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Hamilton Beach Compact 8 Cup Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper For Chopping, Shredding, Slicing, Mi

  • Hamilton Beach Compact 8 Cup Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper For Chopping, Shredding, Slicing, Mi
  • Hamilton Beach Compact 8 Cup Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper For Chopping, Shredding, Slicing, Mi
  • Hamilton Beach Compact 8 Cup Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper For Chopping, Shredding, Slicing, Mi

Hamilton Beach Compact 8 Cup Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper For Chopping, Shredding, Slicing, Mi

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 300 watt motor
  • Bowl holds 8 cups
  • Regular Feed tube
  • Includes bowl, lid, blade disk, and s-blade
  • Includes a manufacturer's 1-year
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Customer Reviews

Don't waste your time or money. Main reason I purchased this processor was for chopping onions carrots celery etc. This device does NOT chop or dice. It minces everything. No matter how lightly you pulse, it just doesn't chop.When using the slicing blade, it pulls the vegetables down so that they are sliced long ways instead of across. In other words, you get long rectangles of carrots instead of circles.Nothing comes out uniform except for mincing and pureeing.Very disappointing product.The last straw for me was when trying to make black bean hummus, you can't get the blade out. You have to scoop out your ingredients until you get down to where you can pry the blade out. Seems dangerous and I imagine it would eventually dull the blade.It is difficult to get the lid on and off. Doesn't fit easily. Also, when removing the lid the entire canister twist out instead of just the lid coming off.This product makes what should be a simple job very tedious and frustrating. 1So far, So good I havent used it much, but wanted to write a review based on the majority of negative reviews ive read.Alot of people are complaining that the unit burnt out after trying to crush frozen fruit or make cookie dough. It is important to note that on the first page of the manual it specifically says not to do this, along with some other things to avoid.Its unfortunate this product is receiving negative reviews for reasons it simply wasnt designed to do.So far ive used it to make kimchi marinade, worked great! 5Freaking Awesome Wow - this thing is amazing. I always wanted a food processor, but just assumed they were too expensive. Then I ran into a few on Amazon that were affordable. This one had such good reviews that I had to try it. I just love this item. I have used all the functions on it, and everything has exceeded my expectations. I chop nuts, shred lettuce, slice veggies... you name it.It is really easy to clean as well. The pieces pull off very easily and wipe clean without any hard to reach places.This is one of my best buys on Amazon (and I've had a lot of buys). 5I would have liked there to be a THIN vs THICK shred/slice I was excited to purchase this after reading so many reviews. Sadly, it absolutely did not meet my expectations and I returned it.What bothered me most was:1. there are only 2 blade options, shred or slice. I would have liked there to be a THIN vs THICK shred/slice, as the one option this machine priovides isnt good for everything.2. lots of pieces stuck at top of blades.PROS: lightweight, small. easy to clean, easy to operate, simple, cheap.I returned this item. 2Takes abuse well As a backup processor this is perfect. It works just like my big cuisinart, only smaller. It's a pain to clean like all the other processors (so I make my kid clean it), and yes...it will even shut itself off if I forget that I shouldn't open the lid while its running. It's a decent little food processor, nothing more.I've abused this thing for months, forgotten to clean it out for a day (or two), etc etc, and it's still odor and damage-free. I even use it to prep fermented hot sauces with all sorts of acids and chilies and the poor little appliance suffers from no staining. Would recommend to others. 4Great design for locking and unlocking the bowl This is the best food processor design. I've had one for the last 10 years and it was still working, but I dropped the bowl and it cracked so I decided to buy a new one. I couldn't find it at first and then it started showing up everywhere again! It's cone-shape makes it soooo easy and comfortable to hold on to lock and unlock the bowl and to operate right from the top instead of searching for buttons below (for us arthritis sufferers especially). The whole unit is more compact, lightweight, and easier to find a storage space for! It performs very well and I use it all the time. It makes life in the kitchen so much easier! 5Master kitchen helper!!! I own a Hamilton Beach Change a Bowl processer which can only grate and slice. Had it for about 4 years and it still works great. I however wanted one that could chop, slice and grate and after looking at the reviews decided on this one.I am really pleased that I did go with it - it works like a dream. I can chop onions, sweet peppers etc with just a few pulses without making salsa-lol!. They come out just as if chopped by hand without all the tears and time to do it. It saves me about an hour a day chopping onions (5lbs minimum) and sweet peppers by hand - I get it done in 5 minutes. All of the other choppers which I had previously made the onions etc very soggy. The slicing and grating works very well too. Very powerful motor.I havent tried making dough etc, but will update my review in a few months when I have tried out other things.At $30 dollars its well worth it. I do hope it last as long as the change-a-bowl.update: My breadmaker stopped working and I mix the dough using the same recipe as the breadmaker with my HB processor - powerful motor - a two pound loaf size mixed in less than a minute using pulse, no sticky mess in the bowl or blade, and the bread came out really great and much better than the breadmaker. I have a Kitchen Aid mixer which I used to mix dough on several occassions, however this Hamilton Beach does the job in much quicker time and easier clean up.I Also grated cheese and ground coffee beans - I am so pleased that I am tempted to buy another of these processors just in case this one stops working and they discontinue the model. 5The control knob is worthless. I'm sure this works great as a food processor, the problem is making it work. It has a weird little knob on the TOP of the back of the machine that requires you to grip it with your fingers and/or palm. It was extremely difficult to control, because, and yes, I will admit this, I'm over 60 years. My hands do not work as good as they used to and I found the process to be painful and uncomfortable. There were no grip points, like a raised knob to control it. So much for a fashionable change in an old product. Give me a button to push! 2I love this little food processor I love this little food processor. The design is simple and low profile and not too heave. Still, it is powerful enough to make pasta and pie dough. The feeder tube is small and requires chopping vegetables to a smaller size to get them into the shredder. That is the downside of this SIZE processor and is not a design flaw of this particular processor.Most of the other models on the market right now have the bowl over the motor which makes for more problems with vibrations and walking across the counter. Because this model is low profile it is easier to load the feeder tube and look down into the bowl which is helpful at times.I dont see this model at the top of the search list anymore, but Im glad it is still on the market. For the size, the price is right, and you will love it. 5A Couple of Flaws But Still a Good Value NEGATIVES:1. Knob control - hard to turn to when hands are wet, which is all the time for me after washing and chopping vegetables for processing into unit. I have to dry my hands first before trying to turn knob. Regular ON/OFF switch would have been much better.2. Too much space between end of Food Shute and Slicing Blade. If your food chunks aren't thick and long enough, they can slide into the gap between the end of the Shute and the blade, resulting in unprocessed chunks. One half of the Shute is longer and rests about 1/3" from the blade, which is fine, but the other half is shorter and rests 1" from the blade, leaving a large gap. This results in small chunks of food slipping through unprocessed. Also it's hard to stand these smaller chunks up vertically, since they'll fall over on their side with no support on that half of the shute. I don't know why Hamilton Beach didn't make the whole shute the same size, resting uniformly 1 /3" from the blade. What's the purpose of half the shute being shorter?POSITIVES:1. Nice lower profile. Fits on shelf under my counter so I can access it easily.2. Powerful. Does the job well.3. Good value for the money. 3
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