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Home Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact Undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

  • Home Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact Undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System
  • Home Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact Undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System
  • Home Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact Undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System
  • Home Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact Undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System
  • Home Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact Undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

Home Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact Undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Purity You Need with the Minerals You Want - restores natural calcium and magnesium minerals removed during the reverse osmosis process to produce clean, pure Mineral Water on Tap
  • Exceptional Purification - removes up to 98-percent of chemicals, heavy metals, sediment, and other contaminants then adds good minerals
  • Filter element and the filter housing are all-in-one modular assembly for quick and easy annual changes - No wrenches necessary
  • Long lasting and easy change filters - change only once a year or every 2000 gallons; no wrenches required
  • Included Fast Flow RO Kit - Double the flow from your faucet fills your cup twice as fast as standard RO systems
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Customer Reviews

American manufacturing company My reverse osmosis system was barley trickling out water so I started searching for a replacement. The first positive that caught my eye was the one piece filter. No unscrewing the container, taking out the old filter, cleaning the container, putting the new filter in, and then screwing it back on. With Home master you plug it in and done. The second positive I found when installing it. They include an adapter that installs on the pipe before the shut off valve so no poking a hole in the cold water pipe with a clamp. The water pressure on this system is much better than the old one I took out. The only hard part of installing it was the contortions this old body had to make getting under the sink to reach the fittings. Otherwise the instructions were very easy to follow. If you are interested in an American manufacturing company I would highly recommend the Home Master Systems. 5A great home water purification system worth every penny.. I have owned a number of high end water filters for many years, to include an excellent system I purchased from Amway many years ago that is no longer being sold. This system has been the most effective and most reliable system I have ever had in my home. I have had this system for several years now, so I can attest to the quality and consistency of the product and the water, as well as the ease of maintaining the system, to include the simple filter change.Water quality is more important than ever these days and there is no shortage of good filters on the market, but most use some type of carbon filtration. The great thing about the Home Master reverse osmosis system is that the end result is water that is pure, not just filtered. Carbon filters can only be so effective at removing impurities, but the reverse osmosis process removes all impurities, leaving perfect tasting water every time. I fill up my water bottles at home because it really makes a difference you can taste and feel better about. If you are a coffee or tea drinker, you need the best water possible. If you live in an area that has hard water, this is even more important because you will save all the effort in cleaning your coffee maker.Bottom line...I did my research and the the Home Master was the best system for a great price. I have since had this system installed in two of my offices and recommended to several friends who are all happy with the results. 5This is an amazingly great system! OK, We have had a prior RO which died and was discontinued by another manufacturer, we never had decent flow with this prior unit. We then spent time looking at all the highly rated systems on Amazon and on the internet. We initially tried a different brand that was rated for up to 500 gallons a day, had it's own integrated electrical pump, and was advertised to handle home up to small cafe. That unit was really pretty, but again despite being able to produce a lot in one day, it's flow when you opened the RO tap was similarly slow to our our prior unit, and if the integrated electrical pump was not on, forget about it, flow was at a trickle. That is the other issue that it takes about 10 or seconds for these systems with the integrated electrical pumps to register the demand before they kick in an really start providing any flow.Well I was drawn to the Home Master system being that it states that it provides twice the flow of other systems from use of among other things larger 3/8" tubing rather than 1/4". In addition to that the system has a permeate pump which is a pump that uses the hydrostatic flow of the water to generates increased pressure, decreases waste water and increases flow all without the need to run electricity to it. It works somewhat to a turbo system on a car spinning a flywheel with the flow, but without the turbo lag. The Home Master systems also come with integrated filters and filter housing that you simply replace as a unit every year. The thinking is that filter housings also wear out over time, and this way as replacing it as a unit, you don't need to worry about wear on the housing and their gaskets. In addition to this the Home Master systems come with a five year warranty. I will say the systems esthetically are not much to look at, the other system we tried had an integrated frame everything mounts on, but who cares this system gets it done. Additionally this system mounts to the sidewall of a cabinet on a bracket and takes up much less space than most of the other systems out there.This particular Artesian system replaces minerals such as magnesium and a little calcium that are leeched out during the RO cycle so the water doesn't taste flat like distilled water of most RO systems, but tastes like mineral water like Fiji water. So how pleased am I with the system? I can't say enough good things about it. I thought the instruction manual was just so so, but the manual directs you their on line videos where installation is broken into multiple short easy to follow installation videos. The water flow out of the RO faucet is astounding! It literally fills a 12 ounce glass in two seconds. All with the same house pressure that our prior and the other system we tried gave only a mediocre trickle.I did call Home Master's 1-800 number and they were very helpful in choosing the right one of their systems. I obviously feel that if you are looking for an RO system with great flow, great tasting water, ease of upkeep with a low profile that this is a great system to consider. 5Home Master RO System I have been using an RO system for 20 years (first with a well & now on city water) and have appreciated the quality of water, the coffee pot that runs forever without problems and the refrigerator that produces perfect ice cubes. Recently, when our old Kinetico unit failed I started to look for a replacement. I was inclined to just replace the worn out parts on the old unit, but common sense prevailed and I purchased the Home Master unit. Repair parts and filters are readily available on Amazon and their Support team is excellent.Our unit was installed with the Home Master Permeate Pump (ONLY USE THIS OEM PUMP) and was mounted in the basement just below the kitchen sink (see photo). After a little checking this was the best location considering future maintenance and to free up the space under the sink (note: we have 60 PSI water pressure). After getting the installation schematic (see photo) the process went quickly and the push connectors worked well. I also purchased extra tubing and the refrigerator kit.A bonus is the new unit fills the capacity tank much faster and the faucet flows maybe 50% more than the old unit. Because this is a new installation I cannot speak to reliability, but will try to update these comments in a couple of months. 5Great tasting water! 5 Years and still going strong. I highly recommend this unit! I've had the Home Master Artesian Full Contact System for 5 years now and I still love it. I would make the purchase again without any hesitation. I live in Las Vegas where we have very hard water and the system has held up great. I frequently get compliments on the water and I love that it tastes great. I installed the unit myself with the help of a friend. It was simple and their instructions were very easy to follow. It is easy to maintain and even upgrade when you change out the filters. I've had great luck with customer support. They are friendly and easy to access. They even walked me through the filter changes over the phone.This is a great US-Based company that stands behind their product. As you can see from the other reviews I'm not the only satisfied customer! You may be able to find a cheaper product but you may not get more than a year out of it. I'm going on 5 years with no leaks and great tasting clean drinking water!TIP: I would suggest going with the permeate pump unit add-on as it reduces the amount of wastewater from 4:1 to 1:1 and increases the speed of water production by 50%. 5Great tasting water. Great Customer service. And it won't break the bank! My wife and I had been spending a fortune on bottled water... not only for us but for clients that visited as well. The cost, as well as the destructive effect on the environment, was something that truly bothered us. I began to do some research on different companies that offered under the sink filtered water filtrations systems. I took about 2 weeks researching any and every company that had either been recommended or I had found through online search engines and comparisons etc. Price was also an issue but we didn't want to skimp on quality to save a few dollars. There were systems that were, in my honest opinion ridiculously overpriced ( I know some people like to believe the more you pay the better the quality and in this case- taste, but in my experience that is never the case. The more you pay, the less you have, and there are ALWAYS solid products that you don't have to take a loan out for! ) and others that were very very inexpensive, but just looked cheap. I read reviews of them all.Once I decided on my top fives, and after going through those with my wife, we finally made a decision and went with Home Master.We are so glad we did. It's everything we wanted and expected.I had our handyman install it for us and he told me it was much easier than many he had done before.When I first used the system to fill a glass of water, I noticed it was a tad foggy.. after a few attempts, I called the company. I spoke to a technician who assured me this was normal and that I should fill and drain the tank twice and that it would be crystal clear afterward. And he was correct, it absolutely was! Clean clear and delicious tasting.We have been enjoying this system now for a little over a year.The other day I replaced the filters which was much easier than I had expected.I would also like to mention that on the few occasions that I did call the company, every single person- from the call receptionist to the technicians -were 100% kind, professional, helpful, and truly considerate. In this day and age, that's a rarity. In fact one gentleman called me back after we had spoken to make sure everything worked out OK with the replacement installation. Who does that nowadays!? Answer: They do!I cannot recommend this company and their product enough.Great tasting water. Terrific customer service. And it won't break the bank! 5Life Changing Life changing may sound like an extreme headline to use but it literally changed our life for the good. We moved into our new house 4 months before we bought this system and found out that we had really hard water. We had never experienced hard water before and ended up buying a water softening system to take care of that problem. We knew we were using sodium (salt) to treat the water and soften it but we were reassured by the company that installed the softener that there would be no negative heath issues with using a softener and drinking the softened water. After drinking the water for a few weeks we began to feel sick, sluggish, and constantly thirsty. After doing some research online we found out we had a big problem and were taking in tons of sodium from the softened water and it was possibly causing our health issues. We found out that we could fix this by installing a reverse osmosis system and after much research decided on this system. It was a little more expensive than some of the others but the reviews were very positive.We received the unit and installed it VERY easily. The directions were very clear and we did not need a professional to come install it. IMMEDIATELY we could tell a difference in our water. All of the previous health issues that we were experiencing before, went away and are no longer an issue. So we wondered how bad exactly the water was. We bought a T.D.S. tester with this system and was shocked by how bad our tap water was, and how good the water this system produced was. Our softened tap water was giving us totals of 314-345 which is considered "Marginally Acceptable" drinking water. Using this RO system we consistently get levels at 14, which is considered "Ideal Drinking Water".The water is so good tasting that we have actually brought gallons of it with us on trips. All of our friends that have come over to the house notice how good the water tastes and ask about this specific system.Besides the good taste and improved health benefits, there are three other things that we have really liked about this specific system.1) The pump on this system makes getting water quick. We were hesitant about and RO system because we have gone to friends houses and experienced a slow stream of water that took forever to fill up a cup. With the reserve tank and pump on this system, we can fill up a 16 ounce glass in around 5 seconds. You don't have to wait for water...we love this especially when we have a lot of people over to our house.2) The filters only have to be changed out yearly, rather than every couple of months. I was curious about this since we drink a lot of water in our house. We have six people in our family, plus we use this water for our fish tank, our dog, our goats, and our chickens. Would the filters really last that long? I used the T.D.S. meter throughout the whole year and continued to find the same levels. When it was a year, the filters were easy to order and install ourselves.3) The customer service of this manufacturers of the product. I cannot say enough about how professional they are and out quick they were to respond. We had an issue with water not coming out as fast after we replaced the filters. When you have water that comes out at a certain pressure and you end up going to water that comes out drastically slower, it was a big deal. We contacted the manufacturer for help and immediately they were on the ball trying to pinpoint where the problem was. The problem was found and they backed up their product. I cannot say enough about how happy we were with their customer service. Probably the best customer service I have ever experienced.I know this is a lengthy review, but I found it necessary to lay out all the reasons I gave this specific product and company a 5 star review. We have had this product for a year and a half now and are COMPLETELY satisfied with it and would absolutely recommend it. Water is something we drink and put into our coffee and food on a daily basis, so having clean, good tasting water is a must....this product is a life changer! 5Great, reliable, easy to install and affordable! I should start out saying that I am very picky about my water. I purchased a home a few years ago and had been using a Brita filter just to get by. It was OK. Much better than tap. But I wanted better. I did my research and landed on Home Master for reliability, ease of changing the filters and other maintenance as well as the obvious reason of function. Many other reviewers have commented on the great support the company offers. That was a factor in deciding on what brand to buy but I can not actually comment on the support as I didn't need to use it.I chose this specific model with the permeate pump mostly due to the quantity of water it conserves. The higher production is an added bonus. I didn't need the UV portion as I have no concerns with my water regarding Microorganisms. I didn't want another piece of equipment to maintain / clean / whatever you need to do the the UV light if it wasn't necessary. I wanted the Artesian portion to add that bit of flavor back. I assume there is some kind of health benefit to this also but I bought it for the taste.It is installed under my kitchen sink. Faucet installed at my sink and a long line run to my refrigerator for ice and cold water. The install took a few hours but it involved drilling into my granite counter top as well as running a water line through all of my cabinets to the refrigerator, drilling holes along the way from one to the next. My home has no basement and running a small water line in the crawlspace would have a risk of freezing. This was a time consuming but reasonable solution to this issue.I have had this up and running for 3 weeks now. I am extremely happy with my whole setup. The water tastes great. It comes out of the faucet fast. There is a bit of noise under the sink when its making water but it is far from loud and does not bother me at all. It works exactly as it should and I would recommend this to any of my friends or family looking for an RO system.**Edit 27 November 2018**I have had this for nearly 2 years now with no issues to speak of. I have changed the filters once since the install. This was pretty simple and very little time. The water still tastes great, and a cup fills quickly from this tap. Seriously, this thing is great. I would buy it again. I do recommend it to my friends. 5Water Testing Results before & after I have wanted an RO system for awhile and this seemed the best for a reasonable price. Great water filtration, very fast faucet flow, great water conservation for RO, and easy to install. After four hours today I have it installed and I tested my tap water, my brita pitcher, and then the RO water with a TDS meter (which measures the total dissolved solids in a liquid) and aquarium PH liquid tests (best thing I had on hand). Also I am 21 and havent done anything like this before but I think for what it is it was pretty easy to install. I will post my results from the tests below, they speak for themselves. My Brita Pitcher was BS and RO cant be beat. I will post another review if anything happens in the next year or so to make sure these results last.My Tap Water-TDS (average of 10 results)--447-PH--7.8Brita Pitcher-TDS (average of 10 results)--408-PH--7.8Home Master Artesian Full Contact-TDS (average of 10 results)--39-PH--8.4 5Cheap assembly, disappointing I would not buy this again. It looks like it functions OK however the instructions are awful and incomplete and there is no description of the operation and not even a plumbing diagram. It is a collection of filters and tubing snapped together with clips that are not quite strong enough to hold everything in place. The filters keep popping out of their clips so it looks like a mess hanging on the wall. Changing filters is not easy you need a special tool to disconnect the tubing from each end and the tubing fights you because it is also used to support the assembly. It is water flow tubing, not structural tubing and the whole thing looks like it will fall apart after a few filter changes. I will not be buying replacement filters. I will replace the while thing with a better designed filter assembly. I was very disappointed in how cheap this was. You would be better off buying all the filters you need and assembling something yourself. this is way overpriced for what you get. 1
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