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Household Essentials 69104 CedarFresh Boot Shaper Form Inserts for Men and Women | 2 pairs

  • Household Essentials 69104 CedarFresh Boot Shaper Form Inserts for Men and Women | 2 pairs
  • Household Essentials 69104 CedarFresh Boot Shaper Form Inserts for Men and Women | 2 pairs
  • Household Essentials 69104 CedarFresh Boot Shaper Form Inserts for Men and Women | 2 pairs
  • Household Essentials 69104 CedarFresh Boot Shaper Form Inserts for Men and Women | 2 pairs
  • Household Essentials 69104 CedarFresh Boot Shaper Form Inserts for Men and Women | 2 pairs
  • Household Essentials 69104 CedarFresh Boot Shaper Form Inserts for Men and Women | 2 pairs
  • Household Essentials 69104 CedarFresh Boot Shaper Form Inserts for Men and Women | 2 pairs

Household Essentials 69104 CedarFresh Boot Shaper Form Inserts for Men and Women | 2 pairs

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • TWO PAIRS of versatile boot shaper inserts that fit any size and style of boot to reduce cracking and sagging
  • PROTECTS YOUR BOOTS with care in storage or while on display
  • CUSTOMIZABLE for ankle, calf, and knee-high boots
  • MAKES REMOVAL EASY and can be used for hanging (see directions on package) thanks to included loop
  • 17.2"H x 10"W x 0.1"D; 4 single shapers for 2 pairs of boots
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Customer Reviews

Not for me and my bootsI tried to think of the positive features of these so with that in mind: if you are planning to use these just to store your boots away for a season or two, these are acceptable. The less positive: First, they are a very hard plastic, sharp-edged item. To get them into your boot you have to use some force in "rolling" the black panel into a tight enough curl to insert it into a boot. For a ladies knee-high leather boot, zipped up, that can be a pretty tight curl. Second, I worried that those sharp edges of plastic were going to snag and rip my inner boot linings, both putting in and taking out. I give them three stars for some functionality, but if you are wanting something to put in and out of your boots once or twice a day to keep them neat and upright - go for something else where you won't torque your wrist trying to curl it up tight enough to insert, and won't risk ruining your boot's lining in the process. 3A must buy for your boots!Ok, so let me say that I hate writing reviews. It should say A LOT that I am taking time to write this.I bought 2 packs (4 pairs of boots). I was organizing my closet and hated that my boots slouched and looked for an inexpensive (because I m so cheap that I squeak when I walk....lol) solution to make those darn boots stand up.I they work amazing and 2 of the pairs were wide calf. Highly recommend. Not only do they look nice standing up, but it will keep them in good shape.I was very skeptical that it would work. 5Will Buy AgainI was looking for an inexpensive option for my boots and most other items I saw were complicated, heavy, or cost a lot of money which I would rather spend on more boots and not shapers. These were super easy to use and are light weight. I did not trim any of mine so that I could swap them out for future boots. When It's not boot season these lay flat for easy storage.I almost never write reviews on here, and I hardly every upload photos. When I do it's because I have found something that has been more than worth the money. 5Simple design, but super effective!These are wonderful! Basically they are a stiff, thin piece of plastic that you roll into a cone the put in your boot and it expands with just enough pressure to keep the boot shaft stiff. I used mine on two pairs of knee-high, wide-calf boots and they work like a dream. It has two cutting guidelines so you can cut the plastic down for shorter boots, but as-is these are definitely high enough to keep your knee-highs up. I didn't try to hang these by the in-design loop since I put them way down into the boot and the loop was not out, but I gather it wouldn't hold well since its just stiff, tension-fit plastic, however I store my boots on the floor so that doesn't matter for my use. You're not going to beat the price and ease of use, buy them! 5A perfect solution for keeping boot shapeI needed some boot shapers for a pair of knee high boots. I picked these because they were cheap and had two sets. I ordered two sets for four pairs of shoes. One knee high boot, two calf high winter boots, and one pair of strappy wild heel boots with random cutouts. This meant that I had to use the cutouts at all three sizes. The verdict is that they are very nice and I love them.They fit all the way inside the knee high boots. The loop at the top is still easy to pull them in and out. For the calf height I used the middle setting. They were easy to tear apart. The only secret of tearing is to put your finger through the center loop and use it as support or that loop can tear. They are made of plastic after all.The plastic bends or circles around easily. The tapered nature allows them to fit various shoe sizes. I got mine down to the ankles easily. If the boot zips up the side it would be easier to unzip it to help place the form and then zip it back up.All in all I am very happy with these. The boots also look much neater sitting upright. 5So easy to useI don't know why people are complaining about this product being made from flimsy plastic. It needs to bend to fit the curvature of your boots. Do you want pointy edges in your boots? These inserts are strong enough to get into your boots without a problem. I like that you can separate them to fit other sized boots.My biggest concern when looking for a boot shaper was that it didn't expand the size of the boot in the calf area. I have chicken legs and my boots are as wide as I want them to be. Some of the other boot shapers look like they could stretch out your boots. You won't have to worry about that with these boot shapers. 5You NEED these Boot Shapers!These are EXCELLENT for keeping your boots in pristine condition! Sure, they look great in organizing your closet, like tons of reviewers have shown, but the more important purpose in these shapers is to PROTECT your boots from DAMAGE!Before I used these shapers, I used foam pool noodles painstakingly cut to fit each boot. But I have replaced them with these shapers for so many reasons:- Can be easily cut to fit any boot height from bootie up to knee high.- Light weight, durable material that can easily nest inside each other when you have extras or are wearing a pair of boots.- Inexpensive enough to buy in mass without taking over your closetKnee-high and thigh-high boots are a necessary staple for every woman and let's face it, they are sexy as hell, too! But they are expensive and only worth the investment if you know how to make them last. So many women mistakenly store their boots in the shoe boxes they were shipped in, but this is a HUGE MISTAKE and leads to permanent damage to your gorgeous shoes. These boot shapers prevent that damage by storing your boots in a supported position, adding significantly to the boots' life expectancy!*TIP: If you are using them to support thigh-highs, be prepared to use 2 pairs of shapers per boot set (4 in total for a pair of thigh-highs) 5Light shaping support, looks nice for storageOffers light support; keeps boot shafts upright to reduce creases and for ease of storage. I agree with what some other reviewers said about the weakness around the perforations. If you want to use these at full height (i.e. if you don't want to break off the tops to for shorter boots), I suggest reinforcing the perforated areas with black electrical tape. It will help keep the shapers in tact.You can't really use these by themselves to hang your boots unless you somehow clip them to the boots themselves. They do come out relatively easily.That said, I really like these and I may order more. 4Does what it's supposed to do!I have been looking for boot shapers for a long time to help organize my closet. These were exactly what I was looking for! They are nothing fancy, but they definitely get the job done. They ARE plastic, BUT that's actually what I liked about them. When they are not in use, I can store them flat without taking up extra space. They also don't over stretch the shaft of the boots which is a plus for me. I would definitely buy these again if I ever need more. 4Great buy! Love them!I love these boot shapers! I shopped around for quite a while both in stores and online before deciding on these. I made the right choice! These are a great price and they definitely work well to keep my boots standing tall. It took a little bit to adjust my own routine/behavior to remember to put the boot shapers inside my boots after wearing them (instead of tossing my boots on the floor), but once I got into the habit it was a non-event. I have purchased these twice and each time shipping has been fast and they have arrived in great condition. Can't recommend these highly enough! 5
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