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Heat Resistant Gloves, 932â°F En407 Certified. Thick But Light Weight, Flexible For Oven And Bbq, 2

  • Heat Resistant Gloves, 932â°F En407 Certified. Thick But Light Weight, Flexible For Oven And Bbq, 2
  • Heat Resistant Gloves, 932â°F En407 Certified. Thick But Light Weight, Flexible For Oven And Bbq, 2
  • Heat Resistant Gloves, 932â°F En407 Certified. Thick But Light Weight, Flexible For Oven And Bbq, 2
  • Heat Resistant Gloves, 932â°F En407 Certified. Thick But Light Weight, Flexible For Oven And Bbq, 2
  • Heat Resistant Gloves, 932â°F En407 Certified. Thick But Light Weight, Flexible For Oven And Bbq, 2
  • Heat Resistant Gloves, 932â°F En407 Certified. Thick But Light Weight, Flexible For Oven And Bbq, 2
  • Heat Resistant Gloves, 932â°F En407 Certified. Thick But Light Weight, Flexible For Oven And Bbq, 2
  • Heat Resistant Gloves, 932â°F En407 Certified. Thick But Light Weight, Flexible For Oven And Bbq, 2
  • Heat Resistant Gloves, 932â°F En407 Certified. Thick But Light Weight, Flexible For Oven And Bbq, 2

Heat Resistant Gloves, 932â°F En407 Certified. Thick But Light Weight, Flexible For Oven And Bbq, 2

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • THE PREMIER WAY TO PROTECT YOUR HANDS - Grill Heat Aid's Oven Grill Gloves are a true innovation in heat protection for the oven, stove top, and outdoor grill. These EN407 Certified gloves utilize the powerhouse combination of Kevlar and Nomex to create the next generation of extreme heat safety!
  • INGRAINED VERSATILITY - Whether it's moving wood around in a campfire, flipping meat on the grill, or removing piping hot pans from the oven, you'll be fully protected up to 932 degrees! No matter where you are or what you are doing you can stay protected while retaining full dexterity in your hand movements.
  • EASE OF USE - Unlike those silicone gloves on the market today, our outstanding cooking gloves are easy on, and easy off They also fit better than the other guys. No matter if your're left or right handed, our gloves flip and fit anyone, anywhere, anytime. Don't waste time on low quality mitts that stain, burn, and just don't offer the protection you deserve!
  • COMFY - Lined with comfort inducing cotton on the inside, these gloves prevent your hand from getting stuck. Opening jars or anything that required just a little added grip strength is a snap with our raised silicone grips! These kitchen aids are super pliable, reducing fatigue in your hands, and letting you cook longer
  • THE EASY CHOICE - When you order today, you're protected by a 100% money back guarantee and a free no hassle lifetime replacement warranty! Not to mention our world class customer service that's ready and available to address your concerns no matter when you may need it. Plus you get a free ebook designed & produced only for Grill Heat Aid, BBQ for newbie, Gloves safety, wash care, top 20 world famous BBQ recipe, and more
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Customer Reviews

Great for Cast Iron!I bought these as a Christmas present for my husband, a cast iron enthusiast. He loves restoring old cast iron he finds at yard sales etc. I thought these would help stop some of the flying curse words and small burns that were a part of removing hot cast iron from the grill or oven. They work great, and he loved wearing them when he cooked our Christmas roast in a cast iron dutch oven. I loved not having to shield my children from the language or having to do minor first aid on a holiday. Thank you, Grill Heat Aid, for saving Christmas. 5Best Grilling/Smoking Gloves I've Ever OwnedI'm am avid griller (22.5" Weber charcoal kettle grill) and home smoker (30" Masterbuilt Electric Digital Smokehouse).. I used two sets of gloves before since my suede grilling gloves just were too unwieldy for using with my smoker. For the smoker I've been using silicone gloves which lack individual fingers. I'll be using these gloves for both jobs. I tried them out with two grilling sessions: grilled chicken thighs a couple of days ago, and today when I grilled 6 ribeyes and 4 lobster tails. For the lobster tails I had to use my grate lifter to lift the cooking grate to add more lump charcoal. So there I am holding the grate with the lobster tails on it and adding more lump charcoal directly over the burning coals. I didn't feel any heat at all. Nor did I feel any heat when putting my hand against the hot kettle (I burned my finger earlier when I accidentally touched the kettle without wearing a glove).Tomorrow I plan to smoke pastrami in my smoker. I smoke around 240 and I work with a hot wood pellet burner and hot thermometer probes, as well as moving the meat on the racks. I finally have gloves with fingers that will enable me to easily manipulate all that. The glove fingers are slightly longer than my fingers (I have medium sized hands) but the gloves overall fit my hands nicely. The red flame against the black fabric on the back of each glove is very cool. 5Great gloves.Great gloves, but a little big. Would like to see a couple sizes instead of one-size-fits-all. Deals with heat well! Almost unbelievable. You can grab ahold of the hot grate and move it around, no problem. You might feel a VERY slight warm temp increase but that's all. But you can't hold on to the REALLY hot stuff too long or it will start burning the fibers and they will start turning yellow/green and getting crusty/stiff. It doesn't catch fire and burst into flame...the heat just kinda starts deteriorating the material. So you really wouldn't want to like hold a pile of glowing red coals in your gloves. :-) But short of that, these gloves are great. 5These work great! I took a shot on buying these gloves after getting a newer bigger Weber Charcoal (26") grill for Christmas. I have used a variety of Gloves over the last several decades (yes an old time Weber user) - from plain old work gloves to the original "Ov Gloves" even some welder gloves with long cuffs. These work fine but very bulky. I have to say that these Grill Heat Aid gloves are fantastic. Tried and true right out of the box, and did my own "test" by holding them actuaally ON the grill while cooking and on the exterior of the Weber lid. (A very amatuer cell phone video operator but tried to capture the actual use.......and at the end of the video, it went bonkers, only because I had to pull my sweatshirt sleeve up because my arm was starting to sweat and the gloves were just warm.I'll be purchasing some for my kids as new Weber users! 5Awesome BBQ gloves!I bought these gloves with intentions to only use for BBQ and removing hot meat from the grill. However, I thought I could fit a pair of latex gloves over the top of them but that wasn't the case. I still manage with these gloves though. I use them a lot more often that I expected I would and I use them for just about anything that involves working with hot plates. The do get warm if holding something hot for too long, so they are pretty much helpful only when moving something hot from place to place. Not holding. Other than that, I am very satisfied with these gloves and would recommend them. One of the great youtube channels that I follow (HowtoBBQright) uses the same gloves and he also recommends them. You can't go wrong with these gloves! 5Excellent Heat Resistant Gloves for 'small' handsI absolutely LOVE these heat resistant gloves. I have small hands and wear about size 6 or 7 gloves. Every pair of oven gloves or mitts I tried on were way too big. Although the photo shows a young girl wearing them, they are perfect for a woman with smaller hands. They're great for handling hot dishes or pots, but are porous and would not protect from hot liquids. For my purpose, they're exactly what I was looking for and I am thrilled to finally have found oven gloves that fit properly. 5Turn yourself from good chef to great chef with these glovesThese gloves are awesome. I have a tendency to get busy in the kitchen and sometimes I use a towel or nearby hot pad to grab at hot pans pots or cookie sheets. Sometimes I run out of hot pads or oven mitts. I decided to try these since my older oven mitts seemed to wear out every couple years with use. Now I can cook and bake with confidence knowing that I wont be burning myself like I have been when using a random hot pad or grabbing at hot pans with a damp towel. Damp towels heat up and you end up getting burned by steam. Ouch! By the way, don't let these gloves get wet either. Once wet they loose their functionality. Plus, the included instructions say not to get them wet because that renders them useless against heat.I like to cook on the stove top with cast iron pans. I often have recipes where I need to transition the cast iron from stove top to oven to finish under the broiler. As you know, cast iron pans have short handles, are heavy, and get heavier when full of food. These two gloves allow me to handle the heavy cast iron with confidence. Also, I use a dutch oven from time-to-time, which, like cast iron, is heavy and clumsy. These gloves make the heavy lifting of cooking with cast iron a little easier. 5These Heat Resistant Glove Actually Work as Advertised!Absolutely wonderful ... and they actually work to keep the head down to a workable level! I say this, because I have tried multiple other Gloves and Mitts and other devices for holding hot dishes right out of the oven, and ONLY this Grill Heat Aid Heat Resistant Gloves actually have come through and worked as advertised. That is not to say that you can't feel the heat, but you will have the time to pick up and carry your hot dishes right out of the oven to another place that is maybe five or ten steps away without worrying about burning yourself! Great job, SMM Group ... you have a really fabulous product here! 5but they are superior to anything else I've foundOkay, I'm not Margarita. I'm her husband, Jerry. I am a hobby blacksmith. I grew tired of buying leather gloves for use in my shop only to have them fall apart within a couple of weeks. You see, the leather will stand the heat of a forge >2000 deg F, but the threads that hold them together will not. These "extreme heat" gloves are not meant to stand forge heat, but they are superior to anything else I've found. They have paid for themselves in less than a week's use, paid for themselves in un-burnt fingers. If they'll work for a blacksmith, they should be more than adequate for the back yard chef. I only wish they came in sized. Apparently, my small hands do not fall within the "fits all" category. 5Hot stuff Works very well 5
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