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Hi-Polymer White Cap Erasers 10-PK

  • Hi-Polymer White Cap Erasers 10-PK
  • Hi-Polymer White Cap Erasers 10-PK

Hi-Polymer White Cap Erasers 10-PK

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Our best selling Hi-Polymer eraser now in a Pencil Cap size
  • High quality latex-free eraser removes lead easily and cleanly with very little pressure
  • No smudges, no paper tears and no ghosting
  • Fits on most wood case pencils
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Customer Reviews

Like MagicI've been using these Pentel eraser caps since June 2014. As a hobby artists, these erasers clean up any marks almost completely gone (both plain lead and colored) just like how the paper looked when it was blank bright, clean, and new. It's like magic! Using the flat side of the eraser is also great for blending. Using any eraser tops built into the pencil are often cheap and unreliable, often smudging an (ironically) unerasable mark or otherwise damaging the paper in some way. With Pentel eraser caps put on every pencil, it avoids the use of cheap eraser tops and helps preserves your work. Sometimes, it could even help reverse the damage of the smudges left by cheap eraser tops. They work even better than the built-in erasers on my col-erase colored pencils! I'd buy as many erasers as I have pencils, and make sure I put one on every art pencil that I own. I probably wouldn't use any other eraser brand, but unlike other Pentel erasers, these caps are made convenient by sitting on top of my pencils! 5Can't wax too poetic about an eraser, so...Love these things - they erase super-thoroughly, and if you're anything like me in a calculus class, you spend almost as much time erasing mistakes as you do writing them down. (Also, a couple of these have passed through my dogs without any noticeable ill effects. I wouldn't recommend it, of course, but it's good info to have in your back pocket, just in case.) 5Erasers benchmarkI am constantly searching for high quality and innovative office supplies. As a graduate student, I am constantly using pencils, erasers, etc. During the past year, I have compared the performance of different erasers:1. the Pentel Hi-Polymer (this one)2. Faber-Castell Dust-Free Eraser 3. General's Tri-Tip Eraser 4. Staedtler Mars Latex-Free Eraser, White5. Tombow Mono Plastic Eraser .Results:first place: the japanese erasers Pentel and Tombow performed the best: they erase very very well. They don't smudge and there is no trace of what was written in the paper.second place: Faber-Castell eraser and Staedler performs well but not as well as the Pentel and Tombow.third place: General's Tri-Tip does not erase completely and tends to break when you are erasing. Because of this, they sometimes damage the paper.Note: I've used HB pencils for my tests. 5They erase well, but the tops randomly rip offThese erasers are perfect . . . and then randomly the top will rip right off the eraser, leaving a white ring around the end of the pencil. I've had it happen on brand new erasers, and I've had some erasers last until they are mostly worn down, so it's kind of hit or miss.I don't want to leave a wrong impression, though. They erase very well, and the fact that they're white means you won't leave any pink residue on whatever you're erasing. I would buy them again, I just wish the tops didn't randomly rip off. 3Into pencilsExcellent value. This eraser cap never splits and falls off the pencil like the colored ones do. Unlike erasers and pencil eraser caps made of inferior stiff materials, this resilient Hi-Polymer eraser cap does not abrade the paper and does not leave a colored residue and does not make an annoying scuffing sound. It cleanly wipes graphite pencil marks right out of the paper, leaving the paper surface smooth and unmarked. The resilience provides a highly desirable esthetic experience. Anyone incapable of appreciating this product doesn't make enough mistakes! 5Good Eraser, Especially After Some ExperimentationI work in many media in my art work, and thought this would be great for graphite and charcoal drawings. Well, every eraser has its own function and acts differently. At first, this eraser picks up all the graphite or charcoal, but residue collects on the eraser and it smears onto the paper in subsequent uses, unlike gum erasers. However, there's a way around it; simply take the eraser to some plain clean paper and "erase", and the residue will come off onto the clean paper. The good side of this is that under the right circumstances, you can use this eraser to smudge the charcoal or graphite as you might use a kneaded eraser can be used. I wouldn't say this is an indispensable eraser in my supplies, but it's nice to have when you want a pointed edge with which to erase or smudge. 4I make my kids use theseBecause when I was young I never got a hold of these because they were on the expensive side and my mom had 5 daughters and I would use the red cheap ones that would rip the papers. These however never rip the paper and gets the job done. Erases to the point where it doesn t show where you have written. 5Amazing Eraser. Works well with other drawing tools too!Great eraser. In case anyone's interested, these erasers are made in Taiwan. They erase VERY well, and without leaving too much gunk behind. They also do not smear what you're trying to erase.I tried these out on a couple different things (not just pencil), which you can see in one of my attached images. It works really great with a regular pencil, but also performs well with soft pastels. It does a pretty good job with colored pencils, but those are hard to erase no matter what you're using.These are a great size, so I think each one will last a very long time. The fact that you get 3 is just an amazing bonus. I'll keep one with my work backpack, and one at home with my drawing stuff, and probably the 3rd in the junk drawer for standby!So far these have been great erasers. I see that they even make Hi-Polymer erasers that you put on the end of a pencil. I'm thinking about picking some of those up too. I'd love to have this eraser ready-to-go on the end of a pencil.Anyway, I'd highly recommend it if you're looking for a really good eraser. 5Good erasers with the same as the durability as pink store ones except they don't dry out.I've read these reviews where kids break them. From what I've seen they're no less fragile then the store bought pink ones. I don't see how people are saying these break to easily mine are very durable. The only way they would break easily from my test is if the user is very rough, careless and has aggressive erasing methods.These are GOOD CAPS I almost didn't buy them because of the reviews. The reviews made them sound like they'd just break apart like chalk. It's isn't the case with mine. 5I don't always make mistakes...but when I do, I prefer Pentel. Highly recommended for the SAT, ACT and other standardized tests.I'm a Harvard grad, SAT perfect scorer, and private test-prep tutor since 2002. As a professional educator, I know a thing or two about how lousy the erasers on the tips of the average #2 pencil can be. Not only do they take forever to erase, but once you've worn them down a few times they tend to fall apart, darkened by the pencil marks, to the point where they become unusable.Having a Pentel eraser on your desk when you take the SAT or the ACT is a performance enhancer. It could speed you up by a few precious minutes, and will help ensure that if you fill in the wrong bubble on your answer sheet, then it won't take forever to erase cleanly. These erasers also help if you've taken a practice SAT, ACT, or PSAT, for example, and want to fully erase your original answers from the test booklet, so that you can re-take the test without being biased by your previous answers. (I call this "blind review," and it's one of the key facets of effective test prep.)The only drawback to these erasers is that they tend to "shed" a lot...you will make a pretty good mess on your desk if you use them frequently (see picture). But that's what keeps these erasers fresh and ready for the next use.Bottom line, these are the best pencil erasers I've ever seen. Highly recommended! 5
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