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Home It Premium Velvet Hangers Heavy Duty Clothes Hook Swivel 360 Ultra Thin, 30 Pack (50 Pack)

  • Home It Premium Velvet Hangers Heavy Duty Clothes Hook Swivel 360 Ultra Thin, 30 Pack (50 Pack)
  • Home It Premium Velvet Hangers Heavy Duty Clothes Hook Swivel 360 Ultra Thin, 30 Pack (50 Pack)
  • Home It Premium Velvet Hangers Heavy Duty Clothes Hook Swivel 360 Ultra Thin, 30 Pack (50 Pack)
  • Home It Premium Velvet Hangers Heavy Duty Clothes Hook Swivel 360 Ultra Thin, 30 Pack (50 Pack)
  • Home It Premium Velvet Hangers Heavy Duty Clothes Hook Swivel 360 Ultra Thin, 30 Pack (50 Pack)
  • Home It Premium Velvet Hangers Heavy Duty Clothes Hook Swivel 360 Ultra Thin, 30 Pack (50 Pack)

Home It Premium Velvet Hangers Heavy Duty Clothes Hook Swivel 360 Ultra Thin, 30 Pack (50 Pack)

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£105.00 £174.00 You save: £69.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • high quality cloth hanger suit hangers Ultra strong, flexible and durable. cloth hanger turns 360 Degree Swivel Hook
  • clothing hangers Increases Closet space by as much as 50 percent
  • coat hangers Makes a great gift people will rave over
  • cloth hanger Unique shape prevents creasing and slipping
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Customer Reviews

For the love of God - DO NOT BUY THESE AWFUL WARDROBE-RUINING HANGERSThis is the worst thing I have ever bought.Every time I read the above sentence in a review, I scoff. Especially when the price point is $20 or less. So why am I writing it? Because these hangers are, hands down, the worst thing I have ever bought.I bought these hangers after getting a moving to a new city, and getting a new job that required a professional wardrobe I previously did not have. After spending a substantial amount on clothing, I needed some hangers made for dress clothes. I found these and it seemed like a no brainer.When they showed up I noticed there was some shedding in the packaging. I was super paranoid about this getting on my new clothes, so I used a lint brush to try to get it all off. I kid you not, the attached photos show less than 30% of what came off of these terrible things.Once I finally cleaned the hangers (and thoroughly vacuumed the floor from all the dust) I tested it with some old T-shirts. Success! No shedding got on them. But when I put a few of my fancy dress shirts on the hangers, it was a very different story.I don't know if it's because of a different material or what, but the collars of my dress shirts now have these small black fibers embedded in them and I cannot get them out with a lint brush, lint rollers, or handheld vacuum.THIS PRODUCT IS ABSOLUTE GARBAGE - DO NOT BUY 1Should be considered disposableThe way they function is great velvet keeps clothes from slipping off, which is great for rain jackets etc. for me, and silver things for my wife BUT they should be considered disposable. The metal hook is barely anchored Into the plastic of the body, and breaks off very easily even if you're just pulling your clothing out from other clothes that squeeze it a little, or if you don't fully clear the hook from the rod as you're pulling it out. Does not take much at all. So, I'll use these til they go, but I'll be finding another version of this same thing that's more durable. 2Love 'em!My closet looks so clean and organized! I just keep buying these so every new piece of clothing can go on a pretty, uniform hanger. I especially like the rounded edges that do not leave any hanger marks on my clothing. It may seem like an unnecessary cost to replace your closet hangers, but it is such a nice feeling to evict those ugly, large, never the same color plastic hangers from the closet and put your clothes on these.Also, I noticed many people have mixed feelings on the "texture" of the velvet fabric. I like the texture of the hangers because my clothes stay in place on the hanger. Yes, sometimes when your running late and trying on a bunch of tops it is a pain to put them all back on the hanger, but hey, that's just life. 5No breaks, super tidy closets!I am so happy with these hangers! I never thought I'd get so thrilled by hangers but my closet was a mess and I wondered if the 'thin' hanger would work better than the rounded plastic ones I've had for years. WOW what a difference! I can fit easily twice as many items in my closet now (clearing out a lot of drawer space and saving me folding! yay!) I was so pleased I ordered a second set of 50. I had read reviews of hangers arriving broken, or breaking easily but I have had not one break and even have two winter coats hanging on these! Okay they are not like going out into the tundra heavy coats but they are definitely heavy and the hangers are just fine. Plus my closet looks so nice now that I am actually excited to put the laundry away. Yeah, it's like that :)As I've read in other reviews that the velvet might rub off if you hang things wet I have held onto a couple of my old hangers for those cases, but otherwise they have all gone to charity and my closet is full of super thin, super strong uniform hangers. I'm really happy with this product!! 5These hangers are great because the felt texture prevents your clothes from sliding ...These hangers are great because the felt texture prevents your clothes from sliding off the hanger. I have bought the same hangers in stores in the past and I got these because I was redoing my closet and it looked good having everything on the same style hanger and having shirts stay in place on the hangers. The only negative I noticed is If I tried hanging slacks (folded in half) over these, the non-slip felt made it difficult getting the slacks on and off the hanger, so I stuck with plastic hangers for my slacks. 5Very satisfiedI used all 50 hangers and found them to be quite excellent. They are slim and durable- none of them broke even with heavy coats. I've purchased other brands of velvet hanger and have had problems with breakage. These types of hangers are also known for producing black dust, which is kind of to be expected, but in this case was extremely minimal... I had them sitting in a white hamper as I was pulling each one out when ready to use and there was a very small amount of dust left behind, not enough to be concerned at all. White clothes did not pick up any residue. Another great feature of the hanger is that the dip at each end to hold straps is a little lower compared to similar products, so they are very secure. Overall a great product and great price. 5The velvet is sheddingHad to return the hanger because the velvet was shedding. From the plastic bag, you can tell that the velvet has shed and if you put different color clothes except black, you can see the black velvet on your clothes. Very dissapointed! 1Lightweight. Velvet needs washing off thoughThey are wonderful at keeping the clothes on hangars. Even my most stubborn slippery clothes are firmly anchored in place. The one complaint that I have is that the velvet is a bit delicate. It will rub off with a swipe of the finger. Put the clothes on the hangar and leave it alone after that for the least amount of velvet vacuuming. I got the bulk of the loose velvet off by hosing them down first. That has worked out great. There is PLENTY of velvet on the hangers after washing off the loose stuff and now they are pretty wonderful. No velvet coming off on my clothes and boy do they still hold onto the clothes well. Smart buy if you want cheap but effective hangers for slippery clothes, just remember to hose them down first. 5No more clothes on the closet floorI really liked the idea of having matching hangers but my main objective with this purchase was for clothes to not fall off the hanger. I definitely found what I was looking for...I've always used plastic hangers but hated looking through my clothes and having a random shirt fall off its hanger. I tried plastic hangers that had nonslip grips on them but clothes still fell off. I had seen these types of hangers in the store so one day I grabbed a 2 packs from the dollar store to try. No more falling clothes. I looked around to find a quantity and price I liked and found these. Great price and the quantity was what I was looking for since I wanted to replace all of our hangers. It's a little more time consuming to hang up our clothes because the same feature that keeps clothes from sliding off also makes getting them on the hanger take a little more effort. Another plus is they don't break as easily as plastic hangers. 5Too fragile!My wife has purchased these several times. She seems to really like them and uses them almost exclusively. I'm a little less enthusiastic. They work fine (have you ever had a hanger that didn't work?), but I find them too fragile. On at least 1/2 dozen occasions, I've broken one while removing a garment. They break near the top. OK, I'll freely admit that I'm probably harder on them than my wife is, but I can't recall ever breaking ANY other plastic hanger I've owned. I'd say they are brittle and don't much like any kind of twisting when removing them from a shirt. I think the problem is that the coating on the plastic isn't smooth. That keeps garments from falling off, but also resists removing the hanger. She insists that I use them, and it's not worth the fight. Not a big deal, but I'd probably use something else if it was totally up to me. 3
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