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Innovera Mouse Pad with Gel Wrist Pad - Gray 2 Pack

  • Innovera Mouse Pad with Gel Wrist Pad - Gray 2 Pack

Innovera Mouse Pad with Gel Wrist Pad - Gray 2 Pack

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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Customer Reviews

Large pad with a great ergonomic cushion for long periods of computer use!So I was looking for a mouse pad for my silent mouse, because I was using a laptop table as my mouse pad for the longest time. There are hundreds of different options on Amazon and Ebay to choose from, but I wanted to purchase a mouse pad that was also ergonomical for those long gaming sessions and work hours. I would get a huge cramp in my wrist for those long hours of computer use. I decided to get this mouse, because it advertised that it was also ergonomical and not to mention it was was pretty cheap.I received the item on time in a rather large box. To my surprise, it was larger than I expected. I thought it would be small and easy to travel with. At first, I was turned off by how large the mouse pad was, but then I began to use it and realized it was the perfect size. I could easily move the mouse around the pad without the feeling of it falling off and the cushion felt really great! I been using it for a few weeks now and the large size of the pad and the ergonomic cushion made my computer using experience a lot better.Here are my answers to some frequently asked questions:Any tips to get rid of the smell? I was thinking of washing it under warm water and soap under the sink and leaving it outside.Mine smelled like, well leather. Not an unpleasant smell, but if you would like to get rid of that smell then I'd recommend using a disinfectant wipe and it will not only smell quite good, but disinfect any bacteria on it as well. Lysol Disinfecting Wipes Value Pack, Lemon & Lime Blossom, 240 Wipes (3 Packs of 80 Wipes)I read a few reviews saying this thing's a bit on the smelly side. is this a common problem, or is it just bad luck ?Hmmm another question about the smell. Mine did smell, but it smelled like leather to me. Not something I cared about too much. Try the disinfectant wipes to get rid of the smell.Is the base on this nonskid? I do not want a nonskid base.Yes it's nonskid.Would definitely recommend a try!Like our review? Hit the "Yes" button below for it being useful. Leave us a comment if you have any questions or send us an email. We're here to provide our honest feedback and information on products we've tried and tested. Thanks for reading! 5I have had the gray model for 3 years and I love it -- it's comfortable, reasonably priced, the perfect size, and well-madeI have the standard Gray (50449) model and after about three years of usage, I can say that I am really happy with this mousepad.The design is generous size but not so large that it is too big for smaller desks. With the mouse I am using (Logitech Performance Mouse MX), the sensitivity was set perfectly so that mouse would never travel off of the screen. The gel wrist support was comfortable for usage with the larger mouse I own. My reason for purchase was because I was cocking my wrist in a fashion that made it hurt. The support elevated my wrist and stopped me from moving it in the direction that caused me pain.The bottom side of the mousepad uses a really good anti-slip material. It plants this mouse to a desk or table and it doesn't go anywhere in any situation, which I really like as I have had mouse pads that slip and slide all over the place and it is frustrating.The material itself used on my Gray model has held up well. It has not gotten "fuzzy" over time, nor has it stained and worn down (and I have used it daily). The only real wear is that the painted logo is starting to flake off, but this doesn't bother me as it is not a functional issue. It is worth noting that the mouse pad did have a bit of a plastic smell to it when it was new, but this went away quickly.Overall, I really like this mouse pad. For under 10 bucks, it's not terribly expensive, but it holds up well, is well-designed, is great for wrists, and is comfortable for daily & frequent usage. 5Not the same thing I ordered a year agoI ordered one of these about a year ago and I loved it. We've added a second computer, so I decided to buy another mouse pad. I ordered it directly from my past orders so I know this is supposed to be the same mouse pad, but it is not. The one I got last year looks just like the picture and the wrist pad was nice and squishy and perfect. The one I received most recently is significantly smaller, is a lighter gray color, has a much cheaper feel overall, is not as tacky on the bottom, has a much smaller wrist pad, and is not squishy at all. I hate it, but I'd already peeled the backing off before I really realized how badly I'd been ripped off so I can't return it.All the glowing reviews you see here are NOT for what I received this time around.All that said, if you can get your hands on one of the mouse pads actually advertised here it is great. I use the one I bought a year ago daily. 1It's Good! (Hey, it's a mousepad, whaddya want?)Does it have a factory smell that everyone complains about? Yeah...because it came from a factory. It disappeared within, oh, 30 minutes of being on my desk. Do not let that prevent you from purchasing.The wrist-wrest is an excellent size for me (normal wrists for a woman, I would guess. Who knows?).It is comfortable.The mousepad itself is a great size (I use a wireless mouse).I have no trouble with using an optical mouse on this surface.The color and shape are unobtrusive on the wood desk.The bottom is "sticky" and keeps the pad in place. (I don't think it's actually adhesive....just a sort of rubber that doesn't slide).Once you get this oriented properly for how you sit and how you like to use your mouse, it's excellent. I had been looking for something chic, unique, elegant....those don't exist FYI. Unless you can afford a leather mousepad from Hermes. In lieu of that, this is a good choice. 5My favorite stinky mousepadThis made my entire Amazon order smell like synthetic rubber. This mousepad feels awesome save for the fact that it smells like a tire recycling plant. I scrubbed the back of the mousepad with a wet paper towel to see if I can rub some of the smell off. It did not work. After about a month of use, the smell has noticeably gone down, but there is still a hint of odor. Most of the odor comes from the sticky side of the mousepad. If you are sensitive to smells, do not buy this product. The product page appears to list around 30 mousepads. This product can be described as a grey mousepad, with an innovera logo on the top, and a very comfortable wrist rest.There is a sticker with 2 US patent numbers. The patents give some explanation of the kinds of materials used in the making of this particular product.http://www.google.com/patents/US5713544http://www.google.com/patents/US6626403 4Lied about being the same product.I ordered this years ago, satisfied I decided to get another, even though I ordered the same product it is significantly smaller. I am not sure if it will even work as a replacement. Even the material appears cheaper, extremely dissatisfied. 1I gave in and purchased the "old man" mouse pad to protect my wrists.My wrist is no longer in pain! Believe it or not a mousepad with a wrist rest for a decent price was kind of hard to shop for, this one by Innovera is what I was looking for.It took me about 3 days to really feel comfortable with it under my wrist but I no longer sit here cracking my wrists trying to re-align them so that's fine!I was starting to get red bruise marks with my old mouse pad... I really tried to avoid buying the "old man" mouse pad but I feel kinda foolish for not doing it sooner. I do wish it was just a tad taller to allow for a more fluid mouse movement at the top.Hope I was able to help! 4Good, with warningPlease keep in mind that this product will change from seller to seller. I am highly satisfied with these, but I am docking one star because of the aforementioned variability.I ordered one of these using an ergonomic stipend for my place of work. It was enjoyable. Knowing this, I ordered another one for home use. However, I used a seller called PLEXSUPPLY and the units are differently sized. The first one was a smaller grey one. The second one is softer, but is much larger and is a darker black. Please see attached photos for packaging and comparison to the previous one and Apple keyboard. 4This is it!I have a lot of wrist pain and have gone through MANY wrist pads, even ones that were separate from the pad. NONE worked for me as well as this one. The closest before this was the Belkin WaveRest Gel Mouse Pad (Silver) but it's quality was awful and had divots in the pad, so when it got dirty I went looking AGAIN.This is the most comfortable wrist rest in my memory. It gives, it has some squish if you will, yet it is sportive at the same time. Even the Belkin didn't really have any squish, if I was using it for hours my wrist would go numb, that does not happen with the Innovera.I took half a star off for the shape, I was torn about it because the the wrist rest is so wonderful and it's more important to me that anything. The pad itself is nice and big, but I wish it had a more traditional shape. I will feel like I need to move it around when I don't. I primarily game with mine and I do a lot of swift movements. I want other gamers to know it has never been a problem for me, but I don't play First Person Shooters.It has a gel sticky bottom that keeps it from sliding around on your table, it will pick up lint etc eventually and you will need to wash it off with a mild soap and let it air dry to get the sticky back. It is movable as many time as you need it to be, and it comes with a thin plastic cover over it so you can just trim that down and leave it on if you don't want it sticking to you desk. I have mine on a cream color paper box in my bedroom and it hasn't marked it.Overall I highly recommend this mouse pad! I am back to buy extras in case they discontinue or stop carrying these!Edited to add that I got mine from Court Street Office Supply and all 4 of them have been what is pictured in the description, and the wonderful mouse pad I review here. 4Balancing Comfort & SupportPROS:*MEMORY FOAM: Perfect for a long days work; this mouse pad provides the perfect balance between comfort and support. The memory foam is soft enough to provide comfort, but not to soft that it doesn't provide support. The fabric covering the memory foam is also really soft.*PLASTIC BOTTOM: The bottom of the mouse pad has rubber, which provides a no-slip grip. I have noticed that the mouse pad really grips to a metal desktop.*SIZE OF PAD: The pad is large enough that you can navigate a mouse across a two-monitor computer set up.*APPEARANCE: The mouse appears gray in color; its worth noting that I thought the color looked slightly different than the product photos. Specifically, I thought that the gray looked lighter in color.------------------------------------CONS:*FABRIC WEARS: Because the fabric covering the memory foam is so soft, I think it may wear easily or potentially snag in the future. Also, if you wear any wrist jewelry, I think it may be an issue since the fabric is so soft, and potentially prone to wearing. [Will update review in a few months to give a verdict on whether the mouse pad wears]* * * * * *LOOKING FOR A MATCHING KEYBOARD WRIST REST, check out the "Gel Nonskid Keyboard Wrist Rest" by Innovera. I just ordered it (haven't tried it yet), but it has the same appearance and is made of the same materials as this mouse pad.http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CRDVA3E?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00 5
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