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Honeywell RDWL311A2000/E Series 3 Portable Wireless Doorbell / Door Chime & Push Button

  • Honeywell RDWL311A2000/E Series 3 Portable Wireless Doorbell / Door Chime & Push Button
  • Honeywell RDWL311A2000/E Series 3 Portable Wireless Doorbell / Door Chime & Push Button
  • Honeywell RDWL311A2000/E Series 3 Portable Wireless Doorbell / Door Chime & Push Button

Honeywell RDWL311A2000/E Series 3 Portable Wireless Doorbell / Door Chime & Push Button

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • High-quality sound (80 db); comes with 4 tunes
  • Range up to 250 feet
  • Connect up to 4 transmitters simultaneously, such as push button and awareness devices
  • Battery life up to 2 years
  • Portable or wall mount option (included)
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Customer Reviews

Button has to be depressed for a LONG time before it rings If someone goes to the door and presses the doorbell, they have to hold the button down until the color changes before it rings. Well, no one knows to do hold it down, so the doorbell never rings. When someone does mistakenly hold it for several seconds, there is a significant delay before it chimes. Also, there is something to prevent it ringing again too closely to the first time. So, if they ring it again because it didn't chime the first time, it is prevented from ringing again. Just doesn't work well - very disappointed. I bought it to carry onto the deck or into the back yard with me so I would hear the doorbell, but it's moot. Another quick point is that if you mistakenly grab the receiver (to carry with you) by the top, you will accidentally depress the top button, which turns OFF the chime. Not helpful. 2Works Like a Charm This is a very nice unit that is filled with features. I like the fact that you can adjust the volume. I also like the halo light and strobe lights. If needed you can turn the volume completely down and use just the alert lights. There are several tones plus you can add more. You can sync multiple units to just one push button. You can install it on the wall or just place it on a shelf. The push button itself illuminates when pushed. It has a very good range. In fact I like these units so much that I deactivated my wired system and only using these units. Another bonus is that you still have a doorbell even if the power is out. I am using three units, one in the main house, a second in a distant sunroom and the third cheaper Series 3 for the garage. The front door push button activates all 3 units. If needed you can also use multiple push buttons for different doors. Wireless is taking over and I like it. 5Great Doorbell Set this up with two buttons (RPWL400W) and am very happy. I've got each button set up with a distinct ring (front door, garage entry door). I like that I can easily mount this on the wall, but since it only "hooks" on the mount, I can easily grab it and take it anywhere in the house if I need to. That said, in our 2,000 sqft house, the bell is loud enough to hear anywhere, so that's good. Of course, if we do find any dead spots and really feel the need, we can buy a second one and tie them all together, so that's nice.I like the flexibility that MP3's offer me but I haven't played with it yet. The standard Ding Dong is perfect for the front door and there's another "less song-like" bell for the back door. I don't have anything against the more complex tunes, but I just didn't wan to use them right now. I am happy with the quality of the sounds though, so I am sure we will change it up from time to time.This was more expensive than many of the wireless doorbells out there, but I didn't want to have to return or settle for anything, so I took a chance and invested a little more in this and I'm happy I did. 5Scotty, give me full power! This is the first wireless doorbell I've found that can reliably penetrate the foot-thick brick wall on the front of my house. Thank goodness I found it, as the wife was demanding a wired solution, something I'm too busy to do and too cheap to pay someone else to do. 5Excellent! Best sounding doorbell available. I don't write reviews often but this deserves one. If you want the best very high quality well designed doorbell forget the numerous cheap electronic doorbells with 52 "songs", they ALL sound VERY cheap and tacky. I'm gonna save you the wasted time of getting one of those and having to return it. This one has very high quality sound with no compromises. Can be very soft to very loud. Has 8 included rings (mostly useful, several different ding-dongs, great Westminster chimes, piano riff, etc, hear 'em at yourhome.honeywell.com/S9) and you can actually download any mp3 sound or music file at all (lots of free mp3 sounds avail on web like big dog barking, wind chimes, music, anything at all) and it will play up to 15 seconds of it as an additional ring choice. When button is pushed, button itself lights to confirm press, and the doorbell box outer color ring flashes in any color of several choices. It can also flash 2 small low power white strobes on the top. You can optionally turn off the color ring flashing and/or the strobes if you want to. The lights continue to flash for a few seconds in case you have that "Did I just hear the doorbell?" visual confirmation or when there's loud music or TV on. If you attach more than one button like I did (you can up to have 6 or use add'l proprietary sensors or such but I don't), you can have each button be either the same or different ring tone and/or flashing ring color. I have the front door on a plain old ding-dong ring with blue flashing and my side door with different ring with green flashing. You could even use another extra button(s) as a call button for a bedridden person's caretaker alert in addition to it being your doorbell with different colors and ring tones for each button. You can even program a 2nd secret ring tone from the any button(s) triggered by 3 quick pushes (like for urgent or "It's me" or whatever). Very cool. Range on this top line model is very good. They say 450'. I have the main doorbell button mounted on the outside of a solid wrought iron gate post outside in front and it has to transmit through the solid iron, through front glass and metal door, and through the main door and it reliably triggers the doorbell every time anywhere I put the box inside my 2700 sq ft 2 story house with no glitches. I got the battery one for easy portability (5 years on 4 C cells) but they also make this as a wall plugin model I believe. If you don't want the mp3 download ability, there's a cheaper one that does all this except mp3 (but it specified less range, may or may not be a factor for you). Hope this helps you stop wasting time looking for the best doorbell! Look no further. 5Best door bell I have seen! Nice device, actually bought 2, one receiver on main level and one receiver in finished basement.The outside button operates both with single touch. When the button on the front door is pressed it plays a certain tune on each of the receivers, when the side door button is pressed a different tune is played on both receivers, this way you know which door the person is at.Had to turn down the volume to 75%, just too loud at 100% which would be good if you have a bigger house, but mine is only 1300 square feet on the main level and 1300 square feet on the basement level. The basement receiver is at the far end of the house, and I was a little bit worried that it might not get the signal from the doorbell button at the front and side doors, but this is not an issue, both doorbells ring at the same time from either door button, 75ft distance.Do I recommend this? Absolutely! 5the PERFECT doorbell. Don't get any other one. This is THE perfect doorbell. Our old wired one was super outdated (like, had the huge long chimes) so when it was time for a new one, I knew I wanted something wireless, digital. We are also expecting our first child in just over a month, and so wanted something that could be muted for when baby is napping, otherwise our dogs go NUTS. I also wanted something that would allow me to pick a simple tone so the dogs wouldn't recognize it when it DID ring. This checks all of my boxes, and THEN some. It mutes, and the volume is adjustable so it can play really softly when you want it to. It's portable, so you can take it with you if you're going to be somewhere unusual but you're still expecting someone (outside, downstairs, garage, etc.) That's nice too because if it's on mute, you can have it light up when it rings so you can keep an eye out for the light rather than the sound. Awesome. Takes four huge batteries, but I found out it ALSO runs when plugged into the wall.. perfect! Important to note that the USB chord it comes with is in the battery compartment.. I didn't realize this when it arrived and I called the company thinking it hadn't been included.I love that it can be synched with other units, so you can add more buttons or more receiving units, if needed. Awesome for when we finish our basement. Perhaps my favorite thing is the custom tones you can download to it.. seriously, how cool is THAT? I had a nursery tone when we had our baby shower, and I just downloaded some fun Halloween and Christmas ones. So easy to use and so fun to customize. It's great too because I can choose ones that don't actually sound like a doorbell, so my dogs don't recognize it and start barking. If I ever want a "normal" tone, I can find one and pick that.. doesn't have to be a doorbell sound. I previously purchased one with 52 tones and they were all HORRIBLE. They were all long songs and like 5 simple chimes and didn't like any of them. What a waste of time and money. I returned that and got this one. Don't bother getting any other one! This is perfect.. highly recommended 5Very customizable, super easy to install, and more importantly, volume can be turned up very LOUD I am SO GLAD I got this instead of your old wall powered models. The level of customization that this allows is great!! There are 9 distinct tunes to fit any preference, and it also allow the user to upload custom MP3 content ( I haven't tried this yet). What I was concerned about was the volume, as if I was going to be able to hear throughout the house and specially while outside. VERY VERY LOUD. The volume is really loud and it is nice to be able to turn it down a bit as needed. Also the option to customize the colors and the silent strobe light make it a must.Installation was a breeze, simply install the batteries and screw the button side on top of your old wires to cover them up. You will need to buy batteries for the speaker unit, the battery for the button unit comes in the box. 5Doesn t always work! I love that this is truly portable and wireless. The door bell chime box takes 4 AA batteries and can be mounted to the wall or left alone to sit on a shelf so it can be picked up and taken with you to another part of the house. I only gave 4 stars because it's not quite as loud as I had hoped and if you choose the regular "ding dong" sound it's not very long and you may not hear it. Otherwise it's great and took a few min to unbox and setup.UPDATE 11/26/17:I find that 90% of the time when someone rings the doorbell it does not work! You have to push and hold till the button turns red. How would someone know that when they come to the door? I m not putting a sign outside my door that says how to push the doorbell that s for sure...so most people just tap it and wait for me and nothing happens and I ll just hear them knock eventually. Unreliable and annoying. 1Fantastic Wireless Doorbell This is a great doorbell!While it is compact and well-designed, it is also packed with features that elevate it above the standard wireless doorbell.My favorite feature is the halo light: it is great to get a visual alert as well as an audible one.It is also quick and easy to mute the doorbell if you don't want to be disturbed by any ringtones.Also worthy of mention: the ability to add accessories. I just ordered a Honeywell motion detector to add to the system: it paired seamlessly and provides its own unique audible and visual alert. (The halo light illuminates in a different pattern and color than the doorbell so you will never confuse a motion alert with a doorbell push.)To be clear, I am referring to the Series 9 doorbell. It seems that Amazon is lumping together reviews for a lot of different doorbells, so just want to underline that some of the features I referred to are only available on the Series 9. IMHO, it is worth the few extra dollars to get the 9 if you want to add your own custom ringtone or add on any accessories. 5
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