box which shows 4 end caps.FYI, I also considered buying from Lowe's ($20 lower on Amazon) and their website pictures imply 4 end-caps (2 rails mounted above each other with 2 end caps on each rail) even though the text also says 2 end caps. They even show a picture of the box on their website which also shows 4 caps. All in all not a big deal but I think the manufacturer should correct this since it is misleading. 5Great System! Super Organized my garage but additional hooks are expensive, buy locking Crasftman hooks instead So my iPad crashed on my last review so this one will be shorter. Great system, great hooks, cleaned my garage up so much! It got 4 instead of 5 stars because the small J & L hooks are useless because they just fall every time you take the tool on and off the track so that is frustrating and really dissapointing! But love the system! Once you get the starter pack, buy Craftsman Versa Track hooks as they are half the cost of these hooks and have a locking mechanism to keep the hooks in place! No idea why but they work on this track system also hah. Pic of j hook is below...total garbage they are. 4Perfect! BUY THIS! This product is amazing! We purchased this to help get all of my husband sports equipment bags up off the floor in the basement and safe from any pests and dust collection. It has been fabulous. We have owned this product for awhile now.PROS:-super easy to install, and directions were great-the multiple types of included hooks are great for all types of items, we hang bags of the hooks, the knobs of baseball bats fit great on the double hook and we even use one of the hooks to hang 5 folding chairs.-The hooks and super strong and have never bent or wavered-they slide along the track and you can click them in wherever you want them-the set is fully expandable so you can always add more lengths of track and purchase any kinds of accessories you may want-it looks neat and professional unlike some other types of wall mounts like pegboards, etc.CONS:-none so farWe plan on soon adding more pieces and expanding our current set to include storage for our kids' toys and other items. It is so great to have everything at eye level, nice and neat. No more tripping on bags, bats, balls, chairs, cleats, straps, etc. If you are looking for a great storage solution...buy this!! 5Great product, could be a tad better. Price is fairly high, but it works great. I wish there was a retainer of sorts so the hooks didn't lift out of the tracks. For instance, when you lift something off the hook, if it bumps the hook in an upward direction it sometimes the hooks come loose. A locking bar that covers them once you get them where you want would be ideal. 4I use them in plastic sheds. This is supposed to be screwed into wood or concrete in a garage but I have been using these for years in plastic sheds with no problems. For me there are the best thing for a plastic shed. They never fell off (I used extra screws). I use screws just like the short ones that come in the pack. I use them to hold snow shovels,and garden things and even some heavier things. I found nothing better than these and could not find them if I search for shed accessories. I searched under Gladiator and found then here. With a small Dremel Sawmax I easily cut it shorted when I need to do so. It is easy to cut. The metal parts never rusted in my shed. 5Very easy to install, great product! I just received this GearTrack Pack along with a few other coordinating items for some much-need garage organization. This product is amazing! It was a piece of cake to install - I am a 31 year old female, not a newbie in home renos/repairs, but I installed this myself in under an hour. I used the longer screws that were included because my garage is drywalled. Be SURE to find your studs. Mine weren't where I thought. I accidentally placed one screw at the end of the track to far beyond the stud and after hanging a strolled from the hook it started to pull out of the wall. I was able to find the stud, and now it's sturdy and hangs well. I got the end caps to go with the tracks- makes for a much more finished look. If you want an inexpensive but high-quality product for garage organization that provides many different options within the same line, this is it! I plan to slowly add to what I now have. I was able to get three strollers, a baby carrier backpack, two snow shovels, 4 hockey sticks, and 3 boxes of drumliners off of my garage floor, leaving it clutter-free. 5shotty welds This was easy to setup, looks great, and the variety of hooks is also very nice. My issue is that the welds on the large J-hook popped off on the very first thing that I had hung on it. I have a yakima hitch rack that I put on there, and it was holding it just fine, and when I lifted it off the hook, the hook came with my rack, the welds snapped, leaving the other attachment part sitting in the rack in 2 pieces. The other hooks so far have been fine, so maybe I was the lucky one that got the one shotty J-hook, which is possible, but since I was, I can't give it more than just an average rating. The other hooks don't hold my rack properly, so now it's back on the floor while I decide to buy a replacement hook for this rack, or just find another way to hang it. 3Great for storage of everything from ladders to clothes hooks I had a couple of these, heavily loaded (sledge hammers, axes, shovels etc) in my old house for about 10 years. I was impressed with the quality and durablity. When we got our new house I ordered a bunch of these, and pulled down the old ones and brought them with me. Now I have about 10 of them, plus a gear track wall. Great for storage of everything from ladders to clothes hooks. Not cheap, but I know I will never be sorry I installed them. There are similar products from Rubbermaid and Kobalt, maybe a little cheaper, but I went with these based on my prior experience.If they made them an inch or two longer they would go from stud to stud a little better. At 48 inches I angle the screws at the end to get a better purchase in the studs (at 16 5
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