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Helix Large Expanding Water and Light Resistant Document Tube 3in / 7.6cm Diameter (61500)

  • Helix Large Expanding Water and Light Resistant Document Tube 3in / 7.6cm Diameter (61500)
  • Helix Large Expanding Water and Light Resistant Document Tube 3in / 7.6cm Diameter (61500)
  • Helix Large Expanding Water and Light Resistant Document Tube 3in / 7.6cm Diameter (61500)
  • Helix Large Expanding Water and Light Resistant Document Tube 3in / 7.6cm Diameter (61500)
  • Helix Large Expanding Water and Light Resistant Document Tube 3in / 7.6cm Diameter (61500)
  • Helix Large Expanding Water and Light Resistant Document Tube 3in / 7.6cm Diameter (61500)
  • Helix Large Expanding Water and Light Resistant Document Tube 3in / 7.6cm Diameter (61500)

Helix Large Expanding Water and Light Resistant Document Tube 3in / 7.6cm Diameter (61500)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Rigid plastic construction resists creasing and damage in transport and screw cap keeps the elements out and will not come open if dropped
  • Water and light resistant; protects delicate paper from fading and sun exposure
  • Expands from 28" to 49" with 10 adjustable locking positions
  • A must have for anyone transporting important large format plans, artwork, school projects and pictures
  • Convenient built in carry strap; black
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Customer Reviews

Perfect TubeSearching for a poster tube to protect some nice posters during an inter-state move, I first visited that major office supply chain named after a common paper-organizing device, known for its depressing store interiors and lousy prices. Predictably, they were out of the one poster tube size that I needed. I then bought this tube off of Amazon.com, which fits the bill perfectly. Features that I appreciate:1) the tube is made out of a sturdy plastic;2) the cap at the top of the tube screws shut securely;3) the telescoping expansion mechanism, which can be used to lengthen the length of the tube, is easy to use, and actually locks securely in place after a new size is selected. No telescoping closed after expansion.4) adjustable shoulder strap for carrying.I'm very happy with this poster tube. 5Rattle & shakeIt functions, but when the tube is extended the fit on the extension mechanism is so loose that the whole thing rattles and shakes. I get the feeling the two halves could separate if you had it on your back and had to sprint for the bus or if you made a sudden movement. I've put some black duck tape at the extension joint to keep it from twisting the wrong way and separating while I'm carrying it. 3Lightweight and sturdyWhen I first got this tube, because it has a slide and rotate-to-lock at a set length feature, I was a little worried it might work loose and squash my poster. I was pleasantly surprised that this never happened and moreover, it doesn't seem a likely scenario. You could use this as a club (not recommended) and your poster would be untouched. I snuck this on the plane with me, technically speaking it was a second carry-on. It shoved and crammed into many tight spaces without incident. No one complained about my "second" bag. I carried this over my shoulder along with a carry-on-with-wheels through many airports, trains, and buses. The strap can slip off your shoulder, so it does not feel natural when carrying it. 5Gets the job doneI use this for carrying science posters to conferences. For the price it's hard to beat and does a decent job holding what you put in it. As mentioned before it had a twist lock mechanism to allow expansion of the tube and lock at certain heights. The container is made out of plastic so it doesn't bend, and the cap stays screwed on well.The plastic material is a tad bit cheap, but what can you expect for the price? The carrying strap is a bit too short especially if you expand the tube all the way, which makes it really tight. The plastic pieces that hold the strap onto the tube also look relatively cheap, and the top piece does not have any give vertically, which may break over time. Extension of the tube to the maximum length also makes the middle portion weaker so do not apply too much pressure in the middle when fully extended. The inner tube also has ridges throughout the length of the tube, which are indented for the locking mechanism. This may blunt the end of your poster when you push it into the tube if it isn't rolled up smaller than the inner tube diameter.Overall this product gets the job done when you want a cheap tube to carry your large posters. 3Expandable and lock feature wonderful! Great quality!I use this to carry my academic posters to conferences. I have both flown with the poster tube and had no problems! Love how you can change the size of the tube depending on the size your poster. You also can turn the tube sideways to lock it in place at the desired height which is a great feature. Some tube that are expandable do not lock into place and this causes the edges of your poster to become a little scuffed by pushing against the top of the tube as it is squished down or bumped in transport. 5If you're collecting posters/wall scrolls, this is the best item to keep them safe!When I first got an anime wall scroll, I underestimated how tall and wide it would be. Where would I store it? How I was going to carry it to conventions for autographs? My parents found this on Amazon and I was like, "Oh, YES!" This wall scroll tube is very durable, with a lid that clamps on and off easy and the tube is water proof. It has a sling, making it an easy carry on for conventions, on the plane, in the car, etc. 5Minimally AcceptableAs other reviewers have noted, it is a bit feeble when fully extended. And while it is easily adjustable, the mechanism to lock it at a specific height is almost nonfunctional. If you are travelling, and of course you are travelling because this tube is for carrying posters while travelling, expect the tube to unlock and telescope in and out at will.I would say that this product works to the bare minimum that I need it to. It does adjust to the height of your poster, it does protect the face of your poster from the elements. I will probably keep using it because I only travel 2-3 times per year with a poster. That being said, I would not buy this product again. I strongly recommend you shop around for something that is better suited to the rigors of travel, something will lock into place and stay there. 2Not very DurableI bought this in January, and 8 months later the strap broke. I use it very infrequently and always take care not to abuse it since the drawings I carry around are pretty important to me. Unfortunately the strap broke when the lid became twisted at some point and all I did was carefully pick it up when it was full and the combination of the weight of its contents and the strap being twisted a few times was enough to brake the plastic attachment piece. I like the simple design of it and it was working adequately for what I needed. but for the reasonable cost of the product I was hoping for reasonable amount of performance. 2Won't stay locked in placeThe company handled the order fine. The tube is very thin, and while it would probably hold up for day to day use, it's not likely to survive an airplane cargo hold. The big problem is locking it after setting the length. To lock, you simply turn it about one inch to the side. The problem is just moving it around is enough to unlock it and then it falls apart. I took it on a trip recently and that happened several times just walking around the airport. I would have been better off with a simple cardboard tube. 1Great for transporting research posters; Just don't send with checked baggage.Works as intended.Pros:Lightweight.Accommodated my very large poster.Adjustable strap.Seals tightCons:Telescoping feature allows the tube to go from an extended position to normal size, potentially damaging your item. This happened to me.Two stars off for that, but regains a star for being so durable and sturdy. 4
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