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iDesign Forma Magnetic Modern Pen and Pencil Holder, Metal Writing Utensil Storage Organizer for Kitchen, Locker, Home, or Office, 2.1" x 4" x 6.25", Stainless Steel

  • iDesign Forma Magnetic Modern Pen and Pencil Holder, Metal Writing Utensil Storage Organizer for Kitchen, Locker, Home, or Office, 2.1" x 4" x 6.25", Stainless Steel
  • iDesign Forma Magnetic Modern Pen and Pencil Holder, Metal Writing Utensil Storage Organizer for Kitchen, Locker, Home, or Office, 2.1" x 4" x 6.25", Stainless Steel
  • iDesign Forma Magnetic Modern Pen and Pencil Holder, Metal Writing Utensil Storage Organizer for Kitchen, Locker, Home, or Office, 2.1" x 4" x 6.25", Stainless Steel
  • iDesign Forma Magnetic Modern Pen and Pencil Holder, Metal Writing Utensil Storage Organizer for Kitchen, Locker, Home, or Office, 2.1" x 4" x 6.25", Stainless Steel
  • iDesign Forma Magnetic Modern Pen and Pencil Holder, Metal Writing Utensil Storage Organizer for Kitchen, Locker, Home, or Office, 2.1" x 4" x 6.25", Stainless Steel

iDesign Forma Magnetic Modern Pen and Pencil Holder, Metal Writing Utensil Storage Organizer for Kitchen, Locker, Home, or Office, 2.1" x 4" x 6.25", Stainless Steel

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • PENCIL AND PEN ORGANIZER: Metal organizer cup is perfect for keeping notes posted in your cubicle, on your filing cabinet, on your refrigerator, and more. Holds note pad as well as pens, pencils, markers, highlighters, art supplies, makeup brushes
  • MAGNETIZED: Fully magnetized backing keeps your belongings from falling or tipping
  • IDEAL SHAPE: Rounded half-moon shape is unobtrusive and slim for small spaces such as lockers or filing cabinets
  • STYLISH: Beautiful stainless steel finish matches a variety of home and office decor styles
  • IDEAL SIZE: Organizer measures 2.1" x 4" x 6.25", perfect for anywhere in your home
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Customer Reviews

Perfect size Perfect size on my fridge. Not too big or bulky but holds mechanical pencils or pens. I have about 5 or 6 with not problem and room for more if needed. I do not have the issue, but great for putting high on fridge to keep little hands away from pens and markers and still have accessible when needed. 5Great as a gift for family memberLove this. I bought it for my mom who moved into an apartment and had no easy way to take notes down that she's always trying to do. This is convenient, sturdy, etc. The only downfall is that the set came with a cheap /small golf-like pencil. We thought that was very cheap looking with the nice holder/pad. They should at least put a decent pen with it.5and looks super sleek and sexy doing so Dang--this thing is handy! We recently purchased a new stainless steel fridge (not on Amazon) and a magnetic calendar (Yes, on Amazon!). The calendar came with some dorky magnetic markers that were truly horrid. So, I hoped on my trusty Amazon and found this. It holds several different dry erase markers, and looks super sleek and sexy doing so. I have had many people comment on it and ask me where I purchased it, to which I always reply, "Amazon, where else?"Would I recommend this--yes. I have and I will continue to do so. Would I purchase another one? Absolutely! In fact, I will order one for my whiteboard at school, because yes, they are that handy to have! 5Small but serves its purpose WELL.This magnetic notepad holder is one of my best purchases. It is stainless steel and virtually indestructible. The magnet is exceptional: it holds so securely that I am not sure I will ever be able to remove it from my refrigerator! Most important, this is something every kitchen -- or wherever and whatever room -- should have. It is such a convenience to have a notepad handy when you need to write a memo. I cannot recommend this small but wonderful notepad holder more enthusiastically: convenient; a great, reliable magnet; stainless steel; and very attractive. I am an artist: I like the clean lines of the design. Truly great item.5Not accurate dimensionsI was looking for something to put labels and marker in that I could magnet to our work fridge so people could label their food. I did a lot of research between this and labels and finally ordered this based on the dimensions listed on the website. None of the dimension were actually accurate though. This didn't even come close to holding the roll of labels that I ordered. This is being returned. It was cute though and if you just needed a small notepad or a place to put receipts or coupons it would probably work for you.1Great Organizer I bought this to help my organizationally challenged partner have a central place to store his car key and wallet. He always knows where they are and they aren't placed somewhere they don't belong (I also bought strong magnetic hooks to place besides this for his house keys). After reading some of the reviews, I was worried that the magnet would split off of the metal, but so far, it's held up perfectly. The wallet fits like a glove and leaves room in the front for the large car key. Left open, the car key is easy to grab out of the cup. The magnet feels strong and I could see many other uses for this cup. 5The magnet has 2 major issues...There are serious issues with this product... Of those that I noticed:1) The magnet is glued onto the back of the stainless steel holder, spanning the entire backside, and is not particularly strong. Considering the stainless steel holder is rather heavy, this can be problematic. For example, if your refrigerator door or other magnetic surface is not completely flush with the magnet, the product will not hold stably because the magnet is so large, and thus its adhesiveness is poorly dispersed. This can prevent the product from holding stably.2) THE MAGNET BROKE OFF, WITHIN A WEEK OF SITTING ON MY REFRIGERATOR DOOR. (That is, the glue somehow broke down, and the stainless steel holder detached from the magnet) If I had some crazy glue on hand I might have been able to repair it, but who knows, and I don't. This was pretty attrocious.I gave this product 2 stars, however, because on the bright side, the stainless steel holder is capable of standing somewhat stably on its own, above my fridge. Also because the stainless steel looks pretty damn nice, and came with a decent little notepad of paper.2Sleek and simpleThis was exactly what we were looking for to use on our refrigerator (we were using a clip magnet with a pen, but noticed scratches from continual use). Of note, the paper compartment is slightly smaller than I anticipated, but it ll easily hold notecards once you run out of the paper that they supplied. We do not use the pencil that they provided5Sending them back!! I ordered two of these... (SEE PHOTO) Thought they looked pretty classy BUT, I will be sending these back because they just aren't made good. The back (where the magnet is) is NOT flat. Therefore it will not hold fast to much of anything. They 'rocked' when I tried to stick 'em to my fridge. I ordered one of these a couple years ago & it was okay but, these are just not made as well. SEE PHOTO. 1Perfect.This product is perfect for the outside of my front security door. The magnetic backing is strong and covers the whole back of the holder. (I tried to include a photo of it all, but I'm new to Windows 10 and wasn't able to include a photo - I don't think.) A.5Needs better paper padVery well constructed with strong magnet that adheres firmly to the refrigerator. But I downgraded it because the small size of the plain 3" x 5" pad and puny pencil make it useless for any kind of notes or list. I had to spend another $10.99 for (6) 3-1/2" x 8-1/2" pads in order to get a fully workable product, much more expensive in total because there weren't any larger pads that would fit without duplicative magnets on their backs. Wish the manufacturer would sell this product in a larger size with pads at least 2-3 times as big.3Interdesign Magnetic pen/pencil holder. Man these are great! Talk about some strength. I have note pads on our fridge for quick needs to write a list or reminders. So having to look for a pen to write on said pads....well I can forget what it was I needed to write down b4 I can find one. They tell me it comes w age HaHa. But the power of this magnet almost....DID take the holder from my grip when it was close to the door. But it is easy to move around or take off if need be. And holds a lot of pens, pencils and markers without sliding down the fridge! So yes I would Strongly recommend this holder. 5Built like a tank!I had something similar to this before but, it was plastic and once it fell off the fridge, it broke in half. It held stuff like screwdrivers, scissors, and a couple of other things. I needed to replace it so, I could have something to hold my things in. My first thought, when I got this Magnet Pencil Holder was, this Magnet Pencil Holder is built like a tank. I am not saying do this but, if you hit someone in the head with it, you could probably do some serious damage. I didn't even realize it came with a pencil and pad of paper when I ordered it. That was a bonus to me! I would recommend buying this sold magnetic pencil holder!5Came apart after two days The stainless steel part of this pen holder is very nice. The metal is nicely formed, stamped and welded. The fit and finish are very good. What is not good is the adhesive between the magnet and the steel. The magnet separated from the cup on the second day of use. Luckily the cup fell on carpet. I reattached the magnet but it fell off a second time a day later.It is worth pointing out that the dimensions on Amazon are for the whole package, not the cup itself.Since I like the style of the cup I decided to keep it and us my own adhesive magnets. 2Great product -- clings like a lamprey eelI read some reviews that said their holder fell off easily. I think I could lift my fridge with the one I got. Perhaps those with sticky issues tried to move the holder and broke the glue seal between the holder and the magnet at the back. From my perspective -- be careful when you go to put the holder on your fridge because that's where the little hummer is going to stay for all eternity! Solid does not begin to describe it! And it holds my notes and a pen great. I am a happy camper.5NOT THE QUALITY EXPECTED I put this on my refrigerator, straight out of the box, moments later I decided to take it off the refrigerator and put it at a different location,,,the magnet pulled right off of the silver pencil holder! Disappointed. I am able to use it because I peeled off the magnet off of my refrigerator and put it where I wanted it and then put the pencil holder uo to the magnet and it is holding. If it stops working, I will have to reglue it. Not taking the time to return. 3Magnet may lift a car...This is super strong magnet list holder that will not slide down your fridge. The cat hates it. He loves stealing magnets or sliding them around. Not this time buddy.(See my review for the nerf super soaker zipfire 3 pack for how I ultimately defeated my nemesis.)5Glue dried out - magnet and cup came apart This holder was no match for a five year old. We took it out of the package and attached it to our fridge. My kindergartener grabbed it to put it in a different place and she took the cup, but the magnet stayed on the refrigerator - thus defeating this cup s sole purpose of attaching via magnet. I m going to superglue the magnet back to the cup, so it s still usable, but it s a hassle to have to fix it right after getting it. 2
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