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Goldbug - Animal 2 in 1 Child Safety Harness - Panda

  • Goldbug - Animal 2 in 1 Child Safety Harness - Panda
  • Goldbug - Animal 2 in 1 Child Safety Harness - Panda
  • Goldbug - Animal 2 in 1 Child Safety Harness - Panda
  • Goldbug - Animal 2 in 1 Child Safety Harness - Panda
  • Goldbug - Animal 2 in 1 Child Safety Harness - Panda

Goldbug - Animal 2 in 1 Child Safety Harness - Panda

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • EXPLORE IN STYLE: Friendly, plush animal harness/backpack keeps child close and safe, giving your little one the freedom and confidence to walk on their own.
  • COMFORT AND SAFETY FIRST: Tether quickly and easily detaches from the bottom of the animal, and chest buckles adjust for your growing child.
  • STORAGE: Slim and discrete pocket on the animal's back for special toys, snacks or other treasures found along the way. Velcro closure keeps everything safe and secure while on the go.
  • FUN FOR YOUR LITTLE ONE: Functions as both a harness and backpack. They will be so excited to wear their new toy and you can rest easy knowing they will stay close-by.
  • Ages: 18 Months and Up
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Customer Reviews

It is great! Super cute and he is so happy to ...It is great! Super cute and he is so happy to be walking and its teaching him not to run in the street like he was! He's a runner and does not care at all about leaving us behind. He loves it so much too! 5Not a one-size-fits-all product and poor designThe shoulder straps only tighten so much. We were never able to get good use out of this product because our daughter was too small. She started walking a 8 months. She's not 16 months and still the shoulder straps can't be pulled tight enough to keep her in.Also the leash connects to the bottom of the elephant. This isn't a good design because the straps of the elephant connect at the shoulder/upper torso. So when you pull your child back, the momentum of a forward running child causes the leash to bunch the straps at the underarms of your child which will pinch him/her. Also because pressure is being exerted at the top (from your child running) and restricted at the bottom (where the leash connects) you get a top heavy/reverse yo-yo effect and your child can swing and/or easily fall over. The leash should be in the upper-middle of the elephant to distribute pressure to the chest and shoulders evenly.The elephant is cute but DO NOT BUY 1You will be judged, but its worth it.I love this! You will get some judgemental eyes but your back will thank you. We do not have a yard that my 1 year old can play in, he loves putting this on and taking a walk around the neighborhood, it gives him some freedom. Previously I would hold his hand but after 15 minutes of bending over holding his hand my back starts to hurt. And I tried just letting him walk by me which he does good with but again he is one and very quick so I'm always afraid he will take off. This saves my back and gives me a way to keep him from taking off into the street. Love talking long walks around the neighborhood with this. 5This backpack has come in handy so many times while ...This backpack has come in handy so many times while in crowds with our toddler. Some parents say they would never "put their kid on a leash", but for the rest of us who want the security of knowing our child won't disappear into a crowd by running off, then this is the pack for you. Quality construction that can resist the tugging of a high energy toddler! 5My daughter LOVES her "giraffe who gives her hugs" AND who helps keep her safe!We bought this for my daughter once she grew into the phase of "bolting", especially towards the street, as soon as her feet touched the ground. This has been a SAVIOR for her and for us!The giraffe is soft and plush, and has two very easy to use clips at the chest and tummy. I think if you lost the leash that came with this, you could just get another leash and be just fine. We've only had it for 2 weeks, but so far, it's prevented her from running away several times. Sometimes she gets annoyed when she can't run as fast as she wants to, so she sits down in a huff, which I prefer over her getting hurt!So far, she has LOVED wearing her "Hugs" (we tell her that she has to wear her giraffe that gives her hugs if we're going to leave the house so that she sees it as a positive thing and not a negative thing). She'll ask to wear him around the house, so we'll either remove the leash, or tuck it into the pocket.As other reviewers have said, the pocket is pretty pointless for putting much of anything in to. Which is fine with me. Doesn't detract from this.I'll update this review if, as time goes on, I find issues with it. 5" so I thought this would be a good idea. The goodMy son is a "runner". He doesn't listen to "stop," so I thought this would be a good idea.The good:He likes the lion and doesn't mind wearing it. It's cute.The bad:The backpack pocket is really small and won't hold much.If you have a very skinny kid, the straps are too big and can't be adjusted small enough to fit well. This has the following effect: my son runs to the end of the line and leans forward trying to pull. When this happens he slips in the loose straps and falls forward, hard. This happened the first time we tried it out and cracked his head on a concrete floor, very hard. Fortunately no permanent damage, but it was scary. 3Love itLove it! My 13mo son wants to walk every where. This is perfect for trails and crowed public venues. He can feel like he has independence but I can safely keep him close. He likes wearing the monkey without the leash part. He thinks it's hilarious to see that monkey peeking around. Lol. It's also great for him to wear just the animal in a grocery cart as it acts like a back pillow. 5Lost toddler or leashed toddler? I'll take the latter pleaseMy 2 year old is a flight risk. She ran from me and got lost in the sea of people at the children's museum. She was lost for a few minutes though seemed longer. Pandas are her favorite so buying this leash was the first order of business when we retrieved her from the security guard who found her. Scared me. I thought these things were sad when I first saw them. Now I get it. Kid can roam free, but not bolt. Plus the cute backpack keeps the child's interest. Only issue is said toddler wants to hold her own leash. Oy. 5This is a perfect way to keep them from wandering too farAs a mother of 2 year old twins I find it hard to keep up with them when shopping. This is a perfect way to keep them from wandering too far. I just ignore the stupid strangers making comments about comparing it to a dog's leash. Their safety is more important than the naysayers.Plus my boys love their new little backpacks! 5I would definitely recommend this to parents of toddlers who love to get ...We bought this harness for a vacation to southern California (Legoland, Disneyland, Sea World) so our 2 year old wouldn't have to be confined to the stroller the whole time. He was able to get out and do the exploring that he loves without us worrying that he would get to far away and lost. He wore it without any fussing or fighting it. Even though the tail (leash portion) is attached to the bottom of the backpack we didn't have issues with it pulling up and/or causing discomfort. I would definitely recommend this to parents of toddlers who love to get out and explore the world and want to feel like they have some freedom to do that. 5
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