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Igloo Hybrid Stainless and Plastic Latch (3.38 L x 0.57 W x 0.57 D Inches) - Black/Silver

  • Igloo Hybrid Stainless and Plastic Latch (3.38 L x 0.57 W x 0.57 D Inches) - Black/Silver
  • Igloo Hybrid Stainless and Plastic Latch (3.38 L x 0.57 W x 0.57 D Inches) - Black/Silver
  • Igloo Hybrid Stainless and Plastic Latch (3.38 L x 0.57 W x 0.57 D Inches) - Black/Silver
  • Igloo Hybrid Stainless and Plastic Latch (3.38 L x 0.57 W x 0.57 D Inches) - Black/Silver

Igloo Hybrid Stainless and Plastic Latch (3.38 L x 0.57 W x 0.57 D Inches) - Black/Silver

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Long-lasting stainless steel construction is rust-resistant and durable
  • Rests close to cooler when unlatched to minimize breakage; Beveled latch edge deflects impact, reducing chance of breakage
  • Integrated parts and guided locator post provide easy assembly
  • Includes: 1 latch, 1 post, 4 stainless-steel screws
  • Fits all 50-165QT Igloo coolers with latch closures; Parts can replace all current and original style Igloo latch designs
  • Exterior Dimensions: 3.38 L x 0.57 W x 0.57 D Inches & Item Weight: 0.2 lbs (0.1kg)
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Customer Reviews

A must upgrade!Huge upgrade of quality and durability from the factory installed latches. I've been a user of Igloo coolers and products for we'll over 30 years. Many years ago I found that it was a necessity to keep extra replacement latches and hinges on hand. Although I believe these upgraded latches are durable and reliable, it may take a few years of use before I leave my plastic replacements at home. Regardless of my satisfaction with these latches, I gave 4 stars due to the cost of each hinge and my disappointment in Igloo as a manufacturer for not using these latches and hinges right out of the factory. There should be no reason a consumer should need to upgrade parts as simple as these. 4I'd like to say that I read a lot of reviews ...A bit expensive for what they are, but eliminates the need to ever have to replace the latches again, so worth it. I'd like to say that I read a lot of reviews claiming these did not fit correctly and angered the buyers for misleading product specs. This was NOT the case with my big Igloo.... these latches fit EXACTLY and PERFECTLY, resulting in a nice, tight clasping when latched. And the SS metal parts are a definite plus for salt water use. They ought to do well if bumped or bent backwards, without affecting performance, as opposed to the original Igloo clasps. Go buy a pair and quit complaining - you'll thank yourself the first time you use your upgraded cooler! Highly recommended. Just wish Igloo made these in white, since all their coolers are white. This was perplexing..... why the heck did they do this? No matter..... just weird. 4Warrning--Do not recommed this latch.I used this latch to replace an all plastic latch. Do yourself a favor and stick with the all plastic latch. This is a nice latch. Strong and seemingly durable. However, there is one flaw. This latch swings down so when I close the lid the latch chops into the small button post. I have to hold the latch out when I close it to prevent this. I can do that, but the kids just slam the lid closed and the latch chops the post every time. The post is about chopped in half. Now I am going to have to replace that. The all plastic latch kind of stays open until you press it down on the post. I hope that make sense. I am sorry I bought this latch. 2Great latch design. Screw design inadequate.The hinges themselves are designed and built well. They meet my expectations, fit great and are even attractive. The only concern I had is the screws that came with the latches are of a less aggressive thread style and do not hold as well as the screws originally installed in the cooler. I was able to use the original screws that came with the cooler. But had they been stripped and/or wouldn't sufficiently tighten the latches, I would have had to buy oversize stainless screws at the hardware store. For the price of these latches, the need for oversize screws should have been anticipated and provided in the package. 4Recommended for the frustrated IGLOO ownerI own several IGLOO marine coolers with the standard white plastic latch. I can't for the life of me figure out why a company of IGLOO's brand and history would put such a flimsy, crappy standard latch on their coolers. I mean, that's one THIN strip of mounded plastic as the hinge and on the first (OK, maybe second) twist or lateral hit on that thing and it's gone. Done with those, I looked to this solution which is much sturdier. They have now found homes on all my IGLOO coolers, even proactively to avoid further frustration. One thing I like to do flip the latch inward to the cooler so as to leave a small open gap between lid & body so as to allow water to evaporate after the rinse-out. Something the original plastic latches cannot handle for any length of time. Shame - start putting these latches on as standard and I'll look away from the RTIC and Yeti ads. Recommended for the frustrated IGLOO owner. 4Solid replacement latch with confusing installationI did some research before I bought this replacement latch, and thought I'd share with you what I found.If you bought your Igloo in the past few years, then this latch should work for your 50-165 qt cooler, as they are supposed to be universal. However, if you have a 20-year-old Igloo whose latch finally broke, I don't know if this will work for you because they changed the latch design at some point (see historical story at bottom, if interested).Two months ago, I bought the Maxcold 60-quart wheeled cooler, and after 3 weekends of very light use, the plastic latch snapped off (my cooler still had the advertising sticker on it! *shakes fist at Igloo*). Technically, the cooler's still under the 1-year manufacturer's warranty, but I wasn't sure if the latch was a covered item. Also, I did not want to risk waiting in line at the customer service desk at Target only to be told that it wasn't covered, or that I'd have to pay to ship it back to Igloo. My time is worth more than the $10 or so for the replacement latch, plus I wanted to upgrade the latch anyway.Here are details straight from the Igloo website:Standard white plastic latch (like the one the cooler comes with originally) = $6.99 SKU 24013Hybrid SS and plastic latch (THIS ITEM) = $8.99 SKU 24029SS latch = $10.99 SKU 20018SS latch w/orange accents = $10.99 SKU 24043Lockable latch (uses TWO screws to secure the center post) = $12.99 SKU 20087IMPORTANT INSTALLATION NOTE: The original plastic latch has the screw heads showing after installation. The online pictures of the Hybrid SS and plastic latch also have the screw holes showing, implying that the screw heads will be showing after installation, but this is MISLEADING! When properly installed, the two latch cover screw heads are HIDDEN UNDER the latch. If you install it the way the plastic one was installed, with screw heads visible (like I did at first), then the latch will be too long to shut the cooler. I believe this is why you see so many reviews from people who "got the wrong size latch" or "had to drill new holes to install." Please check out the photo I submitted with this review to see what I'm trying to describe.Overall, this does seem like a solid replacement latch for my Igloo, and installation takes less than 5 min. However, the installation is confusing with no clear instructions, so I subtracted one star from my rating. If you found this review and picture helpful, then please do me a favor and click on the "Helpful" button below. Thanks!Possibly interesting historical note for the persistent, curious, or bored: a few years back, Igloo switched over to stainless steel (SS) latches. Unfortunately, they had a cheap/flawed design, and they got sued after a latch sliced up someone's calf. They had to do a recall, and went back to the plastic latches. These plastic ones don't cut people up anymore, but they are still cheap and flimsy (which is probably how you ended up here, shopping for a replacement latch). 4Fits my Igloo coolers perfectlyThe reviews that claim the latch doesn't fit have installed the latch incorrectly.This latch fits all 4 of my igloo coolers ranging in age from 25 years to 5 years each of a different size from 48 quart to 200 quart. The trick is to fold the latch closed, hold it in front of the cooler and then raise it. The screws are hidden by the latch when it is closed.Why do I have 25 year old igloo coolers? Because I can get replacement hardware and they still keep the contents cold (or hot). 5Good upgrade, fits Quick & Cool Cooler perfect!I purchased the Igloo Quick & Cool 100 Qt. Cooler and wanted to replace the cheap flimsy plastic latches that came on it. These work perfect! Easy to install, look and work great! Just be sure you install the latch correctly or the latch will stick out when closed! Yep, you guessed it! I had a blonde moment! I posted pics of the wrong and right way to install. Also, you don't need to replace the small round piece the latch connects to, latch fits perfectly over the one that's already there. Yes, I think these are a bit pricey and should have been the ones that came with the cooler?! Hopefully Igloo will start upgrading to these in the near future? All in all, Definitely a good upgrade, only time will tell on the durability. So far I'm happy with my purchase. 5Almost sent back until I realized I installed it incorrectly.I bought these to replace the plastic latches that broke on my Igloo 120 qt cooler. They are a perfect match although at first I didn't think they fit. I did what a few other reviews did that said "they don't fit" when I realized I installed it wrong. (And looking at their pictures they did too) I looked at a few of the reviews with pictures (that were installed correctly ) and figured out the correct way to do it. Definitely an upgrade to the originals and these should last a lot longer.I took some pictures to show how I installed it the wrong way (picture #1) and the correct way (pictures #2 & 3). 5Simple Easy Install, Stainless Steel is Much Better Than Stock PlasticThese are great. Hinges on my 7-8 year old Igloo Polar 120qt gave out and I found these latches while ordering hinges. They were an exact fit replacement for the stock hinges, screw holes lined up perfectly and I didn't have to reposition the posts. Wish they were white to match the cooler but really not a big deal. I recommend these to anyone with a cooler they'll fit. Great upgrade from the originals. 5
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