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HyLoft 80842-10 33 in. x 34 in. Adjustable Garage Ceiling Mount Storage Rack Kit, Garage Overhead Storage Bracket, White

  • HyLoft 80842-10 33 in. x 34 in. Adjustable Garage Ceiling Mount Storage Rack Kit, Garage Overhead Storage Bracket, White
  • HyLoft 80842-10 33 in. x 34 in. Adjustable Garage Ceiling Mount Storage Rack Kit, Garage Overhead Storage Bracket, White
  • HyLoft 80842-10 33 in. x 34 in. Adjustable Garage Ceiling Mount Storage Rack Kit, Garage Overhead Storage Bracket, White
  • HyLoft 80842-10 33 in. x 34 in. Adjustable Garage Ceiling Mount Storage Rack Kit, Garage Overhead Storage Bracket, White

HyLoft 80842-10 33 in. x 34 in. Adjustable Garage Ceiling Mount Storage Rack Kit, Garage Overhead Storage Bracket, White

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Storage brackets adjust in 1.5 in. increments from 22 in. to 33 in. W and 17 in. to 26 in. H
  • All steel construction with scratch-resistant white powder coat finish
  • Ideal for custom storage needs and can be used in tandem with a platform
  • Holds up to 250 lbs.
  • Hardware included
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Customer Reviews

Not as wide as described, Max width is under 34 inches. The width is not adjustable from 34-58 inches as it says twice in the description. It is adjustable from 24-34 inches, and realistically it is only sturdy up to about 32 inches, so you can't put 3 standard shelves in it, let alone the 4 I planned on using based on the descriptions. Otherwise it's a fine product, and I like that it has enough holes so that you can use the right length wood screw from underneath to secure the shelves so they can't slide when bumped. Also, it comes with very sturdy socket driven screws for the ceiling. 1Wrap it up for a tight fit As others have said, the low cost comes with a flaw... The pieces don't fit together securely... At all. But this was an easy fix. All you need is some tape to wrap on the smaller pieces. I used some leftover floor striping tape but I bet standard electrical tape will work just as well. I found that 7 turns closed the gap just right and eliminated the play found without it. Drill through the tape and you are good to go! 5Horrible design, false advertisement How hard is it to design a rack like this? Smaller tubes are inserted into larger ones, and you bolt them together. However, they failed it. The inner tubes are about 15 mm wide, and outer ones are 20 mm. That's a 5 mm gap between the tubes, and it's a lot. The assembled rack is ridiculously wobbly, it shakes in every direction. It's advertised to hold 400 lbs, but it can't stay still even empty.Besides, it's advertised that the "TireLoft can be adjusted from widths of 34 in. up to 58 in." Well, the maximum width is only about 33". Maybe they meant to make a _single_ rack out of parts of two, but this is just false advertising.I'm returning it. 1Excellent ceiling hangers - very stable I put one up to hold my extension ladders. I realized, not due to product, due to practicality I would want only one ladder on each as they are different sizes and used for different items within the house. Anyway, I put the first up and wanted to see how it went before buying a second. It was very stable, easy to install and had the 3 inch lags in the box (at least the one I received did) so there was no need to go and get anything else. The gauge of steel and lag screws are more than sufficient to hold in a ladder and the max weight they advertise.They did mention installation was about 15 minutes, which probably was accurate for the applied time in drilling and putting it together. It took me about 90 minutes total for the first one and about 60 for the second and I installed them by myself. The key drivers of time for me were assessing the placement, ensuring I was dead center on the joists I was going into, missing any wires, water and sprinkler lines running through the ceiling of my garage and making sure the ladder feet wouldn't hit the garage door as it opened. There is an attic type space above my garage with stairs up so I had the ability to double and triple check. I'm glad I did as there was an electric line running along one of the joists so I moved the placement slightly). Lastly, I wanted to make sure that the placement would allow for an easy put-up and takedown of the ladders with the garage door closed (as I had to put them above where the door would lie when opened).Definitely, follow the instructions for pre-drilling as the lags will likely split most joists if you don't follow these. After putting up the first bracket, I went up a fraction larger on the recommended drill and found the lag still had a very snug fit but was significantly easier to put in (and I lubed them all with grease before putting them in). My last recommendation is that after putting up the bracket holders into the ceiling, build the "U" portion and put this in as one unit. Put in the bolts as holders and then put the washers and nuts on after (it should hold well while you're doing this). I found on the first one that trying to build the "U" one piece at a time would cause you to "over-stretch" the bracket holders to put the bottom bracket in.I would use these again if I was putting up another ceiling bracket; very solid. 5These are stronger than they look! These dont look like much out of the box but they do what they say and at a better price than ones with the rack built in. You can combine them with extra long boards too or keep it the two. We used whatever wood we had from a fence project and playhouse leftovers to create the platform. They are up and out of the way and can fit cars in the garage now. I bought three and they equal the space of a three or four tiered vertical shelving rack so long as you spread the weight and not go over. Had them for nearly a year now and my third set was just added to store our above ground pool.Couldnt be happier to have my garage back. 4Great Product :) Absolutely loved these! Very easy to install. I do recommend putting a little lubrication on the bolts as suggested! It's much easier that way. Package came with all pieces and very simple instructions. If I had more space I would order more of these. 4Not too bad for the price For my intended use, I am very happy with my purchase. They were not extremely easy to install, but we did get them up.What I would have appreciated knowing was that in order for you to get the most use out of them, how they need to be installed. Meaning the 2 brackets as far apart as recommend from each other and each bracket fully extended. The original spot in my garage where I intended on installing them was not going to allow for the full use, so I had to put it in another spot which meant moving shelving. With that being said each bracket will be installed on a separate ceiling joist. I believe you could still install it with one leg of the bracket on one joist and other on another, but you will not full use out of it. I would suggest figuring out which direction your joist are going and which direction you want to install it.Again I am pretty happy with this. After installing it I put TWO - 1X12's and ONE 1X6 - between the brackets and then used screws to secure them. 4No issues here This thing can hold a decent weight as long as your bolted to the ceiling joists. My only concern is that the bolts for the individual connecting bars don't really tighten to where they don't move. That's not really a concern unless your worried about an earth quake and even then it would just shake. I doubt any damage would happen. Took a bit of time to get installed but I defiantly would install 1 roof mount first, then connect its mate and mount its mate after its loosely connected. Make adjustments afterwards. Otherwise you could be really off unless your taking the time to mark the ceiling with a T-square. What took the most time is those lag bolts. If you have an impact I would use that unless you need a good workout. If using an impact, hand start the bolt first. Definitely predrill. I did which made it easier but it still took awhile. Over all, 5 stars! 5Very strong with a couple of minor design flaws! Great ceiling storage option! The fact that you can add multiple units continuously, and potentially run it from wall to wall is great! The reason I gave it 4 stars, is because of 2 minor things.One; the tolerance of the fittings are waaay to high. Meaning there's an 1/8" play when you slide one tube into the other, you have to overtighten the bolts in order to hold the tube inside tight, by bending the outer tube in.Two; there's no way to screw a wood board anywhere on the sides, the first hole is about 4" away from the support poles. 4good for lumber rack I bought 4 of these (2 sets) to store my obnoxiously large stock of scrap trim lumber.ProsVery sturdy design. Will easily support any amount of lumber I shove up there. Not as much wiggle, side to side\front to back as I've seen in similar products.value - Good price for as stout as these are.ConsThe only place I would ding this product is the install guide. It tells you to attach the end pieces to the joists first and then assemble by connecting the remaining four pieces. Unless you are very precise with your meansurements, you'll be out or square (requiring you to twist the final assembly to join the pieces) and while the width is adjustable, the holes are 1" apart meaning you'll likely have to bend the unit a little to align the holes. Instead, I recommend attaching one end leaving the lag screws loose (about 1" protruding from the joist), assemble the unit, put the other end up to the joist, mark the holes, pre-drill and screw in. 4
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