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GROSCHE Madrid French Press Coffee Maker, Tea Press Coffee Press 0.35 L / 11.8 oz quality borosilicate glass, stainless steel coffee filter. One mug size personal coffee maker, mini coffee maker

  • GROSCHE Madrid French Press Coffee Maker, Tea Press Coffee Press 0.35 L / 11.8 oz quality borosilicate glass, stainless steel coffee filter. One mug size personal coffee maker, mini coffee maker

GROSCHE Madrid French Press Coffee Maker, Tea Press Coffee Press 0.35 L / 11.8 oz quality borosilicate glass, stainless steel coffee filter. One mug size personal coffee maker, mini coffee maker

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  • [PREMIUM QUALITY FRENCH PRESS COFFEE AND TEA MAKER] that features fine-crafted chrome housing and strong Borosilicate glass beaker carafe and 18/8 Heavy gauge rod and french press filter. This 11.8 fl. oz size is a one cup coffee maker or mini coffee maker . It is a small french press great for making kona coffee or any other type
  • [BEST COFFEE FLAVOR]- This quality French press filter will give you smooth and richer rich tasting coffee unlike a electric percolator coffee pot or pour over coffee maker. Fine coffee filters allow coffee oils to brew in the glass pot (cafeteras) giving robust coffee flavor extraction brewed in 3 to 4 minutes. The 3 cup 11.8 fl. oz size makes one North American coffee mug so its a great personal coffee maker or mini coffee maker
  • [FRENCH PRESS FOR TEA WITH GORGEOUS ATTRACTIVE DESIGN} This French Press coffee maker can also be used as a loose leaf tea maker or a glass tea press / teapot. It has the highest quality stainless steel french press filter available. The MADRID French Press coffee maker and tea maker 3 cup is a small coffee maker that is truly a premium French press unlike any other, for a brewing and steeping of fine tasting coffees or teas
  • [BEST COLD BREW COFFEE MAKER} 2 in 1! You can use this coffee maker to make cold brew coffee. Set your coffee grinder to coarse, and brew cold brew coffe easily. Of all coffee makers on sale this is a special feature of the GROSCHE Madrid as cold brew maker. Use your favorite beans like Cafe du monde coffee, or Starbucks french press grind coffee
  • [TOP RATED AMONG COFFEE MAKERS ON SALE] -The Madrid 11.8 oz mini french press is one of the top rated premium coffe makers on sale. Its french press replacement glass is easily available and reasonably priced. They make great presents for dad or mom
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Customer Reviews

Great item; brews a VERY small cup of coffee This is a great product, very well made, great attention to detail. It brews a very nice cup of coffee (and presumably tea if that's your preference).One item to be aware of, this item is marketed as "3-cup", if you are used to an American-sized cup of coffee a more accurate sizing would be 3/4 cup. A single brew in this press fills my usual morning coffee mug less than half-full. If all you want is a small afternoon coffee or an after-dinner coffee this item will work great; if you want to have 2 or 3 cups of coffee in the morning you need to order the larger size. 5I know there's a lot of french presses out there but I chose the Grosche Madrid based on the great reviews, the nice design (no I've been using an Adagio IngenuiTea strainer for years and while very effective, I'm not fond of putting hot liquids in plastic for fear of chemicals leaching into my tea. It would also build up tea stains and etching so that nothing I ever put in it looked very appetizing. It works by straining tea out of the bottom when you press it against a mug so that you cannot see how full your mug is getting. I also managed to melt the feet on the base of it on accident which wouldn't have happened if I had metal feet.Thus, I began to look for a glass alternative for my loose leaf teas. I know there's a lot of french presses out there but I chose the Grosche Madrid based on the great reviews, the nice design (no plastic other than pour spout area) and the capacity since I tend to fill up a mug plus a 16 oz thermos every morning with tea. Yes, the glass is somewhat thin like most french presses but I have knocked it a dozen times at least on my granite counter tops and no cracking has occurred. It helps that it has a metal frame around it to protect it. Cleaning this strainer is very easy, not to mention there's no tea stains and no residual smells after several months of everyday use. I also like that I can save extra tea without over brewing it simply by pressing the strainer down. So far even the finest tea (other than mate powder) does not make it through this press (makes sense considering it is made for ground coffee). I'm really pleased with my purchase and highly recommend this french press for tea lovers. 5Philanthropic French Press Ok, I'll admit it. We are coffee snobs. We tossed the electric coffee pot months ago and only a French Press or pour over will do now. This issue is that perhaps my husband and resident barista is a bit of a klutz when it comes to the coffee making device. He has repeated bumped them on the counter a little to hard to result in broken glass and no morning coffee. I am determined not to go another morning without. So I ordered this French Press as a back up for the next time one breaks. But who can let a new French Press sit in the box? We have used it and love it. It is a well made design and seems sturdier than the last few presses. I like the metal cage surrounding the beaker and hope it prevents some of those hard knocks that result in no morning coffee. The filter is better than others we have used....I don't feel like I'm drinking grounds for the last 25% of coffee. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a great French Press. And if you like a company that has an interest in something besides their profits, this is one for you. When you purchase their product, they donate to "The Water Project," an organization that helps provide clean water to communities that don't have access. 5Good quality and looks great too! I m dropped my French Press and needed a replacement. I found this one and have it a try. Well made and works pretty good. Arguably this is pictured with tea but I use mine primarily for coffee. The glass is good quality and the mesh is fine enough to filter out the grounds without losing the oil you get from fresh beans. Give it a try if you need one. 5I am pleased with its ability to do that I have owned this product for over a year and use it a few times per week. On the plus side, this press makes a lot of coffee and it makes it well. I am pleased with its ability to do that. There are two critical design flaws, however, that leave me quite dissatisfied. First, filter screen doesn't have a grommet built into the center like other products on the market. Instead, this press uses a separate washer that is easy to lose and hard to keep track of when cleaning. The second key flaw is in the lid, which is comprised of two parts: a metal outer lid and a plastic inner lid held together by a bolt and nut. The problem here is that moisture gets between the two parts and causes significant rust to form on the metal lid. I would not purchase this product again due to the rust problem. 2This item was noted by most people to be superior due to the two filters There were several reasons I selected this French press. I broke my last one and notice this one was break resistant glass. The second reason was that I read all the positive reviews about this item, as well as reviewed other brands and their customer reviews. This item was noted by most people to be superior due to the two filters, the 'press' filter and the lid filter, which leaves few grounds in your coffee, and keeps coffee hot longer.Prior to purchasing this item, I also asked other customers to find out if anyone had trouble with the handle breaking due to the weight of the coffee, since this handle is only attached from the top, not at the bottom . This hasn't been a problem.Now, the MAIN reason that I bought this model over others: Simply put: I LOVE this design more than all the other designs.. This design is a 'work of art' visually. Since I use this 'utilitarian' object every morning, I wanted this to also be beautiful as well as functional. (I have also enjoyed ceremonial green tea...so I've learned the value of having both vessels and ingredients that you use on a daily basis to be both practically useful to bring a warming, awakening beverage as well as being a form of visual meditation on beauty!When I first wake up, I turn on my tea kettle, put my coffee grinds in this lovely vessel and pour my hot water in...giving the mixture a gentle stir, then put the lid on to 'steep' the coffee for a few minutes while I shower...Coming out to a 'ready' cup of coffee, poured from this press, just makes my day better right from the start. When friends come over, they too get to enjoy not only fabulous tasting organic, shade grown Guatemalan coffee, but have the pleasure of this being poured from this elegant, A+ designed coffee press!For hot summer days, here is my 'healthy' homemade version of an expensive booth-bought 'mocha frappacino.'I let the coffee cool. Sometimes I put coffee in an ice cube tray. I use 8 large coffee ice cubes per serving. Sometimes I use 8 plain ice cubes and unfrozen, cooled coffee. I personally like organic whole milk in my coffee...so I put first about 1 cup of milk, add organic agave nectar to my preference of sweetness (2 teaspoons), then add a pinch of allspice, cinnamon and my very favorite spice for coffee, cardoman, then a teaspoon of pure vanilla extract and you can add this or nor...a tablespoon of organic unsweetened cacao powder. Blend it up and add plain ice as needed to make it thicker. If you use shade grown organic, fair trade coffee you are being good to birds, those who grow, harvest and process & sell the coffee as well as giving yourself a lovely treat! Enjoy! 5Quality surpasses Bodum and Kona! Plus you're helping others with each purchase!!! Wow! This is exactly what I was looking for!!! I had the Kona: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FMJDJ5C/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_1 which has over 11,000 reviews on Amazon and thought it was okay but it wasn't for me. It looked cheaper in person, and the handle connected to the press was way too wobbly! I then looked at the Bodum versions and most people talked about how easy the glass broke and how they changed to this model! So after looking at the GROSCHE I realized paying $10 more than the Kona was worth it!- Very classy- Handle press is sturdy- The glass beaker is much stronger than Bodum or Kona- When purchasing the Grosche you are simultaneously helping to fund the Safe Water Project (Communities in need receive safe drinking water).Not only are you receiving an excellent product but you are helping the planet and others in need! I couldn't ask for a better reason to buy this! Do not second guess buying this and just do it already. Worse case scenario you return it if it doesn't meet your expectations! It sure met mine! 5SO much better than a Keurig, easy to use, high quality, LOVE IT! My keurig broke, I was sick of spending so much money on them and having to maintain a large appliance on my counter. I decided to try this french press and SO glad I did - it takes very little time to make, makes exactly 1 cup of coffee (if I fill water up to the first silver bar), the coffee tastes better than the keurig, it's better for the environment than those k-cups, easy to clean....VERY easy to use. Just:1. Put 2.5-3 tablespoons of course ground coffee beans into the empty carafe (I like my coffee strong!)2. Boil water, once it has stopped bubbling then pour water into carafe (up to first of those 3 silver bars). Stir the "coffee water" with a plastic spoon (directions state you shouldn't use a metal spoon).3. Gently place plunger onto carafe (make sure the scored edge on the plunger lid is aligned with the spout so it pours out properly) - do not press down yet, let it site on top of the carafe, above the water). Let it sit there/steep for 5 minutes.4. After 5 minutes, slowly/evenly press down on the plunger until it has pushed all the grounds to the bottom5. Pour. I get NO coffee grounds in my coffee!6. Rinse plunger & carafe and you're done 5Makes Great Coffee This is an attractively designed and well constructed French Press. We prefer the glass container design and this vessel is a nice rather heavy weight Pyrex one. Regular drip coffee is fine in a pinch but if you really want a good cup of coffee you must go French Press Style. The stainless steel plunger press apparatus comes apart easily for cleaning and is no problem to go back together. It does a great job of keeping sediment out of your cup. We use a long wooden spoon to stir the coffee before pressing. I wouldn t want to use a metal spoon repeatedly in this for fear of breaking the glass. Everyone has their own recipe for making their perfect cup of coffee. Get this press and find your perfect recipe. This is a great, sturdy tool and we are very happy with it. Recommended purchase. 5Mine fell apart after a year. I went to make the all important cup of coffee this morning and my french press just wouldn't plunge! After looking at pictures online and reading others problems with this issue, I came to the conclusion that the piece that keeps the filter plunger unit in position to plunge is just missing because it's just screwed on and not actually attached to the screen piece. So my fault for losing it when cleaning it but this also seems like a manufacturing shortcut, it shouldn't be that easy to lose! I've had this press for a year but I've had Bodum's for 5+ and never lost a piece. So there's that. I love this company and what they stand for but I'm bummed out that I have a dysfunctional french press now. It does make a good cup of coffee and the glass is sturdy in my clumsy household, if you can keep track of the little metal screw/washer thing that keeps everything is place you'[re golden! 4
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