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Glorious Xl Gaming Mouse Mat/Pad Large, Wide (X Large) Black Cloth Mousepad, Stitched Edges | 16"X1

  • Glorious Xl Gaming Mouse Mat/Pad   Large, Wide (X Large) Black Cloth Mousepad, Stitched Edges | 16"X1
  • Glorious Xl Gaming Mouse Mat/Pad   Large, Wide (X Large) Black Cloth Mousepad, Stitched Edges | 16"X1
  • Glorious Xl Gaming Mouse Mat/Pad   Large, Wide (X Large) Black Cloth Mousepad, Stitched Edges | 16"X1
  • Glorious Xl Gaming Mouse Mat/Pad   Large, Wide (X Large) Black Cloth Mousepad, Stitched Edges | 16"X1
  • Glorious Xl Gaming Mouse Mat/Pad   Large, Wide (X Large) Black Cloth Mousepad, Stitched Edges | 16"X1
  • Glorious Xl Gaming Mouse Mat/Pad   Large, Wide (X Large) Black Cloth Mousepad, Stitched Edges | 16"X1
  • Glorious Xl Gaming Mouse Mat/Pad   Large, Wide (X Large) Black Cloth Mousepad, Stitched Edges | 16"X1

Glorious Xl Gaming Mouse Mat/Pad Large, Wide (X Large) Black Cloth Mousepad, Stitched Edges | 16"X1

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Dimension: 16"x18" - 2-3mm thickness. Color = Black.
  • Smooth cloth surface - Optimized for fast movement while maintaining excellent SPEED and CONTROL during gaming
  • Non-slip rubber base - Provides heavy grip preventing sliding or movement of mouse pad
  • Anti-Fraying stitched frame - Greatly increases lifespan and aesthetics of mousepad
  • Machine Washable
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Customer Reviews

The mouse pad to end all mouse padsBefore owning this mouse pad, I had a metal pad. I was convinced metal pads were the way of the future, and that I'd never own another fabric pad again.Boy, was I wrong.The extended mouse pad is just plain awesome. It looks great, fits perfectly on my desk, acts as a nice little cushion for my wrists, and most importantly - it works great with my mouse. My mouse has never felt more accurate. And not only that, I can move my mouse wherever I want without worrying about going off the pad.The quality of this mouse pad is top notch as well, and it shows. The stitching on the edges looks and feels great. The pad is also a nice, rich black color. It doesn't look like a faded black like many other, cheaper mouse pads.All in all, this mouse pad is a home run. It's a steal for the price, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to gamers and non-gamers alike! 5High Quality Matt with a Great LookPackaging: The mouse mat came in a simple, but sturdy, cardboard package. I really liked that they included a slip of paper with helpful hints. Most of the tips were pretty common sense, but it also let me know that the mat is machine washable. That was definitely a good thing to know.Quality: I'm extremely happy with the quality of this mouse mat. The stitched edges are really both a nice touch and a nice feature. The stitching looks great, with no snags or gaps in any of the stitching. Since the stitching around the borders is thick and sturdy, it adds a bit of a "lip" to the outer edge. I really like this, as it lets me know that I've hit the edge of the mat before I move my mouse off the edge. Others may hate it; I imagine it all comes down to personal preference.Appearance: In many ways, it's just a black mouse mat, but the stitched edges make it look much nicer than mats that are just a thin piece.Customer Service: I haven't needed customer service (it's a mouse mat, after all), but they are one of the few merchants I've purchased from that contacted me after my purchase to ensure I was happy with everything. This really impressed me; it's so rare to get personal contact in this manner.If I were to do it over again, I would happily buy it again. I'm thinking of buying another one for work as well. 5Perfect if you like low dpi and make big swipes with your mouseXXXL is perfect for me. I play mainly FPS stuff like PUBG, Fortnite, H1Z1, etc. I like to play on low sens (400 dpi master race!) so I make large swipes across my desk when I play and needed the real estate to do so. This mouse pad is perfect for that. It sticks to my glass table like glue. Doesn't move at all. It's sleek and not loud as far as colors and design go. I'm a simple man. My G502 slides fluently across the surface. My bungee and keyboard also stick to it well and don't move around while I play.Highly recommend for any FPS players that need the real estate to make big swipes in-game! 5Lots of clean real estate without the tacky logos and text!This is for the extended pad which is really large and wide. When I first started using this pad, I was so unused to the real estate it supplied me with, but I've come to appreciate the extra space. I currently have it on top of a kitchen countertop which functions as my desk. Seeing as my desk is very long, a smaller pad would be disproportional, but this extended pad feels like it belongs symmetrically and perfectly. Another great thing about this mouse pad beside the extra real state, is the cleanliness of the design. Unlike lots of gaming pads which are marked up with logos, texts and an assortment of other designs, this particular one from Glorious is rather clean. You get their logo and name at the very bottom corner and it is very un-intrustive which I appreciate. I really dig this mousepad and I am going to keep it with my editing setup for the foreseeable future. 5Great Pad!I bought this for my 17yr old son. He's not a professional gamer but does play lots of computer games. He needed a new pad and I had never seen "gaming" pads before. I did hours of research (reading articles, looking at amazon at all the comparable products). I finally landed on the Glorious XXL. I am NOT disappointed. When I was reviewing other products, other describes issues like a bad smell or the sides wouldn't lay flay. Not with the Glorious XXL. I've experienced no issues. It is perfect and has laid perfectly flat right out of the box. It feels really nice and smooth. It has a nice weight to it but its not overly bulky. It doesn't slide because of the grip material and the edge stitching is impeccable. I'm not a gamer but I am considering getting one for me. I have a large desk with two monitors and it would be nice not to have to re-position the mouse pad as I am working. (sorry about all the dust in the pics. What can I say? He's a teen boy...cleaning is not a priority for him) 5A game changer!I have been PC gaming since the early days since DOS. I ve suffered through it all. 2400 baud modems... you name it. One thing that always stayed the same was the mousepad. Usually always the same shape and dimensions. I had upgraded to a larger gaming mousepad and even still I would slide off the pad and would cause me to fumble and make mistakes while gaming. So I began searching for a large pad. Searching through the hundreds I narrowed it down and finally decided on the glorious pc gaming race pad. The dimensions were the largest and had the best depth. This of takes up pretty much my whole desk. No more worrying about my mouse coming off the pad or the mousepad moving at all. Keyboard and my monitors sit atop the pad and the underside grip keeps it from moving around. The construction is top notch and the mouse moves over the pad with ease. Definitely pick this up if you are looking! Forget the others and go with his. 5The Bigger the BETTERI replaced my Corsair Extended Mouse Pad with this MONSTROUSITY of a pad. I play a lot of FPS games and Battle Royale and I mouse pad space was always an issue. Playing on low DPI makes me swipe my mouse longer and this always turn into lifting off the pad and resetting back to complete the motion. With this pad I have to reset less because I have more room. My setup consists of a 32 monitor, Phaneks Evoo TG, Final Mouse and Corsair on a 60 Ikea table. I love how the pad blends right in with my black desk. This was also a life saver when I was using my Logitech G903 wireless Mouse. If you ever used this mouse you know that the design has sharp points in the bottom front and it would catch on my Corsair mousepad. Sometimes it would catch really quickly and other times it would stop by mouse movement because it dug right in. this eventually caused my Corsair pad to fray. With this pad you won t have those issues because you ll have more room to swipe and the stitching is further away. Don t hesitate it is as good as gets! 5think its all about size? then youve come to the right placeGOODmassive sizegood grip on my deskspongy/comfy for palms/elbowswell stitched edgesboth my logitech G502 and ROG mouse glide veeery well on this mousepad and track well tooBADall black, so dust and stains and dirt stand out real fastsurface feels pretty rough...my logitech G502 and ROG mouse both glide BETTER on this mousepad, but my palms and elbows feel irritated by the rough surfaceso im using my old extra wide ROG gears of war 4 mousepad on top of this, and essentially just use it as a palm/elbow rest.Also worth noting, the surface of this mousepad is rough and microscopically open, which means anything you drop on it goes deep into the fabric.i eat a lot in front of my setup so thats an issue...the ROG gears of war mousepad has a sealed smooth fabric that is a lot more stain resistant, PLUS it has something printed on it all over, so stains and dust arent that visible.its a good mousepad, price perf is great, but its not perfect... there are much better ones out there if you dont care about having such a massive mousepad. 3Good mouse pad, but seems to have very sliiiight bumps on it, as if tiny grain of sand was stuck in it?So as of today, January 25, 2017, I received this product. It was the LARGE version. I will try to update this review over time if anything notable comes up with my use of this product.Pros:- So out of the box, despite being rolled/curled up, it managed to flatten out quite well. I plan to put a few books on it overnight to truly flatten it out.- Size: 13 x 15 inches. Good size, probably 2.5 bigger than your average mouse pad. If your desk is too small though the pad might be too big. It worked just fine for me though. I think this is a good size that gives enough room to move your mouse without being so large that it takes off too much space.- Texture: It's good. Feels like pretty durable fabric on top, and very rubbery bottom with a chevron pattern. So far gliding my mouse over it feels nice. The main reason I took off a star was that when I was moving my hands over it, I felt some random nicks and bumps scattered about. Not too many, maybe about 4 or so. It basically feels like if a tiny grain of sand was under/inside the pad.- Stitching: looks good. It's double stitched, but the edges aren't too bulgy where it would get in the way. Which I like.Cons:- I can't tell if I may have gotten a slightly defective unit or if all the mouse pads have this sort of problem but when I slid my hand across the pad, I felt some tiny bumps. Not too many but just enough to be noticed. It basically feels like a tiny grain of sand got stick inside the material. It's not too obvious and I don't think it will effect the mouse movement. I am hoping it will flatten out overtime or if I put weight over it. (And I did use a smooth flat surface to test this out, and the tiny bumpy feeling was there.)If anyone could explain why this is the case and if it's normal (or not), I'd appreciate it.Otherwise, this is quite a satisfactory mousepad. Then again I also owned very cheap mouse pads so I don't have too much experience on the matter. 4glorious indeedI purchased the 18"x36" black version (XXL). Thickness is ~4mm. As a mouse surface it is great, but I have also discovered that it has actually helped to make my mechanical keyboard quieter because vibrations are not otherwise transmitted directly to the desk. The pad also does a good job of absorbing ambient sound. I am not exaggerating when I say that working with this in front of me seems to provide a comfortable cone of silence that helps concentration. Overall it is very pleasant, and glorious, highly recommended.My only worry with a pad of this size is, will I be able to keep it clean? and if not, can I make it clean again? Only time will tell, so I will update this review when that day comes. The pad comes with these cleaning instructions:-- hand wash, or machine wash-- if machine wash, recommended cold water, low tumble, and a dash of detergent; air dry only.----------------------update 07/29/2017:-- washed as recommended and hanged to dry, looks brand new 5
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